John Madden: Blame Tom Brady for deflated footballs

The week began with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady laughing off the suggestion that the team had deflated footballs used on Sunday against the Colts.  When Brady, who said in 2011 that he likes deflated footballs, meets with the media on Friday, he probably won’t be doing much laughing.

He’ll be reacting to a bunch of questions about the situation, and he may specifically be faced with a pointed question regarding the opinions of Hall of Fame coach John Madden.

“That would have to be driven by the quarterback,” Madden told The Sports Xchange on Wednesday.  “That’s something that wouldn’t be driven by a coach or just the equipment guy.  Nobody, not even the head coach, would do anything to a football unilaterally, such as adjust the amount of pressure in a ball, without the quarterback not knowing.  It would have to be the quarterback’s idea.”

Madden’s position makes a lot of sense.  Quarterbacks are particular about their footballs.  Anybody doing anything to the footballs without the quarterback’s knowledge or consent would be asking for a tongue lashing.  In Brady’s case, his tongue wouldn’t be needed to formulate the various “F” words that would be hurled at he who messes with the quarterback’s primary tool.

“He is the effected,” Madden said.  “He is the only guy.  I heard some of the pundits saying the ball is easier to catch, but that would never, ever, ever be done for that unless the quarterback wanted it.  You wouldn’t do something for a receiver to catch the ball if the quarterback couldn’t throw it.  So it’s going to be done for the quarterback.”

Madden’s compelling, commonsensical take will make the potential conclusion that a ball boy went rogue ring hollow.  The ball boy would be going rogue not only against the rules but also against the wishes of the quarterback.  So if anyone connected to the Patriots was taking air out of the footballs, Madden’s explanation makes it clear that the quarterback either knew about it and did nothing to stop it — or deliberately requested it.

Now here’s the part where hundreds of Patriots and Raiders fans argue in the comments regarding whether Madden’s remarks were motivated by the tuck rule.

291 responses to “John Madden: Blame Tom Brady for deflated footballs

  1. TB12 gains strength drinking the tears of the vanquished ..let it go already, every QB in the league does this

  2. Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.

  3. Every, and I mean EVERY QB in the league does something to the ball. From scuffing it up, to taking the sheen off. add some air, take some air out.
    Where are these damn NFL leaks coming from. If I was the NFL thats what I would be pissed at. Just look at some of the crap. They report that they filled the balls at halftime, Then a different report says they took them out of play. Then a different report says something else.

  4. I cannot wait for media day. Talk about a free for all and the Pats players will be overwhelmed with questions about it. Sounds like fun!

  5. This has been a year in the NFL which reaches a point where it almost defies logic or comment. The Chinese apparently have 3 wedding blessings, one of which is “May you live in interesting times”. Welcome to those times. SMH.

  6. apkyletexas says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:50 PM
    Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.


    Amen brother!

  7. Maybe a rogue ball boy heard years ago about how Brady said he preferred partially deflated footballs better and thought he was doing him a favor?

    Personally, this whole thing is a mess.

  8. This is too bad. I was looking forward to a football game, instead it’s an Episode of Nancy Grace.

  9. Jan 21, 2015 7:50 PM
    “Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.”

    These two events are hardly equitable. In the case of the Saints, they were doing something that could injure players and knock them out not only for the game, but potentially for season. In the case of deflating balls, it is a rather minor offense, and in this particular game it meant no effect in the outcome. Moreover in the case of the Saints, that was a season-long phenomenon, where’s this is just one game.

  10. That’s what I’ve been saying from the outset, he’s got the highest motivation to demand this football deflation, he’s the primary benefactor, and he has the gravitas and influence in the Pats organization to pressure an equipment guy to engage in the subterfuge.

  11. thelastwordyaheard says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:48 PM
    TB12 gains strength drinking the tears of the vanquished ..let it go already, every QB in the league does this
    It seems to me that if every QB was doing this then it would be a nontopic and Brady wouldn’t have to “act” like he had no clue what everyone was talking about…. Or maybe that just my take…

  12. Makes a lot of sense. I am sure, however, Belichick knew what was going on. That whole organization is looking like a bunch of desperate cheaters from top to bottom. Feel sorry for Boston. No… Not really.

  13. That makes sense.

    I hope they don’t find out about the nitrous oxide pumped into the visitors locker room at halftime.

  14. I coach at a level quite a big below the big leagues. We ask the quarterback which ball he wants and he is responsible for it all week.

    We don’t ask receivers.

  15. Suspend brady for the super bowl. Same thing would happen if he popped for PEDs right? Instead of performance enhancing drugs brady modified equipment to allow him to perform better. No different than a MLB pitcher doctoring up a ball.

  16. This headline is exactly why players don’t want to talk to the media anymore. The words never came out of his mouth, yet you make it the title as if it were a quote.

  17. Madden makes a lot of sense, and to hell with that tuck rule deal, that has nothing to do with it, its all on the QB…..and I agree, if they will suspend Sean Payton, then Belichick and Brady should be responsible for their actions against the integrity of the league

  18. Man this is getting old quick – fine them all and then in the off season change the rule to allow the teams to bring their own balls at whatever psi they want. Do it that way and its self monitoring and no one can complain about an advantage

  19. Whomever compared this precedent to the saints is an idiot. Saints deliberately tried to hurt and end people’s careers. Patriots slapped the Colts on past sat sunday and 2 times before that. I’m a Raiders fan and still believe the NFL’s idiotic rulings are what milks teams. Ravens crying wolf and stories about how the NFL knew but didn’t do anything are baseless, if that’s the case and the officials and NFL knew then I blame them and Tomy Brady second (John Madden is on to something). Matt Leinart, Brady Johnson and company are saying it’s a common practice and they gain nothing by saying this, some writers have nothing to do rather than try to help nil get their ratings up.

  20. I don’t know what the punishment will be, but I’d rather it was a fine and draft picks instead of suspensions.

    As a Hawk fan, I want to see the two best teams in the Superbowl… not a team with an assistant head coach and/or a backup QB. If we lost, we’d be a laughing stock… if we won, no one would take it seriously… total lose/lose.

  21. I wish they’d let Madden rewrite the rule book!

    -Rule 13.5a “unnecessary” roughness. If a guy his another guy and then there’s a boom and a pow and then the other guy is done for the game that’s good roughness, but it’s unnecessary and there should be a penalty.

  22. now i see why the visiting teams always wins all the time because of this reason now the home team can win next year and those visiting team wins since 2001 could be tainted

  23. nflgreedleague says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:53 PM
    I wish they’d let Madden rewrite the rule book!


    Rule number one… If the guy doesn’t get tackled, then he scores a touchdown.

  24. Don’t think Tom Terrific is going to be quite so smug at his press conference tomorrow as he was on Monday.

  25. The NFL didnt suspend the cheating scumbag aints coaches and players right away, they waited a couple seasons to do it so as to not immediately taint the unearned super bowl championship that the NFL made sure they got with crooked officiating.

  26. We’re about to find out how Goodell really feels about protecting the shield. He has no problem dropping the hammer on run of the mill players and coaches.

    How about the league’s Golden Boy, Golden Coach and Golden Owner?

  27. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions before the NFL has confirmed anything? People need to chill out. This witch hunt was planned so the media could have something to hype the Super Bowl up with. Only the true Pats haters think this is anything really significant.

  28. Not only does Madden make sense, it raises the question of why this was 1st noticed by a Colt equipment guy instead of by Luck.

  29. it would be nice if my team was facing the Pats and my number 1 concern was not “I wonder how many different ways they are cheating in this game”

    Bilichick has either only cheated in 2 different ways and got caught both times (not likely), or he cheats A LOT and has only gotten caught twice (more likely).

  30. What? You mean the zit-faced ball boy on the sideline didn’t unilaterally determine that he would deflate the ball below regulations without telling anyone? Darn, one less excuse to rely upon…

  31. When discussing this issue, would everyone please stop bringing up the Saints and Sean Payton. They were paying bounties to players to hurt members of the opposing team. That is a huge issue related to player safety, and not on the same planet as tweaking ball pressure.

    There have been at least a half dozen TV and Radio shows today that took 2 or 3 NFL footballs and set them as 10 PSI, 13 PSI, and 15 PSI… in pretty much every case I heard the person ‘inspecting the balls’ couldn’t tell you which was which. Not exactly the same as knocking a QB out of a game and getting an under the table bonus for it.

    Were the rules skirted… yes. Should the franchise be punished, yes… Just don’t hold your breath waiting for 4, 8 or 16 game bans, and no one is going to miss the Super Bowl as a result of this.

  32. If there was no advantage to be gained, the Pats wouldn’t waste their time doing it.

    Ask Mike Scott.

