Marvin Lewis on Andy Dalton: We don’t have time to waste on QB competition

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For many outside of the Bengals organization, the presence of Andy Dalton as the team’s starting quarterback is something working against the team’s efforts to move from making in the playoffs to winning in the playoffs.

Coach Marvin Lewis has never been part of that group and he isn’t about to join in 2015. During an interview at the Senior Bowl practices on Wednesday, Lewis made it clear that he’s not into discussions of different quarterbacks. He said there are about “25 teams that would take [Dalton] in a heartbeat” and that the team won’t bring in competition for Dalton because quarterback competitions don’t make teams better.

“There’s no time for that,” Lewis said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We have no problem with Andy Dalton as our quarterback. We don’t have time to waste time with another quarterback. The quarterback competition: Where has it worked? It doesn’t get you wins. … Fortunately, somehow I’ve got the right little thing on my shoulder that says, ‘Don’t get into a quarterback controversy.'”

It’s certainly a different take than we hear from some teams when it comes to having competition at every position, although the eternal quest to find quarterbacks in the NFL offers support for Lewis’s belief that time would be better spent working with Dalton than splitting things up in the offseason. That said, the Bengals have had four years to work with Dalton at this point and the results have been consistent enough that it’s hard to recommend a bet on massive improvement for the 2015 season.

71 responses to “Marvin Lewis on Andy Dalton: We don’t have time to waste on QB competition

  1. 4 straight playoff 1 and done’s
    are good enough in Cincy huh??
    damn wish my cleveland browns could settle for that if we could make the playoffs lol 🙂

  2. Where has it worked? Is Matt Flynn the Seahawks QB, or did he lose the job to a third-round rookie in preseason?

    It’s fine though. Keep Andy Dalton. Enjoy many more years of mediocrity.

  3. I agree with Marvin Lewis.

    John Elway needed 15 years to get to AND win the Super Bowl, though he reached the Super Bowl 3 times in his first 7 years.

  4. I’ve been a Bengals fan since 1970. So, I speak from the heart AND head. It’s thinking like this that proves to me that not only should Andy Dalton make his departure, but Marvin Lewis should be right behind Andy. Lewis has had PLENTY of time at the helm and has shone that he, too, can get the team to the playoffs but can’t produce a playoff winner. Their playoff games are nearly as bad as it was watching “The Bungles” of the past.

  5. Everyone needs someone to push them to the next level or push them out the way, having competition is a good thing that will make your team better but unless you like being just another team then I guess his plan is working!

  6. 12 years as a HC and no playoff wins. He would’ve been gone long ago anywhere else. We should all value his opinion.

  7. I think Dalton gets so pumped up for big games that it manifests itself in grossly overthrown passes. If you watch the receivers and the pass patterns there is almost always at least one guy wide open. But Andy doesn’t find him. I think he has poor field vision. Whereas a guy like Andrew Luck seems to see everything and always finds the right guy, Dalton is constrained by his almost predetermined focus on his primary receiver. His poor field vision and poor instincts cause him to make bad decisions as to who to throw the ball to. And his school boyish enthusiasm causes him to throw it badly. Just my humble opinion.

  8. Marvin is perfectly content and he thinks it’s acceptable to be mediocre. He said it himself after they lost AGAIN in the playoffs when he laughed at the question of him feeling lucky to come back as the head coach since he has NEVER won a playoff game.

  9. I’d say that Lewis hitching his wagon to Dalton may cost him his job, but obviously Mike Brown supports Dalton too.

    It still might cost him his job, but he’ll be a scapegoat in that case.

  10. Dalton is the 7th best QB in the AFC judging by his 7th alternate AFC Pro Bowl selection.

    Means he’s a middle tier guy. The Bengals have been a middle tier team, where just making the playoffs is acceptable.

  11. This is why the Bengals will never take the next step, you have to have a burning desire to win. This team and it’s ownership are too pleased with mediocrity.

