Robert Kraft has called Bill Belichick a “schmuck” for past sins

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For some, the simple margin of victory has obscured the #Deflategate scandal for the Patriots.

But Patriots owner Robert Kraft has already shown a lack of patience with previous controversies, which makes his reaction to the latest one worth watching.

As pointed out by Tom Curran of, Kraft took a dim view of coach Bill Belichick’s response when he confronted him about Spygate charges in 2007.

“How much did this help us on a scale of 1 to 100?” Kraft reportedly asked Belichick, via Gary Myers’ book Coaching Confidential.

“One,” Belichick replied.

“Then you’re a real schmuck,” Kraft replied.

Kraft then had to stand up at the owners meetings the following spring and apologize to his 31 business partners and the league, for the lack of institutional control that created the mess.

It’s implausible that Belichick himself did anything to 11 of the 12 balls, just as it’s implausible anything happens in that building without him knowing it.

And whether the inflation of the ball had a tangible effect on the outcome of the game or not, the image of impropriety might be as important to the league. And given Kraft’s loyalty to commissioner Roger Goodell, it’s worth monitoring the stance he takes on this situation as well.

111 responses to “Robert Kraft has called Bill Belichick a “schmuck” for past sins

  1. You call it Kraft’s loyalty to Goodell. I think most people see it as Goodell’s loyalty to Kraft (and Mara and Rooney) aka being in their pockets

  2. Heres a theory.

    The NFL comes down on the Patriots for filming (open) practices and (over) doctoring footballs because, the Patriots can take it. The NFL using the Patriots to gain better control over these (and other) tough to regulate items.

    Scouting your opponents and working in footballs was/is something many/most of the teams did (are doing) but that competition line was too foggy. Through fines and “bad” press, the NFL using the Patriots (with Krafts cooperation) to help manage certain hard to manage game aspects helps to ensure the line is more clearly visible and that’s all they want here.

  3. We all look at this and many say no big deal. However, what other tactics are they using to bend or break rules? How many other games are affected? And the big deal is the impact it has on gambling. With legalized sports betting being a zillion $ business, little, small “harmless” Patriot cheating can draw the interest of politicians and cause them to shut it down. That’s the big picture.

  4. I for one think this whole story is overblown. The reality is every QB in the league alters the game balls to their personal preference and many push it beyond the NFL regulations.

    But the Patriots are repeat offenders and because of spy-gate they are held to a higher standard. Right, wrong, or indifferent Bill can’t afford to be cutting corners like this.

    In the end this will all blow over with the league. Those expecting suspensions and vacated wins will be severely disappointed. More than likely the league will issue a slap on the wrist and then take a long hard look at pregame ball handling regulations.

    But the damage to the brand is real. And once again people are questioning the validity of the Patriots success. And that’s what is so upsetting to most Patriots fans and what I assume is making Robert Kraft livid this week. Here we are on the eve of the Super Bowl and we are talking about deflated footballs? Really?

    Now do I think Kraft will fire Bill over this? Probably not. But doesn’t he have to at least consider it? Especially if it comes out that the Patriots were again warned and again broke a rule?

    Just my take on the situation.

  5. Shocking Bill said “one”. Then his owner basically called him an idiot because the ends didnt justify the means.

    What if Bill would have said “50”? Would Kraft have given him a pat on the back?

  6. Give Belichick a one year suspension at a minimum! I’d also take a first round draft pick and give the organization a $2 Million dollar fine. Maybe that’ll grab the Patriots and every other team’s attention that you don’t cheat, EVER, in the NFL.

  7. Why chance it if the ultimate outcome is almost guaranteed? It’s called risk vs. reward. The Patriots would’ve beaten the Colts by 38 even if Tom Brady was throwing beach balls.

  8. While I have a true disdain for the Patriots corporately, as a team, I do respect Robert Craft who sends to be a star stand up guy. Belichek not so much. He is a talented coach, of doubt, but these alleged lapses in judgement, leave him open to warranted criticism and doubt about his overall integrity. All that said, I hate the Sea Chickens, so by default, must go for NE.