  33. cowboy19 says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:56 PM
    It seems to me that if every QB was doing this then it would be a nontopic and Brady wouldn’t have to “act” like he had no clue what everyone was talking about…. Or maybe that just my take…


    what Brady said was that the controversy was “ridiculous,” i.e. ridiculous because the practice is commonplace in the league and it’s absurd to selectively enforce the rule against one team

  34. It’s hilarious how big of a deal this is becoming thanks to the media machine and general anti-Patriot feeling around the country.

    As Bill said… “We’re on to Seattle.”

  35. So 11 for 21 in the first half with underinflated balls but 12 for 14 with normal balls in the second half? If Brady or Belichick is found guilty of this, this would be the dumbest most pointless case of cheating of all time but something doesn’t seem right here. Tampering has been found to have done multiple times during the season but just before the Super Bowl then there’s a story? Right…

  36. To those people saying that every QB in the League does this, all I can say is that none of us as fans have the faintest idea what “every” QB does to a ball before a game. Stop making stuff up. You don’t know and neither do I? Why don’t we see how this all plays out, rather than claiming we know it all. We don’t know a thing.

  37. So the “best of all time” debate is over as it relates to Brady being in the conversation.

    Montana, Manning, Elway and Bradshaw, rest easy, you’re still in the mix!

  38. I hope that any potential punishment against BB/TB/whoever would be meted out AFTER the Super Bowl

    If my Hawks win their 2nd SB I don’t want to hear a bunch of bull about how TB/BB was not playing/coaching and if they were it would have been different.

  39. Superbowl between two cheating teams! Shehawks for drugs and Pats for anything imaginable! Change the name to “Cheaters Bowl”! Nothing Super about either one of these teams!

  40. No way Belicheat didn’t know about it, he’s a megalomaniac who controls every facet of that franchise.

    Serial cheating franchise, top to bottom, the “patriot way”.

  41. Hey Aaron Hernandez warned us.

    He talked about doing things the Patriot way and then went out and murdered three people.

  42. Patriots are cheaters. Called it for many of seasons. Patriot fans justify it but its cheating. Its ok if they do it but no other team can. Feel bad for the colts now. They will be playing in London and feel the wrath of the league for the next few years for exposing the league and patriots “goodells team” for cheating.

  43. As a Seahawks fan, I don’t want either BB or TB to be suspended for the Super Bowl. I want my Hawks to beat the Pats at full strength.

  44. Lynch was going to get suspended for the championship game if he wore gold shoes. Brady cheats and gets caught and there will be very little punishment if any. The NFL only cares about money everything else is smoke and mirrors.

  45. As far as I’m concerned, this now obvious pattern of serial cheating by Bill Belichick has become a sickness with this guy and he deserves the Pete Rose treatment.
    A lifetime ban effective immediately along with his name being stricken from the record books.
    Then strip the Pats of this Super Bowl berth and give it to the Colts.
    ..and while we’re at it, strip the Pats of those three already questionable SB wins*** as well.
    What a scumbag organization, from top to bottom…

  46. But didn’t they originally pump the balls up inside of an incubator to manufacturer’s specifications prior to exposing them to cold?

  47. I gotta agree with Madden. If a Colts defensive player makes one catch from Brady and notices the ball feels soft, how in the world does Brady NOT know??? And what about the running back? Wouldn’t it be easier for the RB to hold the ball while they are racking up 160-200 yards (in both games against the Colts)?

  48. first half ( deflated balls ) 17-7

    2nd half ( normal balls ) 28-0

    hey colts fans, belichick was giving your team a chance.

    jk of course. this is a disgrace….

  49. Look, the league was planning to check the balls during the game apparently – so anyone who thinks the Colt’s didn’t have a heads up on this is blind.

    You can’t say this wasn’t targeting – or else other games/teams after the Colts complaint in November would have been spot checked as well.

    Tampering complaint against Jets, spot-check of Patriots during game, former Jets executive Goodell is head-hunting.

  50. filmex2000 says: Jan 21, 2015 8:00 PM

    Don’t think Tom Terrific is going to be quite so smug at his press conference tomorrow as he was on Monday.
    Keep dreaming. He’ll be his usual self, deny any knowledge of it and laugh that it’s a complete and total non-issue.

  51. So much for the “best of all time” QB debate.

    Montana, Manning, Bradshaw, Elway and Marino, you’re all still in the conversation!

  52. Shoot…. I remember right after Spygate, how the Patriot players were getting booed at the Pro Bowl that year.

    I mean c’mon man – nobody gets booed in Hawaii.
    Even the Japanese don’t get booed there anymore…

    Can you imagine what it will sound like when the New England Cheaters take the field in Arizona in a couple of weeks if Goodell does nothing about this?

  53. Those of you saying the Brady and Belichick should be suspended for a year are nothing but absolute honks. If this was YOUR team and the offense was deflated footballs you’d be shaking it off like a bad case of fleas.

    What a bunch of frauds. Do you think people should be jailed for going 10 over the speed limit too?

  54. Makes sense. Tom Brady is on record saying he prefers a deflated football. Also the fact that when he was asked about it all he could do was laugh and say what else are people gonna think of next. I think Tom’s passion for winning another title after a decade long drought is driving him to do anything possible to help him play his best. The bottom line is, it’s against the rules and their repeated offenses of breaking the rules needs to be taken seriously. This leagues integrity has already been massively attacked due to their actions over the past year. Unfortunately we all know how this will end, a slap on the wrist and Ol Rodger brushing it under the rug. The NFL’s rug has got to be 6 ft high with all the crap they’ve swept under it recently.

  55. If the Colts DB’s could tell the intercepted ball was under inflated, certainly Brady would also notice. Brady should be suspended immediately. Let him miss the chance at another Super Bowl ring.

  56. Unless there is video prof the Ball Boy deliberately deflated the balls … then ..well .. this will all be about nothing. And thats a fact… lets enjoy the game…

  57. wkdblc52 says: Jan 21, 2015 7:58 PM

    Madden makes a lot of sense, and to hell with that tuck rule deal, that has nothing to do with it, its all on the QB…..and I agree, if they will suspend Sean Payton, then Belichick and Brady should be responsible for their actions against the integrity of the league
    NFL will have no proof, will issue a minor fine, will change the rules next year regarding how the balls are tested and stored and who controls them which is the right call, since such a trivial stupid issue had no bearing on the outcome of any game.

  58. You knew something was up when Brady gave that shifty *heh heh heh heh heh I’ve heard it all at this point non denial denial* comment.

    That was wrong move. Apparently the refs even thought they were deflated, but they have no procedure to stop a championship game for 20 minutes and figure out what do about it, and then when they found out they were all deflated at half time they had no procedure to deal with malfeasance on that scale so they juat continued playing the game, because the nfl is about as proactive as my parakeet Bob.

  59. Maddens a Raider flunky who never got over the Tuck. Too bad, Johnny boy, you’re time is over and your takes are lame. Get over it, Patriots won and kicked the crap out of Indy, inflated, deflated, or no balls.

  60. This scandel serves only to fuel the anger of those who already hate the Patriots. The casual NFL fan does not care about this story at all. Please stop covering it. The Super Bowl is next weekend! Talk about that!

  61. This sounds like a completely logical explanation. So I wish people would get off Belichick’s back. There is no way Belichick was involved with this. He had way too much going on preparing for the game. So fine Brady and move on. This is becoming a joke.

  62. All this talk about deflated ball, inflated balls…
    marshawn Lynch is all for getting a hold of this issue

  63. It’s not about Brady…Blount is a fumbler!!!!!!
    The NFL PR trolls are out in force saying the remedy is suspension or draft picks….wrong..from the robbery of reversing the Burt Emmanual catch to put the “feel good Kurt Warner” in the Super Bowl to the latest Dallas / Detroit flag pick up and countless other integrity issues in between, if the NFL wants to avoid becoming a sick parody of the WWF, then they need the courage to keep NE out of the Super Bowl.
    Can anyone really say, yea, they cheated but the show must go on? Then those carrying the message should just admit that is entertainment, devoid of competitive integrity, and bring Vince McMahon from behind the curtain.

    Remember , any depiction of the events without the express written consent of the National Football Leauge is prohibited.

  64. I am getting sick of the “Didn’t effect the game” excuse from Pats fans.

    A partially deflated football is easier to throw, catch and hold onto in wet conditions. So a 3rd and 8 passing play is now easier to perform for one team, and not the other, which could have drastically effected the outcome.

