Defections shake up Pro Bowl QB ranks

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Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Aaron Rodgers. Ben Roethlisberger. Andrew Luck. Tony Romo.

These were the six quarterbacks originally selected to the 2015 Pro Bowl.

That list, as all things Pro Bowl seem to be, was subject to change.

And has it ever been.

Roethlisberger — injured in Pittsburgh’s playoff loss — was the first to depart, with Drew Brees taking his place.

Then, Manning dropped out because of injury, opening the door for Detroit’s Matthew Stafford.

Next, Brady couldn’t play after New England made the Super Bowl. Atlanta’s Matt Ryan took that roster spot.

Finally, Rodgers — as might have been expected — withdrew after playing with a calf injury in the postseason. Ultimately, Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton got the call to replace him.

So let’s connect all the dots.

Brees — the first Pro Bowl alternate, per — was tabbed first to take Roethlisberger’s place.

San Diego’s Phillip Rivers was reportedly the second alternate, but he passed on the game, per multiple media reports.

The third alternate, Seattle’s Russell Wilson, is playing in the Super Bowl.

This led to Stafford — purportedly the fourth alternate — getting Manning’s spot.

Now, we come to the final two QB replacements.

Ryan’s addition to the Pro Bowl was announced Monday night. It would appear, then, that Ryan was at least the fifth alternate.

Finally, we come to Rodgers’ spot, which was officially filled Tuesday.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco  — ostensibly at least the sixth alternate — declined the offer for a Pro Bowl spot; his wife is soon expecting a baby, according to the club.

This opened the door for Dalton, who appears to be the seventh alternate at best.

As of now, this leaves Dalton, Ryan, Stafford, Brees, Romo and Luck as the six quarterbacks.

We’ll continue to track Pro Bowl transactions up until the game this Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Our up-to-date Pro Bowl roster includes players added and removed from the game, as well as players known to have declined invitations.

58 responses to “Defections shake up Pro Bowl QB ranks

  1. Not watching this joke of a game this year.. With the stupid Fantasy Draft, I can’t even root for a specific team because my team’s players (Steelers) will likely be split up.

  2. It’s situations and conditions like this that very greatly diminish Pro Bowl distinctions. I realize that when some athlete is called a, “4-time Pro Bowler,” “5-time Pro Bowler,” etc., etc., that it means next to nothing to me.

  3. They wouldn’t have 1/2 the changes IF the game was still in the great State of Hawaii. Who wants to go to Arizona? They want and will come to Hawaii. Bring it back NFL,

  4. Luck is already complaining that the neck collar he wore on his flight to Hawaii wasn’t inflated properly.

  5. Regarding the comment on Eli Manning — was thinking about other possible QB additions and he was one who seemed possible. However, I don’t know where he is on the alternate list, or if he were an alternate. — MW

  6. So do Wilson, Rivers and Flacco get to say they were “selected” for the Pro Bowl even though they were never officially slated as participants?

  7. I used to be the biggest Pro Bowl fan, but I lost interest in watching this game over 20 years ago, although it made a nice excuse to get to Hawaii. It seems todays players don’t have any interest in playing it any more. You’re not getting the best players at their positions, but the 3rd & 4th on the list now. The NFL continues to have blinders on when it comes to what their customers and consumers want. No other successful business ignores their customers the way the NFL does.

  8. I am kind of hoping that one of the other quarterbacks gets a paper cut and drops out just so I can see who is next in line behind Andy Dalton. If Andy Dalton was the 7th alternate, who in the world could be the 8th? I’m more excited to find out who the 8th alternate is than I am about watching the actual game.

  9. Give them a vacation in Hawaii and have a skills competition. Then at the beginning of next year play the game at the hall of fame game. Possible future hall of famers playing at the hall of fame in a glorified scrimmage.

  10. Has Ray Rice been added yet? How about Aaron Hernandez?

    I guess the Pro in Pro Bowl just means they’re professional football players that are willing to show up, not necessarily the best ones. Maybe that’s why they don’t bother calling it an All-Star game like other professional sports.

  11. There should be a distinction between a Pro Bowl player and one who’s playing in a Pro Bowl (due to the unavailability of the player who was actually voted to the Pro Bowl).

  12. Do the Toilet Bowl.

    Have the bottom two teams duke it out for the first overall pick. Winner gets first pick overall, loser gets third pick overall (the team that ended in third-last place gets the second overall).

    Jumbling up the the first picks ensures no intentional failure by teams nearing the end of the regular season, while getting a competitive matchup that’s actually worth something for the teams involved. Add in some Pro Bowl compensation for player incentive.

  13. Which QB is better?
    64.2% completion, 3,398 yds, 19 TDs, 17 INTs.
    66% completion, 3,812, 28 TDs, 18 INTs.

    First one is Andy Dalton. Second is Jay Cutler.

    Yeah – Andy Dalton, Pro Bowl QB!

  14. Yep. That sounds about right for Dalton … The 13th best QB in the league. Good enough to get you to the playoffs but bad enough to never win a championship. Damned if you do replace him, damned if you don’t.

  15. The joke of a “draft” they have for this event shredded the last, tiny morsel of credibility it may have once had. You seriously couldn’t pay me to watch it. And the NFL is ok with making Michael Irvin part of it? That guy is such Cowboy hawk on their pre-game show on the NFL network that I can’t even watch it. Any attempt at neutrality in the analysis would be appreciated, and professional. Every year the NFL finds ways to diminish one of the finest products in the US.

  16. It used to be an honor to play in the game. Nowadays, players simply decline the invitations. The death was at hand when they moved the probowl a week ahead of the superbowl. Bad decision.

  17. In all seriousness, I’d love to see them play flag football.
    It might be fun to watch, because the way it plays now I’ll only watch if there’s nothing else on TV.

    I’ll watch Pawn Stars before this abortion of a game.

  18. Andy Dalton aka “The Red Popgun” named to the Pro Bowl. Thank you for the laugh. He is like the kid in grade school that no one wanted to pick. Really, Carter or Irvin are going to have to pick this turd? The only fair way is for Carter and Irvin to have a coin flip. Loser gets the “Red Popgun.”

  19. How about we just start listing those that DID NOT make the probowl. It seem like the list would be a lot shorter.

  20. What is true is the Pro Bowl is a joke.

    What is not true is no one watches it.

    Last year, ratings were down but still a 3.3 with 10,000,000 viewers.

    By comparison the NHL Stanley Cup Final averaged a 2.8 and half of the total different viewers.

    That’s how big the NFL is. Even its worst product has better ratings than some league’s best.

  21. The Probowl is a punishment, not a reward. Make it a flag football game and a vacation so that it is not something talented players dread!

  22. Honestly I don’t like the direction the Pro Bowl is going, I’m a Ravens fan which makes things a bit better as their whole staff will be coaching the game but the thing is my players won’t even be on the same team which is probably the worst part about the new Pro Bowl rules

  23. Wait… Brees is replacing Rothlesberger? Shows how little I pay attention to the rules of the Pro Bowl.

    Didn’t realize they mixed AFC with NFC…

  24. Pro football is a physically dangerous sport, and the best players risk the loss of tens of millions of dollars in case of a career-ending or career-diminishing injury. In their place, there’s no way I would risk it for what is essentially a pick-up game.

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