Source: Several abnormal balls were removed from Colts-Pats game

As the NFL looks into the question of whether the Patriots removed air from footballs used in Sunday’s AFC title game, one conclusion already has been reached.  Per a league source, several balls were removed from play for being underinflated.

The inflation (or lack thereof) of footballs is checked before each game, and the balls are periodically tested during each game.

According to the source, it’s “not unheard of” for a ball to be removed from play for an abnormality noticed during the game.

In this case, given that “several” were abnormal, the questions become:  (1) how did it happen?; and (2) was it deliberate?

The investigation is ongoing.

149 responses to “Source: Several abnormal balls were removed from Colts-Pats game

  1. Time to remove the Patriots from the SB and replace them with the Colts if this is proven accurate. Anything less will be an unacceptable punishment.

  2. I just find it funny it’s always the same team we are talking about when it comes to these allegations. But Goodell will deny anything.

  3. So it’s not uncommon for it to happen, and it happened. Must be an elaborate conspiracy theory by the Patriots to squeak out a 45-7 win after the Colts decided to pass directly at Revis, and field punts with their faces.

  4. The referees always change balls after each play. When they do, they always exchange the balls with the offense, meaning the quarterback uses that teams allotted footballs.

  5. This stuff is hilarious!

    I remember back in the 70’s, the Raiders put helium in the footballs against the Steelers to allow more hang time on punts.

  6. So the Balls were removed from the game. Which means they weren’t used in the game. Which means they didn’t have an effect on the game. Since the balls were removed from the game, it means the NFL does enforce this rule and that the Refs did what they were supposed to do and that the NFL takes the ball inflation seriously. If that is all true, how dumb would the Patriots have to be to even think they could get away with something like this. It doesn’t seem logical that the Patriots would try to get an advantage by circumventing a rule that apparently has multiple check points to make sure teams don’t break the rule.

  7. Wouldn’t the low pressure system moving through the area at the time and causing the rain contribute to the lower pressure of the air in the footballs?

    Just seems like a simple atmospheric explanation to me.

    But why blame the environment when you could blame it on the Patriots.

    Haters gonna hate no matter.

  8. Just another thing for the trolls to grasp on to. Look the balls are inspected by the refs prior to the game, placed in a bag and handled by ball boys during the game. Do you really thing some teenage volunteer would be asked or even trusted to to deflate balls? Please.

    I’m sure that caused Luck to make bad decisions…

  9. Back in the day the Raiders probably only would have won about two games a year, if technology and the modern media were around in the seventies and eighties (which means there would be absolutely no difference with the modern Oakland Raiders), because the Raiders cheated like mofos but that’s just the way things were back then. The Steelers won a playoff game on what’s called the Immaculate reception yet there is no good camera angle to show whether the ball touches the ground or not. The Raiders swear it hit the ground but the Steelers just laugh and say yeah we won the game. whole volumes of the rule book has been devoted to the things that the Raiders did in the seventies.

  10. Fidel Goodell, just like with Spygate, has gathered all the footballs (evidence) in question and destroyed them.

  11. Huge Pats fan here and I don’t think this had anything to do with the beatdown last night – especially if the balls were replaced before being put into play, consistent with all the rules and checks by the NFL.

    That said…if my Pats were trying to be too cute and loose with the rules (again), I’m going to be real disappointed… Obviously the balls didn’t make it to the field, but stuff like this takes away from the credit that players earn and deserve. If BB did this, then to quote Mr. Kraft, he’s a real schmuck and extremely selfish.

    It wasn’t cold enough last night for balls to lose too much air. Either way…they were checked and only approved balls made it onto the field.

  12. Wow – there are a lot of NE haters in the world.

    Comes with years of dominance.

    I have no problem with NE paying the price if they are wrong but if they are found innocent, then there needs to be some accountability for the smear.

    Reporters fined or individuals fined.

    Make them pay if they broke the rules BUT make the accuser pay if they did not.

  13. OK, subtract two touchdowns from the Patriots final score to compensate. (I’m joking!) Wouldn’t deflated balls work in the Colts favor as well? Does the ball “know” Brady is holding it, not Luck? I never heard anything as silly as this in my life. The Patriots flat-out stomped the Colts, and I don’t think the balls had anything to do with that.

  14. I’m still missing something. How would deflated balls give a running team an advantage over a passing team? The pats ran all over Indy last night. Not sure how a deflated ball gives either side an advantage let alone a running team.