    Colts could have had more completions (hence more scoring chances and less turnover chances) if they played with the same ball pressure, and on the flip side Patriots could have more drops or deflections or fumbles playing with regulation ball pressure (hence less scoring chances and more Colt scoring chances). It could have swung the score 2-3 TD’s, which would have made a comeback in the 4th quarter entirely possible, or at least somewhat interesting to watch for someone like me with no rooting instance either way.

  65. How do any of you Patriot fans know that everyone does it. You’re making stuff up to justify your cheating franchise. If everyone does it then why were the Colts balls not deflated?

  66. @zorn2largent
    IMO, its not a big deal. Look at the way Brad Johnson, and Aaron Rodgers talked about it. They practically bragged about going outside of the rules.

    The Vikings were seen on TV, this season, using heaters on their footballs against Carolina. It wasn’t a big deal then…. it shouldn’t be a big deal now.

    BUT if the Patriots do get punished Green Bay and the Vikings should also receive the same type of punishment.

  67. Hey nflgreedleague,
    If Madden rewrote the rule book it would be on one page of loose leaf paper front and back… and the nfl would be awesome again!

  68. It’s a tough call on the “everyone does it” argument. Taking the sheen off or scuffing the ball does not seem like a big deal to me. However, under inflating seems worse because of the advantage gained. And, it’s not just the quarterback here; presumably, the receivers would have an easier time catching the ball and any runner would have an easier time not fumbling the ball.

    As for over inflating, whatever benefit to the quarterback would be sacrificed by the receivers and/or runners whose jobs would then be more difficult.

  69. Yeah, Brady throws 1 TD and 1 pick in the first half with those deflated balls he loves, and 2 TDs an no picks in the second half with the regulation balls he hates.

    Looks like Madden found the smoking gun alright.

  70. Love the double-standard in the NFL. Payton is suspended for a year but Belichick is fined $500k (pocket change, really) and business as usual. Nothing will happen to Golden Boy, Belichick, or the Patriots as a whole, because the NFL goes to great lengths to protect them.

  71. All this story is becoming annoying. I hope that they do not hand the game to the Seahawks just as they handed the divisional playoff game in Lambeau to the Packers.

  72. The NFL gaining a death grip with each passing week. The spiral is heading down. The payoff will be when the networks start backing away. Coming soon.

  73. Maybe they had a game plan that they were going to run the ball and use short passing plays so that the deflated balls wouldn’t affect them.

  74. Gas tank is just about full! Keep fueling the Pats. Every athlete in every sport claims, “Us against the world.” This time its for real! fuelthePats

  75. The comments on Brady liking deflated footballs from 2011 is completely out of context with this story… He was referring to the footballs being deflated by Gronk’s spikes, not how he likes them to feel when throwing them… The fact that it was ever brought up by Florio, Cowherd and by any comments is just crazy.

  76. Here is the thing, if the league really thought this was a big deal (before the media hype, anyway), they would have taken the simple step of providing and controlling the balls from beginning to end. And why do the two offenses play with different supplies of balls anyway, if not to allow for the teams to be able to alter balls to their liking?

    Here is a simple solution: have the league control all aspects of the balls. Why this wasn’t already the case has been the biggest shock about the whole thing.

  77. I’d be prepared to blame Tom Brady for anthropogenic global warming if I thought it would stick. As it is, I’m content to see the Patriots lose the Super Bowl.

  78. @gacoltfan, Peyton Manning IS the reason that QBs are allowed to “Customize” the feel of their footballs.

    And as I said in my note above, Aaron Rodgers and the Vikings have done it THIS season… and NO ONE batted an eye.

  79. The ‘every QB in the league does this’ is a fine excuse. As long as you aren’t the same people fighting that what the Saints did with the bounties wasn’t also something that was commonplace in the league. Just because ‘everybody does it’ doesn’t mean squat. It only matters if you get caught. And the Pats are the ones that got caught.

  80. Some of you people can’t be this dense.

    It’s not about whether all QBs scuff up their balls, break them in, overinflate them whatever. Whatever is done by each team, the REFS still approve or disapprove the team footballs before the game begins and that’s the end of it for everyone EXCEPT apparently Tom Brady and Belichick.

    After the Patriots and Colts were inspected, the Pats had someone deflate Brady’s footballs to an illegal level. Brady wanted it deflated to an illegal level and it was done behind the NFL’s back. THAT’s the point. Not whether or not every team cures their footballs.

    I doubt Brady will be his usual arrogant dismissive self when asked about this again. It was done for the QB and the QB only.

  81. moss8813 says:
    Jan 21, 2015 8:03 PM
    ESPN’s Sports Science segment says this deflategate gave no actual advantage to the Patriots, why is this still a story?
    You do realize you began the sentence with “ESPN”, right? The same people who brought us the QBR a few years ago..? Yeah, that’s why this is still a story.

  82. You guys referring to the Saints and Bountysham got it wrong. The Saints were “convicted” by Goodell based on evidence from the crack NFL Investigations Unit – the same clowns who couldn’t get the Ray Rice video. There was never any published evidence that the Saints did anything wrong.

    Oh – and that “everybody does it” argument….. there sure were a lot of people on here blasting that as no excuse for Bountysham!

  83. This is a 5 billion dollar a year business, why is anybody but NFL officials handling the footballs at anytime before/during the game?

    Why does each team give 11 balls to be used during the game? If the NFL wants things to be equal then its really simple. they provide the ball and the QBs have to deal with it.

    and this is in no way defending brady, he should be banned from the SB just like a pitcher would be thrown out for scuffing up the ball during a baseball game.

  84. 11 out of 12 balls. I have to agree with madden and blame brady Its just to bad Lady cant win a legitimate superbowl where the word cheat doesn’t come up. Who knows what else the team has fathomed up to rack up a victory during the season.

  85. I’m curious to see what Brady looks like throwing a properly inflated ball.

    If he’s wearing a glove in Arizona he’s guilty.

  86. Really!?!?!?! I wanna watch the best football possible! Oh no a few psi either way. Now I know some of you will be thinking well if you wanna see the best football possible, let them take ped’s. The problem with this is you might be forcing players to take them that would rather not. Ex. lets say superstar level is 5 and player A is at a 3 but with ped’s he gets pumped up to a 6 now the true superstar is no longer a superstar so he has to take them to become an 8 and regain his elite level. I’m just guessing that most if not all ped’s are bad for your overall health, so if they are allowed it could force someone that doesn’t want to risk his health to do just that.

    Lets look at Fran’s claim on CNN that all teams are taking ped’s. Most look at him like Christopher Columbus, Whats that you say the world is round. Hahaha what a quack. I give you a C’mon man look at the evidence. What would happen if everyone was jacked up to the max, injury’s would go through the roof. Oh wait if you look at it injurys are way up! Dont try to tell me players are tougher this day in age because I think the players from the 80’s are way tougher than players today! (I dont know when the rules changed to make the sport softer but i’m just saying old time football was way more violent then it is today)

  87. Belichick messed up when he said we’ll cooperate with the investigation. This is the time to stonewall. He needs to watch Homeland and learn how to stand up under interrogation.

  88. loved the nfl for about 47 years now. this was the first season i watched with casual interest. even my main guy adrian peterson, who i always thought was a standup guy turned out to be a punk. don’t want him back, he’s a cancer. but that along with ray rice and now this possible cheating crap has about done me in. i know the nfl could care less about 1 fan, but they better get a handle on this pretty damn quick. the officiating is horrid, people wonder if games are fixed, me included. i’m going to watch the super bowl, but mainly for the ads and i hope for a good honest game. i don’t know anymore what is what….is it all choreographed and orchestrated like wrestling? i’m just so damn tired of all this nonsense. what used to be a great sunday and sunday night and monday have really turned sour. hope they straighten this out….fast.

  89. What was that Brady said after the Ravens game? Something about them needing to read the rule book?

  90. Eh, it gives the millions of butthurt patriot haters something to whine about.

    I can only hope that all the anonymous sources used to slander the Patriots are all wrong. Not that anyone will eat crow or admit they jumped to conclusions.

  91. ameradian1 says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:54 PM
    Jan 21, 2015 7:50 PM
    “Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.”

    These two events are hardly equitable. In the case of the Saints, they were doing something that could injure players and knock them out not only for the game, but potentially for season. In the case of deflating balls, it is a rather minor offense, and in this particular game it meant no effect in the outcome. Moreover in the case of the Saints, that was a season-long phenomenon, where’s this is just one game.

    38 67
    Report comment

    You couldn’t be more wrong if I paid you to be.

    A. You say that the deflated balls had very little effect on the eventual outcome of the game. Whether that is true or not is inconsequential. The simple fact of the matter is there is no way that anyone knew this game was a blowout when the balls were tampered with. making this point moot.

