Report: Bears hiring Vic Fangio


The Bears have reportedly found their defensive coordinator.

Former 49ers defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will become a member of Chicago’s coaching staff, Jason La Canfora of reported on Tuesday morning.

According to Matt Maiocco of, Fangio will be the Bears’ defensive coordinator.

The 56-year-old Fangio led the 49ers’ defense the last four seasons. He also was defensive coordinator for the Texans (2002-2005), Colts (1999-2001) and Panthers (1995-1998).

The 49ers finished in the top eight in fewest yards per play allowed in each of Fangio’s four seasons as coordinator.

The Bears’ defense has struggled in each of the last two seasons. Chicago was 29th in yards per play surrendered and 30th in yards per game allowed in 2014.

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  1. La Canfora “reported” earlier this morning Fangio was signing with the Redskins. I’ll believe it when an official statement is made. Fangio is a lifelong 3-4 coach taking over an aging 4-3 team? If he’s going to the Bears, it is simply because they outbid the Redskins.

  2. Raiders hire Bill Musgrave for OC Bears hire Vic Fangio for DC thanks jack del rio just when I was feeling better about things . Bill Musgrave is a joke look at his track record as a OC …….

  3. Thus the Mel Tucker era in Chicago ends with a thud…And this is an awesome hire by the Bears, I can’t wait to see who the OC will be.

  4. Mel Tucker is in his basement right now practicing….”Would you like fries, or onion rings with you order…please pull to the window!” Great news Bears Fans!!!!!! Now get an experienced OC…(Chud?), and start turning this thing around!

  5. AWESOME hire!!! Things are really starting to look up in Chi-Town, I’m not used to things being done the right way…this will take some adjustment but I’m happy to do it :).

  6. Christmas morning for this Bears fan! This is the guy I wanted but didn’t think we could get.

    Fangio is going to be shocked at how little talent he has to work with compared to the players he had on the Niners, but hopefully Pace can set that right in the next couple of drafts.

    Also hearing that Donatell may follow too.

  7. Mel Tucker should be banned from anything to do with football. NFL should send someone to his house just to make sure he doesn’t have any footballs in his garage.

  8. But wait…..I thought this organization and the McCaskeys are “cheap”? Maybe this will quiet all the MeatHeads. New regime, Teddy may still be involved, but these are sound decisions being made in Halas Hall. I, for one am very pleased!

  9. Huge hire for the Bears! I couldn’t be more excited! Big shout out to Ernie Accorsi on his last day consulting for the Bears, what a great job he did. Thank you! Also have to give kudos to Ted P and George M for bringing Accorsi in and letting him get it done. The Bears future is looking brighter than it has in a very long time!

  10. F…a… n… g…i …o, F…a…n…g…i…o, F…a…n…g…i…o and Fangio was his name-o !

    Please, all we need is 10 wins a season, that allows you to have 6 brain burps.

    Now, what to do about Cutler ?

  11. JOHN FOX: Vic, John Fox here. I got the Chicago job. I want you to come run the Defense.

    VIC FANGIO: I dont know man, I’m thinking of joining Gruden in D.C.

    JOHN FOX: No you’re not. See you tomorrow at 9.


  12. It’s a good hire if it’s true. Can’t see the Bears in a 3-4, but we should try anything and everything under the sun to restore our once dominant defense.

  13. Fangio is a 3-4 guy… the Bears have been built for a 4-3 (and a Tampa 2 4-3 at that)… I see major roster changes a-comin.

  14. mt10425 says:
    Jan 20, 2015 11:52 AM
    OC will only succeed if Cutler is gone.

    and who will replace him? Jimmy Clausen era?

  15. mt10425: “OC will only succeed if Cutler is gone.”

    You think Fox is dumb enough to think he’s the long term solution? Emery put the Bears in cap hell and it will take a while to get out of it. With the lack of a viable alternative the Bears may well be stuck with Cutler one more year. If so, only a fool would take that as an endorsement of him.

    Now if Fox feels Cutler is locker room poison, he’ll cut him. It’s not beyond his authority from what George said. But there is no indication at all he is locker room poison. He’s no leader, but he doesn’t cause issues.

    Marshall on the other hand is likely gone.

  16. All of the Bears LB’s are terrible (except Christian Jones R), going to be interesting to see Willie Young and possibly Jared Allen playing as a LB if the go 3-4. This Bears fan wouldn’t mind seeing our defense change to a 3-4. A fresh new start with a 3-4 creates confusion and can benefit are very poor, under achieving defense from last year.

    Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers are no longer the only big name coaches in the NFC North. Welcome to the Bears Fox and Fangio!

    Oh yeah and good riddance to Mel Tucker, great work destroying the staple of the Chicago Bears, that is our tough and nasty defense.

  17. The 34 / 43 angle is overrated. I’d be shocked if Fangio can’t coach both, and most teams drop in and out of each scheme throughout the game anyway.

  18. As a Niners fan I’m very disappointed to see him leave. He was a great coach and should got an opportunity to become head coach, instead of that yes man they hired. The bears are definitely gonna benefit from this, guaranteed. As for the 49ers welcome back to the basement of the league

  19. As a Chargers fan currently living in illinois, I’ve seen plenty of Cutler over the years. It really doesn’t matter who temporarily replaces him, Clausen etc. He needs to go if the Bears are going to succeed. It might take a year or two. Do be stupid and defend him.

