Jaguars go with Greg Olson as offensive coordinator


The Jaguars interviewed a lot of potential offensive coordinators, and then they hired Greg Olson.

The former Raiders offensive coordinator will take the same job for the Jaguars, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

The Jaguars also hired former Bills head coach Doug Marrone to coach their offensive line, but adding Olson isn’t the kind of news to make Jaguars fans do cannonballs in the pool.

Olson previously worked with Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley in Tampa Bay, so the requisite familiarity was there.

But the fact the Raiders and Jaguars ranked 31st and 32nd in the league in yards and points last year makes you wonder how much progress he represents over Jedd Fisch.

“One of the things we talked about was that we were going to be really thorough and check out as many guys as we could and get a feel for what they bring to the table,” Jaguars coach Gus Bradley said. “Some of the interviews have been really lengthy so it’s been great to talk about things from scheme to philosophy. The players are putting great trust in me to bring the right people here that will lead us in the direction that we want to go.”

The Jaguars interviewed a pile of candidates, including Nathaniel Hackett, Anthony Lynn, Kirby Wilson and Greg Roman, and there was reported interest in Adam Gase.

22 responses to “Jaguars go with Greg Olson as offensive coordinator

  1. Jaguar fans, get ready to see: 1st down- run up the middle, 2nd down run up the middle to the other side, 3rd and 8 bootleg throw to the flats. This guy makes the players fit to his scheme rather than form his scheme around other players. It’s gunna be a long year for you guys and I try to mean it in the most sincere way possible. Goodluck Jag fans.

    -Die Hard Raiders fan

  2. As a Jags fan all I have to say “Why Him”?
    Out of all the candidates they choose him smh. Well the last time he was with Jacksonville he had terrible players to deal with. No Jags fan will ever forget the Gabbert era. Now he has a lot of young players to work work with. Let’s hope it does work smh. Someone’s it feels Gus is trying to set himself up to go back to Seattle especially that Quinn is leaving for Atlanta.

  3. Oh boy….

    I said this yesterday about the absurd DC hiring and I’ll say it today…the good ole boy network is in full force.

    This couldn’t make any less sense. He’s shown literally no ability to run an offense.

  4. No offence to Jags fans, but seriously, I couldn’t be happier to see Olsen go.

    He was the worst thing for Derek Carr.

  5. This is a ridiculous hire. Olsen was QB coach under Mularkey and the Jags QBs were legendarily bad. Olsen goes to the Raiders, has another legendarily bad season and gets REHIRED by the Jags? Sickening.

  6. HOW DOES THIS GUY KEEP GETTING JOBS. He was barely better with the Bucs than Marcus Arroyo, who was a QB coach straight out of college that got thrown into the offensive coordinator position at the last second after Tedford’s illness.

    Seriously, the differences between the two were negligible at best and they both had the same level of imagination(none whatsoever).

  7. You really have to question whether this organization is tanking on purpose. The only thing missing is Bob Uecker.

    Nothing speaks to success like replacing an OC from a 3-13 team with an OC from another 3-13 team. Especially when there were OC’s available with playoff credentials.

    Gus Bradley and David Caldwell’s cracks are showing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt like everyone else, but this decision reeks of incompetence.

  8. This is a horrible hire. With all of the people interviewing, I really think that this was the best guy that they could get who would take the job. The problem is that if the Jags don’t improve greatly next season (and the odds are they won’t), Gus and the new OC will be shown the door a year from now. That’s why no one wanted the OC job.

  9. First Coach Moron, now this. Two huge mistakes in as many days.

    Shad Khan should take Caldwell and Bradley for a trip on his yacht and throw them both overboard.

  10. tvjules says:
    Jan 21, 2015 6:46 AM
    Gase can’t even land a job with the Jags? That’s very telling.

    I think it’s more that Gase didn’t want to land a job with the Jags. He’ll either wind up in Chicago or Baltimore.

  11. Bad hire. Retread. Lame. Seems like you could find someone better than this considering the allure of working with a QB who is young and was a very high pick. Junk. Bortles is doomed to failure.

  12. What a garbage hire.

    Lets see, Baltimore needs an OC, they hire Trestman. Notice how they didn’t bother with a garbage resume like Olson’s.

    The Jaguars continue to make just uninspiring hire after uninspiring hire for their coaching positions, including assistants.

    I thought that bringing Marrone in for the OL position coach level was the sign of things changing for the better, well, this addition just flushes any culture change that I thought was coming.

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