    B. No ball boy would DARE touch the balls without the quarterback not only ok’ing it, but ordering it. This isn’t my belief. It’s the belief of HOF coaches and qbs (Troy Aikman and John Madden) on the website.

    C. Lastly, your point that the Saints was a season long thing, and this was a one time thing…. you may want to educate yourself on the matter. The Colts had supposedly reported this the LAST time they played. And that is the reason that the NFL “says” they were going to inspect the balls anyways.

    D. Nobody gets caught the “first time” they do something. Life just doesn’t work that way. And if you believe that Brady said 3 years ago (2011) that he prefers deflated balls, but yet they had NEVER done it until now, I got some nice swamp land to sell you in Arizona.

  92. Standard Pats’ Fan excuses:

    Every QB does it – check.
    Didn’t affect the outcome of the game – check.
    Everybody hates the Patriots – check.
    The media is making a big deal out of nothing – check.
    There’s no video, so there’s no proof – check.
    If it was your team that got caught you wouldn’t think it was a big deal – check.

    That should cover it. No such thing as a little cheating.

  93. Not suggesting this is what happened, but if we’re going to keep running with hypotheticals…

    You’re stating that there’s a definitive advantage to be gained by a QB knowingly playing with preferably altered footballs, wouldn’t therefore have to be an equal and opposite advantage to the opponent for the QB unknowingly playing with altered footballs?

    Again, just pointing out a factual consideration that hasn’t yet been removed from possibility.

  94. Goodell wouldn’t hurt his precious Patriots. What a stain on the NFL. What team wouldn’t trade draft picks for a championship??????

  95. Has anybody else become completely desensitized by Patriots cheating scandals? It mustn’t be that bad, because no body else in the league seems to care.

  96. What I just can’t understand is why they only under inflated 11 of the 12 balls. You’d really be risking a legit ball getting in there. Seems a little like Russian roulette to me.

  97. When I play Tecmo Bowl against my little brother, we strive for realism. Whoever gets the Patriots gets to know what plays the other person chooses.

    They are unbeatable.

  98. Chances are we are never going to know exactly what transpired. Should not be too difficult for the NFL to keep a certain number of footballs at the proper inflation in a temperature controlled box on the side-line.

    Like many things in life, you identify a weakness or problem and come up with a solution going forward.

    I want my team taking on New England at their full strength.

  99. the same guy who is so desperate to win another, that he is willing to play for only 7 million next year, while are his piers of his caliper are making 20 million plus per.

  100. This whole thing made the SB slightly more interesting. Probably not enough to watch it, but..

  101. Can someone please explain to me how/why people think there is precedent to suspend someone from the Patriots if they are found to be guilty of deflating balls when the rule book states it’s punishable by a $25,000.00 fine????

    And why do people keep comparing this to the bounty issue?

    And didn’t Taglibue rule that the commissioner was dead wrong in his punishment on the bounty issue anyways?

  102. Brady had to know —a linebacker knew! Cheaters! WHAT did baseball do! Pats have cheated for years fake injuries—spy gate —-how many rules—sportsman my——-Cheat or sit them all –forfeit! they will quit

  103. Irony? Patriots were helping the colts using the doctored balls. When they were forces to use brand new footballs in the second half they destroyed the colts.

  104. From Boston Globe:
    “Well, we cheated the hell out of this one in all three phases.Tom had sandpaper and a thumb tack on his glove. Ernie Adams commissioned the one-of-a-kind industrial ball deflator that you saw on the sidelines there. Really good work. That football was flatter than Johnny Unitas’s crew cut. Anything else? OK, [bleep] the shield and kiss my rings. Oh, and PSI? It means pound sand, idiots. Ernie stole all of your credit card information, and I have your internet search histories right here

  105. So with cheating they were good enough to win Super Bowls. Without cheating, they weren’t.
    In hindsight, duh: OF COURSE Belichick doesn’t come from out of nowhere (e.g., Cleveland failure) and suddenly become a great coach. And Tom Brady doesn’t come from out of nowhere (7th round?) and suddenly become a great quarterback.
    It’s so evident, now. How did we ever fall for it?

  106. If the Pats get a slap on the wrist and heads don’t roll, I won’t be watching the Super Bowl. — I cannot support a league that gives proven cheaters slaps on the wrist.

    For all the Pats fans that say that people hate them because they win….. How many super bowls do they have in the last 10 years? I don’t remember people hating the Bulls when the had 2 3-peats.

  107. zorn2largent says: Jan 21, 2015 7:58 PM

    Suspend brady for the super bowl. Same thing would happen if he popped for PEDs right? Instead of performance enhancing drugs brady modified equipment to allow him to perform better. No different than a MLB pitcher doctoring up a ball.

    Yea….about that. Remember that time (2 years ago) Ray Lewis tested positive for PED’s a week before the SB and played? He also murdered or was involved in a murder and they let him back into the league with open arms.

  108. pheloniusphish says: Jan 21, 2015 8:42 PM

    Standard Pats’ Fan excuses:

    Every QB does it – check.
    Didn’t affect the outcome of the game – check.
    Everybody hates the Patriots – check.
    The media is making a big deal out of nothing – check.
    There’s no video, so there’s no proof – check.
    If it was your team that got caught you wouldn’t think it was a big deal – check.

    That should cover it. No such thing as a little cheating……………………………………………………..
    Did you hear any pats fans complaining about Rodgers comments midesason? Guy professes to cheating to the announcers of the game he beats the pats in and no big deal was made of it, even by the pats fans. You know why? Because it’s not a big deal.
    If you were to swap the qb’s in that scenario, it would have been frickin’ benghazi! The only reason this is a big deal is because all the trolls and sour grapes of the last 14 years is turning this into a witch hunt and won’t let it die.

  109. I would suggest that people listen to the ESPN Science guy discuss the impact of the variation in weight. He said it would be the equivalent to reducing the weight of the ball by the weight of a single dollar bill and that there was virtually no grip improvement. People want to believe the Patriots cheat, that they gain an advantage by cheating, and that cheating explains their success. Science disproves those theories. Alas, people will believe what they want to believe.

  110. Madden is in the Hall of Fame, has a Super Bowl ring, and all the money in the world. He’s the greatest announcer of all time. He has accomplished all he’s going to accomplish. He has more credibility than anyone on this issue. Brady, is a Hall of Famer too. He has three Super Bowl rings. He’s one of the best QBs of all time. But he wants to be regarded as the best. After all, his wife is possibly the greatest super model. He doesn’t want to play second fiddle at home. He is willing to cheat to be regarded in the same category as Montana. He needs one more Super Bowl. He has everything to gain by cheating. Well Tom, Joe Montana never cheated. You’ll never be regarded in the same category as Joe. Brady’s legacy is now in serious question. How far down the list will he fall. Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Roger Staubach, Peyton Manning. You shouldn’t have cheated Tom. Maybe Brady is one of the top 20 QBs, but he’ll never be up there with the best.

  111. Pardon me, but John Madden oversaw a group of players that intentionally tried to hurt other players on a regular basis. In a preseason game against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland Coliseum on August 12, 1978, I watched as Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley was viciously hit by Raiders defensive back Jack Tatum. The hit compressed Stingley’s spinal cord, breaking his fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. He spent the rest of his life as a quadriplegic and died at a young age. John Madden is not someone who should be passing out blame about what takes place on a football field.

  112. Seriously. This is HateGate. Players lives were endangered with BountyGate. This does not compare. Witch Hunt. Jealousy rears its ugly head. Ridiculous. Nothing will happen. Except Kraft and Brady suing everybody for slander and libel and their pockets are bigger than yours. Good luck. Disposition will take months. In the meantime Patriots will continue to dominate. Everybody. It hurts so good. Now you have given us good motivation to unleash the hounds of hell. You have ticked off the wrong guy. Patriots Nation embrace the stupidity. Sore losers lose. Winners win. Haters hate. We will be back stomping everybody in a few months. Do your best haters. You lose. We love our Machiavellian Vilains. We got this SB. And next years too. This is nothing but whiners whining. It is what it is. Belicheck is a God. Brady is King. Live with it.

  113. Tigerlilac makes a a good point above. In support of this consider the game when the balls were purportedly deflated vs. the score after all the balls were inflated properly. When the Patriots were allegedly cheating by using deflated footballs, they could manage only a 17-7 halftime lead over the Colts, but in the second half, using legal, regulation footballs, the Patriots poured it on, 28-0. End of all discussion that the deflated balls helped in any respect.

  114. What I love about Tinebones, and others if his ilk, is that they presume guilt on the part of Brady or someone else when no findings have yet been published. Haters will not wait for a little thing like evidence to inform their opinions!

