Deflated ball investigation to be concluded in next 2-3 days


It’s well known that the NFL is investigating whether the Patriots violated the rules regarding the inflation of footballs in Sunday’s AFC title game against the Colts.  It’s now also known that the investigation will end fairly soon.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, NFL executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent confirmed that the league is investigating the situation.  He disclosed that it won’t take much longer.

“We’re hoping to wrap that up in the next two or three days,” Vincent said.  “The team is in place in New England now interviewing staff members.”

Vincent didn’t specify when decisions will be made or punishment imposed.

“We obviously want to get that on the table, get that behind us so that we can really get back to the game itself.”

So why is this being treated as such a big deal?

“For a fan, you want to know that everything’s equal,” Vincent said.  “The integrity of the game is so important.”

Anything that impacts the integrity of the game is important, even if it seems trivial or meaningless, especially in a game that was destined to be a blowout.  That’s why the NFL is investigating — and that’s why harsh consequences will be meted out if the league determines that a violation occurred.

195 responses to “Deflated ball investigation to be concluded in next 2-3 days

  1. Yeah the integrity of the game is important. That is as long as the game isn’t the Pro Bowl.

  2. Again…….
    Aron Rodgers ” ‘I like to push the limit to how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the officials take air out of it.’

    Its only “cheating if the Patriots do it

    , an exchange on the CBS broadcast of the New England Patriots’ road game against the Green Bay Packers on Nov. 30 seems timely to pass along.

    Early in the third quarter, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms had the following discussion on the broadcast:

    Nantz: We talked to [Aaron] Rodgers about ‘How do you like your footballs?’ Because, you know, you can rub them up before the game. [Phil], you really kind of created that for everybody else in the league.

    Simms: I don’t know if I did, because the quarterbacks got tired of them complaining. But he said something [that] was unique: ‘I like to push the limit to how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the officials take air out of it.’ Because he thinks it’s easier for him to grip. He likes them tight. Of course, he’s got very big hands and you can tell that by watching him play.

    Nantz: You’ve never heard of a guy really desiring a football to be fat and overinflated before, have you?

    Simms: Everybody wants it smaller and soft, so they can dig their fingers into. He’s such a feel thrower. You can tell. The one touchdown he threw down the field to the tight end is such feel; then he flicks it. That shows you he just has great control of it, with his fingers and hand.

    Nantz: He said, ‘God gave me big hands and a strong grip.’

    Simms: You know, the officials do check those footballs and sometimes maybe even get lucky and put an extra half pound of air in there to help Aaron Rodgers out.

  3. “Hey Pats, if Troy Vincent tells you everything is fine DON’T believe him!!!”

    Adrian Peterson

  4. How smart are the Patriots, really? I mean, ok, you apologists will stick up for then through this, spy gate and anything else, but if they were so “good” how are they the only ones getting caught? If “all other teams do it”, what’s the reason nobody else was caught? It’s that simple, the Patriots cheat. It is a tarnished legacy no matter how you want to spin it. Are they good? Sure. We will never know if it’s legit though because they keep giving themselves a black eye. They should send Brady to the Jets and BB to Oakland as punishment. Let’s see how “good” both those guys really are.

  5. Correction: This is being treated as a big deal because a whole lot of people want to take the Patriots down a notch…whether it’s justified or not.

  6. And for Arron Rodgers admitting he did it? Nothing! All things patriots over reaction, hyperbole, conspiracy theories, jealousy, and just plain bitterness.
    Did you know the pats filed tampering charges on the Jets for recruiting revis in his said comments, a few weeks back?
    I know, I know, it’s not the Patriots so just ignore?
    And if the NFL doesn’t find the Pats guilty or some gray area, most of the nation will feel like the NFL let down Hunaity…
    Calm down people. Btw Jets Suck!!!

  7. We can’t be mad about this. It’s who the Patriots are. We can’t expect them to be someone they’re not. It’s not like they have cheating rehab for sports franchises.

  8. Did the ball have enough air in it or not? Go to Auto Zone and get a pressure indicator. Why does this take 4-5 days.

    What interviews need to take place? If there was enough air case over. If there wasn’t “did you do it?” No! A TEAM of investigators is in New England?

    They would have won the game playing with a medicine ball.

  9. How is the investigation into the Browns use of cell phones on the sideline during games coming along??

    Oh that is right nobody cares……but we care about the integrity of the game???

  10. Yes, this is why the Patriots pounded the Colts into a fine paste — the balls were a half an ounce too light.

  11. Colts tried to frame the pats. theres new evidence.
    there was nothing wrong with the footballs during the game according to the refs who handled the balls every snap and said nothing. then once the brady int occured the colts got the ball to their sideline, had their ball boy deflate it and report it all the way up the chain to the nfl. now if you watch the video of the start of the 2nd half when play was paused and they switched balls out, there was a shot of coach pagano on the sideline, you can clearly read his lips, hes says “they are checking the ball.”

    caught red handed. how would he know about deflated footballs if the refs didnt even notice it? this was a setup. nfl should be investigating the Colts!

  12. Take first round pick any give it to colts or worst in division. Make it hurt. The saints got hammered with nothing but stuff scribbled on a napkin and testimony from a angry fired coach.

    The pats had real hold in your hands cheating proof twice! Hammer them!

  13. Still waiting for the investigation on Aaron Rodgers for admitting he likes the footballs to be inflated over the limit…..oh, wait, he doesn’t play for the Patriots.

  14. Most ridiculous witch hunt I’ve seen in 25+ years of following the NFL. Which is saying something.

  15. Yet the Vikings heating balls and Rodgers over-inflating balls is met with no punishment in a clear and public violation of the very same rule.

    It’s called a Witch Hunt and it would be crystal clear hypocrisy at it’s finest if any punishment was to happen.