  12. Marvin is right. There are 25 teams that would take Dalton. So the Bengals, and those other 25 teams get to sit back on their couch and watch the top QBs lead their teams deep into the playoffs. Lewis is in a tough spot. I guess it’s better to make an early playoff exit, than to miss the playoffs altogether. Or maybe those decisions are being made by others above Lewis. I would take a good look at the QBs in the draft and try to find one in the third round that might turn into something. After all, Brady was a sixth rounder and Russell Wilson was a third rounder. The myth that you have to grab a QB in the first round is obviously just a myth. Or an excuse.

  13. Death, taxes, Dalton losing in the first round of the playoffs. Some things are just consistent. It’s really sad that the Bengals organization is happy with just making the playoffs. The whole city sets the bar pretty low. Cheers!


  14. They’re going to need a Tom Brady type of out of the blue phasing out of Dalton. Otherwise, this team’s stuck because they’ll continue to win in the regular season simply because the roster’s that good and then lose as soon as they see a playoff caliber team.

  15. I think some people are taking for granted the idea of never missing the playoffs under Dalton. As disappointing as one and done has been under Dalton, much heralded qb’s like Palmer never got Cinci consistently winning.

    Marvin is right. Where has qb controversies worked? He sees enough qb buffoonery in Cleveland.

  16. Well, if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result…then Marvin might fit the definition?
    And if Cincy keeps coming up short with Andy Dalton, it likely won’t matter what Lewis thinks much longer…

  17. There’s only one thing I can think of as a life long Bengals fan and that’s the word Mediocrity. Mike Brown does want to win, but just enough to continue to be mediocre. Marvin clearly has also accepted mediocrity, and as long as he can remain in playoff contention he’ll have a job for life.

    Marvin’s estimation may be off, but I bet at least 10-15 teams would take Andy Dalton over who they have now. The problem is that those teams are losing teams and have no where to go but up. Just like Marvin, Andy is the guy to get you off the ground but not the guy to get you to the top.

  18. Unfortunately, with this year’s QB draft class and FA list, he is probably right for 2015. But if next year is just more of the same from Dalton, they had better make time to work on a new QB. And a new head coach.

  19. And there you have it, mediocrity will rule Bungal Land as long as “Marvin the mediocre” is HC.

  20. Michael Johnson Burfict Maualuga less than effective Geno Atkins and you have a less effective defense. Throw in Eiffert Marvin Jones and AJ, they were not the same team that started the season.

  21. Not a Bengals (or Dalton) fan but, in his defense, I don’t hear anyone calling for a QB competition in Atlanta and Matty Ice hasn’t fared much better in the post season.

  22. 25 teams huh?


    more like 15, tops

    Texans/Titans (not sure on Jags)

    Skins (I think Eagles would roll with healthy Foles)
    49ers (probably)

    So there is 12 and you could argue some more.

  23. 25 teams? Seriously Marvin? I think John Harbaugh’s comment about Joe Flacco being the best QB in the league is closer to being accurate than Lewis essentially saying there are only 6 QBs better than Dalton. Flacco isn’t the best for sure, but Andy Dalton recently became the last straw in confirming that the pro bowl is a joke. Dalton’s pro bowl nod is proof that today’s “every kid gets a participation trophy” concept doesn’t only exist at the youth level.

  24. IMHO Dalton ranks somewhere around 12-15 among NFL QB’s. There most likely not going to find a replacement who’s better than him. Tough place to be.

  25. Perhaps the weeks after wildcard weekend when you are free, you can squeeze in some additional evaluations.

  26. message received. I hear and understand.

    I just don’t agree. You have to find “time to waste’ on getting better. At every position. I think Lewis is betting his job on this decision.

  27. Spoken like a man who can’t believe he still has a job after 4 chokes in a row. Their team has made the playoffs 4 years in a row and choked each one away. A logical owner starts looking at his coaching staff at that point because obviously they have enough talent to get to the postseason. Of course this is the Bengals we are talking about so logic does not reign supreme.

    25 teams huh? I don’t think the Patriots, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, Chargers, Chiefs, Cowboys, Packers, Seahawks, Saints, Falcons, and Panthers are in the market for a downgrade but nice try Marvin. I will give him this though, they aren’t going to find anyone better this year anyway than Dalton.

