Tom Brady calls ball tampering charge “ridiculous”


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady does not believe his team deflated the footballs in Sunday’s win over the Colts.

As the league prepares to respond to accusations that the Patriots tampered with the balls, Brady appeared on WEEI and called the charge “ridiculous.”

I think I’ve heard it all at this point,” Brady said. “That’s the last of my worries. I don’t even respond to stuff like this.”

The accusation seems to be that the Patriots let some air out of some footballs, perhaps to make them easier to grip on a rainy day. If they did do that, Brady wouldn’t necessarily know about it, so his denial doesn’t necessarily mean much. But Brady would probably notice if the footballs he handled on every play felt any different from any other balls on any other day, and he’s adamant that nothing was amiss.

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  1. Of course it’s the last of your worries, Tom, your team benefitted from the cheating (if it’s proven true.) And the problem here, Tommy, is that it isn’t the first time your team has been linked to questionable actions. Fool us once….

  2. Maybe if the Colts weren’t Andrew Luck and not much else they might have had a shot. Looks like they intend on going the same route as the Peyton days, a mediocre team and just hope the QB does most of the work.

  3. “But Brady would probably notice if the balls he handled on every play felt any different from any other balls on any other day”


  4. It’s always something with you guys. Can you just let the Patriots win? Wow! Who cares? You? Cause I surely don’t. They completely dominated the Colts. Flat ball or not. This is such a joke. This headline is calling for trolls. Haters gonna hate. Go Pats!

  5. One of the stalls in the visitor locker room was also low on toilet paper, creating additional anxiety for the Colts.

  6. Yup, the Patriots won because of defaulted balls, LaGarrett Blount running for 148 yards and 3 TDs had nothing to do with it. Indy’s 3 turnovers, deep in their own territory, had nothing to do with it. Indy only scoring 7 points had nothing to do with it.

    Yup, the Patriots cheated again…..

  7. Yes,they tampered with the balls,and they also had the weather forecasters arrange a rainstorm for Sunday. The hate for this team is unreal. Could it be that the Colts just never showed up??? Pagano himself said after the game that they ran into a buzz saw. Brady’s right…it is ridiculous. The Pats EARNED this win and a trip to the Super Bowl. The haters will just have to deal with it.

  8. In some past Super Bowls, I could generally derive some degree of comfort in the fact that at least one of the two teams playing would lose. This year, that small degree of pleasure at another’s pain I might enjoy, is overwhelmed by the grief I feel that one of these two terrible franchises- led by genuinely bad men as head coaches- will win. Can’t watch.

    Wake me when the draft starts.

  9. I’m not sure the 2015 Colts are the team you risk such a bold deception over. It’s not like this game was forecast to be a dog fight. I say nah… doesn’t make sense.

  10. Maybe if the Colts weren’t Andrew Luck and not much else they might have had a shot. Looks like they intend on going the same route as the Peyton days, a mediocre team and just hope the QB does most of the work.
    Kudos to you, that’s the story of our franchise, a one man band waiting for a miracle, people don’t realize that Manning made an average team competitive for many years, and not the other way around. The GM knew that our defense was mediocre last year, yet he didn’t do nothing about that, one year later we still have a mediocre defense, the GM had not one, not two, but three years to surround Luck with decent weapons, yet he only added a washed out Nicks who couldn’t catch a ball if his life were on the line. Sad but true, unless something drastic happens, we will be a mediocre team for years to come.

  11. so the Colts are saying the Patriots deflated their balls last night ? That sounds about right from the way the game went and what the final score was.

  12. The whiny loser way -Pats win so accuse them of cheating though nothing happened.


  13. When the Pats lose,they blame themselves. They don’t throw out lame accusations against the other team. Indy,you got a royal beat-down,so now it’s time to take a look and see what needs fixing.

  14. Aren’t the footballs randomly rotated, meaning each quarterback would have shared balls? If that’s the case then there would be no advantage since luck and Brady would be throwing the same deflated balls.

    This reminds me of the crap that came out after the vikings were blown out by the Giants 10 years ago. If I remember correctly it was the Giants hacked the vikings radio. I’m a vikings fan and find that ridiculous.

    People just need an excuse as to why their team didn’t win and it can’t be the other team just played better.

    I have a new one. Maybe Green Bay deflated the balls and then deflated the ball too much, which allowed Lynch to destroy them in the fourth quarter because the ball was so flat……Yep that sounds about right, ridiculous.

