Tom Brady: “I didn’t alter the ball in any way”


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady denied any wrongdoing amid accusations that he or his team broke NFL rules by tampering with game balls in the AFC Championship Game.

“I didn’t alter the ball in any way,” Brady said. “I have a process I go through before every game where I go in and pick the balls — the footballs that I want to use for the game. Our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls in. They have a process that they go through. When I pick those footballs out, at that point, to me, they’re perfect. I don’t want anyone touching the balls after that, I don’t want anyone rubbing them, putting any air in, taking any air out, to me those balls are perfect and that’s what I expect when I’m on the field.”

Brady said he didn’t think there was anything wrong with the footballs used in the AFC Championship Game.

“I didn’t think anything of it until I woke up Monday morning and answered a question on the radio about it. That was the first I heard of it,” Brady said.

Brady seemed taken aback by a question about whether he’s a cheater.

“I feel like I’ve always played within the rules,” Brady said. “I would never do anything to break the rules. I believe in fair play, I respect the league and everything they’re doing to try to create a competitive playing field for all the NFL teams. It’s a very competitive league. Every team is doing the best they can to win every week. I believe in fair play and will always do that for as long as I’m playing.”

Brady said he would like to “figure out what happened” because he was “as surprised as anybody” to find out that the Patriots had played with under-inflated footballs. Brady insists that if there was anything wrong with the game balls, that wasn’t because of anything he had done.

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  1. McGwire, Bonds, Clements, Lance Armstrong, Tom Brady………………all initially denied any wrongdoing.

  2. Oh please. “I didn’t do anything to the balls.”

    No one said you did. As you said, the equipment guys do a great job.

    Except this time they got caught.

  3. Could anybody else see the smoke rising up behind Brady while he was at the podium telling his fairy tale?

    Those pants he was wearing were at least a 5-alarm fire. WOW…

    Liar, liar, pants on fire…

  4. He is lying through his teeth. The Patriot ball boy has a nice fat cheque in his Cayman Island bank account right now. Maybe Gisele can find him a girlfriend as well.

  5. I hate this story.

    100 times the coverage and 100 times less interesting than the steroid scandal in baseball years back.

    Also is it just me or does this seem to have people outraged way more than guys like Barry Bonds roiding so much their heads doubled in size?

    BTW, not a pats fan.

  6. So if he didn’t notice anything different between the ball on Sunday and the ball every other Sunday…. perhaps there was no difference?
    Perhaps New England’s footballs are ALWAYS like that?

  7. people need to really relax, this is getting so overblown its getting comical. I hate the Pats, and I really hate their coach, but this is absurd.

    Meanwhile, the Colts are sitting back and letting this story keep going. the more people talk about 2 psi, the less they are talking about getting embarrassed in an AFC Championship game. That game was really really bad.

    Reminds me of the Lions/Cowboys game. The coach/QB got off with having to answer questions about their huge collapse/choke job and just kept crying about a penalty with over 8 minutes.

    Enough already.

  8. Does he really expect us to believe this BS? Since he refuses to take responsibility, and continues to act like he is surprised, he should get the book thrown at him. Yes, Brady…you do know the rules, and you broke them.

  9. Brady said he would like to “figure out what happened”

    Is that like when OJ wanted to find the real murderer?

  10. If the ballboy takes the rap, the last words we hear from him, as he’s being stuffed into the back of a black sedan might be, “I’m just a patsy!!”

  11. Both Tom & Bill are on the TV at the moment lying their a$$e$ off!!! LOL, like ANYONE believes that they didn’t do this on purpose & do it repeatedly!! Their only hope was to come clean & say they made a mistake. Oh Boy!!! SUSPEND THEM!!!

  12. He is clearly lying. Which honestly makes it much worse. If he was just honest and stated he wasn’t aware it was a big deal and he thought other QBs did it he’d still look bad, but not nearly as bad as he looks now.

  13. ” And you can keep your Doctor “. Wait a minute, I’m watching the NFL channel, I forgot

  14. I find it hard to believe that a quarterback who is notoriously picky about how the ball he is throwing feels wouldn’t notice a 2 psi difference.

  15. So Bill threw Tom under the Bus.

    Then Tom threw the Equipment Guys under the Bus.

    Tom wants us to believe that between He, the Equipment Guys, and Refs all somehow have no idea how their entire allotment of Footballs (minus 1) dramatically fell below the NFL required specs?

    The Equipment Guys are going to do whatever Tom asks. The question is how did it change from when Tom selects them and when the Refs supposedly okay them/release them for use?

