Seahawks targeted Packers’ Brad Jones on fake field goal


The Seahawks’ decision to run a fake field goal in Sunday’s comeback win in the NFC Championship Game was all predicated on a tendency they had seen on tape from Green Bay’s Brad Jones.

Robert Klemko of reports that Seattle decided it would run a fake field goal when it studied tape of Green Bay’s field goal block team and noticed that Jones always rushed straight inside from his edge position, leaving a huge opening to the outside. The Seahawks’ plan was so dependent on Jones’s tendencies that Seattle was going to scrap the fake field goal entirely if the Jones hadn’t been on the field.

Sure enough, the play went exactly as Seattle hoped: Jones lined up on the edge on the left and crashed inside as soon as the ball was snapped, leaving room for holder Jon Ryan to roll to the outside. When Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk ran toward Ryan to prevent him from running, Ryan threw the ball over Hawk’s head and into the hands of Garry Gilliam for a 19-yard touchdown. Gilliam said afterward that the intended receiver on the play was going to be either himself or Luke Wilson, depending on which side of the field Jones lined up on.

“I broke the huddle like, Please be on my side, please be on my side,” Gilliam said. “And then [Jones] was.”

It doesn’t speak well for the Packers’ coaching staff that the Seahawks’ coaching staff was able to identify such a clear flaw in the Packers’ special teams, and exploit it at such a key time. On a day when the Packers’ coaches are taking serious heat for a lot of bad decisions, that fake field goal stands out as a play on which the Packers were out-coached.

51 responses to “Seahawks targeted Packers’ Brad Jones on fake field goal

  1. seahawks targeted overrated packer qb and coaching staff…there, fixed it. packer fans to their credit never made any exc……..omg i cant even type that with a straight face

  2. Thing is, Capers outcoached Bevell for three and a half quarters. Then they just let off the gas. Not just Bostick, not just Burnett, the whole damn team!

    Leaders didn’t lead, and that includes McCarthy and Rodgers

  3. I’m sorry, but that was truly an obvious time for a fake FG. One…it’s Carroll, and two, what did Seattle have to lose? How was Green Bay not ready for this?

    Half the country and myself had to be saying “watch the fake!”

    Mike McCarthy was completely out coached in this game.

  4. Slocum was outcoached and outschemed once again. That is nothing new to Packer fans. He has been inept has a coach since his first day on the job.

    I hope McCarthy has the stones to finally can that clown. But as we all witnessed yesterday, my guess is he does not.

  5. Well coached teams employ people to self scout the team to identify just such tendencies in order to avoid this sort of thing. Truly an indictment of the Packers ST coach.

  6. Even a good high school team scouts themselves to try to see things like that.

  7. A perfect example of why it’s always best to study and know your opponents strengths and weaknesses and compensate accordingly.

  8. This is why Seattle is preparing for XLIX and Green Bay is sitting at home whining. One team has an aggressive coaching staff that always goes for the kill shot, and the other meekly sits by hoping they don’t blow it.

  9. I have to agree GB was outcoached in the final quarter, but that was all that Seattle outdid them on. GB Destroyed Seattle in every other aspect of the game.

  10. No worries. The Packers were the better team yesterday. Just ask them! Not one single player or coach has taken a shred of blame for that debacle.

  11. Hawk was the one who made the wrong choice. Ryan had a long run to make it but Hawk committed to him far too early and ignored the receiver.

  12. You could blame the loss on the special teams lapses, and you’d be right.

    You could blame the loss on the offense’s ineptitude (Rogers 55 QBR or Lacey’s 3.5 YPC average), and you’d be right.

    You could blame it on the defense going to sleep in the last 5 minutes of the game, and you’d be right.

    Or you could blame it on the entire GB coaching staff, and you’d also be right.

    This was an ugly game to watch as it seemed that nobody wanted to win it until the end of the game when the better team (and I hate Seahawks) decided to play football.

  13. Maybe that special teams coach that reamed out the tight end on the on-side kick can now do the same to himself in the mirror.

  14. The Packers’ special teams has been terrible for years. I hope this is the final nail in the coffin for Slocum.

    Special teams lost this game for Green Bay. Not the offense and not the defense.

