Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas getting MRIs today

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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has already declared he’d “100 percent be able to play” in the Super Bowl.

But they’re going to run him by an actual doctor anyway, since he’s obviously not 100 percent.

According to John Clayton of ESPN, both Sherman (elbow) and safety Earl Thomas (shoulder) are heading for MRIs today, to determine the severity of injuries suffered in yesterday’s comeback win over the Packers.

Of course, they’re both feeling all Kellen Winslow Jr. at the moment.

We got tape for the warriors,” Sherman said. “I guarantee you in our next game, we will all be out there.”

“I know who I am, I’m a warrior, bro,” Thomas said. “If I can play I don’t care if I can’t function really well. I know if I can help the team I’m going to be in there.”

Sherman’s elbow was injured when it was pinned between Packers running back James Starks and teammate Kam Chancellor.

Thomas left in the first half, but finished the game wearing a shoulder harness.

25 responses to “Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas getting MRIs today

  1. Richard Sherman haters need to keep their traps shut after yesterday. The dude played lights out with literally one arm. He is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best DB in the game and slowly creeping up there as one of the best ever.

  2. Warriors? Uh, yeah. Great football players but any sport participant believing themselves to be a “warrior” is inflating what they do. A warrior is someone who specializes in COMBAT. The NFL is a rough game, sure, but last I looked, no one was wielding a deadly weapon with the intent to kill others. Not exactly kill or be killed on the field.

  3. Im telling you Sherman did that whole act for the camera..He’s keeping his arm on his stomach like he has a separated shoulder. Its part of Sherman selling Sherman. Calling himself a warrior..He doesn’t hit anyone..Great defender, soft player..Thomas is a tough SOB and a REAL warrior..Sherman made for TV marshmallow.

  4. Earl, Sherm, Kam & Browner. Original Legion of Boom reunion.
    Hope these guys are both good to go in 2 weeks; Seahawks are going to need them badly.

  5. Richard Sherman was clearly in a lot of pain. He didn’t even feel well enough to scream at Erin Andrews or taunt Aaron Rodgers with “you mad bro?” as he left the field.

  6. Really? Ya, let’s compare perennial All-Pros and Leaders of the best defense in the League to Kellen Winslow Jr. Seems like a very apt comparison, *eye roll*. Being a warrior is a state of mind, being a soldier is a profession. Don’t get it twisted.

    (Five years in the infantry)

  7. Did Sherman hurt his leg too? After that play he was limping around and favoring the arm. Maybe he was attempting to bait the Packers and would have suddenly gotten better if a deep ball would have come his way. I don’t doubt his arm was hurt. (looked like he banged the funny bone when it happened)

  8. Packers probably thought Sherman was faking it, with hopes of drawing a pass his direction. His reputation for, shall we say, the dramatic, probably made them wary of trying to exploit his injury.

    Sherman must save a ton on housing, because he lives rent-free in so many heads. Check these comments for more examples.

  9. RomoIsGod ..he is a good DB..whether he is the best is debatable. But he is, NO DOUBT, the DB with the biggest mouth. And if he is hurt, is it good to be out there, knowing you are not 100%? in the biggest game of the year?

  10. Sooooo moving. Get me some tissues

    How about running right at Adderal boy and make him use his compromised limb?

    GB blew it.

    Shermy rumpswabs won’t utter the downside to the “warriors” playing, in that their reduced capacity could have easily backfired had GB had a clue about going right at them.

  11. Alright, alright I’ll humor the “Adderall Boy” comment. You mad bro? There I said it. It’s like a bad movie script except there’s an even worse sequel every year. Adopt some creativity or move along. Is a 2012 inconclusive piss test all you have on Sherman? Probably not. Likely you’re just another butt hurt football fan whose QB man crush experienced first hand what truly makes Sherman great.

    You know, hate is a bi-product of fear. You scared? Bro?

  12. He’s keeping his arm on his stomach like he has a separated shoulder


    OR he was keeping his arm on his stomach so he could support his elbow and bend it less…yeah, you know, cause that’s the area he was hit at, was holding, wasn’t moving much, and had an MRI on.

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