Belichick says football inflation procedures will change

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We still don’t know much about the Patriots’ procedures for inflating their footballs.  During Thursday’s press conference from coach Bill Belichick, two things became clear:  (1) the Patriots previously inflated the football to the minimum required air pressure of 12.5 PSI; and (2) that will change going forward.

“I’ve learned about the inflation range situation, obviously, with our footballs being inflated to the twelve and a half pound range, any deflation would then take us under that specification limit,” Belichick said.  “Knowing that now, in the future we will certainly inflate the footballs above that low level to account for any possible change during the game.  So as an example, if a ball deflated from 13.2 to 12.9, it wouldn’t matter, but if it deflated from 12.5 to 12.3, it would — as an example.  So we will take steps in the future to make sure that we don’t put ourselves in that type of potential situation again.”

While it’s somewhat amazing that Bill Belichick, who has a reputation for controlling or attempting to control every aspect of the game, had no knowledge of or involvement in the condition of the 12 footballs used by his team’s offense, it’s clear that he’ll be paying closer attention in the future.

Then again, with a one-pound range for permissible air pressure, the fact that the Patriots chose the low end of the limit surely wasn’t accidental.  It shows that the quarterback wanted less air, not more.

None of it will matter if the NFL decides to treat the balls used in scrimmage plays the same way the NFL treats balls used in the kicking game, with all footballs used in all games coming straight from the box before kickoff.

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  1. Can you get Rooney on the show? I would love for somebody to ask him about the comment that, ” he thinks the league will do something if they find rules have been broken” because while the Pats are being investigated, there are three clear violations of the rules that have come to light, requiring no investigation. When will we hear about expected punishments for the Packers, Vikings, and Panthers?

  2. No crime in filling them to the minimum and letting them deflate from there. Sorry, haters, nothing to see here. Move along now, children.

  3. Doesn’t explain the one properly inflated football… though that could have been for the kicker.

  4. The league loving offense the way they do I’m surprised they don’t just let the QBs throw whatever level of inflation the QB likes the best.

    The kickers already use different balls so it wouldn’t effect that part of the game.

    The rule is the rule and should be followed until its changed, breaking it should be punished the way things like too large goalie pads are, but as long as the NFL has K balls anyway why not change the rule?

    How does it hurt the game if QB’s are more comfortable with the ball? Do we watch the NFL to see people play poorly?

    I think not, we want to see exhibitions of great skill.
    I think we want QBs challenged by defenses, not by equipment, so take away some of the bubble wrap rules for QBs as well.

  5. I’m quite stunned Belichick didn’t admit that the footballs weren’t intentionally deflated because it’s Brady’s personal preference to use footballs that are 2 lbs under the minimum required psi.

  6. The major question is whether there is any evidence that someone deflated the balls after they were inspected. If they inflated the balls to spec and they were on spec when inspected, and then depressurized due to temperature, then that hardly seems a major sin, if a sin at all. (Haven’t read the rule to know which.)

  7. And the reason no one can tell, is that pressure gauges that they use are terrible for accuracy. Pretty much all gauges have an error which is +/- 5% some are even worse (+/- 10%). Look up an air pressure gauge and see if you can for a fact tell it’s exactly 2 psi on every ball. That’s a statistical anomaly if someone on the sideline with a needle could get exactly 2 psi out once they were checked by the refs.

    I’ll flat out say it’s impossible. And I’ll challenge anyone to show me how you could do it and not get seen. So unless someone sat with the balls, took out exactly 2 psi and then stuck a gauge in to check, not happening.

    On to Glendale to play Seattle.

  8. Fines need levied, draft picks need lost, and belichick and or brady need suspended. Their history of cheating over the last decade has been deeply troubling, and I think it has affected the game far more than bounty-gate ever did

  9. How about instead of waiting till next year to change the procedure the NFL punish the one’s who are and have broken the existing rules now? Too much to ask?

  10. Roger Goodell to Sean Payton: “ignorance is no excuse”

    keep it fair Goodell.. one season suspension, draft picks..

    WAIT! second offense! hmmmm..

  11. I`m from Indy and hate the Pats as much as anyone but this is stupid.It is not a big enough deal to lose draft picks or something.It had no effect on the game and is no different than a pitcher doctoring a ball in baseball.Slap them on the wrist and move on because it is being way overblown.I don`t doubt Belichick.I said all along if anyone did something it was Brady.
    A coach couldn`t care less how many PSI are in the ball.The QB is the one picking the game balls.
    Sports were a lot more fun when the focus was actually on the game and the plays and not the constant nit picking and whining about every little detail.Man up and tackle the guy with the ball and it won`t matter how many PSI it had.

  12. I think Belichek is telling the truth. A head coach has much on his mind. Something like this is obviously in the domain of the equipment coach.

  13. I’m guessing that the ‘leak’ that the balls were underinflated by 2.0 lbs will have misplaced a decimal point. Belichick was talking about .3 lbs. Significantly different amount, and more easily understood, when going to an environment 30 degrees less. Tire pressure in cars drop 1 psi for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

  14. It’s wonderful how all these procedures change in reaction to someone getting away with murder.

    Real nice.

    Just STOP cheating. You know it’s cheating. So does everyone else. If it feels slimy, don’t do it!

  15. NE should move on to AZ to play Seattle.

    But without Bellichick and Brady. Each should be suspended for cheating. Period. Only a tool or a fool would believe Bellichick and Brady didn’t know about their balls purposedly being deflated as much as 2 PSI.

  16. Tire pressure in cars drop 1 psi for every 10 degree drop in temperature.
    My pickup tires start at 110 lbs. 1 psi per 10 degrees figures out to about one percent. Balls start at 13 avg. so 1% would be .13 psi per ten degrees. So, by this reasoning, to achieve the required amount of drop to reach a two pound drop, the temp would have to drop approximately 150 degrees.

    Never realized the temp on the Pats sidelines was -80 degrees F during the game.

    Damn the Pats staff/players are tough

  17. You guys are nuts!getting away with murder? really?Suspending Brady for the Super Bowl over under inflated footballs would be like you going to jail for jaywalking!Rules are rules you know.
    I`m a Colts fan but in the words of the great James Franco you Patriot haters are just peanut butter and jealous!
    It was 17-7 at half when they changed balls and then we got beat 28-0 the 2nd half with properly inflated balls!This is being more overblown than the Ray Rice fiasco or the what did Roger know saga.
    Have a little perspective and stop acting like someone should be kicked out of the league over something so minor.

  18. Here’s an idea: Let teams inflate the ball however they want. So long as anyone can do it, it would be perfectly fair.

  19. except…. they weren’t underinflated by .3 pounds per square inch. they were underinflated by 2 full psi. but it was cold, i guess.

  20. I read that the 12th ball was also under-inflated, just not 2 lbs under-inflated. Also, the Colts balls were checked and were NOT under-inflated. Any more weather/temperature arguments?

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