Seahawks punter Jon Ryan did “the belt” at Mike McCarthy


It wasn’t captured by television cameras, but one of the most expressive moments of last Sunday’s NFC Championship Game win by the Seahawks was nonetheless witnessed.

After Seahawks punter Jon Ryan threw a fake field goal touchdown pass to backup tackle Garry Gilliam, the cameras naturally zoomed in on the fat guy. What they missed was Ryan doing the Aaron Rodgers’ title best dance in the direction of Packers coach Mike McCarthy.

Ryan, who was cut by the Packers in 2008, said he had been planning it for some time.

“Uh, when was I cut? Yeah, so, like, the day of,” Ryan said, via Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

When his brother asked if he “did the belt,” Ryan replied: “I did the belt. Right at Mike McCarthy.” (They have the Vine video at Deadspin.)

“It was all in fun obviously,” Ryan said. “I have nothing but respect for Mike McCarthy. When I was in Green Bay, he was great to me. Just like Aaron Rodgers when he does it, it’s all in fun. No one takes things serious.”

Tell that to Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who tore his ACL doing the dance earlier this year.

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  1. Right now the Packers and us fans deserve to be the laughingstock of the NFL.
    That was just pathetic and any way that anyone laughs at us, opposing fans or players, is deserved.

  2. Actually, his gesture WAS shown during the broadcast–my wife called it to my attention the moment it happened.

  3. I like Jon Ryan. But players who do that kind of, “in your face”, stuff when they’re losing, I think are morons. And no, I’m not a big fan of the championship belt either.

  4. I love John Ryan, GO HAWKS!! It felt like we were down 116 to zero before that play it really did. Then after Russell threw pick number 4 it felt like we were down 116 to zero and that we would be scratching our heads all off season about what in the hell happened. Then the heart of a champion showed itself ( In addition to the biggest choke job ive ever seen by the Pack) and alas , we all cried, Pack fans and Hawk fans for all different reasons.

  5. In the linked video he barely even does it. He runs his hand across his waste rather quickly, nothing more. He’s been planning THAT since 2008, and it’s “one of the greatest things ever?”I doubt McCarthy even noticed. How pathetic that he needed to do that to feel good about himself and it turned out so lame.

  6. Disrespected by a punter!! I love it!!!
    I guess that punter hangs out with Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks, what do you expect….. But hey, they back it up on the field every Sunday, I guess you can’t ask for more than that…

  7. As a Seattle fan I love Jon Ryan, he’s a funny guy who just got engaged to a comedianne. He totally meant this as a joke, and considering he’s a punter and he scored as many touchdowns in the NFCCG as Aaron Rodgers I think he’s entitled to a little celebration. Too bad they didn’t show a close up of the goofy face he made throwing the touchdown or the tweet he put out after reminding himself not to make such a goofy face next time. Go Hawks!

    On a separate note: My condolences to Mike McCarthy and his family for the unexpected death of his brother yesterday at 47. The loss Sunday was heartbreaking and in my opinion the worst way to lose, in the last minute after blowing a lead. Neither situation is something I’d wish on anyone.

  8. Not only did Ryan throw as many TD passes as Aaron Rodgers did in that game, he also equaled Pro Bowl QB Andy Dalton’s mark for total playoff TD passes in his entire career.

  9. As a Seahawks fan there is something to be said for the fact that Seattle’s Punter and Place Kicker saved the season for them. If Ryan does not convert that fake, and if Hauschka had screwed up the onside kickoff then the Hawks are watching the Superbowl on TV.

    Honestly Hawk fans, who among us figured at the 5:04 mark of the 4th Quarter down by 12 with Green Bay just having intercepted RW (for the 4th time!) that the Hawks would pull that off? I can say I thought the Hawks were done for.

    The Packers played a good game. The second half undid them though. All the talk of 55 minutes of domination is not so true, 55 minutes with the lead maybe. But the Hawks had a lot of ground to make up and so it looked more dominating in that second half.

    In the second half and OT the Pack got outscored 28-6. The Pack only scored 1 TD in the game and Aaron Rodgers only got a 55 QBR. I know Wilson had a very bad 44, but it if Rodgers had played a little better the Pack would or could have dominated.
    If he was hurt that is a shame.

    All respect to the Packers. They played hard. They are a good organization and they have some of the most loyal fans in football. I will not disrespect them.

  10. Packers are the true laughing stock when the punter gets involved with disrespecting them on national television. Awesome.

  11. The Packers are one of the top four teams in the league, day in and day out. My hat is off to New England and an opportunistic Seattle. The Packers OWN the Vikings, so any insults and putdowns from their trolls are hollow. The Packers OWN the Vikngs. The Vikings aren’t relevant to the Packers at any level, other than providing a ninth home game when playing in Minneapolis.

  12. He should have done it right in AJ Hawks face for coming up and trying to tackle him.

    The punter needed 12 or 13 more yards and had a DB bearing down on him. Hawk ignores the big man running down field, literally right by him.

    Hawk has to be done. Last drive of regulation. When Matthews was out and he was in Seattle went after him on every play:

    – Seattle immediately ran to his side with Wilson for 15 when he got sucked inside.
    – Ran to his side for 3 (Burnett made the tackle)
    – Passed to Luke Wilson who he was covering for 8
    – Ran Lynch to his side for a 24 yard TD when he got sucked inside.

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