Steelers sign CFL pass rusher Shawn Lemon

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The Steelers don’t know whether outside linebackers Jason Worilds, James Harrison or Arthur Moats will be back with the team in 2015 and they’re already at work making sure they have options in the event that none of the veterans return.

Former CFLer Shawn Lemon posted a picture of himself in a Steelers shirt with a signed contract in front of him after working out for the team last week. Lemon played defensive end for the Calgary Stampeders, but his 6-2, 250-pound frame is likely better suited for an outside linebacker spot in the Pittsburgh defense.

Lemon, who went undrafted out of Akron in 2011, had 13 sacks and tied a CFL record with eight forced fumbles during the 2014 season and the Steelers will be hoping that his playmaking will translate to this side of the border. Most CFL players are barred from signing with NFL teams until February 10, but Calgary General Manager John Hufnagel agreed to release Lemon now to allow him to sign in Pittsburgh.

“Shawn has an agreement in place with an NFL club and we are granting him his release in order to allow him to sign a contract immediately rather than waiting until February,” Hufnagel said via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Lemon’s arrival isn’t likely to be the last move the Steelers make on the edge as they try to boost their pass rush above the mediocre results they got in 2014.

28 responses to “Steelers sign CFL pass rusher Shawn Lemon

  1. Kevin Colbert’s first round LB bust contingency plan:

    1) Comb through rolodex for retired Steelers
    2) Flip over rocks in Alberta
    3) Have new DC come up with a scheme that only utilizes DTs and DBs
    4) Figure out how to draft DTs and DBs.

  2. I can hear the yinzers now, after waking up from a night of iron city 40’s… Great signing.. And we march

  3. Well thank god they’re doing something!

    Jarvis Jones showed SOME promise in the first couple games before his injury, but who knows whats happening with Worilds, and you can’t rely on a 64 year old James Harrison forever. They’ve shown a first round pick can’t be expected to come in and make a difference – hopefully Lemon can come in and make some sort of difference.

  4. Doesn’t matter… Todd Haley is still in charge of offense. His game plan is this… 2nd and 13… run up the middle. 3rd and 12…. Pass for 6 yards. Punt.

  5. steelerfanjo says:
    Jan 20, 2015 10:40 AM
    Doesn’t matter… Todd Haley is still in charge of offense. His game plan is this… 2nd and 13… run up the middle. 3rd and 12…. Pass for 6 yards. Punt.

    1 2


    Offense was:

    – 2nd in yards (0.3 yards a game away from 1st)
    – 7th in points scored
    – had a QB tied for most yards
    – RB was 2nd in the league in rushing

    …what is your problem with Haley again? Look to the defense that was poor and couldnt force a turnover to save their lives.

  6. I’m sure he’s more than capable of picking up a fumbled Dalton read-option, or step in front of a Flacco checkdown. Put him down for at least a couple scores next year.

  7. Let’s see , sign a CFL guy. Ok. Now, that thorny problem with Troy? What about Ike, the worst defensive back in the NFL for the past ten years? Mitchell?
    They can bring the CFL all-stars on down to suit on the Steelers D, and while it would be an upgrade over what they have, it still wouldn’t be enough to go any farther next year.

  8. Troy is gone, Ike too. Mitchell will be back bit I bet Cortez is cut too. For first time in years steelers are in great cap shape even after they lock up Ben, heyward, and worilds. Throw in potential 9 picks after comp picks and steelers will be really good next year. A lot will depend on shamarko

  9. Ike the worst DB in the NFL for the past 10 years? Dude, he hasnt been good the last 2-3 years but he was very good before. He would have been an elite CB is he could catch.

    Also, no way the Steelers cut Cortez and lock up Worilds. I like him, but he’s not worth the money he will get on FA

  10. The Steelers have drafted several pass rushing LEMONS over the past five years, now they are trying some lemons from the CFL…well, hopefully they will FINALLY turn some of these lemons into lemonade!!!

  11. kremis says: Jan 20, 2015 10:16 AM

    Tim Tebow curse is alive! o playoff wins since Tebow destroyed that defense in the playoffs years ago!


    Injuries destroyed that defense, not Tebow. BTW, needing overtime and a blown coverage against a team missing EVERY first string defensive lineman is not exactly destroying them. St.Tim has been successful in convincing a few morons that he is a viable NFL QB. The people that actually hire NFL QB’s have a different opinion.

  12. Umbra Aeternus says: Jan 20, 2015 1:46 PM

    Also, no way the Steelers cut Cortez and lock up Worilds. I like him, but he’s not worth the money he will get on FA

    It wouldnt surprise me at all if they cut Cortez but i dont believe they will lock up worilds either. He is pretty good but not what the free agency market is gonna give him. Some team out there will overpay him. I think the focus in the draft will be a rushing lb in the first and a cb in the second. i have heard this draft is deep. It is gonna be a wild off season folks. The Steelers will be good next season.

  13. I would do everything I could to bring back Harrison and Moats and go draft a LB in the draft. They should be good to go. I heard a rumor they were considering moving pro bowler Timmons to outside lb. Why would you do such a move where he excelled at inside lb. Dont mess with Timmons he is great where he is at. Vince Williams might not do too bad outside though if he gained some weight.

  14. Those of you who are still jumping on the Haley Haters Bandwagon are either football illiterate, or just simply dumb. This offense ranked in the top 10 in how many categories?? Yes it has taken a few years to have the right pieces in place, but Haley’s offense seems to be on the verge of putting up superb numbers. I’d think you would be more worried about the defense, than Haley’s offense. Study football and then comment lol.

  15. That’s quite a player the Stampeders are losing, though. The good thing is they still have excellent pieces on defence, and Bo Levi Mitchell continues to improve at QB. And of course they still have one of the best running backs in football in Jon Cornish.

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