  9. I’m surprised that Belicheat didn’t learn his lesson after being called a schmuck. Oooh, that must have been one of life’s harsher lessons for the young man.

    Back to ancient history, once again the implication that his cheating(s) did not help is being pimped here. So what do we have, a sociopathic cheater on our hands?

    Who really buys this stuff?

    Here’s the thing, if your entire career needs to be “asterisked,” why are you allowed to be coaching in the NFL?

  10. So taping practices before the superbowl and watching a bunch of new plays that the team never showed on the field gives you an advantage of 1 on a scale from 1-100??

  11. Nice to know Kraft’s moral compass is calibrated for when cheating is … y’know … “worth it”.

  12. I will never understand the logic of people who will concede to cheating, but then insist that it did nothing to impact their performance. What, you’re such a horrible person that you cheat just to cheat, nothing to do with having an advantage? Well, maybe, I suppose.

  13. Even though it’s absolutely true that all QBs are saying this is nothing and baseball players scuff up the balls and it’s a minor thing, I am so disappointed that The Pats would risk this after what has happened in the past. This is like handing the haters gasoline for the fire. If this were any other team, it would barely be a blip in the radar is what the NFL Network has said. Probably. But the Super Bowl is deflated for me. Pun intended.

  14. wow. That really put Belichek in his place. I wish my boss would call me a schmuk while still giving me free reign, his full support, and more money.

    He really let Belichek know this will not be tolerated!! Lol. Kraft did the bare minimum to acknowledge the problem while having Goodell destroy the evidence.

  15. He called him a schmuck for bending rules and only getting a “one” out if ten advantage. Pats fan here, but have you seen the acting video of Kraft and his little tramp? Hardly think he cares too much about his image. That was far more embarrassing to me as a fan I the team than videotaping signals from a wrong angle.

  16. I seriously doubt it was only 1, he such a liar. More like 40-50. his legacy will always be tainted as it should be. and the other liar Brady as well

  17. Bill, please don’t think your owner is stuped.
    Taping the opponents hand signals, walk thru practices, etc. is more than a one on an advantage scale of 1 to 100.

    The only real question is what was done that nobody knows about?

  18. I think these repeated instances paint a picture of a man with fundamental flaws in his personal character. Everybody wants to win, but BB seems morbidly obsessed with it. It’s just ugly. He himself probably realizes it in his soul.

    I would speculate that he set this all up with the ball boys in advance, if not personally then via a trusted assistant who would be willing to fall on his sword someday if the truth got revealed. But he should have known this would cost his team big time sanctions (again) such as heavy fines and forfeited draft picks. He took the gamble and lost (again.)

  19. Kraft is 100% correct. Belichek just can’t help pushing the envelope on stupid things looking for an advantage. They don’t help that much, and they make him look like a cheater and tarnish the fact he’s a good coach who assembles a good team. This isn’t a big deal, except it’s just another brick in the Patriots wall of shame.

  20. That’s the crazy part about this. It’s like they cheated just for the sake of cheating.

  21. Not a Patriots fan, but this is one of the least interesting controversies I can recall in recent memory. Just change the rules and let each side inflate their own balls to whatever degree they want. Who cares.

  22. Well you can speculate all you want but let’s see how this spins out. There is very little to investigate. The chain of custody and Patriot personnel will tell the story. Did Bill Belichick or anyone ask you to leak air out of the balls in your custody? If yes Bill is a very big Schmuck….if no then what do we call Bill; A victim of his past indiscretions. Perhaps Tom Brady asked the Patriot person who had custody of the footballs to leak some air out. So then Belichick is still the victim. The Patriots and the league fine Tom Brady and the Patriots are still in the Super Bowl. It could have been a wide receiver……so what happens then.