    The good news is, the Packers will be back in the playoffs next year while the Minnesota Vikings will find themselves occupying their customary position at the bottom of the NFC North.

  15. Gracious hawk fans as usual, enjoy the victory the packers gave up. As a life long Packer fan it was beyond sad to see them be coached so conservatively. Any knowledgable honest fan knows Green Bay gave that game away by stepping off the gas. Enjoy your “destiny” hawk fans 😉 be more fun if the Pack runs into again soon

  16. Green Bay Chokers!!! I said all along Green Bay wasn’t winning this thing. Not a fan of Carroll but man can he coach!

    The Seahawks should dispatch with the Pats easy enough for ring #2.

    – A Sad Niner Fan

  17. zzyzxidaho
    Enjoy your “destiny” hawk fans 😉 be more fun if the Pack runs into again soon
    Yawn. 3rd time in the last 3 seasons I’ve heard that sentiment from Packer Fans. Sorry, it’s not a best out of 7

  18. Best of seven?? Lol will just take one time and it will be fun to see the effect in the comment section. Blabbering is your best attribute.
    What goes up…..👇!! Just enjoy a great moment.

  19. Green Bay played Minnesota???? I guess I missed that. The Packers didn’t give that game away. The Seahawks made the plays they needed to make to win. But as anyone with half a brain knows…. Blaming Lacy for “only” averaging 3.5 yards per carry against that defense is certifiably nuts. He showed up. Where was the rest of the offense? Oh yeah locked up by the defense. Get over yourselves Packer fans. You’ve cemented your home at the bottom of the barrel by sending and posting death “threats” to Bostic. Classless in loss as usual.

  20. Another busted player that’s why they/he got fooled. Laughing at the biggest choker ever in NFL history. 5 turnover and still manage to lose the game, pathetic. No one wants to go to the east where they put on green and gold. Karma every time.

  21. f1restarter says:
    The good news is, the Packers will be back in the playoffs next year while the Minnesota Vikings will find themselves occupying their customary position at the bottom of the NFC North.

    Delusional Packer trolls…

    The Vikings, since the inception of divisional play, lead all teams in our division in Championships won with 18 and playoff berths with 27.

    The Packers are the only NFL team to go 25 years without scoring a single TD in the playoffs of a full regular season.

    In that 25 year stretch they failed to have a winning season 17 times.

    So maybe you might want to rethink your “good news”…

  22. Umm, yeah the Packers will make another Championship run next year alright. When was the last time a team loss in the Championship game and went back the following year? There’s always next year and next year for the Packers to make the Championship and take that 30 busted player every year bc that’s how far they will only get to while Vikings are building for Super Bowl winning.

  23. Penalties and turnovers killed Seattle in the first half. It was not due to Green Bay coaching. One could easily argue that the score should have been much higher at the half given all of the field position Seattle gave away. Finally, in the last 8 minutes of the game the real Seahawk offense showed up.

  24. Brad Jones, Brad Jones, Brad Jones. In a limited role all season long this cringe worthy guy has found the exact wrong time to make a crucial error (usually a penalty…like the one last week on 3rd down against the Boys that kept them on the field on a touchdown drive – and same thing earlier in the year). Top it off with AJ Hawk, who was once serviceable, out there too and well it’s the perfect storm of bad play.

  25. The Packers have already had plenty of salt dumped in their wounds, so I’ll refrain from adding more. The Seahawks & Patriots are both in the upper echelon when it comes to scouting, film study & overall preparation. Two weeks to prepare for the ultimate chess match. Domed stadium, so weather won’t be a factor. If you’re a fan of one of the other 30 teams, understandable that you’re bummed that your team is not in it, but even if you hate both of these teams (like so many do), how can you not love this matchup?
    Last year’s also looked good on paper with the #1 D vs. #1 O, but I was very confident the ‘Hawks would get it done. I’m far less confident against New England. I’m expecting a few punts to be traded to open the game. Ball control &/or field position will likely play a role in determining who strikes first.

  26. f1restarter says: Jan 19, 2015 6:18 PM

    The Packers’ special teams has been terrible for years. I hope this is the final nail in the coffin for Slocum.

    Special teams lost this game for Green Bay. Not the offense and not the defense.