  115. I agree cheating is cheating, not trying to justify it in anyway shape it form. It is however, quite obvious that this had no effect on the game. If anything, it may have hurt the Pats. The balls were removed at halftime and the patriots went offffff. Brady was 11-21 in the first half and then 12-14 in the second. It was a brutal 28-0 blowout in the second half after these balls were removed. Proof is all there, shows the “cheating” didn’t help them at all.

    As I said before… It is breaking the rules and needs to be addressed if they can prove it was done after the balls were checked.

  116. I don’t care at all. Could they have been deflating the balls? Sure. Could have been a faulty pump that gave the wrong pressure reading? Absolutely. Blount still ran for more TDs than the Colts scored and apparently could have done it with a beach ball.

    And in defense of the Patriots fans saying everybody does it…. Matt Leinart agrees.

  117. Yes, every team prepares the footballs they’re going to use in the game. Then the officials inspect them. And the key is that they have to be inflated to within a uniform weight or psi.

    Regardless of other acceptable preparation done, and everyone takes the sheen off the balls, if the balls were all 2 pounds UNDER the rules-driven acceptable weight or psi, then it was a broken rule and cheating.


  118. How do I explain this to my son who is a huge Patriots and TB fan? I am disappointed. There is cheating in all sports/games and only thing I can trust now is a 4th grade basketball game.

  119. It is in the rulebook, Pat fans. It’s in the rule book. Belichick knows it. Brady knows it.
    What is your argument again? That it is not against the rules?

  120. This is just like the AP case; all these people supporting the wrong-doer because of “no harm” etc. Seriously, the people who post here that there was no advantage obviously never played football and seem to lack an understanding of the game – go back to your Mommy’s garage/basement. Momentum is a big deal – one play can change the game (ask GB). These guys cheated, period. Lets see the NFL send the right message.

  121. Mike, you seem to be on a campaign to promote or play into a mass hysteria about Belichick and the Patriots. You censored my post comparing you to Inspector Javert but I am seriously asking you to do some introspection and look at how similar your actions are to his.

    Javert is so obsessed with enforcing laws (it is a moral issue with him) that he does not realize he is living by mistaken assumptions, a tragic and ironic flaw in a man who believes strongly in enforcing what he believes is right (think your integrity of the game mantra). Javert is inflexible. He never stops to question whether the laws themselves are just or if the crime is material. In his mind, a man is guilty when the law (minor regulation in your case) is violated.

    Is this not what you are, in fact, doing in this situation?

  122. Haha, sounds like Madden is very well versed in how cheating works and who instigates the different kinds of cheating. I’m guess videotaping practices would be more of something driven by the coach.

    Madden and the Raiders invented bending the rules. Can’t get anything past Madden Patriots

  123. savankir says:
    Jan 21, 2015 9:30 PM
    How do I explain this to my son who is a huge Patriots and TB fan? I am disappointed. There is cheating in all sports/games and only thing I can trust now is a 4th grade basketball game.

    Sounds like a great opportunity for you to be a parent and take responsibility for teaching your kid between right and wrong

  124. goawayeverybody says: Jan 21, 2015 8:47 PM

    You can expect almost no punishment from Goodell.

    You see, Goodell likes the Patriots, therefore there will be a slap on the wrist……………………………

    So, Vikings caught manipulating ball on sidelines….nothing

    Rodgers conveys intent of cheating with manipulated ball in every game……nothing

    Pats have manipulated ball…… Full blown investigation! Yeah, tell me how Roger loves the pats.

  125. It’s OVER,….. patriots fans, you just don’t see the writing on the wall.
    Your tarnished golden boy Brady & Belicheat are cooked. Nothing like this happens without them knowing exactly just what they were trying to do. Guarantee a victory at ALL COSTS.
    Well they accomplished that. Anything they did in their careers and now Tainted. How long have they been cheating to get an edge.
    Say Goodbye.
    Game, Set, Match.

  126. Like Madden never pushed for an angle when he coached. I’m sure Ken Stabler “adjusted” the ball when he played for Madden. Wasn’t Fred Balitnikoff called Mr. Stickum and he had to use his elbows to get up because his hands were caked with that goop? What else did Madden’s players do to enhance their performance?

  127. savankir says: Jan 21, 2015 9:30 PM

    How do I explain this to my son who is a huge Patriots and TB fan? I am disappointed. There is cheating in all sports/games and only thing I can trust now is a 4th grade basketball game………………

    You tell him the truth. Brady likes his balls at 11psi and Aaron Rodgers prefers his at 14 psi. Then you can enlighten him to the joy of envy and how dangerous other people can be when they cannot succeed. The people who are making a big deal of this are tired of hearing about the pats and want them to go away.

  128. Wow. The fear of Belichick and Brady is severe if people are calling for a years suspension. Must suck every time they’re on your teams schedule – having to go through that anxiety.

    There won’t be a year long suspension, so quelch your weird fantasies of that. The same would have to be applied to the Packers.

    Now, what will be really interesting is when the league strips the Pats of their 31st-32nd 1st round selection – but then gives them the Jets 6th pick in the 1st for the tampering by Woody.

    You’re gonna howl then!

  129. This little nugget from today’s USA Today’s article on deflating footballs:
    “Early indications are that many players and former players don’t take the rule too seriously. One of them, former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann, went so far as to do a test with one legal football and one deflated football on Wednesday. “I wanted to physically handle the footballs and see if I could tell a difference in them,” Theismann told USA TODAY Sports’ Jim Corbett. “And I couldn’t.” Theismann went on to quote Dan Marino: “The last thing you’re thinking about as a quarterback when you get to the line of scrimmage is, ‘I wonder if this football is 2 PSI lighter?’ They came out of the woodwork, these legendary quarterbacks, furrowing their brows and wondering what all the fuss was about after all the news media reports about the underflated footballs.”

    Clearly, as I mentioned in another post even if the Patriots did this purposely, it is a rather minor infraction in the grand scheme of things, and there’s no evidence that they did it in any other game. And as I posted above, the Patriots played better in the second half after the balls have been restored to their full inflation glory, then they did in the first half ( as reflected in the score between the two halves),

  130. cowboysgotscrewed says:
    Jan 21, 2015 8:52 PM
    What I just can’t understand is why they only under inflated 11 of the 12 balls. You’d really be risking a legit ball getting in there. Seems a little like Russian roulette to me.


    If I was going to run the scam I’d mark the one ball I didn’t deflate and make sure it never gets into the game. This one ball would be the one I’d hand a ref or the NFL if they came checking on it.

    The mistake is throwing the pick and letting them have one of the balls on the sidelines.

  131. You know here is one thing not mentioned yet in all these posts and that is WHOS THE CIRCUS NOW CHEATERS NEW IT FOR YEARS I also wonder how many other little things they do that we dont see or hear about but im sure everh other team does it

  132. Belichek could be suspended/fined. Unless you have indisputable proof that Brady ordered it, can’t do a thing against him. Even if he thought the balls were under inflated, one can’t punish him for that…

  133. ball boy is gonna be the fall guy
    poor kid did it for his lifelong idol
    poor kid thought it was ok since he heard TB say it
    poor kid will soon wish he never had that job
    bottom line is — madden is right and everyone with a brain knows that it how it would go down

  134. I’m already tired of hearing about this. I didn’t even want the patriots to go to the Super Bowl but its annoying to hear colts fans and fans who simply hate the patriots act like this completely determined the outcome of the game and there’s no way it did. Was it shady of the patriots? Yes. Was it against the rules? Yes so I get the frustration but I doubt they really needed deflated balls to beat Indy. How about since we all know the deflated balls were taken out before the 2nd half the NFL just deducts new England’s points from the 1st half and only count what they scored in the 2nd half? Surely that will fix….wait New England still wins. Quit crying already

  135. Will it even matter if the Cheat tri ots win the Super Bowl? Belicheat will be a creep to everybody for all the problems he created. Brady won’t be talking. The entire team will get tired of the questions. Screw it, bring in a team that will make the next two weeks enjoyable. Even the Asterisk is tired of being used to define this team.

  136. By elaborating on Madden’s insight, a perfectly excusable explanation can be concocted.

    First, accept the notion that the Patriots, under coach Belichick, will use the rules to their advantage whenever they can. It is known, for example, the great Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, likes under inflated footballs. So what might Tom or coach Belichick do to use the rules so as to accommodate the preference for under inflated footballs?

    Assume that coach Belichick or Brady himself routinely has the ball boy or some Patriots employee make sure that the game balls are inflated at the lowest amount of pressure that is within the rules.

    Assume next that this perfectly legal machination occurs inside the facilities at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Assume further that the execution of this machination has some technical error associated with it, error that tends to put the pressure slightly lower.

