Report: Chip Kelly already plotting to move up for Marcus Mariota


Eagles coach Chip Kelly frequently gushes publicly about his former Oregon Marcus Mariota, and according to one report, Kelly is already plotting privately to acquire Mariota in the NFL draft.

The Eagles have the 20th overall pick in the draft, and Mariota isn’t expected to be available by that point, but reports that the team is already committed to trying to move up in the draft to acquire Mariota.

“From No. 20, it’s certainly not going to be easy,” an unnamed source told “It’s probably going to take moving up twice to do it. There’s going to be some wheeling and dealing involved. Can it happen? I don’t know. But they’re going to try.”

It’s way too early to say anything for certain about the draft. It’s possible that the Buccaneers will decide to use the first overall pick on Mariota, and that any other team’s interest in him is moot. It’s also possible that Mariota’s stock will tumble, and he’ll still be available at No. 20. And it’s possible that Kelly actually isn’t as in love with Mariota as he says publicly, and that the Eagles won’t draft him even if he gets the chance.

So take this one with a grain of salt. But also file it away for the future. As the draft gets closer, if it looks like the Bucs will pass on Mariota and there’s a trade to be made for a team moving up to get him, the Eagles might be that team. And Mariota and Kelly might reunite in the NFL.

192 responses to “Report: Chip Kelly already plotting to move up for Marcus Mariota

  1. Bad move. It will cost too many draft picks. Mariota had better be the next Andrew Luck for the price they’ll have to pay for him.

  2. I’m tired of watching my Eagles come thisclose and fail to bring in the winner. If Chip Kelly is right and Mariotta is the real deal, I want him to do whatever it takes to get him on board. It’s not like they have been terribly successful with most of their first round picks in the past.
    Go for it.

  3.… least that source is better than BSPN…..who always use that same source ….i think the guy’s name is MR. Uni Dentified

  4. @vancouversportsbro

    Well there is a risk that he could bust (like with all draft prospects) Mariota doesn’t really compare all that much to Michael Vick in the way he plays the game.

  5. Every draft pick … every free agent … they’ll all be destined for the Eagles. The crazy one-sided trades …. the over-valued players in exchange for top picks … the incredible draft bargains that will magically fall to them … … … every year this happens.

  6. I bet that Russel Wilson was considered a Michael Vick of the NFL. Wonder how that is working out with Seattle

  7. |Why would he move up to take Mariota? He already has Sanchez. Would it be an improvement?

    Seriously, what would it take to move up to #1 overall? Two #1? How about players and a #1? Opinions?

  8. The talk radio idiots and their mouth breathing sycophants in Philly are dying for this to happen. That is one reason, among a long list, why the Eagles should not do this. I will officially be stepping off the Big Balls Chip Ship if this happens.

  9. If he is plotting this in “private” conversations, I wonder WHO is leaking this and WHY?

    The odds seem pretty slim that the other party in these conversations with Chip would leak this info.

    Leaks occur when someone has an agenda…

  10. The only way the Eagles can realistically get in position is for Mariota is if he would be available at 7 or lower. They would have to trade away all of their 2015 and 2016 draft to move up to the top of the draft. A lot of this has to play out and it is certainly within the realm of possibility that when all is said and done, Mariota could become available for the Eagles at 20. Bridgewater was once tabbed as potentially #1 overall and the Vikings got him at 32. Rodgers was had at 24.

    That said, his former coach making noise about moving up to get him isn’t going to hurt his draft stock.

  11. if the Titans are smart they ask for this trade…..the Eagles give them their first round pick, a 3rd rounder AND Nick Foles and the Eagles get the 2nd pick or if i’m the Bucs, i offer that. Foles can be good still and Mariota has some work to do.

  12. He’s gonna deflate the draft ! Its a race between him and belacheet to see who can get the most attention for genius status !

  13. Trade Nick Foles to Tampa for their #1 this year and #1 next year too. Oh … and throw in Doug Martin. Wait wait … and this years #2 as well. Yeah, make it happen Chip.

  14. The Chip Kelly era would come to a crashing hault if this is done. It will cost the eagles much more than the Redskins paid for RG Minus 3……and he’s the same type QB. What am i missing here?

  15. Honestly this would be the best situation for Eagles and Mariota…Winston is ready to roll right now for most NFL offenses. Marcus would need that learning curve sit time should any team other than the Eagles draft him.

    But if Kelly gets him to run the same offense Mariota should transition pretty easily with the usual rookie lumpsas well. Hopefully my Raiders at #4 (ahead oof the Jets) are in play as more draft picks are needed for young Mack and Carr.

    If Leonard Williams is gone at #4 Reggie should call Chip asap…trade down to maybe land Devante Parker/Jaelen Strong or Funchess, then maybe add TE Maxx Williams or Danny Shelton or best available pass rusher with the extra pick ammo.