    The haters are praying for the Patriots to be torn down to take their minds off how much their favorite team sucks.

    Embrace the Hate!

  16. Pats didn’t need to cheat

    NFL needs to get this behind them because this will be a leading news story right up to the SB if they don’t.

    This is a public relations nightmare for them if its not handled properly. Without a doubt new rules and procedures will be put in place regarding the supply and handling of game balls at the very least.

    If they do this but don’t punish the Patriots then they are hiding something. No win situation for the NFL.

  17. I know all the pats fans think this is bogus and trolling but tell me why it is always the patriots being caught???? Wait till it comes out Tom Brady was getting off the books compensation for giving sweetheart deals to the pats.

  18. When asked, Pagano said, ball didn’t feel any differently to him, he didn’t know anything, and therefore, had no comment.

    He’s the one who reported it, so he’s a lying sack of you know what.

    No longer have any respect for him, add him to the list of jealous coaches of Belichick’s tenured sucess.

  19. Plus NFL films has dozens of cameras there. There has to be footage of something if that something did occur.

  20. It must have been a fairly significant difference if the Colts’ D player immediately noticed they were softer as soon as he intercepted Brady’s pass.

  21. Why doesn’t the league just supply the balls? I would have never known the teams have to supply their own balls had it not been for this silliness. Only the NFL could complicate something so simple.

  22. Are the Packers going to be investigated as well? There is far more evidence they cheat than the Pats. They admitted it on TV.

  23. Any Patriots fan claiming this is extra motivation and how spy gate motivated the team and blah blah blah is desperately trying to grasp at straws and make themselves feel better about playing the hands down #1 defense in the NFL. A defense that is better than last years version which completely shut down the #1 offense in the super bowl.

    Can’t wait for another Patriots SB loss. In the big game, they are TOO SOFT, especially for a hard nosed team like the Seahawks.

  24. So once this claim about deflated balls is proven bogus, will the Colts apologize to the Patriots for dragging their good name through the mud??

  25. I’d be fine with the Pats getting docked a 2nd round pick and it going directly to the Lions for the egregious call in the Cowboys game.

  26. Will they investigate Aaron Rodgers ADMISSION of OVERINFLATING the ball to gain a competitive advantage too from November? I doubt it.

    Can you say “double standard”?

    In a 45-7 game no less?

    If Goodell wants to look into the “integrity of the game” he need look no further than HIS OWN decision to IGNORE the published reports of one team/QB ADMITTING they cheat – but then acting like an allegation of this nature is a major crime

    … all while ignoring players who have allegation of rape, child abuse, and the admission of knocking women unconscious.

    If this were such a big deal Aaron Rodgers admitting he did it would have generated SOME type of response from the NFL

    It is Goodell himself who is putting a black mark on the Super Bowl with no reason.

    I don’t know if the Patriots deflated the ball but Rodgers and Phil Simms and Jim Nance ALL seem to acknowledge this happens all the time, by every team, going back to when they played the game.

    Goodell should be fired.

  27. We already know people’s minds are made up regardless of the results.

    If there’s nothing conclusive of wrongdoing, critics will either say the investigators were paid off or are part of a cover up.

    They won’t accept that maybe no wrong doing happened or that a single faulty ball did not affect the outcome of the game.

  28. “So once this claim about deflated balls is proven bogus, will the Colts apologize to the Patriots for dragging their good name through the mud??”

    The Patriots don’t have a good name (see: Spygate, 2007).

    It shouldn’t take 2-3 days for Goodell to destroy the evidence and declare the case closed.

  29. I can’t say for sure what happened this time, but I do know this: if Belicheck and Brady are breathing, they’re cheating.

  30. The former head of refs was just on a radio show. He believes nothing will come from this and can’t see any way that a game ball could be tampered with. He said that when a new ball comes into the game, the officials check it and will throw it out if it doesn’t feel right. They will look for the referee’s mark (that was put on the ball prior to the game) and give the ball a squeeze. If they believe the inflation is off, they’ll have it taken out of rotation.

    A million dollars says Florio the muck raker wouldn’t mention that. Wouldn’t be good for his ratings. And that’s what this is all about folks…ratings.

  31. To all those asking, “why do only the Patriots get caught for this?” They aren’t the only ones. Aaron Rodgers admitted to over inflating them to Phil Simms. But, like I said, the Patriots have crawled so far in your heads that you don’t see anything or care about anyone else. It’s pathetic.

  32. Yawn. Colts grasping at straws. None of the officials that handled the balls seemed to feel that there was an issue. And truly, how many footballs to the officials handle each season? I think they would be able to tell rather quickly if there were an issue.

    Plus I’ve both versions of over versus under inflated, and the supposed benefits. Especially in the rain.

    The outcome won’t matter. The Pats haters are gonna continue no matter what. I guess that’s what 15 years if sustained success gets you.

  33. With Aaron Rodgers openly admitting they overinflate their game balls, I’m quite sure there are MANY other teams that employ similar tactics.

    So if the NFL is going to make a big deal about this issue, they need to be consisten. They can’t turn a blind eye to it when Rodgers admits to it, and then punish the Pats for something other teams are also doing just because the Colts complained about it after getting their doors blown off.

    If this turns into the NFL punishing the Pats only to make an example, then we never hear anything about it again, it will show that the league office is a joke.

    Of course the NFL could fix this. They could have an official league employee “Ball-boy” on each sideline, that way the game balls are under independent control of league employees at all times. Have a camera focused on them all game so you can see anytime a ball is added or removed in the event anyone complains or alledges tampering. Of course what if this league employee tampers with balls for the team they don’t like? That’s why you’d need cameras on them at all times to prove the balls weren’t tampered with in any way.