  28. Marvin you POS. You always settle for mediocrity and that is really the only reason you still have a job is because you can manage to stay at .500 God your attitude is what is ruining us more and more every year. Depressing knowing you have a coach who doesn’t care as much as they should publically. Don’t have time for that? You have time to waste on a whole season just to lose in the first round every season?

  29. And this is why the Bengals will continue to be the choke team that we are. We have a coach with zero fire and has no way of amping this team up. We have a QB who chokes and can’t hold up to the pressure. He’s just not that good. Neither of them are. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are ok with this team being “just good enough”. A QB competition doesn’t hurt anyone. It’ll make the guys who can’t handle the pressure crumble and it’ll make the tough ones shine. But nooo. Can’t put any pressure on Raggedy Andy. They make this guy their “franchise QB” and pay him big money and at the same time they were saying “we have to take things off of his plate so he doesn’t have so much pressure”. Really? You want a guy to be your franchise QB that can’t handle “too many things to do”? Come on man.

  30. Through draft or free agency no one else they acquire would be better. They passed on Wilson three times but this WAS Gruden’s guy. Mike wanted Kaepernick. Gruden insisted Andy was they guy. He has outperformed Palmer his first four seasons albeit wit a much better supporting cast. Aldo outperformed Boomer and Rodgers who backed up Favre five years. Everyone has injuries, but Burfict, a difference maker, an ineffective Atkins who may be on the way out. Maualuga missed 8 games, Leon Hall is done, Michael Johnson gone, then take away Green Eiffert and Jones it is shocking he did what he did. You guys are a tough crowd. Maybe reunite him with Gruden by trading for Griffin III. Their 4 straight playoff appearances would end in 2015.

  31. Love the defenders who say Dalton sucked because he didn’t have any of his weapons this past year. Well, what was the excuse the 3 years before? He still choked in epic proportions in the playoffs even with his weapons. Next excuse please!

  32. Why has no one pointed out that Dalton’s “year-to-year team option” contract kicks in at the end of the 2015 season…at the same time that Marvin’s current contract runs out. Connect the dots, people! Mike Brown is giving them one more year together to get it right. If they do, Marvin gets a contract extension and Andy stays a Bengal. If not? Guess what? Clean slate. Every new head coach wants his own QB and that’s exactly what will happen at the end of 2015 if Mike Brown doesn’t see progress.

  33. Uh Marvin….what’s your plan if Dalton goes down with a serious injury? Might be nice to have spent some snaps with whoever is going to be taking those snaps in a game. But you know best right?

  34. When Marvin Lewis says quarterback competition is a waste of time, and doesn’t get you wins, I think Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks would beg to differ. And if Marvin Lewis truly believes there are 26 teams that would take Andy Dalton as their starting

  35. I have news for Marvin Lewis, there is only one team in the NFL that would have given Dalton a $100 mil. contract extension, the Cincinnati Bengals.

  36. I’ve been a Bengals since 1968 until last season then I got tired of the frustration cause by both Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton. Lewis has proved to me he can only lead the team into the playoffs and nothing more. The frustration with Andy Dalton is he can screw up often and never shows any emotion going to the bench. Dalton reminds me Howdy Doodie, Both Dalton and Lewis can’t manage a football game. Simple fact it is easier being a Indianapolis Colt fan. They rebuilt the team and made the playoffs the first season although not winning a playoff game the first season with Luck they have progressed the second season by winning a game and each season since advancing one more game and this season made the AFC championship game. Proves to me the Colts as a organization is far better than in Cincinnati. Say what you want about Jim Irsay as a team owner but atleast Irsay is smart enough to know he can’t run the team. Unlike Mike Brown who refuses to bring in a General Manager they knows how to put a winner on the field. Goodluck Bengals fans if you ate lucky maybe your grandkids might see a playoff win by the Bengals in their lifetime

  37. This organization is still unfortunately a joke to a point. I can’t support an organization that jus settles for mediocrity. Brown is cheap an goes after seasoned vets that have troubled pasts or on the back end an Andy an Marvin have been bengalized! I love my team enough to let em go until drastic change happens!

  38. Way to blow the Pro Bowl Dalton. Add that to your list of losses. Oh by the way the 25th anniversary is coming up celebrating the last time the organization has won a playoff game. You guys should hire a DJ.

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