Report: Marshawn Lynch fined $20,000 for obscene gesture in NFC Championship


We’re waiting to hear from the league regarding the investigation into the Patriots’ alleged use of under-inflated footballs, but the league has reportedly acted on another issue from last Sunday.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league has fined Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for an obscene gesture during the victory over the Packers. Lynch grabbed his crotch after running for a 24-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter of the game — perhaps he was checking to make sure everything was inflated to the proper pressure? — and was previously fined $11,050 for another grab during a December game.

That might not be the end of the fines for Lynch. Schefter reports that the league is considering fining Lynch “significantly more” than the $50,000 fines he’s previously accrued for refusing to speak to the media. Lynch didn’t talk after beating Green Bay and will be slated to speak to the media three times next week during the buildup to the Super Bowl.

Schefter reports that the league and the Seahawks are in discussions about the best way to handle Lynch, who has already made it crystal clear how he wants to handle things on and off the field.

115 responses to “Report: Marshawn Lynch fined $20,000 for obscene gesture in NFC Championship

  1. Getting a bit embarassing this. Most interviews with players or coaches are the usual boring replies about how they’re preparing for ‘team x’ etc.

    Lynch is a great player but creating this ‘persona’ of no interviews, ‘beast mode’ and all that, just getting a bit cringe worthy.

    Just do the interviews please, its no big deal.

  2. So worth it. I hope all GB fans saw it lol

    Now just do it again against Brady and we’ll get a Kick Starter campaign to help cover the costs!!!!!

  3. The best part is he offers handshakes to his teammates afterward. He must really hate them to offer them the hand he just grabbed his crotch with.

  4. Lynch comes off as not wanting attention but does ish he knows will bring him more than anyone else.

  5. NFL needs to get over themselves…

    Plenty of players that want to talk, let the reporters talk to them. This is now pretty obviously a vendetta by the media, otherwise they would have left him alone.

  6. He craves the attention. I bet he’s a surefire “crash and burn” once his playing days are over.

  7. There is nothing wrong physically with Marshawn.

    There IS something wrong with him mentally.

  8. So Marshawn is fined $20K for grabbing his crotch, while apparently Clay Matthews gets nothing for a vicious helmet-to-helmet hit on Russell Wilson, who was already being blocked low by another player? Glad the league’s got its priorities straight.

  9. GB players were in his face the whole first half running their mouths. Just Lynch having the last word.

  10. Maybe he was just adjusting. Baseball players do it all of the time on camera and don’t get fined.

  11. Good. Fine him for again failing to comply with a required aspect of his job. If he doesn’t want to do certain aspects of his job then don’t allow him to do that job at all. We all have to comply with certain conditions of employment so why shouldn’t Lynch? I do not feel sorry for him nor do I believe he is “shy”. He has brought this on himself and his actions in the games show he has no problem with attention. He is just a miscreant trying to play by his own rules.

  12. Then Brady ought to be fined $2,000,000.00, and the Pats $20,000,000.00. They are totally obscene and destroying the very fabric of the game.

  13. I don’t blame Lynch for supposedly not wanting to talk to the media. But it seems as though he goes out of his way to make sure he is always in the news. If you don’t want to be bothered, taking a low profile would seem to be the way to go. I have a feeling he wants the attention but just wants to appear as though he is above it all. If he is capable of that deep a thought process.

  14. It should not be a fine. It should be a penalty for using his crotch as a prop in a TD celebration.

  15. I sure hope Lynch don’t wear his gold cleats…every ref on site will be watching his feet and the Pats will be cheating every way they can…

  16. Matthews continually tries to seriously injure other players, see Romo/Wilson in the playoffs and gets off with nothing. Lynch adjusts himself after a nice run and gets $20k fine. Make sure Goodell doesn’t watch baseball or he will be getting $20k every 4 minutes.

  17. These guys never think those $100,000 and $20,000 fines that they racked up by just being idiots in their playing days, might really come in handy in about 10-20 years after they’ve blown all the money they made.

  18. Lynch is a jerk and this disgusting act should have resulted in a suspension. 20K is nothing to this punk. The coach and owner condone this, so does the league.

  19. When are they going to realize that he is not “grabbing his crotch?”

    He is merely deactivating BEAST MODE.