  34. Looks like Rodgers is a cheater… No wonder he has gone 2+ years without throwing a pick at home…

    Nantz: We talked to [Aaron] Rodgers about ‘How do you like your footballs?’ Because, you know, you can rub them up before the game. [Phil], you really kind of created that for everybody else in the league.

    Simms: I don’t know if I did, because the quarterbacks got tired of them complaining.
    But he said something [that] was unique: ‘I like to push the limit to how much air we can put in the football, even go over what they allow you to do and see if the officials take air out of it.’ Because he thinks it’s easier for him to grip. He likes them tight. Of course, he’s got very big hands and you can tell that by watching him play.

  35. It amazes me how badly the NFL mismanages even the most minor thing. They had to put a “team” into New England to figure out if some trivial thing happened with the ball? They’ll have their investigation done in 2-3 days? Are they searching the grassy knoll? Are they trying to analyze the Zapruder film? We’re talking about whether or not a football was +/- 1/2 PSI, not the Kennedy assassination.

    If they had wanted to manage this right, they would have had the investigation done today. Over and done with. Story complete however it turns out. Onto the Superbowl. By allowing it to linger, they are providing an opportunity for every halfwit blogger or Sports Illustrated writer to present rumor and innuendo as if it’s journalism.

  36. The question isn’t “Why is it only the Patriots that get caught cheating?”, it’s “Why do so many only care when it’s the Patriots accused of cheating?”

  37. “Integrity of the game” — sure. You can’t celebrate a catch or TD until 10 seconds after the play is over, in case one of the opposing players convinces a ref to throw a late flag. WRs can catch game winning TDs and throw the ball to the stands in celebration, turning it into an incomplete pass. We have a million cameras and instant replay right on the field, and the refs are worse than they were in the 1960s. Oh, but a Colts equipment manager screws around with a game ball, and the Patriots get investigated for it. That makes a lot of sense.

  38. I can’t wait for media day to find out what Marshawn Lynch has to say about this.

  39. In the grand scheme, deflating the balls isn’t a huge deal, but the Pats got caught and should be punished with a fine and maybe loss of draft pick.

    It’s the fact that there’s a history there whether Pats fans want to accept that or not. It’s just always something with these guys.

    …As for the Rodgers comparison, I don’t see how it’s the same.

    Rodgers says he likes to push the envelope on over-inflating the balls, but that’s BEFORE the refs inspect them, from what I understand. He can do all he wants to the ball before they’re inspected, if the refs don’t like it they’ll remove the ball.

    The Pats allegedly had the balls inspected and THEN deflated them. That’s cheating, flat out.

  40. With Spygate, you had Matt Estrella… caught red-handed. He was videotaping the Jets signals from the sidelines. And they caught him.

    What do you have here? Were all procedures related to the handling of the game balls observed. Did the referee inspect and approve the balls for play? Is there evidence that anyone tampered with the balls after they were approved for play?

  41. They will probably find that the Colts were playing with 13.5 pounds footballs, like the ones they always use in their heated dome, and the Patriots were playing with 12.5 pounds footballs, because they knew it was better when playing outside in the cold and the rain. Then, having so much difference between the Colts footballs and the Patriots footballs, the refs probably took several footballs out of the game. All of us saw on sunday that the Colts were not ready for that game, from the offense to the defense and from the gatorade to the equipment. End of story.

  42. I don’t know what’s more absurd:

    (1) the fact that the Colts would actually contact the league office to complain about this after they were embarrassed by a clearly superior foot ball team (again)


    (2) That the Pats are so obsessed with winning that even though they were a clearly superior football, they nonetheless used deflated balls in order to get the microscopic competitive advantage they could offer.

  43. If this is found out to be true, that ball were intentionally deflated, the it’s cheating – plain and simple. There needs to be a more severe penalty for this than a fine and loss of draft pick. Something like disqualification would be more appropriate.

    I’m a Steelers fan, so I really don’t care about what teams wins or loses in this game. The Patriots were clearly the better team, and beat the Colts easily. It doesn’t excuse cheating, though, no matter what the circumstances.

  44. This is a no-win situation for Goodell.

    This would be a difficult violation to prove because of chain-of-custody problems. The game ball that sparked this entire issue was in the possession of several members of the Colt organization after Brady threw the interception and before the ball got to League representatives. How do you prove that a member of the Patriots’ organization tampered with it?

    However, if Goodell absolves the Patriots, a lot of people will think the fix was in and that he is covering for Bellichick (and Kraft).

    Maybe Goodell will do something weird like make sure the teen-age ball boy on the Patriots’ sideline gets kicked off Madden for a month.

  45. May take some time. Goodell’s fireplace can only fit 3 balls at a time and the chimney is clogged from the smoke from theRay Rice video.

  46. This post is not about it didn’t make a difference (I hope it did and does), it is not about all the other teams do it (I hope they dont). This post is about the fact that I embrace the cheating… BB please give me more.

    So many people must live in some sort of bubble… Having been a professional motorcycle racer for a number of years I can say, if you are not probing every edge in a rulebook, you are not winning. Sorry to say, but “sportsmanship” is for chumps. Oh, there is sportmanship where it doesn’t affect the outcome of the event, like helping your buddy up off the field (or a ride back to the pits after a crash). But follow a rule book to the letter so your opponent has a fair chance. Get real. Professional sports is warfare without the guns.

    BB probably has a half a dozen hustles going at any one time. Think he stopped filming defensive signals, heck no, he is doing it from the stands, nice and legal, only now with a computer enhanced telephoto giving him better quality than he had pre-spygate. Eligible/ineligible tricks… Another hustle. Ball pressure, another. Stickum, grease, who knows what, I don’t. All devised to give an edge. That is the way it works folks. You think that nice business man that you so admire is having dinner with the senator to make the playing field level? Heck no, he wants an edge.