  15. If the Pats even could deflate some of the balks (unclear since they’re in the custody of the refs), how would the they even know they would get to use the deflated ones? This is so stupid.

  16. Lets pass judgement and come up with theories and conspiracies while they figure out what happened. Clearly something could possibly maybe be wrong here. Maybe.

  17. No One is saying the balls cost the Colt the game the question is what game did they also do this in and cost the other team the game.

    Once a cheater always a cheater.

    Belicheat is a good coach too bad he throws in integrity out the door with this crap. Belicheat has stained his image and should be suspended for one year starting today.

  18. Wait, wait, wait … I’m sure there’s some grey area in the rule that will allow the NFL to protect one of it’s favored teams. Nothing to see here … be sure to watch all the super bowl hype on your way out.

  19. This is funny. Not because I think it’s not true, but because these are the little things that the patriots do to get an advantage over their opponents. Then it will come out “but everyone does it” or “but the interpretation of rules are this”.

    The truth is. These guys are far and away the best. It’s like the playing cards. These guys were using videos to just look at their opponents hands, NFL takes that away but their still counting cards, using weird communication devices, doing all these little things and you add that to above talent it’s gonna translate to 12-13 win seasons. Ther already a good team, they get good free agents, great tight end, any decent quarterback could win for them, then you add the coach that will cut every corner, interpret every rule as if it’s his first time, and will risk his reputation according to these weird interpretations you get a dominant team.

    Remember this team was dead in the water 2-2. Sound familiar? 2001

  20. Man the ignorance of some of these posts are astounding. Ok here is how it would work. If you read the rules, as long as the home team still has game balls available those are the ones that are used so the comment that visitors used visitor balls is incorrect. As to “it affects both teams the same way” posts, since the Pats determine which balls go in at which times (ref just calls for a ball) then they also control who gets the beneficial balls and who gets the others.

    That said, since it was 45-7 it is hard to imagine a couple pounds of pressure in a ball would make that much difference but then as we all know when a game slips away in the NFL it often explodes in this manner, particularly post season games.

  21. The NFL is responsible for the inflation of the balls. If there were balls that were “abnormally deflated” that’s on the NFL. It is not on the manufacturer. It’s not on the Patriots. NFL officials control which ball is in the game on every play.

  22. The k ball is the kickers ball which as I understand is given to a team
    a short while before the game. The ball is then squeezed rubbed..hit ,
    ..sometimes with a bat….bounced…in order to ” break it in” and also
    to eliminate the slippery feel so the holder doesn’t let it slip through his hands.
    Rumor was that the ball Romo dropped as a holder was brand new
    and still not broken in .. hence its slippery nature. I believe the NFL
    relented to requests by kickers to allow them to break the kicking ball in a few years ago. I know in college each team keeps their own balls
    and has their ball persons ( modern term ) rotate the ball in. Qbs will
    handle the balls before a game and tell the ball person which one he prefers. The K-ball is marked as well.
    Not sure how it works in NFL but I think there are designated ball
    persons on each sideline who are given the balls by the refs at the start of the game after an inspection by the refs. So I think it is next to
    Impossible to fix all of the balls.

  23. Belicheck probably just realizes that the rule book doesn’t state that the balls need to be filled with air and uses nitrogen instead. Keeps the moisture out.

    Science is not sorcery and the witchhunt against the hoodie needs to stop.

    I’m imagining Belicheck stepping onto a large scale with a carrot fastened as a nose and being weighed against a duck during media day.

    Burn him! burn him!

  24. Blaming the Patriots is absurd. Their game plan was obviously to run the ball and everybody knows the Colts had to pass because they haven’t been able to run all year. Deflating the balls would have benefitted the Colts much more than the Patriots. If the officials check the balls pre-game and maintain custody then I find it hard to blame the Patriots or even the Colts here. My car tires often lose a bit of pressure when a front comes through. Why is it difficult to believe a football couldn’t suffer the same effects? Trolls and haters are just looking for anything to blame the Patriots for and place another symbolic asterisk on their accomplishments. The Patriots were clearly the best team than played yesterday. Give the cheating conspiracies a rest. They are unwarranted here.

  25. OMG FootballGate! What will the evil genius think of next? Removing the visiting teams benches. Spiking their Gatorade? Is there no end to Hoodies madness.
    Wait! Just in. The Weather Chanel reports that the Patriots made rain in Foxboro.