  16. Well, Tampa Bay at #1 has Josh McCown at QB, and Lovie Smith says he’s their guy; Titans at #2 are set with Zach Mettenberger, Jaguars at #3 have their future set with Blake Bortles… Raiders at #4 also set for the next decade with Derek Carr…. actually checking the draft order, and the amount of teams that already have their franchise QBs, it’s not until you get to the Houston Texans at #16 that you find a team that really needs one – so trading Foles to Houston along with the Eagles #1 and maybe a #2 is completely realistic and do-able! Good luck Chip and Marcus.

  17. as a Titans fan, I:

    a. would love for this to happen, but…
    b. wonder how Webster/Whiz would bungle the bounty of draft picks we would get from Philly…?

  18. It is amateur hour in Philly. It would take a trade that would deplete drafts for years to come to pull this off. People on the radio say go get this guy, most of them anyway, because the first round picks never work out anyway. well then Philly geniuses, maybe you are asking the wrong question here. It shouldn’t be can we go up and get Mariota. sure a monkey can pull off a ridiculous trade to move up and get mariota. The question in Philly should be why do we consistently miss on our first rd picks and keep putting together bad drafts. Not to smart up there.

  19. Chip hasn’t done anything to make me question his judgement when it comes to getting players for HIS system. Lane Johnson. Zach Ertz. Jordan Mathews.

    I trust you Chip — go get your quarterback.

  20. Soooo..I guess the defense giving up 30+ a game isn’t a problem?? This guy is the Buddy Ryan of offense smh..and to move up you’ll probably have to give up Fletcher Cox and now your D would be even worse a skins fan I would love for them to make this a Philadelphian..this would be a worse move than when the Sixer’s made the Finals & traded away their entire team the next season

  21. Ryan Pace, start dealing! The Bears have too many needs not to take advantage of these chumps.

  22. Bejesus people, for the last time, Mariota is nothing like Colin Kaepernick. Mariota is a baby Tom Brady, with a career 7.5:1 TD/INT ratio. Do your homework, peeps!

  23. Seriously, what would it take to move up to #1 overall? Two #1? How about players and a #1? Opinions?

    A #1 and #2 in 2015, a #1 and #3 in 2016, and a #1 in 2017 will do it.

  24. The comparisons to RG3’s failures are ridiculous. RG3 MIGHT’VE fared a little better….had he not gone to Washington.

  25. This is easy… Find a team at the top who needs a QB and somehow have them fall in love with Foles. At that point, the farm is not needed… Maybe 1st, 2nd, next years first and Foles… That is palatable at least…

  26. “Just tell him to have a bad pro day. NFL teams are so dumb, Chip could trade down and get him.”

    Yes, and give up millions of dollars. He’ll do it though just to play for the Eagles.

  27. The Bucs are drafting Winston, almost without question… unless they think Philly is willing to give up an insane amount of picks. If Philly is talking about this, then the Bucs will be more open in their praise of Mariota.

    The Bucs need a franchise QB… and that is Winston. For the Bucs to move out of the top pick, it would take a Brinks truck of draft picks and probably Foles. Anyone that thinks Foles and another pick would get the job done clearly has no understanding of the value of the pick.

    The Eagles would be best served to try to trade with Tennessee, if they really want to put all their ‘Chips’ on the table. Tennessee doesn’t need a QB as badly and would probably make the trade.

  28. People seem to forget that RG3 went to Washington, that might have something to do with his failures….

  29. Complete smoke screen. Chip loves this kid and anything he can do to get him drafted early while simultaneously destroying one of 32 organizations for years to come is a win – win in his book.

  30. This guy is Kaepernick light without the cannon arm or size to take big hits

    A move like this could set back the franchise for a decade if it doesn’t work

  31. Will the owner allow Chip to mortgage the farm? Hope so!
    It’s typical Philly not seeing what happened to that team from D.C. with their rookie savior.

  32. Chip’s a genius … really? The answer to his speed offense has been proven to be, 3 and outs. Three in a row and you’re playing catch-up the entire balance of the game.

    Like anything else, gotta do it in moderation. Too much of anything is bad. Last time I checked, Chip was on the couch next to Gruden and Coughlin.

  33. Firstly; we simply don’t have enough to move from 20th to 1st so all this is moot. Second; if we did, when has trading away a ton for one guy EVER worked? I mean even once? Ask Minny, New Orleans, or DC how it worked out for them. I’m not sold on Mariota even if it wouldn’t cost a king’s ransom to get him and I’m damn sure not risking setting the franchise back ten years for him.

