Browns interview Mike Martz for offensive coordinator job

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Proving they’re willing to turn over every stone in their search for an offensive coordinator, the Browns interviewed one of the hottest names in the business.

From a decade ago, at least.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Browns interviewed former Rams head coach Mike Martz recently.

The 63-year-old Martz has been out of the league since a two-year stint as Bears offensive coordinator ended in 2011, with no real hints that he wanted back in.

39 responses to “Browns interview Mike Martz for offensive coordinator job

  1. Seriously? Of all the retreads to bring back he may just be the worst of them all. Arrogance and incompetence in one package.

  2. This has got to be a joke.

    Some of the problems that hiring Martz will cause:

    The second best receiving option (the best if Gordon is cut/traded) is TE Jordan Cameron and Martz does not use TE’s

    There are no WR’s whatsoever apart from Gordon (who may or may not be there next year)

    The O-Line isn’t good enough

    The Browns offensive ‘strength’ last year was their running game – Martz will ruin that

    I don’t think I need to say anything about the QB situation – can you imagine Manziel trying to run that offense?!?!

  3. Martz is merciless in his approach to attacking the defense, but you’d better have a good offensive line, and even if you do, your QB is going to take some serious hits.

  4. Don’t do it Brownies. Take it from this die hard Bears fan when I say you need to look elsewhere and keep your distance from this kook.

  5. wow… out of league two years….

    i see that as ‘scrapping’ the bottom of the barrel…

    Just when Cleveland gets a good coach and decent staff…

    1… they mess up the QB selection… (all hype… little skills)

    2. front office texting ‘messages’ (suggest play calling)

    The jinx remains in the city of the Factory of Sadness…. The Art Model ghost is hanging around…

    call the local Diocease and rid the bad spirits out of town… might re-consider allowing the Republicans (convention) to come to town too ! …..

    lol… so if Hoyer leaves… Johnny doesnt get it, who do they draft for next QB and what veteran QB do they bring in ?

    wow… what a place… time to make some good decisions… Ravens lost their main OC, QB and WR coaches…

  6. Here’s a thought for Cleveland – How about just not have one for the next season? It worked great enough for Tampa Bay that they have the first pick in the draft this year. I’m sure whoever they bring in to replace Farmer and Pettine next year will be thankful fo– I’m sorry I just can’t stop laughing…

  7. if they are stupid enough to hire this guy then you guys who want Manziel out of football will get your wish. he will get killed if he is forced to stand back and hold the ball the 20 seconds required in the greatest show on turf system. it has not worked since the all pros he had run it in St. Louis got old and had to retire and will end badly for the browns if they hire him. spare me the individual numbers and tell me how many wins did those teams have? did the lions and 49er’s win and make the playoffs?

  8. As long as he isn’t the head coach, it may not be such a bad thing. There’s no denying his intelligence/offensive mind. If nothing else the Browns offense would be pretty fun to watch, although from what I understand his protection schemes in Chicago were getting his quarterbacks BLASTED on every other play.

  9. Part of their plan to lure Kurt Warner out of retirement. Phase II is to suit up Jim Brown for OTA’s!

  10. Why not interview Don Coryell too? Oh……

    And the wheels on the NFL coaching bus go round and round, round and round…

  11. LOL – You can’t make this stuff up. Getting Mike Martz off his rocking chair to help Brian Hoyer and Johnny Football? Maybe he can bring some of the old St Louis players like Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk out of retirement too.

  12. People excited about this:

    Former 6th round draft QB Nathan Enderle drafted by the Bears at Martz’s request, currently with the Portland Thunder in the Arena League.

    People worried about this:

    Any Browns fan with a pulse.

  13. Say it isn’t so… In his last job with the Bears as their OC, on passing downs, his QBs got slaughtered waiting for downfield plays to develop but he never went to shorter plays. Moron! He is a dinosaur. Haslam already screwed the pooch with Johnny Football. Martz would make it snake eyes with the dice. Cleveland needs two or three solid ball carriers and an up tempo short passing game with receivers who can make plays. The downfield orientation won’t work. Its not the 90s any more. He can then build a team accordingly.

  14. Again, folks. You really can stop worrying about what *any* OC the Browns hire is going to do with Manziel. He’s not going to be a factor. Even if the Browns go into the offseason with the plan to get Manziel to improve over the summer and be the starter next year, it’s not going to happen. He will be destroyed by his competition in camp… Pretty much no matter who that competition is.

    Also, it’s *very* easy to tell that Manziel has emotional issues and is the type of player whose head is easy to get into, whether it’s by the opposing team, the fans, or even the media.

    This guy won’t even be in the league in another year or two, let alone starting or being some superstar QB somewhere. So… Stop worrying about what Martz, Trestman, or anyone else will do with him, because he’s not going to even be there to do something with.

  15. Martz always media whipping boy while chronic underachiever lovie smith immediately drags Bucs to being worst in league.
    Rams have not even sniffed winning season or playoffs since replacing Martz.
    Lions 0-16, winless, year after firing Martz.
    49ers forced to fire elderly loser Jimmy Raye in mid-season after making him Martz’s replacement.
    ….Martz over-achieved with very average 2010 Bears, taking them to close loss in NFC championship game and had no cutler in 2nd half of that game. Used running game well with Bears lacking dominant receiver.
    Martz is a very good coach, facts
    prove it.

  16. I agree with lynx, Mike Martz knows how to run an NFL offense. This Bears fan kinda wishes they would’ve kept him around another year, it’d be interesting to see what the offense & Cutler would’ve looked like in Year 3 of that system. Year 1 produced an NFC Championship game appearance, Year 2 was on their way to the playoffs again until Cutler broke his thumb when they were 7-3 and on a 5 or 6-game winning streak.

    Also, contrary to popular belief, Martz likes to run the ball. Part of the reason why he’d rather have blocking tight ends than receiving tight ends. He also made good use of fullback Tyler Clutts, who is now doing a good job as a blocker for Dallas.

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