  15. Yet another pathetic attempt to ruin the hard work of the best team in the NFL. No doubt started by a Jets team member in retaliation to the tampering charge against Woody Johnson. Total BS.

  16. Yeah, just like the illegal taping the Patriots did for years before getting caught. Funny how they haven’t won a Super Bowl since then, and they won’t win it this year either.

  17. Blount’s jersey is being held for investigation as well because no previous game tape showed him be so elusive.

    Haters are so sad. Whenever the Pats lose, haters rejoice and what do you hear from Pats coaches and players win or lose? WE didn’t make enough plays, WE played well as a team, TEAM effort, etc.

    It’s become so cliche of them it’s actually starting to bother you guys.

  18. Wow guys why is it when the pats win it’s cause they cheated. Even if the balls were flat the Colts d was getting blasted by the oline and rb.

  19. LOVE IT. The Belichick/Keyser Soze effect once again on full display. He has so much real estate in our opponents brains he basically turns them to mush before they even take the field. Like the greatest trick Belichick ever pulled was convincing teams that it didn’t matter what they did on the field because he’d find a way to cheat and win regardless. Seriously I almost feel like the amount of time that Belichick spends watching game film and devising a game plan, the other team spends studying excuse handbooks for when they lose. Like the Colts, their fans, their beat writers, their owner all knew they were gonna get whipped. So rather than even waste time trying to win they spend all week building an elaborate lie about why they lost. Last week it was deception. This week it’s deflated footballs. I’m sure next week it will be because Belichick used ESP to steal the Seahawks playbook. It’s just one ridiculous excuse after another and these teams probably believe it. They think Belichick is always up to something. Newflash Indy you just lost 9,000 to nothing. We could have played with a bowling ball and crushed you. Pretty sure deflated footballs weren’t helping Blount ram the ball down your throats. Whatever. Just take the draft picks. We don’t need em anyway. Maybe next year all our guys can play with 1 hand tied behind their backs.

  20. The jealousy towards this team is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait til they win in 2 weeks. That will be priceless.

  21. Why isn’t anybody asking Mr. Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star who his source is. Might wrap this up real quick.

  22. Why don’t they get Mr. Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star to reveal his source. Might wrap things up quickly.

  23. INTENT.

    It obviously had nothing to do with the outcome of the game.

    That doesn’t change the fact that, if true, they INTENDED to cheat.

    The Patriot way.

  24. This sounds crazy. I’ll wait and see what the league has to say.

    Everyone just stop fighting, ur better off ignoring these pats fans. Seriously I learned my lesson hard. Now then, let’s just wait for Super Bowl XLIX

  25. You’d think that after the officials gave up custody of the footballs, someone on the sidelines would have noticed someone sticking a pin with a gauge in the balls. And after testing the balls that were removed and found to be under inflated, they’d have paused the game till the so-called infraction was rectified, thus taking away the so called unfair advantage.

  26. This is just another storyline created so the NFL can hand the Seahawks another trophy and get more interest from west coast people into football.

    They want to distract the Patriots while trying to prepare for Seattle. I mean shouldn’t an official be checking all these game balls before the game?

    The Seahawks should’ve lost last night, but the NFL wanted the storyline of repeat champions. Watch how many no call Pass Ints and defense holding will be done in the Superbowl.

  27. Definitely NOT the reason the Colts lost. They were outmatched from the get-go. That said, rules are rules.

    If true this is becoming a pattern with the Patriots.

  28. Some people need to read the rules, BOTH teams provide 12 game balls to the refs and it is the refs responsibilty to test the balls before the game.
    So if anything is amiss with balls it would be on the refs and the kicking balls are provided in a sealed box to be opened by the refs.

  29. Hey Tom? Spygate was ridiculous too, but it happened. Nothing you or Belichek does can ever remove the cheater label from the New England Patriots.

  30. The Patriots could have played with medicine balls and it wouldnt have made any difference

  31. Doesn’t each team supply an equal number of balls? And wouldn’t each team derive the same advantage if there was one to be had? The balls are distributed randomly after all. It could just as easily been balls that The Colts provided, so shouldn’t we be calling them cheaters as well?

    Last week, John Harbaugh got out coached and he whined in public. This week Colts friendly media outlets (and PFT) are drumming up a click bait scandal on a slow news day.