  34. fordmandalay says: Jan 20, 2015 1:16 PM

    Well, Tampa Bay at #1 has Josh McCown at QB, and Lovie Smith says he’s their guy; Titans at #2 are set with Zach Mettenberger, Jaguars at #3 have their future set with Blake Bortles… Raiders at #4 also set for the next decade with Derek Carr…. actually checking the draft order, and the amount of teams that already have their franchise QBs, it’s not until you get to the Houston Texans at #16 that you find a team that really needs one – so trading Foles to Houston along with the Eagles #1 and maybe a #2 is completely realistic and do-able! Good luck Chip and Marcus.


    When Peyton leaves Denver after the Kubiak signing, Houston would be smart to bring Peyton in for a couple years to start and mentor Savage.

  35. Dear Doug Whaley,

    I hope you are reading this and take my advice.

    Please take note of this news, and source your powers and skill set to give Chip fuel he would need to trade up to get the number one spot- and in exchange for the fuel you are going to give him, please get Nick Foles in return.

    A very hopeful Bills fan.

  36. Philly can easily make this happen.

    Nick Foles, 2015 20th overall pick, 2015 3rd round pick, 2016 2nd round pick to get into the top 6.

    If I’m the Jets or Bucs I’d seriously consider the deal.

  37. For all you experts out there that think Mariota will be a bust in the NFL better prepare to eat some crow because he will not only be a successful NFL QB but will be one of the best ever before he is done. Remember, you heard it here first, you will be amazed by this young man and the way he plays the game. Make all the comparisons you want but there is nobody quite like this kid, If Chip can somehow get him to the Eagles, watch out because he will have them in the Super Bowl within a couple years at most! Show em how it’s done Marcus!

  38. As a non-Eagle fan living in Philly, I would love for this to happen. Chippy can’t be gone soon enough.

  39. i think the championship game hurt his draft stock big time. sure, jameis winston lost to these guys this year, but last year he engineered the craziest win in a championship game that i think ive ever seen. i remember thinking this year in the fourth quarter “ok, if mariota is the real deal he’ll pull this together” and did nothing. mariota had a better season, but i think winston is the top qb prospect.

  40. Just tell him to look bad at his pro day. NFL scouts will overreact and ignore everything he ever did in college, allowing him to drop to 20. Bridgewater’s bad pro day was the best thing that ever happened to the Vikings.

  41. Mariota could help by pulling an Eli Manning and stating publically he doesn’t want to go to crappy locations like Tampa. (The team certainly not the City.)

  42. Lol, those Griffin jokes aren’t going to be so funny in a couple of months Eagle fans. At least Washington has 3 trophies in the case to get them through the bad stretches, lol.

  43. beavertonsteve says:
    Jan 20, 2015 1:35 PM
    Seriously, it would take Foles, two #1s, and a #2 to make this big of a move, right?


    More than that. At least 2 1st, 2 2nds, probably 2 3rds, a 4th and Foles.

    IF the Eagles really want that pick, it could be 3 1st rounders.

    If you go by the draft point value rulebook, you would be talking 3 1sts, 3 2nds, 3 3rds and more. A 1st round pick in the 20s, even 3 of them, isn’t normally as valuable as the top overall pick. Foles is the wildcard, he has value, but I’m not sure if he’s graded out as a 2nd round value or something else, just depends on how Tampa values him.

  44. Why waste a pick on a QB, when you have Foles? The more I hear about Chip Kelly, the more I think he will just stall the Eagles from greatness. I don’t think this guy can transition from college ball, he’s no Pete Carroll, that’s for sure.

  45. He’ll fall in the draft a la Manziel…so I think he’ll have the opportunity to take him if he wants…whether that be a less substantial move up the draft board or being avail at 20. No way they are going from 20 to top 5 though…costs too much.

  46. Using the NFL Draft Value Chart, the point system, the top pick in the draft is worth 3000 points. The 20th pick in the draft is worth 850 points. The 21st pick is worth 800.

    If I’m the Bucs and the Eagles want to trade, I’m valuing their future picks at an average of 21st place. That would mean 3 1st rounders still wouldn’t equal this one pick (2400pts) so you’d need 3 1st rounders, and 2 2nd rounders (360pts each) and then the Bucs are up by a bit. However IF the Eagles are going to trade that much, if I’m the Bucs I keep extorting them. Obviously Foles is a throw in, and I’m getting some more 3rd and 4th round picks out of the deal.

    If Lovie is worried about his job, this would be the route to go since he could rebuild the O-line and get other depth and have a nice stockpile for the future still. However for the sake of the Bucs, they need a franchise QB, so I don’t see them moving out of this pick since I think Winston is seen as a true franchise QB… if he can stay out of jail.

  47. Eagle fans you better calm your boy you trust so much down. The Eagles big problem is defense I think Chip shouldn’t give up on Foles yet. If the Eagles used the draft and free agency to work on D they would make a run at the division possibly with Foles. As a Redskins fan I’m praying Chip makes this move.

