Warren Moon wonders why Packers didn’t go after injured Richard Sherman


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman injured his elbow while making a tackle on the first play of the fourth quarter on Sunday’s NFC title game.  He continued to play with a functioning right arm — and with his left arm bent at the elbow and held at his midsection.

So why didn’t the Packers attack him?  Hall of Fame quarterback and Seahawks radio analyst Warren Moon addressed that question on Monday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio.

“I definitely would have went at him because one of Richard’s strength is getting his hands on receivers and being able to redirect them, and he couldn’t lift that arm up,” Moon said.  “He was able to make one tackle on one pass that they threw on a crossing route, and he was in agonizing pain from making that tackle.  So I’m surprised [the Packers] didn’t go at him a little bit more, just throwing maybe a smoke route when you throw the ball to the receiver on the line of scrimmage and make Richard make a tackle or something like that.  But they didn’t do any of that, and they only have themselves to look at for not being as aggressive and taking advantage of certain situations in the ball game.”

The blame possibly goes to coach Mike McCarthy for not dialing up plays that would have exploited an injured Sherman.  It possibly goes to quarterback Aaron Rodgers for not sending the ball that way.  And it possibly was a collective failure of the offensive unit and coaches, who possibly didn’t process the information and engage in the mental gymnastics necessary to force Sherman to use that injured arm more than he wanted to.

Maybe they just thought he was faking it.  Regardless, it’s another example of how the absence of killer instinct kept the Packers from advancing to Super Bowl XLIX.

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  1. Warren Moon is not the only one wondering that. So am I and so is every Packer fan on the planet.

  2. You and everybody else, Warren. The way he was favoring that arm, holding it down low, hard to imagine him being able to make an interception even if he could have broken up a pass.

  3. Well, Warren, I wondered too. My impression was that Sherman was over-doing it, probably faking the extent of the injury so Rodgers would throw it his way. Just my take; I might do the same. A little inner game within the game.

  4. They didn’t go after Sherman because even with 1 arm, he is still the best CB in the game.
    Mr. Richard Sherman alters the game plan of every OC. He is the complete shutdown CB and will go into the HOF recognized as the best ever.
    1 arm, 1 leg, and 1 eye, he is still the best and ebvery QB knows it…….especially double check down choker rodgers.

    Seattle owns GB.
    The Seattle Seahawks are a true dynasty team and will 3peat.
    GB whiny fans should find a real team to root for.

  5. Asking McCarthy to perform “mental gymnastics” would be like asking him to run a marathon

  6. We were told since the day MM was hired how he is “Pittsburgh tough”. Well, Pittsburgh, you can have his gutless approach to coaching back. MM choked and so did a lot of other players – started at the top and got contagious – as it always does.

  7. Warren Moon is BEYOND annoying. He and Namath can take their thoughts off the plank

  8. Gotta agree with apkyletexas. There was alot of ear to ear grinning on the green bay sideline even though the game was still in reach for the Hawks. Guess they figured that out the hard way though.

  9. As a Packer fan, I’ll say this. McCarthy came out right away and denied he did anything wrong. He has a pattern of denying doing anything wrong in the past as well; I’ve seen it with clock management, play calling, etc.. What is dangerous is that if you don’t admit a mistake you’ll never learn from that mistake.

    Great coach Monday – Saturday. Sunday, not so much.

  10. Warren please. Did you forget were talking Mike – I will prove to everybody I know more then them and we can run the ball and win without Rogers.
    Remember how irate he got two years ago when it was suggested his team was soft. He has been trying to prove otherwise ever since. This could be the best passing team in football but Mike wants it to be the best running team so he is screwing Rogers, Nelson, Cobb and others from being all they can be.
    He decided were running the ball period. A decision he is too stupid to regret.

  11. That was an issue only in the final drive, but there is one misconception: the thought that the Packers were only trying to go for field goals instead of touchdowns.

    They tried to go for touchdowns. After failing to do so they had no choice but to go for field goals. They tried going for touchdowns for most of the day and the first time they did that Richard Sherman intercepted Aaron Rodgers after he threw from the 29 yard line in Seattle territory.

    So 3 pointers are bad and failed 4th down tries with no points and/or turnovers are good?

    Let’s face it. No one is mentioning turnovers because of Bostick and the need to protect Rodgers’ behind.

  12. I thought the coaching, play calling and time management were impeccable….

    Andy Reid

  13. We were asking ourselves the same thing at my house watching the game. We collectively decided that as soon as the Packers tried that, Sherman would’ve picked the ball. We thought there was a chance he was playing possum, but agreed that even if he wasn’t, Sherman is that kinda guy that would break his neck to intercept a guy like Rodgers a second time in a game that big…

  14. I think MM was justified in thinking there was a bit of possum playing going on there. Would have been interesting to have seen a bubble screen thrown that way to see if Sherman could fight off a block or effectively tackle.

  15. McCarthy says he didn’t realize Mathews wasn’t on the field late in the game. Probably the same thing with Sherman’s arm. There must be no communication on this team. Cobb says he didn’t know Sherman was hurting McCarthy said it was a tough loss to swallow. Looks like that was the only thing he finds tough to swallow.