  23. If Kraft has a shred of integrity, he’ll suspend both Bellicheck and Brady for the next game. Perhaps offer to forfeit his picks in the upcoming draft and pay a fine of $25 million. This might change the public’s perception on the prolific history of cheating by this franchise.

  24. Lose draft pics and Bill can’t coach in Super Bowl. Has to be away from team Super Bowl week.

  25. Think Kraft is sick of it? I know everyone outside of Boston is (and a whole lot of Patriot fans are about fed up with it too, Belichick has a real Nixonion problem – needs help). The NFL should suspend Brady and Belichick for the SB and Kraft should fire the coach.

  26. If this turns out badly for BB as many suspect.then I, for one, would not be surprised if this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back…BB to the unemployment line..but it would be not for long (NFL!)..teams would be lining up to hire him in a heartbeat!!!

  27. Sure, it probably didn’t matter in a 45-7 blowout, ut what about the 31-35 game against thr Ravens the week before? When the Patriots didn’t bother tryjng to run the ball in the second half? As a football fan, I can appreciate the creative use of eligible and ineligible receivers and linemen because it was within the rules of the game. As a Ravens fan, I do feel a bit cheated out of a fair game that, but for the very likely cheating, could have gone the other way.

  28. Belichick will deny everything. Kraft will continue to believe his lies, because the team is winning.

    Once we get to next Thursday everyone will begin to focus on the game. What happens between now and next Thursday should be fun…

  29. Robert Kraft has also said how privileged he is to have the greatest coach of all time and the greatest QB of all time.
    Kraft also expressed his appreciation for Aaron Hernandez and his great play before his arrest.
    He is also Roger Goodell’s biggest supporter among the owners.
    Robert is a good cheerleader and a generous billionaire.

  30. This thing has completely blown out of proportion, and as a Colts fan I feel sad that my team is part of this mess. Is really clear by the evidence presented that New England didn’t need to do that. The fact that they blew up Indy in the second half with the correct set of balls proves that, but why do something out of the rulebook in the first place?

  31. Bellichick is a problem for the NFL ( the actions of the Patriots has to start somewhere) but what about Brady?? He handled the balls. Didn’t he notice under inflation? Didn’t he care? He’s as guilty (or guiltyier than Billichick). What’s Tom Brady’s legacy in the NFL! “Cheater”? I’ve heard more than one person say Tom Brady is the Greatest who ever played the game ( and I’m a big fan) but is he? Or is he just a cheater? Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, these people were great and clean, Bill Billichick and Tom Brady are entering Pete arose territory. You have to draw the line somewhere, I’m drawing it in the rain in Foxborough against the Colts. John

  32. The impropriety might be as important to young athletes who look up to these “schmucks”

    Maybe Belichick can provide some guidelines to children on when it is okay to cheat. Exactly what is his risk/reward formula?

  33. I’m really tired of hearing that it had no effect on the AFC Championship. It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t the first time it was done, especially considering the Colts complained about it after their regular season matchup.

    What about the game against Baltimore? It wouldn’t have taken much to swing the outcome of that game.

  34. could be a set up,ya never know, someone may want them to lose a 1st round pick or worse

  35. I know that there’s little love lost for the Ravens in these parts, but if the ball brouhaha was a factor in the Patriots wins, I think it likely had a larger impact during the Patriots – Ravens game, where the lead changed several times and was decided by one score.

  36. Belichick should be suspended for an entire year just like Peyton was in New Orleans. Brady should be suspended for at least half of the year as well. take their first round draft pick away and fine them a huge amount. Maybe then they will get the picture that this can'[t continue.

  37. Bill is a brilliant coach, no one can deny that. Their record after the loss to the Chiefs proves that.
    But when you cheat just because you think you are smarter than everyone else…yes, that makes you a schmuck.

  38. Whether or not the Patriots gained a competitive advantage or not is beside the point.

    This type of behavior by any organization directly impacts the integrity of the game itself.

    How can anyone believe the Patriots aren’t guilty in this case when taking into account everything else they have been linked to?