    Hint to Colts media… Your team has to show up for the game in order to win. No asterisk on this one, just two numbers and a dash: 45-7.

  32. Quote from a news article:

    “Deflating footballs would theoretically have made it easier for Brady, who completed 23 of 35 passes for 226 yards and three touchdowns, to throw and for his receivers to catch in the bad weather of Sunday’s game in Foxboro. But it also should have benefited Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck, who had a miserable game, completing 12 of 33 passes for a mere 126 yards.”


    So even if we do find out that a few balls were deflated, both sides would still benefit. Heck there was more to gain by the Colts as they needed to pass much more with the Pats running all over them. I am not much of a fan of the Patriots but this is overblown…

  33. Deflated footballs wouldnt save your sorry behinds from getting torched by Blount. Suck it up babies and find new material to justify your hatred/jealousy for the most dominant team in the NFL for the last 14 years. Your tears quench my thirst and damn are they sweet

  34. What you Patriots appologists don’t get is that ONLY the Patriots are ever accused of this stuff. I have never heard of any other team deflating footballs. What irritates me, and admitted Brady hater who still recognizes his greatness, is that they are so good they don’t NEED to cheat. Just win the game and stop doing shady crap.

  35. I’ll tell you who all the “cry babies”, “cheaters” and who’s balls are really deflated: it’s the fans that don’t have a life, are basically losers themselves and who’s team is lucky enough to win a couple of games. Those who cry foul are usually a little foul themselves. You will never take away the dignity of others, only your own in your vain attempt. Fools do what fools are. Get a life.

  36. I HATE the Patriots, but come on now, was Blount benefitting from those deflated balls while running all over the place? The Colts are an average team, in a poor division, with a great QB. The way to beat the Pats is to out physical them and Indy had no chance of doing that, they are not a punch you in the face team. Seattle will do that and probably win, what should be a great game. That being said, seeing either of these coaches holding the Lombardi Trophy is going to make me nauseous.

  37. Lol the pats got u all taking crazy pills. So funny watching u guys come up with these crazy ass theories. Jealousy is a funny thing! If u start seeing black helicopters following u, seek attention.

    Pats are just that damn good, deal with it

  38. None of this story makes any sense. Deflated balls are easier to throw and catch which would benefit the Colts.

    It makes it easier to throw and catch so the Patriots run the ball over and over.

    It makes it easier to throw and catch which is why so many deep balls were being thrown. (They werent)

    The officials had possession of the balls before the game and handled them throughout the game.

    The Patriots but a butt whoopin on the Colts. Which they routinely do.

  39. Irony being most of us would go out of our way to have our balls tampered with.

    AFC Championship score with properly inflated balls: 38-10.

  40. Last night the only thing that was deflated were wearing white jerseys with horseshoes on their helmets.

  41. Don’t be so sure about the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl. They are lucky to be there after their gift from the Packers yesterday. It’s anyone’s game to win.

  42. Belicheat has a bit of the Richard Nixon complex going, putting the fix in when the outcome was a foregone conclusion. NE keeping it classy.

  43. Here is an idea…

    This being a league always concerned about advantages to the offense, rather than continue to worry about handicapping the efforts of the defense, why not simply allow for a slight depressuring of the football compared to current standards? Just maybe fans would prefer that the QB can actually grip a ball in December and January the same way he does in September? I prefer 28-22 to 9-3 games–am I alone?

  44. Ridiculous. Right Tom. Unless it happened against you or your team. Then you’d be jumping up and down and whining and yelling at the refs and trying any way you could to influence the call.


  45. Packers deflated the ball in Seattle’s raining game too and still lose the game. Why is NFL not doing anything about it? Fine those Packers and take away their first round draft pick for the next decade.

  46. If this is a problem, easy solution is that each team uses the footballs prepared by the other team. Should a ball be overinflated, or otherwise inappropriately tweaked, it can be challenged prior to the game and dealt with then.

    Better yet… NFL simply responsible for the footballs!

  47. It always surrounds Bill and the Patriots. The list is getting so long maybe that Commish should do something about this instead of spending all his time keeping the players down. Hold the coaches, front office and owners to the same standards Roger. You are awful Roger. Things get more and more stinky around you and your league.

  48. Is it true that each side uses its own balls during the game? If so, would besides pats fans would be surprised that they cheated? They are a cheating organization–spying on other team’s signals, using sneaky trick plays against the Colts–and who knows what else Belichick has done over the years. Not to mention that gloomy, cold stadium.