  26. I’ll tell you who all the “cry babies”, “cheaters” and who’s balls are really deflated: it’s the fans that don’t have a life, are basically losers themselves and who’s team is lucky enough to win a couple of games. Those who cry foul are usually a little foul themselves. You will never take away the dignity of others, only your own in your vain attempt. Fools do what fools are. Get a life.

  27. That’s right tampering charges filed against the Jets and Ex Jet employee Goodell comes up with deflated balls-what a surprise.

  28. The so-called information came from the Colts but Matt Hasselbeck the backup QB for the Colts said he didn’t notice anything different about the footballs at all….Coach Pagano came from Baltimore home of the constant whiners when they lose….Pagano got outcoached period…..suck it up and move on….Under inflated footballs would only affect the kicking game….Both Teams had several kickoffs into the end zone in horrible weather…..Vinatieri missed from 51 yards in wind and heavy rain….must be the ball and considering the only fumble occurred off a facemask of Josh Cribbs….the ball could of been flat and the Colts still would of been destroyed….In the era of parity and salary cap the most successful franchise must be cheating, have paid off the refs, has Goodell has a buddy, has taped walk thru practices,Spygate and Blah Blah Blah……Haters and Trolls keep on hating

  29. Yes, the Patriots still would have beat the Colts. That doesn’t mean they weren’t trying to create a competitive advantage for themselves in case it was a closer game. Each team uses their own balls, so the Colts would not have handled the Patriot’s game balls, so everyone saying that Luck should have noticed, or that it would have created an equal advantage is just wrong. If there is a rule as detailed as this one, I would assume that it is for a good reason and that it’s monitored so closely as a result of prior attempts to do the same thing. The fact that the Pats still would have won is not the point–it’s that they allegedly broke a rule to create an advantage. Stay focused people. If it was your team on the losing side you’d probably be upset too.

  30. Irony being most of us would go out of our way to have our balls tampered with.

    AFC Championship score with properly inflated balls: 38-10.

  31. Adios NFL. I’m done with you. This game has been corrupted and destroyed. Hardly even a “sport” anymore. After over 30 years of being a hardcore fan, I shut it off this season and it’s been refreshing. This game is a monumental waste of time.

  32. The balls had to be removed from the Patriots as it’s obvious the colts team don’t have any!!!

  33. This story is beyond stupid.

    1. “The inflation (or lack thereof) of footballs is checked before each game, and the balls are periodically tested during each game.”

    2. the refs check each football before every snap, in fact they held the football in a towel before most snaps.

    3. weigh the stupid ball! If the ball is checked during the game then the refs already know the weight. If UPS, USPS, and fed ex carriers can way packages every minute of every hour how does it take several days to weigh a football? Ref thinks a ball feels light, take it out of play and have it weighed. End of story!

  34. Didn’t Flacco ask for a ball change during the Superbowl when he realized he was using a 49er ball?

    Maybe these were leftover balls from last weeks game.

    Another 20 articles on ball process should help me sleep at night.

  35. The only reasonable solution is to remove the Patriots from the Super Bowl and replace them with the Ravens. The Colts clearly showed they aren’t worthy, and the Broncos lost to the Colts so they’re not worthy either.

  36. Was it only Patriot footballs removed? Were any Colt balls removed? If only Patriot footballs were removed than you can’t blame the weather. One would assume if the temperature dropped, which it did, that the decrease in pressure would be equal for both the pats and colts. If no colts balls experienced this than something happened to those Patriot balls. More information is needed.

  37. If you remember the story of Seabiscuit the race horse from the Great Despression, the more he won, the higher handicap weight he was forced to
    wear in his races….He was so good this is what they would do to him….this smacks of the same thing.

    They are just that good. we should all be admiring
    greatness instead of tearing it down

  38. Patriots and Steelers fans point and laugh the loudest when rumors swirl about other teams, and become the most indignant when others do the same to them. It’s so cute.

  39. So It sounds like we are accusing the patriots of intentionally deflating footballs?
    The patriots couldn’t have won with properly inflated football levels?
    The colts? I guess since we are talking about it, it must be true?

  40. Dear trolls,

    If you were fortunate enough to drive a car with tire pressure sensors and you lived in a cold weather climate you would know that air pressure drops in cold temperatures.

    Nothing to see here.

  41. The way I understand how footballs come to be in an NFL game, makes it impossible for there to be some sort of scandal. Each team has their own footballs. These balls are supplied by the NFL. Officials inspect each ball prior to the game to make sure it is the right size, shape and pressure. The balls are kept by the officials for the entire game? It’s not like Brady takes “His ball” to the sidelines with him. These footballs are kept in control of the officiating crew from first whistle to the last.