    You need to do a cost benifit analysis. As long as wins are not voided, I’ll bet BB would be willing to risk just about any punishment to win the SB, even a 1 yr suspension. I hope he continues to probe the edges of the rulebook, looking for that soft spot, and wins another SB. If they win, I guarantee there will not be any asterixs to be found on

  47. Let’s go to the hidden cameras on the Colts sidelines and in their locker rooms to see if their ball boy was deflating the Jackson ball!!

  48. They are concerned about the integrity of the game,yet many of the NFL players are wife-beaters,drug abusers,and drunks. Yup,integrity.That’s what’s important…all of a sudden.

  49. Over looked in all this is the fact that it’s the OFFICIALS responsibility to check and adjust the balls if necessary. The team isn’t responsible for the balls once provided to the refs.

    This is all bunk !

    Why is the team even singled out ? Did the refs do their job ?

    Have to ask.

  50. Why are the pats accused of cheating? It’s called jealous alleged whistle blowers. Can’t handle pats beating them for two decades straight so they make stuff up.
    Its therapeutic.

  51. Leave it to the NFL to put a rush on any investigation that creates a cloud over a team participating in its prized SB, while dragging out an investigation into whether or not a police officer shipped a tape to NFL offices NY.

    NFL stands for ‘national football liars’

  52. rabidbillsfan says:
    Jan 20, 2015 3:14 PM
    How smart are the Patriots, really? I mean, ok, you apologists will stick up for then through this, spy gate and anything else, but if they were so “good” how are they the only ones getting caught? If “all other teams do it”, what’s the reason nobody else was caught?


    Are you not reading what’s out there? In regards to Deflategate (LOL, what a stupid name)…

    The Vikings were caught heating the balls earlier this season… illegal. The NFL said they were aware of it and knew about it. Result:

    No investigation.

    Rodgers told the media that he likes to over inflate the balls past the allowed weight and try to get it past the refs. This was to Simms just before the Packers – Patriots game this season. You know, on video, evidence, etc. Result:

    No investigation.

    A Colts equipment manager gets a ball that was intercepted from Brady. Jackson probably gives it to him because he intercepted Brady in the AFCCG, so of course he’s keeping that thing! An undetermined time later, this same equipment manager tells his Head Coach that it feels deflated. The HC (who says later he doesn’t know about it) tells the GM, who tells the refs at halftime. Result?

    Somehow an anonymous source reveals this information to a single Colts beat writer. Next…

    Massive investigation taking several days to complete.

    Who really orchestrated this?

    Irsay, a drunken fool, obviously tired of being blown out by the Pats yet again. And Goodell, an inveterate Jets fan who’s sick of seeing the Pats go to the SB for the 6th time in 14 years (almost 1 in 2) despite the “age of parity” line that he so likes to promote.

  53. Sean Payton got one year, Belicheat should get 5 for being a repeat serial cheater.

    But hey we all now Roger will cover it up.

  54. Deflect deflect deflect Pats fans!! Yeah but look what so and so did. Yeah but the refs didn’t notice. Yeah but Rodgers overinflates!! Yeah, but we still would have won!! We don’t even know the outcome of this investigation and you guys are all defensive.

  55. I pretty sure the investigation is going to show that the deflated ball were all on the Indianapolis sideline.

    They lost 45-7. Maybe they should grow a pair before they take the field. Crying foul after the fact isn’t helping their cause.

    Let’s face it, less air in the ball had nothing to do with the Pats running the ball right down their throats. Not enough balls on the DL and LB corps did. That sounds like an internal issue, and not a league one to me.

  56. Just completed my scientific investigation:

    x + 1 = 20
    (x + 1)^2 = 400
    (x + 1)^2 + 41 = 441
    sqrt[(x + 1)^2 + 41] = 21
    sqrt[(x + 1)^2 + 41]/7 = 3
    sqrt[(x + 1)^2 + 41]/7 – 2 = 1
    log{sqrt[(x + 1)^2 + 41]/7 – 2} = 0
    cos((log{sqrt[(x + 1)^2 + 41]/7 – 2})) = 1


  57. Regardless of who does it, cheating is cheating & those found to have been responsible should be banned from the game for 1 year. That includes that woosy Rodgers, big baby Brady &/or the proven cheat Belichick!!

  58. Witch hunt of the Haters!! I still haven’t heard from ANYONE, how does a supposed deflated ball help you run for 177 yards and 3 td’s?? So lets remove ALL of the passing stats… The patriots still win 21-7 on running Td’s alone! What a waste of time. Haters just trying to add controversy to a hopefully 4th Title! If you can’t beat us… HATE US!!!

  59. As a football fan who doesn’t have a horse in the playoff race, I’m tired of all the drama that has plagued most of the playoff games this year. Bad calls, correctly called bad rules, complaints about trick formations, ball pressure, etc.

    I just want to see good games without all of the soap opera stuff.

  60. For a fan, you want to know that everything’s equal,” Vincent said. “The integrity of the game is so important.”——-
    Said no one after the Aaron Rodgers comments to Simms and Nantz. Double standard. Witch hunt.

  61. My question is, did Aaron Rodgers over inflate before the pregame inspection or change it after they were inspected? If it’s before thats not as bad as willfully showing legal equipment and then knowingly changing the pressure afterwards. I feel the same way for the Patriots, if they got away with it before the inspection and did not change it fine… But if they changed it after throw the book at them as repeat offenders.

  62. I don’t understand that if the ball was under inflated at the time, why didn’t the officials check it immediately, case closed. How is interviewing people and asking, “Was it?”, “Did you do it?”, “Were they?” going to prove anything. The NFL should be in charge of the game balls at all times, not the teams. Never knew it was done this way, what a league.

  63. I smell a rule change coming. Why on earth would both teams not use the same ball during the game. No other sport does that. Simple fix to a stupid problem.