    However, the NFL will sweep this under the rug as cheating accusations reflect badly on the league, and Goodell can’t have that in the runup to the Super Bowl!

  49. And you add the fact that they made Blount talk his way out of Steelers, So they could immediately sign him to become their top back, while leaving Steelers with a void after Bell went down. Once a Cheater always a Cheater..

  50. In Foxboro:

    Reporter: “Bill, is there any truth to the rumor that the Patriots deflated some of the footballs used in Sunday’s game?”

    BB: “We’re on to Seattle.”

    In Seattle:

    Reporter: “Marshawn, what was the mood like on your sideline when Wilson threw the pick right after you guys went down 16-0?”

    Lynch: “Uh, yeah.”

    Media Day is going to actually be worth watching this year.

  51. Not surprised at all. Belichick is a very low character guy. Any true sportsman would rather lose than win by cheating. His days are numbered though, because after Brady retires, Belichick will be exposed. That is, if he is brave enough to continue w/o Brady.

  52. It is great fun being a Patriots fan. Double digit wins and an AFC East title almost every year, regular Super Bowl appearances and wins.

    We have lots of great parties, many of them outside during the good weather and then inside at raucous home parties or in crowded bars, plenty of wonderful newspaper stories and lots to talk about for months.

    We all have Patriots jerseys and T-shirts and we celebrate our dynasty all year long. We love it.

  53. Under inflated, over inflated or correctly inflated, it would not have made a difference. New England simply outplayed the Colts. However, if there is ever a hint of bending the rules, the Patriots are bound to be involved.

  54. It’s a fact of science, cold temp will make air contract and the pressure inside the balls will drop, the balls get softer. If they were filled and tested inside where it was warm, then after a few hours in the cold the pressure will drop. Did anyone take that into consideration? Or is the NFL more stupid than everyone thinks?

  55. The Patriots were clearly worried, so they decided against making adjustments and went straight to the equipment managers area and as a team, started deflating balls. Obviously that’s what happened right?

  56. So many sour grapes. So, so many. You guys hating the Pats will cling to anything to make yourselves feel better that , yet again, the Pats are better than your team. Its really pathetic.

  57. As an Eagles fan I’m jealous of the Pats success. I think most teams try all sorts of tricks to gain an advantage. The price you pay, if you’re caught, is that all future success is viewed with a skeptical eye. Doubt the Pats are too upset by that.

  58. I think anything deflated is the NFL, I bought 3 light bulbs that did’t work can I sue the company that made them.

  59. Did Ray Lewis plant this story? He and many others have an ax to grind against the Pats because they’ve owned him over the years. I can see him trying to sabotage the Patriots.

  60. I am surprised the Vegas spread is at “pick’em”; given all the Patriots haters you would think all of their heavy bets on Seattle would be driving up the spread. Pardon me, talk is cheap but betting takes balls. The only impact of “deflated balls” is at the betting window.

  61. Couldn’t anybody deflate a ball? An Indy reporter reports this. What if somebody is framing the Pats? See how ridiculous this is?— the only undisputed deflated balls are those owned by the Pats haters.

  62. Everyone knows that BB doesn’t color within the lines in anything he does. No risk = No reward. If its true they’ll get a slap on the wrist and move on.

    But in a few years TB and BB will both be gone.. and so will the Pats relevancy. I’m personally looking forward to that. I’ve had enough.

  63. Aaron Rodgers is on record stating that he likes his balls over inflated. That was dubbed “gamesmanship” in the broadcast (MNF) and largely ignored, but if it were Brady…. Love the double standard guys. Witch hunt.

  64. PFT or someone else needs to let us fans know who provides the balls and who distributes them during games. Of course Belicheat would do it if he could get any edge, he has proven that time and time again. However, could he have? That is not known.

  65. So, in theory, the benefit of a deflated ball is it’s easier to catch.

    The Patriots won via their run game.

    The Colts were almost entirely a passing offense yesterday.

    So, you are saying that the Patriots cheated in a way that primarily benefited the game plan of their opponent?

    Yeah, right.

  66. If nothing else this should be the end of the line for Goodell as commissioner.

    It is his responsibility to make sure none of these questions get raised about the integrity of the game and his responsibility to ensure that security is airtight and all proper procedures are followed.