  20. Jared Allen is not gonna like this 3-4 defensive scheme thing. He shoulda taken the Seattle deal with Kevin Williams.

  21. hawks52 says:Jan 20, 2015 12:18 PM

    mt10425: “OC will only succeed if Cutler is gone.”

    You think Fox is dumb enough to think he’s the long term solution? Emery put the Bears in cap hell and it will take a while to get out of it.

    Actually, aside from a few bad contracts (that most teams have to deal with at some point) we are projected to be at about $28mill under the cap this off season. With Cliff Stein who is a wizard and Ryan Pace who seems pretty bright so far, we should be just fine. Also, Cutler’s contract has a team opt out after next season (after 2016), so it’s not like we couldn’t eat it before then if we had to, but there are no better options at this time anyways.

  22. Now they just need some players. While the team will be significantly more competitive than it was in 2014, one of the glaring issues was the lack of good, usable talent being acquired in the draft.

    I’m sure some of the guys will do better with better coaching… but the ship has sailed on so many of these guys already.

  23. If the Bears are ‘built’ for a 4-3, then apparently the construction crew sucked. Time for a change.

  24. Remember that Fangio’s defense scheme in San Francisco was very simple. He did not do anything exotic, he did not try to fool the QB, he just gambled that his defensive talent was better on the one on one match ups than the other teams offense. That not only worked for the ultra talented starters on the 49ers, but surprisingly still worked for the 49ers less talented back up players. It will be interesting to see how it works for the Bears defense which may have even less talent that the 49er back ups.
    Side note: Fangio has done a pretty good job against Rodgers and the Packers as well.

  25. Fantastic hire! Even better than Fox’s. The ship is headed in the right direction. Give credit to George McCaskey. He may understand nothing about football, but he showed commitment to fix things in the last 3 weeks. There is not a single hire that I am not satisfied with, thus far. Bring on a stud OC, now!

  26. This changes the Bears’ draft scenarios considerably. Now instead of MLB and S (which would have been priorities if they were keeping a 4-3), the focus shift to a rush LB/DE and a dominant NT.

    They still need some serious help in the D-Backfield regardless, though.

  27. No fan here, but Bears will be among the most improved teams next year, especially on defense with this hire.
    Fangio and Fox are solid.
    Fangio confidant Ed Donnatel should join him too, who is a great defensive back coach.
    Fangio is great at personnel, not just scheme and halftime adjustments.
    He has a real knack for picking his best players and putting them in their best spot to shine, regardless of where they got drafted or reputation.
    Novarro Bowman became a star when Fangio was hired in 2011 in SF. Just one example.
    Harbaugh got a lot of credit, but it was Fangio’s defense that carried the Niners to three straight conference championship games and the Super Bowl.
    Bears made a great move, for a change, while the Skins blew this one.
    You’ll notice a better Bears D pretty quickly with Fangio calling the shots.

  28. Great hire. I think out defense will get back to being good. I think our d line is under rated and if we can grab a top notch safety corner or linebacker in the draft it will go a long way. Now I’m curious about what moves on offense we will make. We need a physical style offense not a finesse one like we tried to run under Trestman. Line up and punch the defense in the face. Let Marshall Bennett and Jeffrey’s be physical. Let the o line be physical. Bring back chicago football.

  29. Redskin nation thought they already had Fangio signed, sealed and delivered……….. Fangio was never going there once Fox took the Chicago job. It was already worked out way before hand. Nice to see competence reigning in the land of the Bears!

  30. The best news is that Fangio is on board in time for the Senior Bowl. The Bears D needs to hit some homeruns on talent in this draft – not just in better players per se, but players that will fit Fangio’s scheme – so it’s good he’ll be involved in those evaluations from the get-go.

  31. SO the 4-3/3-4 thing….being “built for 4-3 Tampa 2″…

    A) No they are not. They don’t have the personnel to execute that defense which is why they have sucked the last couple of years.

    B) Why the hell would that want to continue that scheme knowing they are in the same division as Green Bay and Rodgers has mastered the art of shredding it?

    C) Fangio isn’t strictly a 3-4 guy. He prefers it but has always adopted his scheme to his personnel on the field. He ran a 4-3 for years in Indianapolis.

  32. Fangio’s version of the 3-4 that he was running in SF isn’t even really a traditional 3-4 anyway. He operates almost exclusively without a true nose tackle and slides his ends all over the place depending on down & distance. Most downs when an offense has 3 wr he has 2-4-5 personnel on the field and blitzs 2 backers and drops 2 backers, effectively making it a 4-3 nickel.

    That’s why you see Justin Smith making the All-Pro team as both an end and a tackle. He’s a 5-technique 3-4 end in base, but plays many snaps like a 3-technique 4-3 tackle.

    Fangio is smart and flexible. The Bears personnel is a mess but he will do the best with what he has.

  33. 49ers abortion almost complete. They just need to add Kiffin as OC and Bozo the Clown as GM and they’ve got it nailed.

    El oh El

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