    It makes people wonder if the Patriots are willing to do something like this what else have they already gotten away with?

  39. Could this be the end of the hoodie?

    Should the Seahawks win, Bill will be 3-3, 0 since “Spy-Gate”, and with Deflate-Gate looming, could be a good reason for Kraft to finally pull the plug.

    Neither Spy-Gate nor Deflate-Gate will be the reason they won a Super Bowl, but it doesn’t look good when you have to cheat, even if it isn’t a major help to your team.

  40. The real loser in all this is the Seahawks and the SuperBowl. They’re getting no attention whatsoever for the season they had and the winner of this game, regardless of who that is, is going to be an afterthought. Sure the game will be legit and it goes into the record books, but the league was dumb for choosing to tackle this issue now rather than wait.

    Now you have some people saying every QB should get it the way he wants it (because that’s fair and won’t be biased in favor of any QB) and then you have people like Art Rooney II calling for one set of balls, which I think will just compound the problem.

    The best solution to a problem like this is no rule. You’re not excusing the infraction, but you’re making life simpler for the league down the road. How important is it, really?

    Think about it. It’s a non-issue if Andrew Luck’s preferred pressure happens to fall within the range the league permitted. If that’s the case, Brady had the ball he wanted and Luck had the ball he wanted. No harm. No foul.

  41. Only a dummy would believe deflated balls are the reason for the Patriots tremendous success. But their behavior is dishonorable and demonstrates poor sportsmanship.

  42. People can try to villianize Belichick all they want but as a non-Pats fan I can say 28 other teams would prefer tp have him over their current GM and coach.

  43. Goodell’s silence tells me him and Kraft are coming up with a story. If/When Goodell gets caught up in another lie… will mainstream media quit worrying about $$$ and do the right thing. I am not watching the SB for first time in my life. Its tainted and the league is very close to being tainted. Bellacheat must be suspended for a year. No draft picks for the Pats in 2015. Minimum.

  44. Well, as long as he called him a bad name, everything’s alright. We can let everyone off the hook with a pat on the back now.

  45. Oh and that last football that wasn’t under inflated…..
    Don’t think the kicker wants an under inflated ball.

  46. In the early 2000’s Belichick got caught cheating on his wife. In ’07, Spygate. Now in ’15, this.

    To me, it seems more and more that Belichick is less about doing whatever it’ll take to win, and more about low integrity and an ego that truly believes he can get away with anything.

    He better hope Garropolo balls out, because if the following seasons after Brady retires are mediocre-to-bad, ol Bill’s role in this whole dynasty is going to start to come under fire.

  47. would have loved to have been in that room when that went down

    there’s no doubt belicheat will cheat and then lie to get himself out of that cheating

    makes me like him even more

  48. No doubt he is upset but he will not fire Bill or Tom. Those two or maybe the OC are the only ones this could fall on assuming anyone tampered with the balls after the inspection by the officials. I still believe they were heated in some way prior to being turned over and the pressure was lost “naturally”.

  49. If Kraft acknowledges that Belicheat is a stain on the NFL canvas then he should do the right thing: Fire the lying, cheating scumbag and return all improperly obtained (notice I didn’t say won) Lombardi trophies immediately.

  50. I’ve owned businesses in the past. It’s not uncommon that some of your best and most important people are also ones that you don’t like personally. It’s just business.

  51. This kind of thing goes right to the heart of the integrity of the entire league and all 32 teams. Every owner is effected and every owner should have -0- tolerance. A lot of people pay a lot of money to see their teams lose. We pay it because we enjoy the game and expect a level playing field. Maybe most paying customers don’t care. I don’t know. But I know I would not want to run the risk if I was an owner.

  52. This whole idea that because they beat the Colts 45-7 means that this thing doesn’t matter is completely short sighted. The Pats didn’t know they were going to beat them 45-7 when the balls were deflated before the game even started. It’s the point of their intent and that they were trying to gain an advantage on their side by breaking the rules. It’s like in baseball with a pitcher trying to tamper with a baseball. The bigger picture to me is that it shows that Belichick will do whatever it takes trying to win and that includes cheating if need be and who knows what else he has done where he has just not been caught. Do I think their whole success is tainted, not necessarily but it makes you question what else they might have done in other games.