  20. Lynch might just hang it up after this upcoming game. Don’t give in. Don’t pay the fines. Just walk. Nothing else to prove.

  21. if you re-watch it was such a nothing event. you have to really be looking for it to even notice. much less than plenty of other sack-dance or TD celebrations. nfl has a microscope on this guy. it’s tiresome.

  22. He was just doing his Michael Jackson impersonation… has anyone noticed hardly any players wear cups now? LoL

  23. Sounds like the league is bullying Marshawn into talking or he will get fined. But wait, doesn’t the league have an anti-bullying campaign???

  24. I dislike Roger and his incompetent execs so much I find these stories of Lynch being rebellious refreshing. I feel myself rooting for him for continuously ticking off Roger even though he knows he’ll get fined out of the wazoo.

  25. Its an unsportsman like jesture and he should have been given a 15 yard penalty. That is the rule that the officials let go. That would have changed the whole game with Seattle being on the 17 yard line instead of the 2 yard line for their 2 point conversion.

  26. Was Belichick fined for his “On to Cincinnati” responses at his press conferences after the Pats got their assed kicked by the Chiefs?

  27. Based on his 8M salary and my teacher salary, that’s like me being fined $130 bucks. Not much of a hit. If the NFL wants him to quit, he will have to be fined at least 10 times that.

  28. Dude’s a clown and deserves escalated fines/suspension.

    I’ll place bets that as soon as he’s with another team, so-called Seahawks fans will be fed up with him more than the rest of us.

  29. He’s just pissing away money he will wish he had when he’s been retired for 5-10 years.

  30. Lynch is a heck of a running back no doubt but he whined in the off-season that he was underpaid so the Hawks give him a raise and he promptly gets multiple fines and is basically paying that raise back. For a guy that doesn’t like talking to the media he sure knows how to do things he knows are going to get the medias attention. The guy is a perpetual turd and the only thumbs down I’m going to receive are from the Hawks fans who think their beloved team can do no wrong.

  31. The NFL needs to have all the players sign a waiver freeing them of liability for brain damage. He’s showing the effects of multiple concussions. They should hold him out of the super bowl or face a lawsuit later on when Lynch sues the league for brain damage. The guy has no brains left, and the NFL doesn’t seem to care. Protect the poor man for heaven’s sake. Force him to retire for mental health reasons. At least check his helmet to make sure it meets the required safety specifications.

  32. This is more about Goodell’s uncontrollable need to assert his power than anything else. Lynch tallies 157 clutch yards rushing, 6.3 yards per carry and a touchdown, and this is what the NFL (and their media sycophants) chooses to focus on… ridiculous, considering you see the same ‘adjustment’ from at least one player on any given play.

    Lynch is unique in the NFL – no one else currently playing does what he can do. As a fan of the game, I care much more about what Lynch does on the field than his post-game interviews, his media availability or the fit of his athletic supporter. Can we just let the man play football?

  33. One thing for sure, whenever Lynch retires the NFL will have a hell of a lot less fine money to give to charities. Fewer players to bully.

  34. This year’s Super Bowl is going to suck because these two teams have no class whatsoever. One team is ghetto while the other team cheats. At least they have one thing in common…bunch of bandwagon fans.

  35. I have no idea who to root for in this super bowl. Its like most of our presidential elections. Bad and worse, and I can’t figure out which is which.

  36. Ever since Michael Jackson, pop stars, rock stars, and rap artists all across this country and around the world are making that gesture all the time. Kids in this day and age seen done often. Not sure it is the big deal you all are making it out to be.

  37. This is the real story, that a guy adjusted his jock after a TD run.

    Just let’s make sure the Pats aren’t condemned for blatantly cheating since at least 2006.

  38. Funny thing is, everyone wants to stand up for this guy and say he wants his privacy or just wants to play football. Did you notice he CONSTANTLY is doing something to get attention? That’s all this is. I’m going to wear illegal shoes, I’m going to grab my crotch, I’m going to answer questions in a ridiculous way. Dude is a diva plain and simple. If you don’t see it, it’s cuz you’re just a fanboy.