  64. “If they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Belichick, tamer of offenses. Let them say I lived in the time of Brady.”

  65. 1. All the comments here which assume that the Patriots deflated footballs just prove that those people do not care about the truth. They just don’t like the Patriots. If they were unbiased they would wait for an investigation and a conclusion. So we can just ignore about half of these comments.
    2. The NFL allows footballs to be inflated between 12.5 psi and 13.5 psi. There is nothing illegal about a ball that was inflated to 12.5 psi. The temperature at one point in the game was in the 30’s. If all the balls are inflated when the temperature is higher (whether indoors or outdoors) and the temperature drops, then the air pressure inside the football will drop. It is therefore both possible and legal to have a football that is technically underinflated. The question that has been raised is whether the balls were inflated to less than 12.5 psi, and nobody knows at this point, in spite of the silly comments by those here that want to convict the Patriots of cheating.
    3. The ‘Spygate’ comments here are also, in many cases, inaccurate or just silly. It is obvious that some people here are unaware of the fact that it was legal to use video until 2006, when the NFL issued a memo on the subject. Those that claim that the Pats cheated to win their Super Bowls because of Spygate do not have their facts straight. Plus, the intent of the rule is not to allow the use of very specific video DURING the game. However, all broadcast video, photos and personal observations can be used including those of the sidelines and signal calling. The Patriots stated that the video they took was not used during the game, but even if it was, how much of an advantage is there when both teams are already allowed to use broadcast video, photos and personal observations? I can have someone watch the play callers and write down the plays and this is totally legal. In addition, other teams have admitted that they were still using video during the same time after the 2006 memo came out. I have a hard time understanding how the Patriots had any significant video advantage over other teams.
    4. The comments that state that the Patriots ‘cheated’ in the last two games by using eligible and ineligible players are also silly because this is in the rule book. How do you cheat by following the rules?

    Sadly, those that hate will find any excuse to hate, but those that wish to look at the Patriots with an objective view will see an organization that represents the best that the NFL has to offer. The Patriots play with respect for the game and their opponents. They contribute enormously to the community. They are not trash-talking goons that promote their own agendas, they are a team of players committed to one another, and if a player doesn’t want to abide by the rules, he is gone. I have a lot of respect for this team.

  66. How long does it really take to find out if all 12 of the Patriots’ game balls had the correct PSI? Oh wait, that’s now impossible.

  67. Any human being on planet earth with common sense takes 20 minutes to find out if balls were intentionally under inflated with a phone call to the game referees.

    The NFL takes 5-6 days…even the US congress thinks they are milking this non-story for all its worth.

  68. A steelers fan comments: the pats should be disqualified??? Of course they should! Bc then…, your crappy team wouldn’t have to play them and lose by 35 every year! Lol lmao

  69. ever notice whenever something bad happens in sports or politics, people always assume it the result of corruption or a conspiracy rather than ineptness?

  70. I hope the Pats lay a nice big lawsuit on the powers that be in the NFaiL office and some of the clowns over at SI. that would be justice.

  71. What a load! Who had possesion of the ball? Hmmmm? Pagano, the ball boy? Mystery for the Ages.. ” Who let the air out, who who?

  72. What do you see as more likely?

    That the Patriots somehow decided that they absolutely needed to deflate some balls (of all things, despite coming in with the idea to run the ball) in order to beat a team that they have outscored by like 100 points over their last 3 games. They inflated the balls, had them tested, then, while the refs backs were turned, deflated them again, hoping that every ref that touches the balls in between each and every single play wouldn’t notice for the entire game.


    That the Patriots inflated their balls near the lower end of the allowed range, they were tested in the locker room, where it’s significantly warmer than on the field. Then, after the balls had been outside in the colder weather and the driving rain, several of them shrunk to under the prescribed psi. Those that were, were taken out of play throughout the game, hence why it has been noted in numerous places that several balls were removed from the game. Not all at once, but throughout the entire 3 hours+ of colder weather and rain. Adding to that, perhaps the Colts like their balls more inflated, so the difference would feel even more extreme to a Colts equipment manager, who would have been used to a ball 1 psi harder.

    One of these is exceptionally reasonable, makes perfect sense and fits all the information.

    The other is a mad conspiracy theory, probably started by that drunken fool Irsay who’s sick and tired of being destroyed by the Patriots.

    Are you reasonable? Or are you a person that can’t get past your mindless hate to look at some simple facts?

  73. Everyone pointing to Rodgers comments….

    How do we know the league didn’t tip teams off to stop playing games with the footballs and BB once again did not care and did what he wanted?

  74. to the Patriots fans: Suppose, for the sake of discussion, the Pats lose the SB, and after the game some un-named allegation of cheating by the Seahawks comes out. How many of you would be saying that it doesn’t matter (thumbs up as opposed to that it doesn’t matter (thumbs down.

  75. it will be interesting to see how they prove this, first off the ball in question was brought to the colts sideline and handed from jackson, to the GM and then to the coach. any one of them could have deflated the ball. also the ball can deflate after someone checks the pressure just as your tire loses air when pulling out the pressure gauge. as well air shrinks in cold weather and could easily alter the hardness of the ball. also the ball can deflate when a 250 pound man crushes the ball as he falls to teh ground like the exact play with lagarette blount right before the interception.

    my tires have air sensors and they go off on the first cold day of every winter, without fail. as well there are many kids experiments on youtube showing balloons left outside that shrink to half their size and then re-inflate when they are brought inside.

    it is remarkable how a ref who holds balls all day long including every play to not have noticed, but d jackson who plays defence and rarely holds balls noticed this right away once he got the interception

    they hate us cause they aint us!! enough said

  76. They got the story wrong. It was Green Bay’s balls that deflated in the fourth quarter Sunday.

  77. and to willy’s point about imagining the seahawks winning and then being accused of cheating i have a very simple logical answer.

    the colts had regular balls and scored 7 points, the only way you can think it affected the game is that the under inflated ball accounted for 35 points in the game while still ignoring
    the pats ran up and down the field.