  48. If I’m Mariota, and I want to play for Chip/Philly, I tank the combine/pro days. Looking at the top 10-15 picks, theres only 3 teams that legitimately NEED a QB, and the Bucs @ 1 are one of them.

    1. Bucs – possibility, they may take Winston instead
    2. Titans – probably not, likely rolling with Mettenberger
    3. Jags – no, Bortles
    4. Raiders – no, Carr
    5. Redskins – no, RG3
    6. Jets – Maybe, but I think Geno showed enough to try one more year
    7. Bears – Only if they can trade Cutler, need defense first
    8. Falcons – No, Ryan
    9. Giants – no, Eli and drafted Nassib last year
    10. Rams – Maybe/Probable
    11. Vikings – No, Bridgewater
    12. Browns – No, Manziel
    13. Saints – No, Brees
    14. Dolphins – No, Tannehill
    15. 49ers, No, Kaepernick
    16. Texans – Probable
    17. Chiefs – Possible, but likely want a WR first
    18. Chargers – No, Rivers
    19. Browns – No, Manziel
    20. Eagles – Yes

    So essentially if the Bucs don’t take Mariota 1st overall, the Eagles only have to trade to 10 9/10, not 1 or 2. And thats assuming the Rams take him too. Otherwise, they have to move from 20 to 15.

  49. here’s what i’m not getting. why does people keep having the trade up being this king’s ransom?? if the Eagles are that dumb, then their future would be stupid and really if the team’s thinking about Mariota are that dumb, then they aren’t wise. i think the smart move would be to just ask for 1) Foles….2) switch 1st round picks….3) ask for a 3rd or 2nd and maybe another 3rd or 2nd and be done. when the Redskins traded up for all their picks, they did it because of what little they had/have to offer, BUT the Eagles have a QB they can offer. a team like the Bucs or Titans could use Foles and think that he can be their future.

  50. Unless Marcus Mariota can cover the other team’s WR’s, I don’t think this improves the Eagles all that much.

    Trades in the NFL are rare, a few happen but it’s few and far in between. Draft picks are the lifeline for restocking your talent so getting the short end of the stick tends to gut your team for years at a time.

    I don’t care how good anyone thinks Mariota really is, the price will always be too high.

  51. If they’re willing to wait a year before fixing other positions, why not? Pull a Mike Ditka / Ricky Williams. I doubt philly fans will be that patient.

  52. Chip hasn’t done anything to make me question his judgement when it comes to getting players for HIS system. Lane Johnson. Zach Ertz. Jordan Mathews.

    I trust you Chip — go get your quarterback.
    Trading away years worth of assets has never worked. Not once. As much as I like Chip, and you make the distinction his drafts have been perfect, they haven’t. Marcus Smith can’t get on the field. Ditto Taylor Hart (whom Kelly needed to be talked out of picking in the 3rd rd and ended up getting in the 5th). Build the team around Foles. The Eagles have to completely replace their secondary. Trading up for him would be lunacy.

  53. I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but this doesn’t seem like a logical move for Philly. Mariota may turn out to be a very good QB but there’s an equal amount of downside risk (that he’s a bust). If the Eagles had a high draft pick and Mariota was available then sure, go for him. But giving up a boat-load of players/picks to trade way-up for anything other than a sure-thing doesn’t make sense to me.

    Having said that, if Mariota is still available at the #4 overall pick then I’d be more than happy to see the Raiders trade down with Philly….

  54. Do we really need to listen to 4 more months of this inane speculation? It’s not going to happen unless MM gets hurt (or arrested). And if Chip Kelly really wanted to draft him so badly, why would he say so? it just drives the price up.

  55. Not a chance the Bucs are going to be willing trade partners with Chip Kelly after he turned down the Bucs to coach the team a few years ago(essentially after he already said yes)…

    Bucs arent going to let this happen unless the Eagles drop a ridiculous offer…

  56. Ok. I am not high. I am an Eagles fan. What I am about to type scares even me.

    Johnny Football. Trade a 3rd and Barkley. Use Manziel like he is supposed to be used, not whatever the Browns were throwing against the wall. I think in Chip’s offense, Manziel looks more like Wilson and less like the aerobics instructor from the Snickers commercial.

    Flame away.

  57. The Eagles have other issues to work with. To trade away what you would to get a top 2 pick would put your team in a whole for yeas in the future.

  58. Can’t wait for this to happen. Philly has been crying to trade up back when they lost after thanksgiving. Do it. Please. Do it. Because they clearly forget the price to pay a la Robert Griffin III. Watching the Eagles die a slow death made this Giants fan living in Philly very very happy.

  59. Not likely. Probably just trying to help the kid out by driving his stock up. However, if last year is representative of their first round picks go ahead and trade your next five #1s.

