NFL moves all three London games to 9:30 a.m. Eastern


Early morning football from London is here to stay.

The NFL announced today that all three London games in 2015 will kick off at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. The three early games are Jets-Dolphins on October 4, Bills-Jaguars on October 25 and Lions-Chiefs on November 1.

Last year the NFL experimented with morning football for the first time with the Lions-Falcons game, and it seemed to work well: English fans liked having the game in the afternoon rather than the evening, and the FOX broadcast drew strong TV ratings in America.

Eventually, the NFL may put as many as eight games a year in London. If that happens, expect all of them to take place in the morning, and expect the NFL to sell those games as a separate TV package. There’s really no such thing as too much football on TV, and the next way for the NFL to expand its TV offerings is to start some games earlier.

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  2. They said a full season of TNF was a great idea too. London games suck. Who wants to get up for Bills-Jags or Jets-Dolphins. The infatuation with London is way too much now. It was neat at first, now I hardly give a damn if a games in London. Used to be a neat concept.

  3. Loved watching that Lions-Falcons game this yr first thing in the morning, must be whats it like to live on the west coast, watching football from the time u wake up until midnight ….good move NFL even though is was a move based on greed

  4. Goodell must be trying to ensure that the NFL never catches in London with that horrible slate of games.

  5. It’s just a matter of time before the Bills and Jags move there.

    One in the AFC and one in the NFC.

  6. I know I’d be annoyed if the Premier League started playing abroad, but from a purely selfish standpoint, I can’t wait for the London games again this year. Staring at Lions v Chiefs tickets on 1st Nov. as I type

  7. So, you gain your 80k London viewers for the game and lose potentially 250k people (probably way more – if the matchup was any good).

    Sound business sense there…

  8. this needs to end, let them keep their soccer and we keep our football. I’m a huge fan of money too but no one needs to be like the us government.. out for every last penny you can squeeze.

  9. Sucks for the west coast fans. It’s easy enough to say you’re not getting up at 6:30 am to watch a Bills-Jags game, but what happens when the Raiders play the Seahawks in London? I would think that the local ratings would probably end up being really low.

  10. Wait, did the NFL just make a good decision?

    As long as they don’t start making a habit of it. Then I’d be convinced the devil needed a winter coat.

  11. Next will be games from Japan. We can start at 2 A.M., and go all day. Red Bull and coffee companies can be the sponsors.

  12. love football…. give me more. hate pregame shows. even for my own team. now no sunday morning chores…. “Sorry, honey, I’ll get that later, the game is on”

  13. BS! Division games should be played at home stadiums. Only out of conference games should be played on neutral soil. But why London? Are the tv revenues generated worth the disparity of one less home game for teams wanting to make the playoffs? If I were the Lions or the Chiefs I’d be pissed about a 5 hour time change in the mid to late season and all that distance to travel for what could be the deciding game in a run for the wild card or division lead. I couldn’t give less of a rip about the Fins, Jags, Jets, or Bills. Especially the Jets. Actually, could we move the Jets and their fans to London, permanently?

  14. Any of you guys ever travel to one of these games? What is the crowd like? Is it Americans or do the Brits actually like American football?

  15. Man, living on the west coast, this means football from 6:30 am to 8:30 pm.

    Makes me feel like a degenerate and I’m not sure Goodell cares much for my liver.

  16. In general this is a great move. However the matchups for next year are so weak that I will keep watching Premier League on Sunday mornings, not NFL. Give me a marquee matchup at 9:30 AM.

  17. Roger Goodell sold his soul to Europe. I could give two craps about these games, maybe the Lions/Chiefs. The rest, I’d rather be in church in AMERICA where this game was founded.

  18. These games in London are the dumbest things ever. It completely screws the home team over and now you’re screwing the west coast over. Nobodies going to wake up at 6:30 to watch these games.

  19. Dear Mr. Brady:
    FYI- When you play in London, here’s the conversion formula for converting PSI to metric(pascals):

    1. Multiply the pressure in PSI by 6,894.76 to convert it to pascals (Pa). For example, the pressure of 30 PSI corresponds to 30 x 6,894.76 = 206,842.8

    2. Multiply the pressure in PSI by 6.895 to convert it to kilopascals (kPa). For example, the pressure of 30 PSI corresponds to 30 x 6.895 = 206.84 kPa.

