Tom Clements might be on Browns radar

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The Browns are still looking for the right man to run their offense, and they might be looking to Green Bay for another candidate.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Packers offensive coordinator Tom Clements could be on the radar, though they haven’t asked permission to interview him yet.

While a coordinator-to-coordinator move is lateral, Clements isn’t calling the Packers’ plays (head coach Mike McCarthy does that).

The Packers routinely denied permission to interview Clements when he was their quarterbacks coach, but they have some other options in house. The Rams want to interview quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt for their coordinator job as well.

The Browns have also interviewed Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn, and are interviewing Raiders senior assistant Al Saunders this week.

Whoever takes the job will be the sixth man in six seasons, so we hope he rents rather than buys.

12 responses to “Tom Clements might be on Browns radar

  1. So what’s the incentive for Clements to make this move again?

    It doesn’t get him closer to a Head Coaching job, and it’s not like anyone gets out of Cleveland alive on the career advancement level anyway.

  2. You can’t blame an OC wanting to go to another team and getting a chance to call plays. Ted Thompson needs to INSIST that Mike McCarthy get an OC that will call plays. Otherwise, fire him. His play calling is too predictable and unimaginative. Other teams have him figured out.

  3. And there’s the biggest difference between the Ravens and the Browns: the Browns have gone through 6 OC’s in 6 years because the keep firing them as the team continues to lose. Ravens are on their 4th in 4 years because they keep getting hired as head coaches as the team continues to win.

  4. He’s been the OC for what 2 years? Dan Quinn and Todd Bowles each 2 years as DC of teams that had decent defenses before they took the job?

    I don’t get these teams that keep hiring coordinators from teams that have good units BEFORE these guys took over. Like hiring every DC the Ravens have had since 1998 in succession. After the 3rd DC and no drop off in play, maybe its not the DC. Same in Seattle. Same with Andy Reid’s OCs and all of Belichick’s coordinators.

    The head coaches on these teams have a bit to do with the respective success, as do the players. When do teams start going ‘Oh, its not the DC in Seattle, its the players + Pete Carroll?’ or ‘We should stop hiring Peyton Manning’s OC, because most of the success is due to him.’

  5. McCarthy is the OC in Green Bay. You know how I know? Because Clements has balls.

  6. As a Dolphins fan , I can tell you that he’s got to be better than Joe Philbin , that’s for sure.

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