  60. You are apparently unfamiliar with Marc Eckel or you wouldn’t have relied on a story authored by him.

  61. Hahahahahahahahhahaha… I hope this trade happens. As a Skins fan, everyone needs to remember one thing: Skins moved up 4 spots and had to give up that much.

    Eagles will have to give up as much as the Skins did for rG3 plus more… Foles isn’t worth more than a 3rd (every team in the league knows the Eagles FO had fallen out of favor with foles)… 3 firsts, 3 seconds, Foles and McCoy to move up 16-17 spots…

  62. Listen to all these Madden franchise trading dopes who thinks Foles is worth anything. lol.

    I’ll wait until the second Mariota article to formulate my opinion. However, like Mariota, I’ll likely miss it because I’m a one read only guy.

  63. McCoy had a bad year this season and still finished 3rd in rushing. Your going to tell me he is not worth a first round pick by himself? Your crazy. If McCoy today were entering the draft he himself would net a top 5 pick. To get Mariota, trading McCoy and swapping first round picks is legit. Of course no one will like it because it has to be one sided and not favor the Eagles, even if its straight up and fair. The bottom line is there are no home run picks this year, there are no picks that are guaranteed to come in and be phenomenal day one. Personally, giving up McCoy alone is too much for any player entering the draft who hasn’t proved they can do anything at this level.

  64. This guy actually wrote this:
    bleedgreen says: Jan 20, 2015 2:04 PM

    “2. Titans – probably not, likely rolling with Mettenberger”

    I’m sure Titans fan are thrilled to know that the keys to their future have been handed to Zach Metten-“don’t call me Roethlis”-berger. Oh… and it gets better!!!

    “6. Jets – Maybe, but I think Geno showed enough to try one more year”

    The only person who thinks the Jets are sold on Geno is Mike Vick.

    Listen Eggles fans, it get it. You want Mariota. It makes all the sense in the world that Chip would do everything possible to get him.

    But I beg you as a concerned citizen to stop telling yourselves he is “just like Manziel” and will “drop like a rock”. He’s not getting out of the top 5. I know we said the same thing about Bridgewater last year, but it’s apples and landmines. Bortles came out of nowhere, Mack was an insane specimen, and the owner of one of the greatest hits in the history of college football went first. There is talent, but there aren’t any super duper stars that are sitting there waiting to push QBs down the list.

    If Chip gives up 3 first rounders, 2 or 3 2nd rounders, and some extras for the Bucs’ pick, I’d be thrilled. If Mariota does slip to 4 or 5, I expect the Eagles to make a move. But quit telling yourselves he’ll just magically be there at 20.

  65. The Eagles would be making a big mistake. Nick Foles is an excellent young QB, who unfortunately was hurt mid-season. Build the team around him, give him better O-line protection, and be done with it.
    Of course, at this point in the season, games-playing and disinformation runs rampant in the NFL…

  66. D a Eagles fan it would be devestating . I mean if you draft a 50/50 prospect, and you give up that much for him when you need help on the defensive side of the ball. This is a type of move that will run chip back to college if it don’t work out. Plus the offense is already good enough rn. Foles is not as bad as people say.

  67. Wow. After reading a lot of these comments it’s clear that a lot of people don’t understand the kind of value a high draft pick has in a trade. I see people saying that a 2016 second rounder and a 2017 third rounder would be worth considering. That’s absurd! The Redskins had to give up two first round picks and a second round pick just to move up from the 6th pick to the 2nd. Imagine how much the Eagles would have to give up to move from 20th in to the top 5 or 6.

  68. It would take Foles, McCoy, 2 No. 1 picks and a No. 2 to get Mariota
    i guess i’m the ONLY one who thinks it won’t cost as much as people think. i believe all it will take is the magic words of a team wanting Nick Foles. now i don’t think a team would JUST ask for Foles, but some of the asking prices have been silly, from 3 first round picks and other picks to the above comment. i think if the Eagles offered Foles, a swap of 1st round picks, a 2nd rounder this year and a 3rd rounder next year that the Titans would take that. with that trade, it lands them a QB, a later round pick they can use on running back or something else and it gets them 2 extra picks. i can’t see the Eagles wanting Mariota so bad that Kelly gives up his future picks for him like that or just trades away a stud running back.

  69. I love the Redskin fans talking about their failure of a trade for RG3. They were bidding against themselves. No other team thought that highly of RG3 to give up very much for them. Hell nobody would pay more than a 3rd or 4th for him if he became available tomorrow. Just because your failure of a franchise got fleeced doesn’t mean that it is the going rate for franchise QB’s.

  70. The Bears will glad trade you their #7 draft pick. They want the eagles’ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (the 14th pick in the round, not the 20th) round picks this year, and next year’s 1st rounder.

    What do you say?