    Finally, assume that there is a 20 to 30 degree drop in temperature from the confines of the facility, where the machination took place, and the game day field.

    My guess is that all of these assumptions just might account for what happened. In any event, absent no other explanation, the Patriots would be wise to make one up that is similarly excusable on the grounds that there was no intent to actually skirt the rules. In my example, using the rules, plus acceptable error limits and physics, explains the rest.

  137. when it comes to the Pats organization I think they would do anything they could to win a football game even if that means that they have to employ a murderer to do so!

  138. apkyletexas says:
    Jan 21, 2015 7:50 PM
    “Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.”

    GODdell maintained that Sean Payton as Head Coach was the responsibility, even though he always handled offense and knew nothing of what the defense was doing. 1 whole year off of innuendos and speculation and allegations that were proved to be nothing but coach rhetoric by DC Gregg Williams. Of course we all know the patricheats owned by Kroft are highly favored.

  139. Brady and Belichick tarnished their reputations among respectable people more by winning the AFC championship than if they had lost but played by the rules.

  140. Sure EVERY QB in the league has the ball altered to suit his preferences from inflating to deflating to scuffing with sandpaper, but that is irrelevant as this is the Patriots and Tom Brady must be forced to retire immediately along with his Coach.

    Nothing short of an over-reaction is acceptable.

  141. Can’t you hear Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson exhaling because this has deflected the news from them?

  142. So Florio, how fast was the first article up on the deflate-gate? Now that there is a quote from the Patriots that the underinflated balls were removed and replaced with the backup balls that met the nfl requirements, that article hasn’t been mentioned? Why the crickets?

    Not because the Patiots scored more points and Brady was better in the 2nd half. let’s keep the fire smoldering.

  143. Isn’t holding and pass interference “breaking the rules?” And do we say a team “cheated” and call for the coach’s head on a platter when a holding infraction (“breaking the rules”) isn’t flagged by the refs?

    And don’t most football analysts and former players acknowledge that holding could be called on just about every play?

    So then, by the perpetually envious Patriots haters’ logic, every winning team cheats. Because they break the rules on virtually every play and get away with it. (Every losing team cheats, too, by their logic.)

    Grow a brain, folks, and stop crying like little girls.

  144. apkyletexas says: Jan 21, 2015 7:50 PM

    Brady and Belichick must both be suspended for at least a full season, starting right away. It’s what the NFL did to the Saints coaches and players. The precedent already exists.

    Are you serious. The saints were trying to injure players. Take away their lively hood. Brady took some air out of the ball for his preference. I really don’t feel that’s an advantage v.s. a preference. When I throw a football I want it full, I have a hard time throwing spirals with the ball being soft.

    I’m a Vikings fan. If you agree with the statement above from apkyletexas your a patriot supremest.

  145. avaleighsdad said: If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!

    This is just something that cheaters say to try to justify it.

  146. This whole thing reminds me of Watergate. Nixon was heavily favored to win re-election over McGovern, and did…handily. Likewise for the Patriots over the Colts. The similarity? The winners didn’t really need to cheat, and yet, they did. Didn’t make sense in ’72, doesn’t make sense in ’15.

  147. Can a Browns fan argue about the deflated balls in the comments section? For example, I doubt Johnny “big hands” Manziel would ever need to deflate the football. So we’ve got that going for us.

  148. People are referencing the score as if it has any bearing here; if a AA outfielder gets popped for steroids, does it matter if he’s only hitting .225? He still gets suspended for PEDs, whether they helped or not. It’s a rule.

    Also, consider: all 12 of the Colts’ balls were properly inflated, yes? And 11 of the 12 Patriots’ balls were not. I think it’s fair to assume that someone altered them. So if there was truly no benefit, why risk altering them after the official checked it (2-2.5 hours before kickoff) and before the start of the game? That’s a very specific and short window, and could have only been done then.

    They should lose some draft picks, we’ll see, but the Patriots lost more than that; even football purists who may have minimized Spygate, they can’t overlook this too. There’s a history of cheating from this organization. Everything they do is tainted, and I would say the majority of fans now feel that way. I never thought Seattle would be a fan favorite, but that’s where we are.

  149. Pats aren’t going to be DQ’d.
    No one is getting suspended.
    No one is going to miss the SB.
    The guy who posted that if Brady where’s a glove in AZ he’s guilty seemed to miss the part about the balls being fixed at halftime and the Pats outscoring Indy 28-0.
    This is trumped up BS by Baltimore & Indy because they couldn’t win on the field.
    Much ado about nothing.
    No proof.
    No one should care except the rivals desperate to unseat the Patriots.

  150. I found it interesting how Matt Leinart said that NFL quarterbacks do this sort of thing (doctoring footballs) all the time.

    So what the heck does Leinart know about being an NFL quarterback?

  151. Can’t argue with Madden’s theory but when all the Pat’s deny it how is the NFL going to prove anything.

  152. Patriots been cheating for years.. They pay off the refs, The refs knew the balls were tampered with, they touch them every play.. If COLTS never said anything NOTHING would of happened…
    Let me pout it this way.. A Guy gets pulled over for a DWI and gets busted, Do you really think that was his first time ever driving drunk?

    To Patriots telling Brady where to throw the ball (Flutie told everyone Brady has a radio in his helmet that tells you when to throw) to Patriots knowing the exact plays the offense is running (Ted Johnson said it) To spy gate, to Patriots covering up Aaron Hernanadez stuff and now to this..
    This team should be barred, and disqualified from the Superbowl….Just let The Packers play The Seahawks who cares if it’s 2 NFC teams, those are the best two teams in NFL…It will be the highest rated superbowl ever

  153. There seems to be a lot of people bringing up the Aaron Rogers, Brad Johnson, MN heating balls etc. Let me see if I can help you.

    1. Aaron Rogers. He said he prefers an overinflated ball and has them inflated to the limit and possibly beyond. BUT he does that before ref inspection and by his quote “hopes” they don’t catch it and let the air out. Difference here is the submitted legit balls for ref inspection and THEN deflated them.

    2. Brad Johnson et al scuffing or roughing up balls. Seems similar but there is no actual rule against this. In fact kickers and teams are allowed to massage, rough up or otherwise get the ball condition as they want but there IS a rule that the ball must be a within a range of PSI. You may say this is a distinction without a difference but it isn’t. Rules are rules.

    3. Heating balls, again, no rule against that. So the NFL doesn’t say “balls must be within x degrees of air temp, but it does specify min and max pressure.

  154. johnodocks says:
    “..What was that Brady said after the Ravens game? Something about them needing to read the rule book?…”

    10,000 thumbs up.
    This needs to be the headline in every paper in Boston tomorrow…

  155. the610limited says:
    “..This whole thing reminds me of Watergate. Nixon was heavily favored to win re-election over McGovern, and did…handily. Likewise for the Patriots over the Colts. The similarity? The winners didn’t really need to cheat, and yet, they did. Didn’t make sense in ’72, doesn’t make sense in ’15…”

    But how do you know that?
    How do you know for sure that the Pats are so much better that they’re usually gonna get the W?
    Perhaps this latest incident just highlights the ongoing pattern of abuse, the tip of the iceberg…

    How do we know that the Pats aren’t guilty of another dozen such “small” over-the-line infractions that we just don’t yet know about?
    Add them all up, and maybe you have a team that appears to be unbeatable.
    Maybe that’s the illusion…?

  156. We’re talking 1-2 psi? C’mon really? You guys really need to go grab a football and see for yourself instead of assuming the game is radically changed at a 1-2 psi difference. If they don’t have documented proof that the refs did their job correctly all the way through the process then I’m not buying the rest of it.

    Oh while were at it. Let’s just start doing random inspections of all teams for everything in the rule book and see how clean the league really is.

  157. Here’s a question about cheating and right up Belichick’s alley … In today’s world with all the technology how hard would it be to listen in on the headphones conservation of the opposing team.
    A lot easier than letting air out of 12 footballs.

  158. Steroid and PED use by star players have more effect on the outcome of the game than a 1-2psi under inflated football. So whatever we do here let’s do it for steroid users as well. So yes, the ravens and steelers have tainted legacies as well

  159. There have been a lot of reasonable theories presented regarding the Deflategate matter, but Madden’s actually might be one of the WEAKEST.

    It’s pretty simple…if your QB’s ball preference is LONG ESTABLISHED and PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, you don’t need him involved in a move like this. Besides the fact that the VAST majority of QBs prefer the ball more deflated, Brady has even said it before.

    That doesn’t clear him, but assuming he MUST BE involved is just stupid…or, to be precise, baseless.

  160. The Patriots are always looking for a edge wether it’s legal or not! It was their INTENT to skirt the rules in their favor that’s the problem, not the outcome of the game!