  78. For all the clowns talking about rodgers over inflating the ball there is not a rule of how much air is in the ball just just a rule on how much air has to be in the ball. Patriots cheat. Also why is it only the opposing teams catching the patriots cheat. Just shows how the nfl and refs turn their heads when the patriots break the rules until the opposing team brings it up.

  79. Glad to see there is something for the Lost 30(fans of other teams) to spin about.

    In 2-3 days this will be a whole lot about nothing.

    I wonder how many of the haters actually believe BB has anything to do with game day balls.

    Continue the hate and wasting your time with deflated football (fan).

    We are onto Seattle !!

  80. “but if they were so “good” how are they the only ones getting caught?”


    Because no one cares if anyone else does it and no one is watching.

    Good news for the Pats: if this is based solely on staff interviews, I don’t see how they find anything.

    Bad news: Didn’t Troy Vincent used to play for the Eagles — the team that claimed they were robbed of a SB after Spygate?

  81. It’s a shame the investigation is headed by someone who was spent years with Patriots’ divisional rivals (Dolphins and Bills) and, with the Eagles, lost to them in the Super Bowl.

  82. Patriot fans don’t blame Goodell for getting caught cheating. I don’t like him either but cheating is cheating and he has nothing to do with patriits cheating besides help covering it up.

  83. This is like Matt Walsh all over again. Someone trumps something up in order to distract the Pats during SB preparations. You can’t tell me that supposed videotape — which turned out to be a fabrication — didn’t weigh heavily on the minds of the players and staff during preparations for the SB?

  84. former supervisor of NFL referees Jim Daopoulis on to discuss the situation.

    “I don’t believe so. I think this is a non issue,” Daopoulis said. “Completely a non-issue. I just can’t imagine something like this happening.

    “Basically what happens is the officials get the footballs before the game. They mark the footballs, they check the pressure of the footballs. There are so many issues going on, so many people out on the field. People that come out of the office in New York that are just walking around the field. And I don’t believe ball boy that is making $10 an hour is going to stand there with a needle in his hand taking air out of the ball. And how do they know which ball they’re gonna send in there? And basically if a referee or an official doesn’t like the feel of the ball, he’s going to throw it out. So I just think it’s a non-issue right now.”

  85. This is such a joke. Let’s just go to the land of speculation for a minute: so let’s say a ball was under inflated, short of an admission of guilt there is nothing to say the colts didn’t take the air out themselves, upset about the score and looking for a competitive advantage. Does that about sum this non story up?

  86. My desktop picture is the now classic one from this October where Brady is holding up a game ball with Belichick in the locker room for breaking 50,000 career yards.

    Ball looks pretty inflated to me.

  87. Bill requested the league slow down the investigation long enough for the Seattle player to comment on it . More ammo in the “no one respects” you gun for his players next week .

  88. A former Pats player in charge of the investigation for the NFL. We know how that will go just like that bogus Goodell investigation that was done by a guy associated with the NFL.. This league is a complete joke.. With bad officiating, players abusing their wives, drinking and driving and trolls from Seattle acting entitled, it’s all ruining the game!

  89. Patriots awarded Colts first round draft pick after Colts are found guilty of deflating the interception ball to frame Patriots.

  90. Then go talk to Aaron Rodgers about over inflated footballs that he himself claims to use. That violates the integrity of the game too. But I won’t hold my breath.

  91. nfliferfan22 says:
    Jan 20, 2015 4:59 PM

    A former Pats player in charge of the investigation for the NFL. We know how that will go just like that bogus Goodell investigation that was done by a guy associated with the NFL.. This league is a complete joke.. With bad officiating, players abusing their wives, drinking and driving and trolls from Seattle acting entitled, it’s all ruining the game!


    Troy Vincent never played for the Pats. Simple research would have stopped you from posting this. It’s uninformed people like you who have no clue as to the rules and are easily manipulated by headlines.

  92. Harsh consequences says who? I didn’t hear anything about that. The only precident was in college and resulted in a 25k fine. How do you figure out what the fine should be? Most likely they will find nothing, but let’s say they do find something, in that case it will most likely be a rogue employee scenario (in terms of what can be proven). How do you punish the team in that case?

    take away a 4th rounder at most?

    It’s not going to amount to anything unless someone in NE says they were instructed to do it by a player or coach or there is evidence of them actually doing it on film.

    If intent from a senior team official could be proven, then you might have something more serious.

  93. Silly story that just fuels the misinformation and gross distortion of facts by social media and blog sites.

    End of the day Pats fans, the haters are gonna hate us cuz they ain’t us no matter what. Just embrace it and smile knowing our team and coach is implanted so deeply in their heads that they are obsessed with all things Patriots. Best remedy for all of this nonsense and for the painful losses of the past 10 years…BEAT Seattle.

  94. If a ball is deflated enough to make a difference in throwing it, then it should have been easy for the refs to tell that they were deflated to the alleged degree of deflation.

    Unless the refs were in on it, but then how much deflation of the footballs were needed to ensure such a huge margin of victory?

    BTW, other than brain deficient Indy reporters who want to create imaginary cheating allegations, with all of the balls being put in play by both sides, it is virtually impossible for anyone to have kept a deflated ball away from Luck’s hands and he would have known the difference right away as the officials would have and did when they took out of service the one deficient ball they found.

  95. The funniest thing would be if the investigation found that the Colts tampered with the intercepted ball and their train wreck owner filed a false complaint based on that, and they lose a first round pick.