  71. I see people saying that a 2016 second rounder and a 2017 third rounder would be worth considering. That’s absurd! The Redskins had to give up two first round picks and a second round pick just to move up from the 6th pick to the 2nd.
    at the time, the Redskins had nothing to offer the Rams BESIDES the picks…what moronic team would accept Grossman in a trade??? the Redskins best offer was to give up those picks, BUT the Eagles have a QB that some/many teams would consider trading for. a team like the Bucs may actually think Foles has potential to be great, so why draft Winston if you think Foles can be as good as him?? why not just trade the pick to the Eagles for Foles, then swap picks with the Eagles and also add in a 2nd rounder this year and a 3rd rounder next year?? i think that’s the BEST offer they likely could get. not many teams want to trade from 1 or 2 to 20 without getting major things and offering what would be 4 or more 1st round picks is stupid and NO team would do it. ADD to that, at the time, RG3 was being talked about as being as good as Luck. Mariota isn’t being thought of as a big time franchise QB like Griffin was at the time. to me the reason why i have such a low trade value on it is because the Eagles have a QB to offer teams. something the Redskins didnt have to offer.

  72. If either Tampa and Tennessee passes on Mariota or Winston it will be the single biggest mistake that either of these franchises could make. These two guys are the real deal. Mariota is a combination of Wilson and Rodgers. Winston reminds me of Steve McNair. No way Mariota ends up with Kelly in Philadelphia!

  73. I don’t see how you move up from 20 to top 3 without giving up a bounty. That has never worked (see RGIII or Herschel Walker).

    That being said…. those saying that Mariotta is a bust in the making, are overlooking an obvious fact. The knock on Mariotta is that he is a “system quarterback”. Well…. that system happens to be CHIP’S system and the results he has had in that “system” are quite impressive.

    I don’t see how it happens. But truthfully, that might be the best thing for Chip and for Marcus.

  74. The problem is…he can just put it all on the line and give it all up to get him. Then if it doesn’t work out he just doesn’t renew his contract and goes back to college. Then we are stuck with the mess…

    I hope Lurie comes to his senses and let’s Howie back in.

  75. I love the Redskin fans talking about their failure of a trade for RG3. They were bidding against themselves. No other team thought that highly of RG3 to give up very much for them.
    i don’t know, i think the Browns thought about it and likely offered a big trade offer, now i think the Redskins offered a better deal….but i don’t think they were bidding against themselves.

  76. For all the people getting the #2 pick with a combination of players and low 1st round picks, GET A CLUE. The NFL doesn;t covet vets with max contracts. No one wantrs McCoy at 11 million a season on the downhill side of a RB career. He is valued as a 3rd or 4th round pick. Foles has value so he counts as a 2nd rounder. For the eagles to get this done, it would take a minimum of three 1st round picks( and maybe not even that) remember if they keep the same team, you have to assume all of those picks are in the 20’s, not enough. There is no way for the Eagles to make this trade short of Foles, Cox, 3 #1’s and probably a 2nd rounder as well. Have fun with that.

  77. The only way I can see this happening is if Mariota slides past 4 or 5, which is entirely possible.

  78. On top of that, the Bucs love Jameis, so its not about the level of player YOU are getting to make it worth it, its the level of player the Bucs are giving up by trading as well.

  79. 2 years ago genos smith was gonna be top 5. Last year Johnny football was gonna be top 5. Mariota will drop to 20 if Chip wants him he’ll be there at 20.

  80. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mariota fell all the way to the second round. The idea that he’s a product of Oregon’s system has gained an awful lot of currency.

  81. To the Philly fans… I don’t think McCoy has a lot of value to the Bucs. They still have Martin under contract – he’s been injured, but mainly the offensive line and the play calling as been so bad he was normally getting tackled 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage. Also they drafted Charles Simms in the 3rd round last year and overall they’ve had good luck with RBs over the years. With McCoy’s salary and the Bucs current roster I don’t see McCoy being someone the Bucs would even want – at his salary.

    I would think Foles would be worth a 2nd rounder to the Bucs… but he’s in year 3 of a 4 year contract, meaning if he is any good in Tampa he’s going to be very expensive very quickly. A #1 pick is locked into a 5 year deal. Again you have to factor that in as well.

  82. Hasn’t Chip Kelly ever heard the song “Love The One You’re With”? Well, Chip…you’re with Nick Foles. Get used to it and embrace it. Don’t destroy the team for a pipe dream QB who has never played a down in the NFL to demonstrate that he’s even worthy of the price he’d cost to get him.

  83. rodvmunchiii:

    Well said. That’s why trading up twice would make sense. Getting up to say #4 with Oakland (who may want McCoy) and then getting up to #1 or #2 would make more sense/

  84. When was the last time this dude took a snap under center?! High school? Yea go ahead chip give up the keys to the Linc for him…PLEASE!