  161. It is ironic that John Madden should be commenting on alleged cheating because Al Davis was always accused by his opponents of bugging the lockers of their opponents, and watering the fields at the Coliseum while it was raining to make it even more slippery. The slick field supposedly benefited the Raiders massive offensive line with Art Shell and Gene Upshaw and their running game which featured the full back Mark Van Eeghen.

  162. So, Brady was horrible at the beginning of the season – did they start under inflating the ball then? how many of their wins were home games? I presume they only control the balls at home?

  163. Of course it was Tom Brady that asked to under inflate the footballs. He has little girl hands so he needs a ball the size of a banana to be able to throw it.

  164. Rodgers overinflating. Cam warming balls. This is just what we know. This is such a non issue witch hunt it’s silly. People hating on the pats for being dominant for so long. See Ya all at the super bowl party. Iv had quite a few the last 10 years or so.

  165. Aaron Rodgers skirts the rules on football inflation… nothing. The PSI of balls used by the Patriots comes into question… hell fire and brimstone. People hated the Patriots before Spygate, because they win. Ever since all this crap came to the surface, now people just have a scapegoat. Now here comes all thumbs down because I didn’t say something negative about the Patriots.

  166. Referees actually check the air pressure before the game carefully, not casually. It is not a cursory squeeze-the-charmin kind of thing.

    Therefore, the Pats almost certainly drained the air AFTER the referee checked the balls in pregame.

    Therefore, it is a now question of will the ballboy/equipment manager squeal on Brady or not.

  167. Thanks for the input john. On something you have no idea about. Thanks for more speculation now get back on your bus you moron

  168. What Madden said is just common sense, no surprise at all.

    New England Patriots*

    Bill Belichick*

    Tom Brady*

  169. Typical Pats/Pats fans excuse when the Pats get caught cheating over and over again.. “Every team does this”. Okay, so why are the Pats the only ones that even get caught?

  170. Punishment for cheating on the field, or stomping your opponent after the play needs to be stiffer than any punishment the league hands out for off-the-field issues (except maybe murder) as they impact the integrity of the game.

    Goodell really got himself in a bind here by insisting on viciously punishing players for off-the-field issues. I believe the current suspension guidelines are set for 15 games. Anything less than that for Suh, Railoa, Brady, or Belechick and Goodell should be fired on the spot (he’s already failed with Suh and Railoa).

  171. Well if the Pats cheated with the balls, I guess it puts them on a level playing field with the Seahawks, doesn’t it?

  172. This is a serious Hall of Fame issue. Steroids is keeping Barry Bonds out of the HOF. Bonds was clearly a HOFer, regardless of any PED use. Same with Roger Clemens. We have a low tolerance for cheaters. I would not put Tom Brady in the HOF along with the guys who earned it the right way. Brady will certainly be removed from many of the Top 20 all time QB lists. Funny thing is, Bonds and Brady both went to Serra High School in San Mateo, CA.

  173. In all seriousness the Super Bowl should be the hawks and ravens. They cheated in the ravens game and everyone accepted it and then again one week later. Goodall what are you going to do? They are setting you up for your legacy on a national stage.

  174. Every QB should play with the ball he wants. If he wants to deflate or inflate it in the huddle in full view of the cameras, who cares?

    We’re trying to hinge the integrity of the game on some frivolous issue. The media is more than happy to have a story, but it’s dumb of the league and fans to serve this up to them.

  175. If the intended effect is to be able to grip and throw the ball better, then every completion for Brady is suspect, which in turn affects the score for the Pats as well as the subsequent field position/drive of the Colts, so trying to bring up any other issue as a comparison of how it affects the game is inaccurate.

    Funny, nobody believed PC wasn’t aware of Reggie Bush’s improprieties, so I think I won’t believe that Belichick didn’t know exactly what was going on either. He doesn’t get off the hook because some doddering old fool who doesn’t know the difference between “affect” and “effect” makes a nice statement.

    They need some serious penalties this time around, seeing as what they did for VideoGate doesn’t seem to have deterred the Pats organization from cheating in other ways…

    a) Fine the team $500k
    b) Fine Belichick $250k
    c) Suspend Belichick & Brady (anywhere from 4 games to a season).
    d) Loss of 2015 1st-Round draft pick (if not more).
    e) Ban from HOF.

  176. I blame them all, including the senile old man who’s trying to cover for them by making up excuses.

  177. Making the comparison of this “scandal” to the Saints organization putting “bounties” out on specific players is ridiculous. Get real! If the league imposes any punishment, it should be in line with what the rules say: 25,000 fine.

  178. You’ve got to love the apologists talking about rubbing up balls (no rules against this) and comparing it with underinflating (very specific rule about this)

    So no, not “everyone does this.” Only the Patriots do.

  179. All Brady has to say is they fill the ball to the bottom of the psi range. A half of cool weather and huge guys playing football took the air out. Or he can just say “Show me the video of us taking the air out”. Either way nobody in the world gave a damn about inflated footballs, but since the Patriots got caught it must be the worst offense possible. Give me a break. Just play the damn game already.

  180. In the words of Aaron Rodgers, everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X. First of all, let the investigation conclude and THEN decide who, if anyone, is guilty and needs to be punished. Secondly, under NFL rules, if a person is found breaking league rules and tampering with the footballs, that person could face up to a $25K fine and potentially more discipline. So, to think the “more discipline” the NFL would impose on Belichick or Brady over something that’s normally a $25K fine would be a suspension is ridiculous. If one of the participants in a regular season game between Minnesota and Chicago, for example, was found guilty of this, they’d pay the fine and move on. Just an example of the 24/7 sporting new talking heads trying to out-do one another on the hype meter.

  181. As a Patriots fan I’d really like to dispute Madden’s analysis and call him a senile old fool.

    But I can’t. Everything he says makes perfect sense IF the balls were in fact underinflated purposely. I still want to know if the balls the NFL tested were compared with the balls the Colts were using.

  182. John Madden accusing someone of cheating is hysterically ironic. His Raider teams were drenched in Steroids, Stickum, and uncalled Personal Fouls.

  183. Moral turpitude is a legal concept in the United States and some other countries that refers to “conduct that is considered contrary to community standards of justice, honesty or good morals.”

  184. Tom Brady…. there is no way he couldn’t tell the balls were under-inflated. Each team provides their own balls. Each Quarterback picks out which ball he likes and dislikes. Those twelve balls are then inspected by the NFL before each game… I fully agree with this article. Brady told the Equipment manager to let some air out. There is no way you can convince me that a Quarterback who has been playing the game as long as Tom Brady “couldn’t tell” the ball was softer and more easy to grip. I also believe the head coach knew of this also and allowed it to happen. People saying every quarterback does this is crazy… tampering with equipment to give yourself an advantage is cheating. Just as a baseball pitcher can’t tamper with a baseball neither should a NFL player, coach, equipment manager be allowed to do it. 11 out of twelve balls were found to be 2 psi under regulation. That is not a coincidence. People also comparing this to what the Saints did is also silly. BOTH ARE SERIOUS!!!
    Did it have an effect on the AFC Championship? I guess we will never know. But my thought is yes. Softer ball = easier to handle that means to throw and catch and lets not forget it was raining… Hmm did it effect the game? YES!!! I am a fan of Football I enjoy watching the game yes I have a favorite team but if my team was suspected of doing this… sorry I would still expect some suspensions to come from the NFL. If the NFL is going to punish players for using performance enhancing drugs isn’t deflating a football so you can grip it better in the rain also “performance enhancing” and should be subject to the same punishment? Pats fans it sucks but someone has to answer to this. I honestly doubt a equipment manager would make this decision without being told to do it and there are two people who honestly should be suspended just as if using “performance enhancing drugs”.

  185. Legal concepts in America would also prosecute and imprison most of the acts that happen during almost every NFL play, if they occurred on a city street.

    Not sure your reference to moral turpitude and legal concepts makes any sense in this matter.