  39. It is about defiance to league office, not about attention or directed at the other team. For those saying he seeks attention, it is the opposite. No talk whatsoever, after the game, no one noticed and you can’t even see the gesture on camera angle they were showing live, you need reverse angle and watch over and over to see what he did. Then back at the NFL head office they see it, and it is directly directly to them. As the NFL needs Lynch more than Lynch needs the NFL.

    If you fine him 20k, then Matthews deserves a 100k fine and 3 game suspension for attempting to injure Wilson.

  40. The NFL threatens to suspend Lynch for the Superbowl if he wears gold cleats, punishing both him and the team. Tom Brady is caught cheating… But I’m sure the league won’t even consider a suspension for Brady. Because of that, this Superbowl is already tainted. The league better pray the Seahawks win. Otherwise they’ll have a team win the championship that cheated to get there. Of all the PR disasters the league has had this year, none would be bigger than that.

  41. Lynch grabbed his crotch? Huh.

    I was so busy laughing at the Packer defense and their all time classic choke that I never noticed.

  42. ML is aloof when it comes to themedia. What he fails to realize is that it was the choices he made while in Buffalo and until he owns that, he will continue to blame the media……

    He should never run for public office!

  43. Sweetnlow44, Brady hasn’t been caught cheating.

    How many of the players in the SB are using or have used banned substances? Guess what, it’s been tainted for decades and the Seahawks are no more pure and innocent than anybody else.

  44. wgward says:
    Jan 22, 2015 10:47 AM
    Lynch might just hang it up after this upcoming game. Don’t give in. Don’t pay the fines. Just walk. Nothing else to prove.
    Great advice…except he doesn’t have a choice, the fine is coming out of his check, before he even gets it…he isn’t writing one to the NFL. What Lynch does after this game is of no concern to the Seahawks, they will release him because if they want to hang on to Wilson, it’s going to require some heavy cash.

  45. The NFL jumps in and fines this guy right away for doing harmless things and yet in the meantime it takes them forever to know what to do with players who beat their girlfriends, wives and kids.

  46. He maybe a good player, but he’s an idiot with his behaviour. Why is he so special that he doesn’t have to obey rules? Nothing would be big enough to fine him, he has plenty so just keep piling it on.

  47. Should have been flagged. Just a shame that so many of those “hardcore” twelfthmen didn’t see it because they left early in an act of bandwagon abandonment that would make Heat fans blush.

  48. Lynch faces league harassment.

    Cheater Brady gets promoted to SB after proof of cheating.

    Lynch is the one with integrity, yet he’s the only one fined.

    Whatever NFL!

  49. “Just a shame that so many of those “hardcore” twelfthmen didn’t see it because they left early in an act of bandwagon abandonment that would make Heat fans blush.”

    Don’t know if you’ve seen any replays or not but the stadium was pretty dang full when the Seahawks were making that great comeback at the end of the game. The shaking stadium beat the beast quake record when ML scored are were successful on the 2 pt conversion. Just a handful of people left, not nearly as many as you wish it would have been. And I bet those who did won’t be foolish enough to do that again.

  50. Adjusting one’s jock after a TD run = $20,000.

    Patriots repeatedly cheating will = zilch.

    The only good to come of this is it will be harder for the league to get the officials to cheat in the Pat’s favor.

  51. Look…if any of you are waiting with breathless anticipation on what Marshawn Lynch has to say…… You should probably just continue holding your breath until you pass out.

    He is not a Mensa candidate….

    Not everyone should be required to talk to the media…that is absurd.

    As for the crotch grab though…

    Fine the dude considerably more. He has been told and fined repeatedly. The FCC has every right to fine the Network A Huge sum because of that garbage.

  52. “Fine the dude considerably more. He has been told and fined repeatedly. The FCC has every right to fine the Network A Huge sum because of that garbage.”

    No one saw that live on TV. Happened too fast and it was obscured from view. Didn’t hear about it or see any replays on the internet until the next day. No TV has shown it.

  53. “No one saw it on Live TV…”

    You weren’t paying attention then… I saw it live, and then again on replay…there was nothing obscured about anything.

  54. It’s the league that’s looking foolish here. The man doesn’t want to give meaningless quotes to the media. There’s plenty of other Seahawks to take up the slack. Get over it NFL.

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