  16. GB has a coach that is well below the league average when it comes to game-day strategy and applying analytics. Most times it does not make a difference between winning and losing. This time it cost you a trip to the SuperBowl.

    Make a coaching change or cry in your cheese.

  17. “Maybe they just thought he was faking it.”

    The only thing that could have gotten me to like Richard Sherman is if he was playing wounded dog all game and got a critical interception with both hands and clearly demonstrating it was a ruse.

    That’s the level of trolling that Sherman should aspire to.

  18. Remember when Trent Baalke praised Jim Tomsula’s “humility”? It got me to wondering if any current successful coaches could be said to have humilty. The only one I could come up with was Mike McCarthy.

    Well, this is what happens to coaches with “humilty”. I was obviously wrong to classify him as successful.

    Good luck, Balke.

  19. I think we are all wondering why the packers didn’t do A LOT of things yesterday. Just blown opportunity after another from beginning to end honestly. If any one of about 6 plays happen slightly different and in the packers favor.. They win this game. All those plays went to Seattle and that was the deciding factor.

  20. That is pure genius over there on the Green Bay sidelines. There rest of the NFC North thinks its fantastic that earlier this year they extended the contract of this game day powerhouse with those Packer stocks. No only does he not know how to call plays, he doesn’t understand Packer stock has no value.

  21. PFTPoet (aka PFTPest)

    Packer Fans are sure some sore losers.


    Should they be good losers like the Vikings?

  22. I suspect he was overplaying the injury hoping for a game changing interception. The way he was holding his arm looked like he was begging GB to throw it his way.

  23. Coaches cling too damn close to their game plans instead of capitalizing on changing events. I’ve seen lots of teams who won’t attack a DB or LB who is obviously limping or not able to use an arm. Sherman wasn’t “faking” … anybody who saw him get injured on the collision knows that. No excuse for not zipping 5 or 6 passes Sherman’s way. He couldn’t play press coverage and he couldn’t tackle. Attack that; this game isn’t played out of fear … attack that.

  24. ‘Gee whiz what ifs’, unfortunately, will do nothing to change the blunders that lost a ‘won’ game with a resounding collapse by the Packers.

  25. After watching Sherman take the brunt of that hit from Kam Chancellor there was no way shoulda thought Sherman playing possum.

    McCarthy should get shown the door like John Fox did in Denver.

  26. Packers receiver should have been jamming him every play.

    Would have happened 40 years ago, now they vacation together and laugh about us working stiffs debating the outcomes of their games.

  27. touchdownroddywhite says:
    Jan 19, 2015 3:42 PM
    We were asking ourselves the same thing at my house watching the game. We collectively decided that as soon as the Packers tried that, Sherman would’ve picked the ball. We thought there was a chance he was playing possum, but agreed that even if he wasn’t, Sherman is that kinda guy that would break his neck to intercept a guy like Rodgers a second time in a game that big…


    We have our winner. This is pretty much it. Sherman for the most part was clutching his arm after plays and before it however was using it as he normally would in plays that he was in. Based on the fact his injured elbow was landed on during the cross route tackle and that he still stayed in it’s safe to assume that if the ball was coming his way he would still go for the pick or deflection and deal with the ensuing pain later.

  28. Wow. Packer apologists and reality deniers making excuses that Sherman was faking it? They must not trust their lying eyes or the JumboTron showing Sherman’s injury and subsequent limitations he was working with.
    What? Rodgers couldn’t zing one his way to test him out? Seriously? And the two 4th and goal situations? Even if you don’t score, Wilson and Seattle have the ball on their own 1 yard line. *duh* That’s better than any punt. Pinned deep with 99 yards to go to score. You go for the kill.
    Even our hometown Vikings wouldn’t have blown the game so badly.

  29. As a Seahawks fan I was watching the game with 5:04 left and thinking, we are done. Great run but the Packers had beaten us.

    The packers were victims of one of those unexplainable miracles that happen every so often in sports. It leaves you shaking your head asking; “What just happened?”

    A person can attach blame to all kinds of decisions, in hindsight! The facts are that with 2:52 left in the game the Packers had a 12 point lead over a team they had dominated for most of the game.

    This game is the very best example for why Belichek seems to run up the score. You can never tell what the next series of downs brings with it. Look at Kansas City and Indy last year.

    Aaron Rodgers may not have liked the play calling but one of the facts of this game is, he did not play all that well either. He had less than 180 yards passing, 1 TD and two picks.
    His QBR was 55 point something. If Rodgers had one of his better games we Seattle fans are crying after the game about how he dominated us.

    It was one of those types of games.

    The Packers are a great team, sorry you lost like that. It was a heartbreaker.

    Go Hawks.

  30. The reason is because McCarthy is truly cowardly. He has the best team in the NFL and thought he could win it with field goals. Much too scared to play a bit aggressive. The meltdown was his pusillanimous stance. He proved to be a complete fool.

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