  85. As seen in the National Championship game, his system doesn’t work in college. If tubby thinks it’ll work in the NFL well, good luck with that. You Filthadelphia fans better start buying up paper bags.
    Maybe the Bucs will let go of the number one pick for Sanchez… Bwaa-Haaaa-Haaaaaaaaaaa

  86. can someone realize that this has nothing to do with RG3, or Vick, for all that matters. It´s a whole different discussion when a coach knows a player as well as Chip knows Mariota. The latter might still become a bust, but at least Chip knows what he´s getting into. Hopefully we’ll see that prolific offense ran with a more than capable QB who has been running it for his entire football career.

  87. So…let me get this straight….Eagles fans think that the Bucs will take: 1) their oft injured regressing QB; 2) loudmouth, high mileage, highly paid RB [they’re about to make a cap casualty]; and 3) this year’s 1st and a mid rounder somewhere???


  88. I want the Eagles to draft a cornerback in round 1 and if they want to draft a QB then draft Huntly the QB from UCLA in a later round.

  89. This isn’t true. But if it was. It’s not real smart to tell everyone what you are going to do. So it’s not true. And they can’t be as dumb as the redskins right….right !?

  90. Moving from #20 to #1 would take AT LEAST 3 firsts, 2 seconds. Maybe another 2nd or a player as well. Maybe even more. Skins set the framework with 3 firsts and 1 second for moving from#6 to #2 to pick rg3.

  91. I have no dog in the fight but don’t compare this guy to RG3. He’s mobile, but the comparison ends there. From all reports Mariota is a hard worker and a team guy. RG3&Out is neither

  92. Their problem this year was not their QB as much as it was their lack of balance on offense. When they looked good in 2013 they were leading the league in rushing letting that setup the pass. They threw twice as many passes this past season and suffered for it. Don’t care who the QB ends up being, they need to go back to what was working.

  93. This is so not happening. The price of moving up 15+ spots is astronomical, and the Oregon connection has gotten played up out of all proportion. The Eagles have plenty of problems and Foles ain’t one.

  94. Great vote of confidence for Foles – well done, Kelly.

    I like Mariota, and he will be a solid pro, but Foles won’t accept being a backup in Philly.

    Good luck getting to 10 wins again for the next two years in Philly.

  95. if he is there when the Raiders pick we will go ahead and take phillys first and their 2nd, plus next years first for the pick. thank you.

  96. Eagles have no plans to trade up … It’s Chip making sure Mariota gets drafted at the top of the board.

  97. you want to run chip kellys offense the way he has it set up….you need mariota. or train someone and spend a few yrs doing it. does philly need more than mariota, sure. this is not an old mans offense . period. need the young, the big and the fast. defense? need that too. so does oregon. that always takes a back seat, but, gotta have it. so, if you want chip and his offense, yall gotta have the whole ball of wax. deny him and you might get better than now. maybe

  98. This dude really said the Mike Vicks of this league don’t work out. Ummm I’m pretty sure there’s a mobile QB then ran for almost 900 yards this season playing in the Super Bowl.. Freakin’ idiot Gosh lol. But in all seriousness, you’re going to have to trade the farm for this kid and while having him would be great for this offense, I think they should worry about their defense instead. They need to CBs and a Safety. Maybe another LB cause Ryans’ is getting up there in age and coming off an injury. I mean if he drops and you only have to move up a couple spots that’s a no brainer in taking him. I just think there other areas you need to address in the draft first. Note to chip: how about this year you spend your first pick a little wiser then last years Marcus Smith lol

  99. The pre-draft smoke is starting already. The draft has become one big carnival of misinformation and misdirection. For all we know, Mariota will be starting in Cleveland and Johnny will be in Dallas when it’s all said and done. Philly? Maybe Brett Hundley?

  100. Eagles fan who thinks this would be a giant mistake. Kelly already miscalculated on Taylor Hart and Josh Huff in last year’s draft. Let Foles be the QB and draft a developmental QB. Mariota cannot throw the deep ball and is very questionable if his first read is not there. He was never asked to complete a lot of 3rd and 8’s.

  101. Perhaps they gave Chip Kelly too much power too soon if he’s wanting to make a decision as dumb as that with the risk of setting the eagles back if it doesn’t work out like he expected.

  102. shackdelrio says:
    If Mariota is there at three, the Jaguars will take the Eagles first and second round pick and next year’s first rounder.


    The Redskins traded picks, and gave up 2 additional 1st rounder, plus a second round….to move up 5 spots.

    You’re willing to trade down 17 spots for a 1st and 2nd rounder? Eagles would do that in a hot minute.

  103. “shackdelrio says:
    If Mariota is there at three, the Jaguars will take the Eagles first and second round pick and next year’s first rounder.”


    The Redskins traded picks, and gave up 2 additional 1st rounder, plus a second round….to move up 5 spots.