  42. Oh, and I know some of you think a pound of air is a weight measurement. Some of you will be talking like “Brady was throwing balls that were 2 pounds lighter than Luck’s”.

    A pound of air is an amount of pressure. Air doesn’t weigh anything. If anything, a ball low on pressure would be harder to throw than one properly inflated. The pressure difference would need to be significant though. Maybe a low pressure ball is easier to grip? I wouldn’t know if there is any advantage in having a ball inflated too much or too little.

  43. “Per a league source, several balls were removed from play…”

    All were from Colts players because the Pats roshamboed them the whole game

  44. Kind of convenient this comes out around the same time the ex-Jets employee Roger Goodell’s team is under investigation for tampering. It couldn’t be the NFL trying to distract the Patriots for the big game could it?

  45. This is such a non story. The deflated balls were removed by the officials and were never used during game play. It appears that there are several checks and balances in place to assure that the game balls being used meet the regulation standards. The checks and balances worked, the refs took the balls that weren’t inflated properly.

    Why again is this such a big deal?????

  46. Ever notice that your tires lose air when it gets colder out? Same thing happens to rubber soccer balls, basketballs, footballs. This happens at games all the time, balls get deflated. I’m sure this isn’t the first time balls have been removed from a game.

  47. If the league itself is the primary judiciary with regard to fines and penalties and to upholding all standards, then they too should be the governing authority on the usage of equipment, i.e., types of balls used, ball pressure yada-yada-yada. The notion that the Colts lost because of “abnormal” equipment, i.e., footballs used, is like saying the Seahacks won because their quarterback is elite: we both know that both statements are false lol

  48. Cheaters…They cheat when they need to and like yesterday they cheat when they don’t need to….just shows when you are a cheater, you can’t stop.

  49. Can we stop saying they will “weigh” the balls… the ball weighs the same full or empty. They will check pressure, as in pounds per square inch not actual pounds.

    Oh and if they did weigh them, wet balls do weigh more so that would also void any “weighing” of the ball.

  50. So are the footballs in an armored car on their way to a secret NFL lab in some underground facility where scientists can measure the PSI and weight of these balls?

    Because it’s obvious the refs can’t be trusted to measure the PSI and weight of the ball itself. Granted some kid working at sports authority for minimum wage can accomplish this monumental task but for the NFL you need to drag out such a story so as to make it even more compelling for national news.

  51. let me offer an alternative storyline to the prevailing ‘wisdom’…

    someone from the dolts organization under-inflated the footballs because they had a game plan that was heavy on passing. through dolts-friendly media, the accusation was made public, throwing suspicion on the MIGHTY PATS(who after all, employed a run-heavy game plan), because of their history, and not the real culprits. given the two different game plans, who do you think under inflated balls would benefit?

    any true, informed fan of this sport knew that the patriots would crush the dolts, and didn’t need to cheat–but anyone who let the air out of the footballs who wasn’t affiliated with the patriots organization had to know the MIGHTY PATS would suffer the blame, whether true or not, and other media sensing the controversy, run with it.

    …this is how media manipulation works–whether it’s sports, politics, whatever.

    45-7…i can’t wait until the MIGHTY PATS crush the 12th man…oh, it’s gonna be sweet…

  52. So… let’s deflate a random ball, hoping that this ball will go on the field, unnoticed, for the next play. Then, let’s hope that McDaniels will call a pass play and Brady will see a pass matchup and will not change the play at the line.

    Now… let’s buy a lottery ticket.

  53. Lots of idiots on here. Morons.

    Of course it was just the Patriots balls taken away why would the NFL investigate them then? Why even ask that stupid question ? There are so many dumb people that don’t know how football games are presented to even be played its unreal. You think the NFL fed ex’s the footballs to games?? Or the officials fly them with them? Lol, I mean wow! Or could common sense tell you that each stadium of each team would provide the first down markers, chains, majority of all accessories. I mean seriously are we really asking these stupid questions on here??

    Of course the patriots provide these things during their home games. Were they gonna lose to the colts NO but still it’s just another thing.

    Here Ya go pats fans.
    Robert Kraft: “On a scale to 1-10 how would you rate spying other teams affected outcomes of games?”
    bill belichek: “a one”

    Robert Kraft: “then your a schmuck”

  54. Every time the Patriots play well and dominate some hater has to try to discredit them due to jealousy. Man up and take the loss like a man. All the haters can hate…we made it to the Superbowl and your crappy team has to watch us take home another ring!