    His silence is deafening.

  67. Colts personnel are not contributing to this story. And they are not elevating this story. They know this is not a key factor in the loss.

    That said, why does NE do this stuff? To those who said that both teams play with the same ball – not true. Each team offense plays with the ball that they submit. I heard a former ref just say on ESPN that they don’t necessarily check the air in the ball. Brady apparently likes a deflated ball. I’ll bet he won’t have that luxury in the SB.

  68. official touch the ball before every play for both teams if they thought there was a major problem that might effect the outcome of the game , they could stop the game until it was addressed . since they didn’t there was apparently no problems .

  69. People making a big issue about this fail to realize that (slightly) lower pressured balls are easier to throw, easier to catch, and harder to run with (more likely to fumble because the additional squishiness makes them harder to put additional pressure on them).

    If anything, it benefitted the Colts – but don’t let facts get in the way of the crussade against the Patriots.

  70. Does this team ever stop cheating? Wow, even when they been caught cheating in the past there are more accusations of cheating. A trashy organization that doesn’t deserve to win another championship. Brady and Belicheat are probably behind the whole thing.

  71. “Patriots bring this all on themselves from their past behavior.”

    Why is it that idiots always want to blame their delusional beliefs on the behavior of the individuals and groups that they disparage.

  72. Hmmmmmm … Funny why this story would come out the next day.
    If the game ball handlers are Patriots employees then the NFL has a problem.
    For the dummies that think Brady and Luck used the same balls … The balls are changed almost on every down especially in the rain. One bag has the correct inflated balls and the other bag has the under inflated balls. It’s not hard to figure it out.

  73. This is not the first time the Colts have brought up some lame excuse after losing.

    In 2003, it was New England’s DBs playing dirty. In 2004, it was the groundskeepers not covering the field with a tarp on time. Now this.

  74. I love the response from NE fans here, the same response any time somebody gets caught cheating. “Oh, in the end it didn’t matter…”

    This time, you’re right. I don’t think the Pats won because the ball was a little deflated. That said, why do it if it’s not an advantage? Why would they skirt around the rules, damn well knowing what they are, if they weren’t looking for an unfair advantage?

    So if the Pats won this came 31-28, is it worse that they broke the rule then?

  75. liars-lie

    You forgot haters-hate. It’s what you do. Now you have another fantasy to hold on to.

  76. I guess that explains why Vinatieri who had 15 straight FGs missed by a mile on his only attempt.

  77. Hey remember the snow plow game between the pats and dolphins.
    The Pats used a snow plow to clean the spot for the game winning FG … the final score was 3-0.

  78. So the refs who handle the ball on every play wouldn’t know…if that’s the case then theres a huge problem. ..if they don’t notice that how are they competent enough to ref a game.

  79. Sooooo many JEALOUS Brady haters out there. It’s laughable how many folks are so envious of Brady they can’t STAND it when he wins… and wins again… and again… and again….I love it!

  80. Funny, just checked all of these articles and none of them mention which teams balls are being checked, the Patriots or the Colts. They both supplied 12 balls each. Maybe its the Colts who were cheating.

  81. Really? I could see this accusation in the Packers – Seahawks game. Close game, won on a long pass. But the Patriots- Colts game. Was the NFL even watching? Indianapolis could have designed custom footballs molded to Andrew Luck’s hand and it still wouldn’t have been close. I’m no Patriot fan but I think this is absurd. They should check the tees next. I heard the Patriots tee was .006 mm taller than the Colt’s tee. That’s how the Patriots won!

  82. Would they have won anyway? Sure. But his reaction seemed one of guilt. Obviously there’s something to it, else it wouldn’t even be brought up. And they are known for this kind of thing.

  83. Aaron Rodgers ADMITS he OVER INFLATES the football to gain a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

    No one says squat. No investigation – no mention on PFT. Nothing.

    Brady DENIES the ALLEGATION – and it’s treated like a major federal crime.

    Actually, strike that – when NFL players commit rapes or assaults on women and children, Goodell doesn’t do squat

    But when there is an ALLEGATION of a slight under-inflation of a football in a 45-7 game the friggen integrity of the game is in question?

    Give me a break folks

  84. Didn’t Brady say the same thing before SpyGate? The Seahawks need to have a scrambling device handy on Sunday so Ernie Adams can’t talk to Brady through his illegal headset.

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