    You’re willing to trade down 17 spots for a 1st and 2nd rounder? For the 3rd pick in the draft?? Eagles would do that in a hot minute.
    Likely Jacksonville would get another 1st and 2nd rounder for that big a move in the 1st round.

  104. Eagles have never done anything with their first round picks, with a few exceptions. They miss way more often then they hit. Giving them up to trade up doesn’t really hurt them, they just screw those picks up anyway.

    That being said I think this doesn’t leak out unless Chip does not intend to take Mariota and needs some misdirection pre-draft.

    I think he is serious about shoring up the defense in the draft and free agency.

    They are a bonafide speedy receiver from helping Foles and Shady get back to form and contending with the offense. Of course without fixing the secondary they won’t do squat. It doesn’t take a genius to see that.

  105. Everybody thinks they know who the good QBs are. How many of us were talking about Tom Brady before the draft? Joe Montana? Kurt Warner? Drew Brees? Russell Wilson. We were all too bust talking about JaMarcus Russell, Jeff George, and now Jameis Winston. Compare the two lists. We all like to talk about the guy with the physical talent before the draft, but we end up talking about the guys with the mental talents in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. We don’t get paid for our opinions. The funny thing is, the NFL executives that get paid $millions aren’t any smarter than the rest of us.

  106. As a Titans Fan, I would happily give up the #2 pick for the #20 pick, Nick Foles & a future conditional pick. Sign me up!

  107. I love how Redskins fans chime in about the RGIII deal. The reason why RGIII didn’t work out is the fact that Snyder can’t put together a personal or a team to do much of anything. The Redskins just pick up players with names. RGIII would’ve been much better somewhere else. As for the Eagles and Mariota – look. I am a die hard Eagles fan. I get the Eagles would have to trade up probably two different ways to get close to Mariota. I bet some kind of three way trade will happen. Nick Foles is still a question mark. I like Foles but how many times can you fool a defense with the read option with a quarterback who can’t run? Mariota fits with Chip’s offense and he’s nothing like Michael Vick. Mariota is obviously a huge question mark but I feel like Chip built this team around drafting him. Nick Foles can get the Eagles to the playoffs but I highly doubt he can win the Eagles a Super Bowl. I’d say if the Eagles are willing to invest a lot to get Mariota and go heavy on defense in free agency, the Eagles could have the potential to compete with the best. They fell short this year to all teams with winning records. Mariota could buy time with his quickness, has an incredibly accurate arm, defenses have to respect that he can run- you still have a good running game, you have talented tight ends, and decent receivers if they resign Maclin and maybe find a way to land one additional receiver. Look. Chip took a 4-12 team to the playoffs last year. This year the Eagles barely made the playoffs and we’re still competitive with Mark Sanchez! A few tweaks on defense, and Mariota? Why not! What if Chip gets Mariota and he becomes elite and fast? People are going to bash the Eagles for making this kind of a trade with two winning records in Chips era. The Redskins were horrific when they traded for RGIII. I think this is a good move considering the way the Eagles run their offense. The Eagles could be even more dangerous and fast. I’m siding with Chip here and if it fails, it fails. Howie isn’t in the picture to ruin this draft so let’s see how it pans out.

  108. Remember when Sumlin was leaving Texas A&M for Houston and then using the first overall pick on Manziel?

    Every year we hear how the former college coach is going to make some deal so he can draft his college star. I don’t recall it ever happening.

    In fact my cloudy memory seems to recall, the former college HC typically does not draft his former college star even when the player is still on the board when its their turn to pick.

    If Mariota is the only guy that can run Kelly’s offense that he has to give up some massive trade package to get him, that does not speak well for his offense.

  109. It’s funny to see that people would buy into something so stupid like this. I’m sorry, but why would you trade for a QB without absolutely no NFL experience? Look, Nick Foles has showed signs of greatness. Laugh and call me crazy, but the reality of the situation is that Nick Foles is a QB similiar to Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Flacco. He doesn’t move slow, doesn’t move fast, buys himself time, has a tremendously accurate arm, and despite a worse Turnover ratio this season, this kid clearly has vision. He was leading the NFL in passing yards before his injury(not the NCAA). Foles could start for over half of this league, if Chip is dumb enough to make this trade, you can assure yourself it will be on the table.

  110. Those comparing RG3 and Mike Vick to Mariota are starting to sicken me. The difference is how receptive the team will be to that form of football play. In this case, the eagles style of play and new offense NEED a “leader” role on the field. Somebody who takes control, with the physical ability and the supreme knowledge of situations. Nobody anywhere is more capable of carrying the eagles to the playoffs than quarterback Marcus Mariota. This offense NEEDS a physical and most importantly mental leader. Not agreeing with the extremes needed to acquire him, but I also do not agree with those calling him a bust. Now if he went to a team like Tennessee, Tampa Bay, or the Jets that is unreceptive of his style, he would likely bust.

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