    3. Multiply the pressure in PSI by 0.06805 to convert it to units of atmosphere (atm). For example, the pressure of 30 PSI corresponds to 30 x 0.06805 = 2.04 atm.

    I know you’re a stickler for preparation and want to “air” on the side of caution.

  20. wikidpissah says:
    Jan 22, 2015 1:25 PM
    How do they measure PSI in London with the metric system?

    I believe you are looking for kPa (Kilopascal) just google a converter its very easy 🙂

  21. Never rolled over , grabbed the remote and watched football before the Lions – Falcons game . Highly dug it .

  22. That’s either 3:30 or 4:30am in HI depending if the madland is on DST or not. Yea, folks there be getting up to watch those games, not.

  23. Get rid of Thursday Night Football and bring back Sunday Morning Football!

    Sunday Morning Football is my favorite. Nothing better than an NFL game with breakfast. Plus FOUR games on Sunday.

    It’s how it’s meant to be!

  24. Yeah, what the American public needs is more reason to sit on their couches for longer on Sundays, lol.

  25. I like this a lot, very cool and makes me feel differently about playing over yonder. Good times! GO HAWKS!!

  26. ” but what happens when the Raiders play the Seahawks in London?”

    as someone on the West Coast who hates the Seahawks and would root for the Raiders, I’ll tell you what happens: I’m getting up at 9:00 and assuming the Raiders lost.

    Eh, any game I watch is going on the DVR anyway….I’m going to fast forward through the commercials, time outs, kick offs, huddles etc…anyway.

  27. joetoronto says:
    Jan 22, 2015 1:14 PM
    It’s just a matter of time before the Bills and Jags move there.

    One in the AFC and one in the NFC.


    Hey – I’ll explain real quick why this won’t work.

    First off, the Bills aren’t moving anywhere. A local interest purchased the team and is committed to keeping them in Western New York long term. My understanding is that that is the position of the Jags owner as well.

    Second, the Bills and Jags are both in the AFC.

    I know its probably a lot of info to take in at once, but being from Toronto nobody would expect you to understand the NFL. In fairness, I don’t understand the CFL.

  28. I CAN’T STAND 9:30 GAMES. Like the vast majority of Americans, I NEED my Boomer fix. I NEED TJ, CC, Coach Ditka, Keyshawn, Frank Caliendo, Shannon, Boomer, Terry, and Coach Jimmy.
    You Can’t tear me away from three-hour pre-game shows. YOU JUST CAN’T.

  29. Who could possibly complain about being able to watch more football? I live on the west coast and 6:30 is not too early for football. Personally I’d like the NFL to arrange so that all games per week were played at different times. Say 2 Thursday night, 2 Friday night, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday and 2 Monday night. That would cover the bye weeks at least. And I’d watch them all!!!

  30. As a Lions fan it was kind of fun to watch the early game last year in London and I’ll say the same about the Chiefs game as well but I still fundamentally disagree with the idea of the London games. Especially if they were to place a real team there.

    The NFL would be much better served with reinstating an NFL Europe league or a small 6-8 team developmental league in the US. Put it in states and cities that currently do not have an NFL team and set it up to be run in the spring to summer. So many players could benefit from this the same way that minor league baseball, hockey, and basketball have farm systems.

  31. angrylionsfan says:

    The NFL would be much better served with reinstating an NFL Europe league . . . so many players could benefit from this the same way that minor league baseball, hockey, and basketball have farm systems.

    Except that nobody in Europe wanted to watch second-rate American football. As long as NCAA football keeps producing football players, the League doesn’t particularly care about “development;” what it cares about is opening up a potentially huge new market. They’re not going to do that with a developmental league.

  32. There was a story on tv last night from London and they have no idea what American NFL football is. And by showing the games in London, you are taking away games from the teams’ fans here in the states. The NFL should leave things alone. If they want to broadcast the games in London, then let them work it that way. But let us have our teams play here in the good ol’ USA and let us watch our teams from the stands.

