Patriots now one-point favorites in Super Bowl 49


At most Nevada sports books, the Patriots are now in their customary Super Bowl position on the brightly lit oddsboard.

The Patriots, who opened as underdogs of as many as 2.5 points to Seattle on Sunday night, are now one-point favorites at multiple major casinos around the state. The MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment books on the Las Vegas Strip are among those currently listing New England as a favorite.

However, not all books have made New England a favorite just yet. Oddsmaker William Hill U.S. still lists the game as a pick ’em.

The early line movement in Super Bowl XLIX is reminiscent of last season’s big game. Like this year, Seattle opened a favorite, but the money came in on Denver, which eventually closed a 2.5-point favorite.

The Seahawks haven’t been an underdog since November 27, when they faced the 49ers (-1.5) at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. Seattle rolled to a 19-3 victory, its second straight win in what has become an eight-game winning streak.

For the record, most of the Super Bowl XLIX line movement occurred before the “Deflategate” allegations came to light late Sunday night in Nevada. Numerous books put up the Super Bowl line when the Patriots were well on their way to victory over Indianapolis in the AFC title game on Sunday evening.

The Patriots have closed as favorites in their last four Super Bowl appearances. They have not been underdogs in a Super Bowl since stunning the Rams (-14) in 2002.

55 responses to “Patriots now one-point favorites in Super Bowl 49

  1. Regardless of what the NFL determines on the ball deflation thing – the general public believes the Pats cheated, and the NFL will do everything it can to ensure a Seahawk victory to beef image.

    Put it all on Seattle, Baby!!! It’s a done deal now!!!

  2. Please win N.E. We’re scheduled to play you next year and we all know what’s happened the last two rotations of NFC East v. AFC East.

  3. Seahawks were underdogs last year and we all know how that turned out. Patriots cannot match our physicality. All we have to do is shut down gronk and let beast mode run wild.

    Other teams fans envy our teams players. Other teams players envy our teams fans. #choochoohawksdynastytrain
    #12thmanisheretostay #dynastybeforeyoureyes #kissthering

  4. I can’t STAND the Patiots…despise ’em…hate ’em with the passion of a thousand suns. But…they are going to win in blowout fashion. I predict Pats 45 Seahawks 17.

  5. Betters are determining the change in the odds not Las Vegas. Las Vegas doesn’t care about anybody’s football team, not yours, not mine, not anybody. All they care about is money and right now the money says the Patriots are favored.

  6. rodvmunchiii says:
    Jan 21, 2015 5:16 PM
    I was hoping Seattle would be the favorite. I feel deflategated!!!!!

    GET IT!?!

    It’s wordplay!!!


    rodvmunchiii….if you have to explain it……..

  7. the nfl should check the patriots’ players to make sure they don’t bring any needles to deflate the balls

  8. The good news is that the haters get an excuse either way: if the Patriots win, why they must have been cheating. And if they lose, why it’s because they couldn’t cheat. It must be exhausting spending all your waking hours obsessing about a team you claim you don’t like, but I suppose it’s still better than reading your draft reports.

  9. Seahawks have won 5 out of 6 over past 2 season w/ Vinovich as referee…….I could care less who wins, but use this info accordingly

  10. The Pats was originally an one point underdog, but when you consider the cheat factor, voila, Vegas favorite!

  11. Seattle played their absolute worse and managed to beat GB. They will not replicate that poor performance in the SB. Wagner will win the SB MVP.

  12. Rtookey

    They can’t be cleared….. The proof is in….. We are now waiting for the penalty phase…. They were caught in Nov when Adams picked off Brady twice….. Those balls were given to the league then…… And NOW in their biggest game of the year, the dummies do it again to all of their balls so Colts again alert the league…. 11 of their balls minus 2 pounds and l12th ball 1 pound light……. Like I said….. Now is just the penalty phase and Goodell must get it right….. Esp after Ray Rice mistakes

  13. xstamper13 says:

    I can’t STAND the Patiots…despise ‘em…hate ‘em with the passion of a thousand suns. But…they are going to win in blowout fashion. I predict Pats 45 Seahawks 17.
    The Seahawks haven’t lost by more than one score in the last 58 games, but the gummy bear soft Patriots are gonna beat them by 28?

    Yeah. Right.

  14. IT IS FIXED N.E. WILL WIN BY 3!!! Kraft already paid the Super Bowl off!!! The By GOD patsies are the darlings of the NFL & Goodell will make sure the patsies win… but they’ll make it look close, just watch!!!

  15. This will continue to swing depending on which side is getting more action. It has zero to do with actual football, it’s just a gambling market indicator.

  16. xstamper13 says:
    Jan 21, 2015 5:34 PM
    I can’t STAND the Patiots…despise ‘em…hate ‘em with the passion of a thousand suns. But…they are going to win in blowout fashion. I predict Pats 45 Seahawks 17
    Probably trolling i suppose, but under carroll and wilson seattle has NOT lost by double digits. Not once. Oh, in New Englands final 8 games they played twice vs top 10 run offenses in YPC, Green Bay (loss) and Jets (won by 2). Seattle is #1 in YPC.

  17. The Hawks always play better as underdogs. I love this story. All the pressure is off of them, and the disrespect fuels this team.

  18. Don’t be surprised if the NFL doesn’t come out with a punishment until after the super bowl and hush hush tells Kraft to throw the game as the public would be outraged if the Pats won it all. That will be there first punishment.

    Could be the offseason of change in NE unfortunately after another great year. If Kraft is tired of these stories that the Pats take as the scapegoats for league wide practices he could be tired and let go of Bill. After another super bowl loss or planned super bowl loss would be the perfect time to make the change. Only the NFL and Kraft will know this.

    Like someone mentioned before bet Seattle as this will probably already be pre planned and I wouldn’t be shocked if someone came out 20-25 years from now and leaked the story that the 07 and 14 Patriot super bowl losses were dictated well before they happened.

  19. last year, the MSN and Yahoo polls shad the Bronco’s over the Hawks at 67% to 33% with Vegas for the Bronco’s as well.. I have done my my homework, extensively , just like last year, bet against the Seahawks and lose, they are far stronger in every statistical category except passing, every major category on defense, (passing, passes competed points allowed, rushing yards allowed) and also much better on the offensive side concerning the running game.. the best part is the people who are taking the Patriots win over the colts as serious as they are (Colts have been really inconsistent and blown out this season before) while the Seahawks gave the number #1 offense in the NFL 5 turnovers and still limited them to 22 points.. it’s going to be fun watching this one

  20. It doesn’t matter if they win, they lost already. They will never be considered a great dynasty.

  21. I keep seeing a ton of people saying Seattle is full of PED’s, cheaters, and that they’ve “lost already”. Can anyone explain why? One guy on their team tested positive for Aderrall…. the other one is on the Pats. OK. What else is out of the ordinary?

  22. upperdecker19 says:
    Jan 21, 2015 6:04 PM
    Seahawks have won 5 out of 6 over past 2 season w/ Vinovich as referee…….I could care less who wins, but use this info accordingly

    What were there records with all the other Refs? Seahawks are 30-7 in the past two years. Whose to blame for the other 25 wins? Or how about 42-12 over the last three with six playoff wins, and two consecutive trips to the Super Bowl ? Maybe the Seahawks have just been playing hard-nosed, solid football for the last few years. Might be about time people start accepting that the Seahawks are just plain good.

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