  55. SpyGate Schmucks….ummmm you DO realize
    that once the game starts both teams use the
    same balls ?

    That is not true…in the warm-ups the QB’s pick the balls among the NFL allotment that they feel good throwing. Once the game starts each team uses their own balls that their QB chose. The kickers use the “K” balls.
    The question is were the Patriot’s footballs tampered with after they were chosen.

  56. Regardless of the balls being “deflated”, the Colts got beat down!! Nothing would have changed the outcome. Not a Patriots fan, but they were the superior team last night. Wasn’t even close.

  57. “If you were fortunate enough to drive a car with tire pressure sensors and you lived in a cold weather climate you would know that air pressure drops in cold temperatures.”

    Yeah, because they have this problem of deflated balls all the time in Green Bay, Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, Buffalo, New York, etc. Or does only Boston get cold enough for this to happen?

  58. Funny to see all the Patriot fans trying to downplay them getting caught cheating again. If it was any other team they’d be apoplectic.

    And Kraft has the nerve to file charges against the Jets owner for an offhand comment??!?!

  59. It wasn’t that cold in New England yesterday. I think it was around 50 at kickoff.
    Which is about 20 degrees F colder than it was inside where the officials tested the balls. A 12.5 PSI gauge pressure ball is going to be about 11.5 gauge pressure when soak it with water, and expose it to 50 degree wind.

  60. Yeah, because they have this problem of deflated balls all the time in Green Bay, Chicago, Denver, Cleveland, Buffalo, New York, etc. Or does only Boston get cold enough for this to happen?

    They probably do, but no one cares because it’s not the playoffs and not Belichick. Physics doesn’t discriminate.

  61. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots, in planning every thing they do, filled the balls to the minimum at a high temperature for inspection by the refs knowing the balls would naturally deflate sum in the cold weather and over time when used in the game. That would be smart, not cheating; especially knowing the refs handle each ball that enters the game and would only throw out a ball that seemed soft to the touch. The Patriots not only prepare better than the next guy; they are in every other coach’s head (not to mention the fans and media). They also keep the refs on their toes.

  62. “Regardless of the balls being “deflated”, the Colts got beat down!! Nothing would have changed the outcome. Not a Patriots fan, but they were the superior team last night. Wasn’t even close.”

    So if a team wins by a big enough margin, then possible cheating doesn’t matter? Let’s see if you feel that way when shenanigans go against your team.

  63. Anybody can feel if there is something out of the ordinary with a football, especially football players.

    This is the most ridiculous and pathetic accusation in the history of the NFL. The Patriots completely man handled the Colts and anyone with a brain can see that it.

  64. I finally figured it out –

    No, there was no systemic underinflation, BUT…

    Belichick is the one who leaked the issue, *wanting* the news and all the crap, because that will get his team worked up like nothing else would have after the way his team clobbered the Colts.

    He knew his team might be complacent, otherwise!

    Not deflated footballs – inflated motivation and anger!

  65. Tuck rule, spygate, they should have an asterisk section in the NFL hall of fame for Brady. Or a plaque by his bust saying he was great but…..

  66. “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots, in planning every thing they do, filled the balls to the minimum at a high temperature for inspection by the refs knowing the balls would naturally deflate sum in the cold weather and over time when used in the game.”

    Except it wasn’t cold out. The temp was in the upper 40’s. If it had been cold enough to do what you’re implying, there would have been over 1′ of snow falling during the game.

  67. Which is about 20 degrees F colder than it was inside where the officials tested the balls. A 12.5 PSI gauge pressure ball is going to be about 11.5 gauge pressure when soak it with water, and expose it to 50 degree wind.


    Except “wind chill” only effects warm blooded living organisms. There’s no effect on inanimate objects, like a football.

  68. Except it wasn’t cold out. The temp was in the upper 40’s. If it had been cold enough to do what you’re implying, there would have been over 1′ of snow falling during the game.

    Ignore the absolute temperature and look at the change. If it was 75 degrees in the ref’s locker room and 48 outside then the delta will be -27 degrees F. That would take between .5 and 1 PSI out of the ball. (The range is due to gauge vs absolute pressure and differences in room/atmospheric pressure between the time it was measured and the time it was put in play.)

  69. Except “wind chill” only effects warm blooded living organisms. There’s no effect on inanimate objects, like a football.

    Myth. Solid surfaces (like your head or a football) radiate heat, creating a surrounding boundary layer of warm air. This warm air reduces the gradient between the surface and the environment thus reducing cooling. Moving air (like wind) strips the boundary layer and exposes the surface to the colder ambient environment, thus increasing cooling.