  96. Brady/Belichick = Lance Armstrong/Barry Bonds. We’ll never know how good they could have been had they not cheated. We know for sure all their success comes with an asterisk. Patriots fans are in such deep denial, facts have no effect. Search the name Ernie Adams for further details…

  97. Isn’t this the guy who lied about what he told Peterson? This is exactly why they need to fire Goodell, how can any investigation conducted by the league be trusted?

  98. So why Mr Florio with your immense amount of influence, why are you not pushing for an investigation in to Packers OVER inflating balls????

    You want credibility here is your chance. Push the subject in a public forum you have no problem blasting the Patriots.

  99. Translation…

    Goodell feels it important to pretend he’s looking into this before he buries it.

  100. It will take 2 or 3 days for the league to call the Crew of Refs and ask them whether they considered any of the balls to be deflated?….

    …And the officials say, “Yep—we noticed the balls were not sufficiently inflated but just thought we’d not enforce the league rules!”

    I bet THAT will happen (insert sarcasm).

    Nothing will come of this because it would result in the officials being inept in their duties—- And we all know only replacement officials are inept.

  101. Love the bills fans chiming in! They have to find some reason why the Pats have owned their butts for the last 15 years!

  102. To weed out any chance of cheating in the Super Bowl, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady will inspect each other’s balls at midfield immediately following the coin toss!

  103. Usually I just laugh at haters, like most Pats fans, but enough is enough. It’s gonna come out that this was nothing. If I were Kraft, I would demand Irsay be sanctioned. Hard. It’s the Pats. Many people are gonna assume they’re guilty. Many will say Goodell whitewashed it, because they want to believe it. It just feeds into the urban legends of the miserable throng that hate the Pats because they’re so good, or hate them because they blow their team up over and over. Teams can’t admit they lose to the Pats anymore, they have to find an excuse because the Pats are an easy target. Untrue urban legends that continue to persist:

    Tuck rule was a bad call
    Pats filmed practices
    Pats filmed walkthroughs
    Taping signals is illegal
    Pats have a secret radio frequency at home
    Pats cause only other team’s headsets to go down
    Pats use illegal formations and make sure the refs don’t inform the other team or give them time to get set.
    Goodell burned all the tapes.

    Sorry sportsfans, none of those are true.

  104. By the way “steelbydesign,” the Pats are not accused of anything. Some members of the media have perpetrated that innuendo, and you bought it because you lack critical thinking skills. The league is investigating whether ANY of the balls being used were under inflated, largely based on an accusation from the Colts, who are claiming they made no accusation. Of course the fact that news of this was broken by an Indianapolis hack tells you that yes, people in the Colts organization knew exactly what they had done. We know that if these are false accusations, there will be no punishment, and the Patriots will have to live with the innuendo. I’m sure the hope is it damages their chances to win the Super Bowl.

    No surprise from a franchise (the Colts) that intentionally lost NFL games in order to gain better draft position and stock their roster with players that should have gone to teams that competed honestly, and gain a competitive advantage that they did not deserve.

  105. So the league might cancel cold weather next season? Maybe ban the weather channel from showing highlights if the temps dip below a certain degree?

  106. I would imagine that NE has been deflating the balls since Brady threw lame ducks all over the field at KC early in the season. Old man TB can’t throw a real football any more. Will be interesting to see hoe TB throws big boy footballs from here forward.

  107. The Pats allegedly had the balls inspected and THEN deflated them.

    That’s not even what’s alleged. All that’s been alleged was that the balls were under-inflated on the field. No one actually knows why. That’s the point of the investigation. I fully expect that the investigation is going to find that TB likes 12.5 PSI(g) footballs. The officials approved his balls in the comfort of their locker room and after the footballs got cold outside, their pressure fell below 12.5 PSI.

    If you want to blame anybody, blame Robert Boyle.

  108. So the Patriots officially file tampering charges against Goodell’s Jets and the next day a full team of investigators lands in Foxboro…..Coincidence? What was the league’s response to Woody’s blatant tampering? Nothing you say?

    I think Roger just delivered a message to Kraft and the Patriots.

  109. I can only hope that the NFL finds that the balls did not adhere to the standards and dock them a draft pick. The Patriots can’t seem to abide by the rules and while all their Kool aid drinking fans will swear there is no competitive advantage gained, just catching them in the act has its own cosmic reward.

  110. My, my, my. I feel sorry for the Colts next time they play NE. Gonna be ugly. Bill never forgets….

  111. …just catching them in the act has its own cosmic reward.

    Do tell what act has been alleged* here? Thus far, nothing has actually been alleged except that there were under-inflated footballs. Nobody who has any sort of a reputation to protect has even claimed that the ball boys did it.

    *BTW: Allege means “claim without proof”.

  112. We as fans are smarter than to believe all is equal. Anyone watching more games than just your favorite team see different treatment for different players by different officials. We see how schedules go easy for certain teams. The league office seems to have an eye towards certain players on fines and how much. One guy can use the F word on Tv and get nothing the next thousands of dollars in fines. Some action on field is over looked as others pay a high fine.

  113. Pagano’s record as Head Coach with The Colts: 33 Wins, 15 Losses, a good record but unable to win the biggest games.

    John Fox’s record as Head Coach of the Broncos: 46 Wins, 18 Losses, a good record but unable to win the biggest games (Won AFC Championship but trounced in the Super Bowl 2014, lost to Colts in Divisional Round in 2015)

    Broncos fired Fox and all other staff were told they were free to look elsewhere for employment.

    Could “Deflategate” be an attempt at self-preservation by the Colts’ coaching staff?

    “It wasn’t our fault we lost 45 to 7 – we had a tremendous game plan against those Cheaters. It was the softer balls that they used that made the difference in the AFC Championship game.”

