D’Qwell Jackson didn’t notice a problem with football


Early in the life of #DeflateGate, it was reported that the situation arose after Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson intercepted one of the New England footballs, took it to the sideline, and gave it to the equipment manager, setting in motion a chain of events that led to Thursday’s surreal press conferences from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

Jackson now says he didn’t notice anything unusual about the football, and that he didn’t take the ball to the sideline as part of an effort to expose a scandal.

I wanted that ball as a souvenir,” Jackson tells Jeff Darlington of NFL Media, adding that Jackson did not intend to “blow the whistle” on the Patriots.

Jackson’s explanation is causing some to question the origin of the controversy and the legitimacy of the investigation. However, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported on Wednesday that the NFL already had planned to check the pressure in the New England footballs at halftime of the game, based on concerns that previously were raised about underinflation.

So the question of whether Jackson noticed something strange or not has no bearing on the events that commenced during intermission of the AFC title game.

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  1. The constant misreporting is a reflection on the media trying to blow the patriots up. Please, just wait for the facts to come out before passing judgement. Though the stigma is there, it is entirely possible the patriots had nothing to do with this.

  2. So the NFL clearly believes that this cheating has persisted for multiple games. There is going to be punishment. Draft choices and hopefully some big fines and suspensions.

  3. This is unraveling quicker than a ball of yarn being tossed around by a playful kitten. The real hammer will drop when the actual amount of air the ball was underinflated was .2 PSI – a tenth of what is being forced down our throats. Couldn’t help but catch Belichick saying if the ball went to 12.3 from 12.5.

  4. The media (looking at you florio) refuse to wait to report accurate information instead of click baiting. It’s SHAMEFUL. I don’t care what happens, all I want is the truth.

    If I was Kraft and these reports were false, I’d hire a brigade of lawyers and sue all these networks for defamation.

  5. One has to wonder if the NFL marketing machine may be making up these stories. I get this weird feeling part of the NFL’s success is related to marketing stunts to keep people talking and engaged.

  6. Goodell has the reputation of being a Donald Trump-like character who retaliates against team owners that question his authority. Makes one wonder whether he’s had a falling out with Bob Kraft. Despite his history, it’s difficult to imagine the commissioner could be so incompetent as to inadvertently let something trivial get this far out of hand. It will be interesting to see how he plans to get this genie back into the bottle before Super Bowl Sunday.

  7. a defective pressure gauge will be found and that will end the investigation

    Then the Colts balls would have been off too

  8. Good thing that the internet is forever because I swear the first report said Jackson noticed it and took it over for investigation. Honestly, the Colts should have lobbied for underinflated balls, they were only down 10 at the half lol.

  9. Brady Brady
    De-flat ting balls
    Brady Brady
    The liar falls

    Belicheat Belicheat
    Saw nothing at all
    Belicheat Belicheat
    Blew chance joining Hall

    Belicheat Brady
    Together they fall
    Brady Belicheat
    All over a flat Ball

  10. a defective pressure gauge will be found and that will end the investigation

    Then the Colts balls would have been off too

    Colts brought their own selected balls

  11. Unfrigginbelievable…. Kraft is finished with both…. Spy gate caused him to lose his respect for Belicheat and had Pats lost to Colts, Kraft fires him Monday morning…… Now just waiting for game to end so he can boot both Fromm

  12. a defective pressure gauge will be found and that will end the investigation

    Then the Colts balls would have been off too

    Yeah! Then the Colts balls would’ve been off too! Wah!

  13. I think we need to let the NFL do their investigation and when they are done do what they feel is the right thing to do at this time. But they need to modify their rules and make sure every team knows what those rules are. The NFL needs to hire special people to take care of footballs and only footballs at every stadium. This way if any issue comes up then the NFL will be responsible for what goes on with the footballs ( NOT ) the teams or the players.

  14. Why would the Colts balls be low, if they fully expected the halftime testing and thus pumped them to the max to start with?

  15. I am puzzled. This alleged violation, the tampering with a football, seems to be of a nature that no one can identify it by handling the football. Not one person in the game, player or game official (which included the officials responsible for testing the balls before the game) noted anything different with the balls that were allegedly deflated. After it was called to the attention of the refs by their bosses (in a sting operation planned in advance by the Colts), the ref changed up one ball but I believe that was after the refs put more air in the balls at halftime (so they changed up a ball that they had rechecked). This whole thing appears to me to be form over substance (aka a witch hunt).