    Wind chill increases cooling on a biological or a inanimate object, but can’t decrease the temperature of an object below ambient.

  70. If wind chill didn’t affect inanimate objects, then blowing on a spoonful of hot soup wouldn’t work.

  71. Stripping away that boundary layer is also why convection ovens work faster than non-convection ovens. In this case, the oven’s hot wind strips the cool food-air boundary layer and thus you get hotter air on the food. You can test this in your own free time by putting a pot of water in your oven and baking it at 325 for 20 minutes or convection baking it for 20 minutes. I guarantee that the convection pot will be hotter.

    You can then test wind chill on inanimate objects by putting to pots of water outside on a cold still day and then pointing a fan at one of them. The one with the fan will cool off more quickly.

  72. Deflated balls affect kicking and the flow of the ball when thrown. Who knows why they did tot he balls given to the Colt’s offense. They were going to win anyways, why resort to this.

  73. From what is known about Spygate, Belichick probably cheated for years and years, Brady likely had knowledge and potential success from he cheating, and the NFL perpetrated a cover up by destroying the tapes obtained from the NE Organization and those gotten later from Matt Walsh who filmed the other teams signals. No one else had the opportunity to see these tapes and judge for themselves. Naturally when this stuff comes up folks are gonna be suspicious. Heck, the NFL is suspicious as they confirmed that they were doing an investigation! a
    And who would have more reason to be suspicious of NE but NFL since they have the most knowledge of what was on those tapes!! So no matter what, no matter how much NE wins, they will never live the cheating allegations down…never ever to their dying days….

  74. montrealraider says:
    Jan 19, 2015 7:33 PM
    The Colts center and Andrew Luck handle the ball every play. If something was really wrong they would have noticed it.

    They got their ass kicked, end of the story.

    The colts use their own balls. The only reason this started was because of an interception. That’s the only way a Colts player would get their hands on a Patriots ball.

  75. I can see it both ways. At the same time that people are saying that the game was a blowout and the balls didn’t affect the outcome , how long do we know ( if this is true ) that they have been doing this? What about other games where something like this could have affected the out come of a game? Kinda brought this on themselves with their history with other antics like this , so really , the team and their fans can’t get too mad about this.

  76. “Per a league source, several balls were removed from play for being underinflated.”

    There is nothing in this story saying that it was only the balls being used by the Patriots that were deflated.

    Nothing to see here folks. Move on.

  77. NOT A PATRIOT FAN but this is some bs! UndeR inflated balls are taken out and or used in games all the time! So it’s the balls fault the colts running backs couldn’t get a damn yard on the Pats! Or it’s the balls fault that Mr. Luck threw interceptions straight to the Patriots defenders! Or it’s the balls fault that the kicker from the colts kicked the ball completely off target?!! The Patriots were using the same exact balls! Why didn’t they acquire all these problems? I’ll tell you why! It’s because they’re the best team in the NFL! I’m a Broncos fan but I can at least be honest about this garbage! So I guess the last time the Patriots destroyed the Colts 20-42 they must have used under inflated balls then too? Bunch of sorry, poor sport, losers! Man the F up and take the loss like you were good enough to even make it to the AFC championships out of 16 teams! You don’t see all these other teams crying about getting stomped by the Patriots all season long! Now more than ever I’m backing up this great dynasty of a team that’s going to sh*t on the Seahawks in almost 2 weeks! As a matter of fact F all these other teams! I’m getting on that Patriot band wagon! They are the best team in football in the past 1.5 decades! Go mother F ing Pats! I’d like to see the quarterback from the Seahawks test the secondary of the Patriots lol! Or even see him try to run on their linebackers! It ain’t gonna happen! All you haters can kiss Brady’s rings and kneel before the king of the post season!

  78. Am I correct in saying that the balls were removed at half time???The Patriots played better in the 2nd half so??? How can it have affected the 2nd half of the game???

  79. “Abnormal.” By how much? Just under the legal bottom limit? Obviously not enough for the refs to feel while placing a ball. The entire issue seems overblown to me.

  80. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of fame now! His cheating was nothing compared to this group. In fact he bet on games and that was against the rules but his betting didn’t affect the outcome of the game.

  81. No one is getting the picture. If Kraft will treat the NFL like this, Then what the hell do you think he puts in his food? I bet if you don’t eat Kraft for one month you’ll feel a lot better!

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