    The good news is, the Packers will be back in the playoffs next year while the Minnesota Vikings will find themselves occupying their customary position at the bottom of the NFC North.

    bridgeh2o says:

    Well firestarter, every year is different. Listen to any critic out there, and you will hear a positive vibe on the defense of the Vikes and Bridgewater as the real deal.

    I truly believe there will be some sort of caling out of McCarthy for his ultra conservative ways in this game, and you will provide a cloud over the packers for next year. Too many people second guessing McCarthy, including Rodgers.

    Zimmer took our D to different heights with only
    2 different starters.

    Bridgewater was 6-6 as a starter WITHOUT 2 starting offensive lineman AND the best RB in the league, and his best TE for only 1/2 the year.

    Be careful to assume packer dominance, as the Vikes will come out of the gate with a clear distinct QB that will only get better and more reps at the beginning of training camps, and a D that will improve even more, and, most importantly, Adrian Peterson back-both Spielman and Zimmer have supported him through his challenges.

    There will be less questions for us, and few more added for the pack.

    Can Rodgers win without Cobb and other more than likely departing UFAs?

    Can Rodgers win with an ultra conservative coach like McCarthy?

    Will Rodgers himself heal properly,being on the other side of 30?

    Assuming the same will be dangerous for pack fans for 2015……

  27. Ah yes Vikings fan aren’t you cute. You haven’t won a darn thing ever so it makes you feel better to troll us after we choked. And yes we choked there is no other way to say it.

    Targeted Brad Jones? I would target him no matter where he is on the field he is that bad in almost every situation.

  28. It all comes down to coaching to make sure these guys don’t have the same tendencies. McCarthy needs to give up the play calling and go manage all the coaching. The game is to big for him and he lets little things like this go by and it ends up costing him in the end. To bad there isn’t anyone in that organization that would stand up and tell him to do this. This isn’t the first time game management has been an issue. 9 years and he is still learning on the job. The coaching staff is the achilles heal of this organization.

  29. A Seattle offense playing well below of its potential gave GB excellent field position the entire first half. GB couldn’t score touchdowns due to a stifling Seattle D.

    You do know that Seattle has allowed the least amount of points 3 years in a row right?

    Enough of this GB outplayed Seattle nonsense. Last time I checked a game is 60 minutes, not 57. You outplay your opponent by having the highest score AFTER the end of the game, not BEFORE the end of the game.

  30. Anyone who says Green Bay got outcoached did not watch the first 50 minutes. Green Bay outplayed and outcoached Seattle. Not so much the last5 minutes. A tale of two games.

  31. Codythao35 the last time a team made a return to the championship after losing in the championship playoff was last year with the patriots lost to the broncos. Duh! Vikings fans have nothing to boast about.

  32. We are the laughingstock of the NFL right now so I don’t blame anyone for making any jokes or putdowns at my Packers. It is well deserved.
    We do not deserve to be in the SB is we are just going to up and quit like that.

  33. In the 2007 playoffs, the Packers and Seahawks met for a second playoff game, this time in the divisional round. At the beginning of the game, Ryan Grant, who was making his first postseason start, fumbled twice, and the miscues led to two Seahawks touchdowns and a quick 14-0 Seattle lead. Grant redeemed himself, rushing for over 200 yards amid a heavy snowstorm that caused near-whiteout conditions and obscured many of the yard markers. The Packers scored touchdowns on six straight possessions, while holding Seattle to two field goals from the first quarter on. Green Bay won 42-20 and advanced to the NFC Championship game. Hope this helps heal the wounds from Sunday’s loss.

  34. I believe the packer coaches and players will evolve to what’s needed next year. My hat is off to the seahawks and coaches for playing to the end and never giving up. That lesson is now in the packer organization. No excuses for the packers, just evolve to the next level. When you play with fear of losing instead of just staying aggressive….. A great team can always take advantage. Good luck Hawks, you earned it!! Love my packers. Next season, redeemption time.

  35. The packers did the same thing in 2010 championship game against the bears. We shut them out for three quarters and the bear came back with 14 points in the 4th. We intercepted the ball for a pick 6 and won 21- 14. We played not to lose and won. The difference with this game was that when we had a 60% chance of getting a pick 6 we took a dive after four yards. McCarthy did not call for that slide, Julius Peppers (the former bear) did. That is some consequential irony. Lol

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