  16. During the 30 mins Brady was hammered there were numerous references to Jackson. Specifically Ron Borges sarcastically saying ” so you couldn’t tell the difference but an inside LB could.” There has been multiple reports currently being taken as fact coming from “League sources”. The credibility of the “facts” as they’re believed to be known can easily be called into question.

  17. Just saying….we are 5 days in on this “groundbreaking” report and we have yet to find a flaw in Brady and belichicks defense. We’ve already found a flaw in the initial report. Dqwell Jackson never complained about the ball….WITCH HUNT?????

  18. Pro Patriots article written during scandel.

    Let’s post that one at night so it will be out of the mix by morning time.

    Embrace it, the ‘evidence’ is turning in their favor

  19. So the league was waiting since November to run a sting operation on such an horrendously bad cheating situation (on which the fine is akin to roughing the passer)? Yup that makes a ton of sense.

  20. If the NFL thought something might be up before the start of the game why would they not covertly monitor the handling of the balls? It’s a billion dollar organization and you think they would have the means to watch over the balls without the knowledge of those who are charged to hold on to them.

  21. So many more questions with this story that I don’t get. First to respond to someone above, do we know the same gauge was used for the Colts balls as the Patriots balls? Anyone who drove before fancy computerized tire pressure gauges know that there can definitely be different readings from different gauges when measuring psi. This also answers the question of how could Brady, the rest of the Pats, and all of the officials not notice something but this random linebacker did.

    My next question comes is did the league ever talk to the Patriots about this? So the Colts complained back after the regular season game. And apparently they planned to check the balls at halftime. If this was a big deal, shouldn’t the NFL investigation have started in November after the regular season game? Did they ever contact the Patriots to tell them to not do it again.

    A sting operation like this makes sense if you’re the police trying to arrest someone, but if I’m the NFL. And if a team makes a serious allegation about another team (probably one is I don’t think this is a serious allegation) wouldn’t the NFL not want this to keep happening. Shouldn’t they have gone straight to the Patriots… in which case the NFL would know that Belichick lied yesterday because they talked to him about ball air pressure back in November.

    I think the NFL knows that this is a non story, but a company that is partially owned by Jerry Jones is going with a no publicity is bad publicity in a week that we would be otherwise talking about Marshawn Lynch fines and legacy talk that pops up every Super Bowl. I guarantee ESPN ratings, pft page views and everything else is up from last year’s game.

  22. Then the Colts balls would have been off too
    According to a new source the Patriots were using the Colts balls at the end of the first half.

  23. I believe Jackson. Ravens and Colts sour gapes after they loose. Snitched. What else is new? Funny I didnt hear a peep out of the Ravens as suggs poured bleach all over his Gf. Now they cry about football psi. Harbawl still sore after being outcoached.

  24. What I’d like to know is why the league did not investigate this the moment the losers colts reported this after the week 11 game in Indiana? Why didn’t they take those balls then and test them? Why didn’t they test the balls at half time of the remaining regular season games that the Pats played after the trumping of those losers colts?

    Notice how quickly they want the game to be forfeited and permit them to advance to the SB? If you could score only 7 pts agains the Pats, how many points do you think you’re gonna score against that Seattle defense, -7 ?

  25. Pats fans need to stop blaming the Colts for this. No colts players “snitched.” Other teams were reporting the exact same thing. I’m so tired of hearing the phrase “these loser Colts did this and that blah blah blah”….no, just no. Don’t blame the Colts because the Pats got caught. Just accept that the Pats made a mistake and deal with it

  26. One thing is that you must not know to much about football. It isn’t the job for the refs. job to check the air p.s.i. in the football. That’s why I said the N.F.L. should hire a ball person for each team and that is all the do so there shouldn’t be any more problems with footballs and if there is a problem then the n.f.l. knows who to go to. With all the extra money the n.f.l. has they could spend a little towards this situation. Maybe this could help so the coach can do his job and coach, and the Q.B. can do his job and be a Q.B. and we can go back to being a fan. And some fans can go look for other things to complain about and I am sure they will.

  27. You are an idiot for posting this kind of stuff. You need to go on the Jeff Foxworthy show. That would give us all a good laugh because you are not smarter than a 5th grader.

  28. Do you really know anything about football. If Mr. Kraft did that he would be as smart as you are ( NOT ). If he did that then his team would suck with only getting 3 or 4 wins a year. I think that might take 10 or 12 years before the Pats could be a good team again. So I don’t think Mr. Kraft wants to wait that long to have a good team again. So I think everyone needs to move forward and get on with their own life.

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