  53. The only takeaway from this is that, as I have maintained for 7 years, spygate didn’t actually matter from a football standpoint and it was a media concoction that was bolstered by the NFL’s bungling over punishment.

  54. |Belicheck has maybe one year left. After this episode, Brady retires this year. He has been exposed as losing hand/arm strength so they had to deflate the balls to assist him. Mark my words…..Brady will retire this year.

  55. It had no bearing on the game but a tremendous affect on the image of his team so it wasn’t worth it. I dont buy it undermines the integrity of the league, the rampant steroid use and fake concussion protocol(see Russell Wilson crack back shot) do more to harm the game than this. This is more like a corked bat or a lil vaseline on the pitcher’s baseball cap. Belichick needed to be spotless after Spygate and I’m more disappointed in how selfish this was, those dudes running gassers and putting in extra reps worked hard to get here and that hard work is getting over looked by this ignorance.

  56. belishmuck is the kind of genius that just winning is not good enough. he has to do something above and beyond in order to satisfy his ‘see what i got away with?’ psychosis. he is basically a miserable little human being who gets his jollies from controversy, never satisfied with the outcome. i’m listening to his presser now and it is more than boring. it is painful how he dodges every question. you can just tell when he’s on the sideline he’s thinking of another scheme to bring it over the limit. you can see it in his beady little eyes. with the exception of brady, who is just as psychotic as he is, it must feel a little hollow for the players knowing he does this kind of s-it. he is claiming to be totally unaware of what happened. how can that be? he’s the head coach. he has to be involved with every little detail that goes on. he is a practiced liar as well. it goes along with his psychosis.

  57. The only thing more disgusting as another cheating scandal against the Pats are all the justifications by homers who think because there are fans that think that rules exist to be followed, they’re, to use the utterly childish and ignorant word, haters. You lot should be suspended from the league along with Bellicheck, Brady, Kraft and that fool commissioner under whose watch scandal after scandal after scandal is raining down on the NFL.

  58. I understand that most football fans hate the Patriots because they have won more than any other NFL team over past ten years. However if the league can not find evidence to blame anyone then this so called Deflategate will amount to no more than a media money maker.

  59. There’s Belichick lying again. On a scale of 1 to 100 SpyGate should have been at least an 85. DeflateGate is probably around a 15 – 20. Tommy’s illegal earpiece is up there around 90. Who the hell else knows what these guys are doing? All I know is that in the age of parity their statistics are insane for a team with so much turnover and not much luck in the draft. You can call us haters all you want but that shows we have a moral compass regarding the integrity of the game and you don’t.

  60. Belichick and Brady are compulsive liars and this is not the Patriot’s 1st cheating offence. For that reason I would suspend both men starting with the Super Bowl. The Patriot’s cheating and lying has gone far enough.

  61. “Since it only helped “1”, you’re a schmuck. If it had helped “50” then I’d be giving you a raise.”

    Must be really sad for Pats fans to have to defend such a corrupt bunch of losers!

  62. Every NFL team will do their best to gain a “competitive” advantage whenever possible.

    The only guaranteed way to ensure the footballs have not been tampered with in some way to benefit the home team is to have the officials provide and maintain the game balls.

  63. Yawn…sigh…and then you’ve got to laugh. The one thing that is so disappointing, is the realization that there are far too many arrogantly ignorant people in the world. Very sad. Seeing how the Pats respond to adversity, all the stupid is probably a blessing.

  64. Translation of Kraft to Belichick: “You should only have cheated if the reward was high enough and you could have gotten away with it.”

  65. What’s gonna be the method of cheating they use in the Superbowl?

    That eligible/ineligible crap?

    Something worse?

    How about playing the game by the rules for once….

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