  33. You all say Brits don’t care about american football, you couldn’t be more wrong, I have been to America many times and if you haven’t been to England how can you judge what the Wembley games are like! The city is buzzing the Americans who come over love it!! To Brits is a lifestyle we have to stay up till the early hours every weekend! Please don’t knock us before you come over and watch it here.

  34. So basically, the NFL is telling everyone west of Denver to get up early or use a DVR. Fine by me. Would you go ahead and use that logic to move the conference title games back to 1:00 and 4:30 where they belong???????????????

  35. It’s stupid to play games in London. This is the NFL not the IFL, not the International Football league. Stop the endless tweaking to our game NFL. No one wants an NFL team in London!!!

  36. Will this nightmare ever end? i mean there is just no excitement when watching games from the UK. The fans are miles away from the field and they just don’t seem to be into it at all.

  37. I don’t care for this. It is hard enough to watch 3 sets of games without the woman hollering at me.

  38. In Teddy We Trust says: Jan 22, 2015 1:07 PM

    Apparently the NFL does not encourage church attendance.


    Count me in for Saturday services when the riveting Bills/Jags confrontation takes place…

  39. @footballgirlfan, very small world perspective. The game is going to expand whether or not we want it to. For me its a great thing to see this cross boarders. There aren’t many more markets for the NFL to grow here and if we want to call ourselves “World Champions” maybe they should start to expand to other countries.

  40. Also, there are Americans who love European football and I am positive that those European clubs have no problem taking money from foreigners such as Americans.

    What a condescending, selfish, and stupid thing to say that this game belongs only in America and London citizens aren’t deserving of this product that they pour money into.

    Bump the season up to 17 games instead of 16 so every team has 8 home, 8 away, and one international game.

  41. So the NFL writes off the West Coast viewing audience to indulge it’s London fetish. One positive for the West Coast – none of the teams out here will ever again have to make the pilgrimage of stupidity to England to play in these games if they plan to stick to the 9:30 AM EST start.

  42. The SAME media who HATES the thought of playing any bowl games in the northern U.S. (b/c it’s “cold” and media folks hate the cold but love NY), has no complaints whatsoever traveling to London to cover games.

    I say screw London, they don’t like the United States anyway.

  43. That really takes advantage of that all important 6:30 am Pacific Demographic.

    Most people I know want to wake up before sunrise to watch the Jaguars and Browns play in the rain on a field not really meant for American Football.

    Another great idea Goodell, boy you’re really on a roll with the fans.

  44. And the NFL wants the taxpayers of L.A. to pony up for a new stadium? Ha, that’s why it hasn’t happened and that’s why it will never happen. Why would we fund a stadium and then have that communist Goodell move it out of the country and start it when we’re sleeping!

  45. at least it is all east coast teams playing there next year….If the NFL wants it fair all the west coast teams when they play on the east coast should have a 4pm et kick off time……instead they will make the west coast teams play at 10am pt, which means a 5am wake up call… while the Patriots for some unknown reason will always be able to play at 4pm at home unless they are playing a west coast team……even in the playoffs….

    why did the seahawks have the early game last week?????

  46. How embarrassing. The NFL has to schedule it’s games around “Friendlys” to get an audience. Better get those bets In earlier this year Londoners! Must be nice to walk down the street and bet on the NFL. Furher Goodell only allows it in one city.

  47. Brilliant idea! 4 games in a row is better than 3. Bravo NFL for getting this one on the money.

  48. DVR – watch at regular time, skip commercials. But only for the one game I care about. Will actually be active at that time, as opposed to sitting on a couch more.

  49. Isn’t it nice of the NFL to decide London deserves these games but the fans who go to other seven homes games of these teams don’t. The best part is the London crowd is mostly there for the novelty and has no real allegiance to the teams playing. Nothing like seeing Bronco jerseys at a Jets/Jags game.

  50. Goodell has to go… I was ok with games playing in London because they kept them at 1pm est but now its 9:30am est and 6:30 am pst???????? Its weird they dont change the Premier League soccer times to nor do they play those games in the United States

  51. I say we all record all NFL games and watch them at our leisure without the commercials….and be sure to write the sponsors! 😉

  52. Maybe we can all get lucky and rl79111 will move to London and we’ll never have to hear from him again……

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