  186. Why do the majority NE negative commenter’s sound more like a bunch of jealous haters instead of true NFL fans being about whats right & fair? Umm perhaps it has a little to do with: Whenever there is an accusation made against the New England Patriots, no matter what it is, it’s instantly and automatically true. Even prior to a finished investigation. There could be little to no proof/evidence backing up the accusation, yet it doesn’t matter, NE is guilty. Shoe on the other foot: There could be all the proof, facts & science in the world to clear their name, yet it doesn’t matter NE is still guilty.
    -Things that make me go Hmmmm…
    Aaron Rogers made a comment saying “I prefer using an over inflated ball”
    Tom Brady made a very similar comment saying “I prefer using a under inflated ball”
    In Aaron Rogers interview he also said:
    Rogers: “I have really big hands, so I prefer a ball that’s over the maximum allowed psi mark. Sometimes I’ll overfill the balls & hope the official’s don’t notice it”
    Rogers: “Once the officials knew I liked, they would fill them past the max psi before a game for me”
    …. Now only one of those two QB’s are being ridiculed, verbally attacked, posted all over the media, facing a punishment from the NFL, labeled as a cheater. Hint: it’s not Rogers.
    How does that happen?
    How do the officials & ball boys not become the number one suspects in a situation like this?
    Why is it so unrealistic that Brady (opposite of Rogers) might have his footballs filled to the minimum psi allowed?
    Since it’s scientifically proven that cold weather affects the deflation of air in some things IE (sport’s balls, tires, balloons etc)
    Wouldnt it be safe in assuming the weather (being 20° that game) was somewhat responsible for the football’s loss of air?
    I’d be willing to bet that if I waited until it was 20°/30° out, took 10 football’s at max psi & 10 football’s at min psi, threw them all outside for an hour that when I checked their pressure again not only would all of the the footballs have less psi but the footballs filled @ min psi would have deflated enough to be in violation of the NFL.

  187. moralturpitude2015: “11 out of twelve balls were found to be 2 psi under regulation. That is not a coincidence.”

    Probably not. It’s probably due to a defective PSI gauge being used to check the balls’ inflation. Or due to the Pats using warm or hot air to inflate the balls just prior to the refs’ inspection (there’s no rule prohibiting the use of warm air, or mandating the temperature of the air, to inflate the balls), and then as the air cooled in the raw Gillette weather, the PSI dropped.

    “Hmm did it effect the game? YES!!!” Would you mind explaining, then, this:

    1st half, deflated balls: 17-7, 1 TD pass, 1 INT
    2nd half, inflated balls: 28-0, 2 TD passes, 0 INTs

    if in fact deflated balls gave the Patriots an advantage?

    Looks to me, based on what we actually know (as opposed to all the hysterical speculation out there), that the Patriots performed better when the more-inflated balls were used.

  188. tjacks7 says:
    Jan 22, 2015 5:55 AM
    Typical Pats/Pats fans excuse when the Pats get caught cheating over and over again.. “Every team does this”. Okay, so why are the Pats the only ones that even get caught?

    They’re not. Arron Rodgers came out and admitted he did it. No one cares unless it’s the Pats.

  189. And while we’re talking about “typical fans”, typical Patriots haters saying they wouldn’t have won if they didn’t cheat, despite the fact they did better AFTER they were caught. I mean let’s not little things like facts get in the way of our hatred.

  190. The outcome of the game was not affected by the deflated balls, what disgusts me is the lying that is coming out of New England, I think mostly from the mouth of Tom Brady.

  191. Makes a lot of sense. However, Belichick did not know what was going on, sure. Disappointed that the entire organization from top to bottom looks like a bunch of cheaters. Unfortunately for Boston. No … not really.

  192. Your comment is the epitome of ignorance and perpetual envy. There is NO WAY to know whether the outcome would’ve been different under a different set of circumstances, you have NO proof or even circumstantial evidence that New England is lying about anything, and there is NOTHING to suggest that Brady is lying about anything.

    But other than that you know what you’re talking about…about as well as the rest of the perpetually envious do.

  193. The Longer this story goes on, the more you realize that this is mainly the media looking for a sorry excuse to go without crediting the Patriots for even the slightest amount of success. The more actual players from both teams talk about it, the more you realize how much sabotage is actually behind these vultures. Are some players still hurt over it? Yes, some, but few. Dqwell Jackson noticed nothing wrong with the football that he intercepted. The referees could not notice a difference. So, now it is time to ask yourself; are the Patriots really cheaters, or are you just a cry baby?

  194. I’m sure every team and QB does something like this, but NE gets caught consistently! You can’t stand there as an MVP QB and tell the media and fans you didn’t realize the balls were deflated if a linebacker can report and tell the difference then as person whose job it is to throw and hand the ball off on every offensive snap has to know the difference in weight. Just come out admit your mistakes move on and play the Super Bowl! The court of public opinion plays a great stake in the legacy of players…..Andy Pettit and Jason Giambi admitted to wrong doing, mostly forgiven in public eye. Bonds Clemens a-rod still deny deny deny, their legacies still tarnished. Brady/Belichek have tremendous accomplishments in the NFL but spygate and deflategate will always put a small asterisk on those accomplishments whether Pats fan like it or not. Not hating its just how sports work that’s what makes it fun to discuss

  195. The ‘advantage’ conspiracy theories are absurd. The Patriots scored most of their points after the half – when the balls and been changed by officials. The Colts also scored only 7 points. They were handily defeated. So what’s your point??? Now the supposed accuser (Colts defender) claims he never said anything – and if anything, it would have helped him make the interception if the ball was soft. Where’s the information coming from? Sounds like a conspiracy all right – one designed to discredit and distract the Patriots. There is definitely a story underneath it all, but as with most controversies, we may never know the real truth.

  196. sportnut92 is right, the longer the story goes on, the more we find out how much misinformation we’ve been fed. For example, it turns out Dqwell DIDN’T have anything to do with the “investigation,” when for the longest time the “news” told us he had.

    Here’s the common sense angle (that the perpetually envious will find ways to ignore):

    We are supposed to believe that a football is easier to catch and to throw when its PSI is reduced by an amount that is UNDETECTABLE to the touch.

    Now, we’ve all thrown footballs that were easier or harder to throw because they were softer or harder. BUT we could easily tell that they were softer or harder, by touching and squeezing.

    The balls that were supposedly easier to throw and to catch had to be MEASURED in order to determine their too-low PSI. NO ONE – not an opponent and not a ref – squeezed a ball and detected a problem. And yet we’re supposed to believe that something undetectable to the touch still somehow affects an act requiring touch.

    Baloney. If you cannot tell by squeezing a ball that it’s too “soft,” it’s NOT “too” soft and its PSI cannot possibly affect your manual interaction with it.

  197. OH give me a break – the Raiders were as shifty and dirty as any team in the NFL. The Holy Roller (led to a rule change), Stickum (another rule change), steroids (not just them, obviously, but additional rule changes) and any of a number of other things anyone can read about until their heart’s content. I certainly don’t want to hear from John Madden about following the rules.

  198. Most of these posts are by fans that don’t like Brady, and the Patriots in general. So these are biased opinions. The Patriots are a great team, and Brady may be the best QB of all time. This is coming from a life long Steeler fan. The Steelers are finished, and the Patriots continue to succeed. They deserve to win, because they have stronger convictions.

  199. Dittoheadadt okay consistently might be a bit over dramatic 3 incidents over 15 under the same front
    Office is a about 3x more than any other NFL team……Rams walk through, jets practice and now this. So I
    Guess more often than other franchises sorry

  200. John Madden has about as much credibility on this topic as Hannibal Lecter does on the best restaurants in town. Let’s not forget it was Madden who made up his own rules in the NFL and got away with it until the rules committee finally did something about it – and that’s what prompted Madden to retire.

    Anyone remember “stickum”? Great goop that was like Velcro on the hands of receivers – and it’s gone forever, but not before the Raiders won titles and set receiving records with it.

    How about Dave Casper intentionally fumbling the ball inside the 5 yard line with no time remaining and miraculously falling on the ball in the end zone for the game winning touchdown? The NFL legislated the possibility of that ever happening again as soon as that season was over.

    One more thing. Which team got screwed by the Patriots and by Tom Brady a few years ago in the playoffs with the “tuck rule”? That’s right, the Raiders. John Madden is not wearing a white hat. He still has the skull and crossbones of the Oakland Raiders.

    But everyone still loves the Old Fart, even though he’s more famous for video games these days. Go count your money, Coach. Your credibility is kinda shot.

  201. minks21, the “Ram walkthrough” violation is a myth, clung to by those who WANT the Patriots to be incorrigible thieves despite Spygate (1 game, first game of the season, prior to which it had been legal) being the ONLY known and proved violation.

    I could come up with a bunch of faux infractions to impugn the Steelers or the ‘Niners or even the Giants, when they beat the Pats in the 2 recent SBs, and then say “hey, everyone cheats.”

    The ONLY legit evidence against the Patriots is Spygate, and that happened more than SEVEN years ago, AND the Pats’ record post-Spygate is far better than their record pre-Spygate, and it was during ONE game, and an inconsequential one at that, and was much ado about nothing as well, as the pre- and post-Spygate record bears out.

    So yeah, once in the past 15 years the Patriots were caught doing 67 in a 65 zone.

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