    How do we know for sure that the football given to league was actually the ball that was intercepted by Jackson? What was the chain of custody? Could another ball (belonging to the Colts) have been deflated (intentionally or not) and handed over for review? How do we know that some of the Colts footballs did not deflate during the course of the game? Just because no one raised it as an issue, doesn’t mean their footballs all held air. Are their footballs being reviewed, as well?

  114. Pats fans = “grasping at straws”. The term derived from desperate,panicked, drowning sailors grasping at straws to stay afloat. If you get pulled over speeding ,don’t bring up the other speeding driver,this will get you nowhere.”Officials handle the balls” lol at this one. These are the same officials that have been screwing up all year.

  115. One thing Belichick has proved to me with Spygate, the mysterious communication problems opposing teams used to have in Foxboro, and with bending the rules during the Ravens’ game is that he is NOT confident with a level playing field. If “deflategate” turns out to be true it just adds to the fact that this coach thinks he has to cheat to win. That doesn’t make him a “genius.” It makes him sad.

  116. “For all the clowns talking about rodgers over inflating the ball there is not a rule of how much air is in the ball just just a rule on how much air has to be in the ball. Patriots cheat.”


    Nope. There IS a maximum, and Rodgers is complaining that officials will often deflate balls before the game.

  117. Patriots fans are in such deep denial

    Ok, you got us. They did it.

    A. Prove it

    B. Win still counts

  118. I really, really hope the Seahawks win. I just can’t stand for these cheaters to be rewarded.

  119. And as always happens – some minimum wage unidentified nobody equipment guy will be found to have been ‘misguided and acting alone’ and is fired as a result.

    Book it.

  120. Deflateriots!

    Hahahahahahaha. Ha!

    Brilliant you, whoever you were around 300 posts up.

    If the investigation comes out positive…and Pats are caught cheating again…Nixing their 1st & 2nd round draft picks would be letting them off easy.

    Outcome of the game has zero bearing.

    Integrity of the game is what makes the NFL what it is…period.

  121. From watching this game, it’s clear to me the results would’ve been totally different if those dang balls weren’t deflated…like 45-0 pats!
    Give this story a rest please…it makes me long for those bob griffin stories every 5 minutes!

  122. If PAtriot fans don’t want to jinx their team AGAIN in the SB, they will stop be obnoxious before the game is even played. Pats fans turn most of the nation against their team simply because of their arrogant, obnoxious attitude. BTW, the under-inflated ball was discovered before the 2nd half blowout, so its not as if the Colts are claiming the balls were the cause of the loss.

  123. jchipwood says: Jan 20, 2015 4:15 PM
    For all the clowns talking about rodgers over inflating the ball there is not a rule of how much air is in the ball just just a rule on how much air has to be in the ball. ……………………………………………………………………
    The NFL rulebook has precise stipulations for the inflation and weight of all game balls. They must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch and weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. You buffoon.

  124. jchipwood says: Also why is it only the opposing teams catching the patriots cheat. Just shows how the nfl and refs turn their heads when the patriots break the rules until the opposing team brings it up………………………………………………………………..
    I see you’re late to party, so let me get you up to speed. Aaron Rodgers told the country he tries to break the same rule the pats are accused of every week. This info came out during the broadcast of the Packers/Pats game this season. Of course, nobody said anything because it was Aaron Rodgers and not Tom Brady that said it. Where were you when that happened? Oh, right, everyone has a case of double standards and hate vision now because the team they all hate is in the SB again. That’s why you’re here.

  125. killitandeatit says: Jan 20, 2015 6:51 PM

    Pats fans = “grasping at straws”.

    Killit = double standard. Read a book dude. Fix that brain of yours.

  126. whatjusthapped says: Jan 20, 2015 6:29 PM

    I can only hope that the NFL finds that the balls did not adhere to the standards and dock them a draft pick………………………………………..
    And without any facts, here you have the typical football fan who’s team is threatened by the pats, or have lost miserably to them in the recent past showing us what is really happening here. Wishful thinking by all those whose teams cannot sustain success in the NFL.

  127. Hopefully the NFL will do their analysis based on the following:

    Compare and measure the Colts “in play balls” and the weight and PSI versus the Patriots’ balls weight and PSI.

    Then compare the 2 teams’ “kicking” balls and the corresponding weight and PSI.

    Then, they should provide an intelligent analysis on the difference between the two and how (if at all) it benefitted one team or the other, and if it contributed to a 45 to 7 score, penalties should be assessed. Otherwise, the analysis is useless.

  128. By my calculations, the Patriots are 48-15 since Tom Brady inadvertently “let the cat out of the bag” on this one including playing in some 9 playoff games. And in all that time only one ball (that we know of) has been removed from play and led to all this hoopla. And then we hear it is not uncommon for balls to be removed from play during a game for this very reason.

    Shame on Chuck Pagano for making this an issue and shame on the NFL for allowing this to tarnish this Patriots victory.

  129. It’s the NFL’s fault. Why don’t they have an official in charge of the balls who also checks the pressure? At least for playoff games. Teams shouldn’t have the footballs until they need them in the game.

  130. This just in from ESPN….

    The New England Patriots had 11 of their 12 allotted game footballs under-inflated by 2 pounds of air (PSI) as required by NFL regulations, according to league sources either involved or familiar with the investigation of Sunday’s AFC championship game when the Patriots beat the Colts 45-7 to advance to their sixth Super Bowl.

    “We are not commenting at this time,” said Greg Aiello, the NFL’s senior vice president of communications.

    Troy Vincent, the league’s senior executive vice president of football operations, said earlier Tuesday that the NFL expected to wrap up its investigation in “two or three days.”

    Yet to be determined is what, if any, penalties may be imposed upon Patriots. One source described the league as “disappointed … angry … distraught,” after spending considerable time on the findings earlier Tuesday.

    I can hear the wailing from Pats fans already….

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