    Someone is lying, who is it?

  16. I never thought “he” altered the balls. I thought “he” had someone “else” alter the balls. Which he did not address. Sure he picks out the balls he wants and doesn’t want them altered, in any way, after that. Of course, they have already been deflated.

  17. Hi I’m Rob Lowe and I’m a Seahawks Fan.

    And I’m a painfully awkward cheating Patriots Rob Lowe, and I have deflated balls.

  18. Ok, that’s it, give them their rings now. Brady hath spoken. All those who spoke to them breaking NFL rules shall burn in h3ll. Pats are hereby granted the win of the big one as reparations.

    There Bill and Tom, you won the big one. Happy now?

  19. I don’t understand why the NFL didn’t simply issued notice to all the teams about. the proper inflation of footballs. When the Minnesota Vikings were illegally heating footballs on the sidelines, the NFL issued a warning to all teams that that was not allowed.

    Back in November the Colts allegedly inform the NFL their suspicions that the Patriots’ footballs were underinflated. Around the same time, it became public that Aaron Rodgers likes his footballs overinflated.

    Why didn’t the NFL simply inform all 32 teams of the inflation requirements? Then, we would all be able to talk about the terrific upcoming Super Bowl matchup. Instead of this BS.

  20. First off, he didn’t notice anything different because he always uses balls that are deflated. He passed the blame right on to the equipment guys.

    Next up: Equipment guys

  21. “Brady said he would like to “figure out what happened” because he was “as surprised as anybody” to find out that the Patriots had played with under-inflated footballs. ”

    Now that Tom Terrific’s on the case we’ll solve this mystery.

  22. Of course Bill and Tom didn’t know anything about it. because the ball boy is going to know that deflating the ball will help the Patriots. So the poor ball boy’s scheme worked and he will take the downfall.

    Absolutely ridiculous by both these guys.

    I don’t believe either of these two cheats for a second. NFL better hand down some swift punishment.

  23. The things these guys have done during the Brady/Belichick era show no regard for the spirit of the rules, and zero respect for their opponents.

    Each individual instance isn’t anything drastic but its been pervasive for almost 15 years.

  24. Still no proof of anything besides weather conditions and possible ref incompetence. If we all lived in hater world, the Duke lacrosse team would have gotten the chair, and UVA’s frats would be getting bulldozed right now.

  25. The refs switched out balls, and then rotated in the new ones, and never noticed a difference. The refs handle the balls on EVERY…SINGLE…PLAY.

  26. Hahaha…now I have heard it all….You didn’t alter them yourself…You had someone do it for you…. it’s the same thing you big dummy!!!

  27. Wait a second. The quarterback and the center have to know when a ball does not feel right. They handle the ball every snap; so muscle muscle memory is involved.

    How did all the leaders on the Patriots get so ignorant all of a sudden? Or is Brady playing word games here when he said that HE did not alter the balls.?

  28. Haters clearly jealous of continued success of TB and Pats with BB. Lots to do about nothing. If this league can’t get it together on such a simple issue they deserve to get their faces rubbed in it. It ain’t rocket science guys, give them the balls just before game time, that’s it. Sheesh, stupid issue but media has nothing else to rail about this week.

  29. Someone should ask if he, told (asked, etc) anyone to alter the ball.

    You know he did. With that said – it’s not that big of a deal. It’s akin to receivers with stick ’em on their hands.

  30. “I feel like I’ve always played within the rules,”

    So when Belichick came in and showed you tapes of other teams practices and walk throughs you thought that too?

    Cheater plain and simple

  31. I get why they are lying, but make it realistic. Neither him or Belicheat knew ANYTHING of this until MONDAY? So at halftime when they took all 12 of your f-balls and replaced them with backups, NO ONE said anything about it to the coach or qb? Brady didnt pick out 12 new balls? he used whatever they handed him and he didnt notice the difference?

  32. A LB knew the balls were different but the guy who makes his living tossing the ball did not notice anything different……….dead giveaway right there interrogators!

  33. not even pats fans can believe this BS come on guys, i know tom is your hero and you guys have posters of him above your bed but seriously you cant believe this one.

  34. He’s clearly lying and it looked to me like BB knew what was going on, but wanted him to stop.

    The New England Patriots*
    Bill Belichick*
    Tom Brady*

  35. This press conference, and the questions being asked in this crazy intense overlapping of voices is absolutely hilarious. Adults shouting over each other to ask about deflated balls…who cares? He’s not going to say he did it, you probably can’t prove he did unless some kid sells him out…and remember Brady likes his balls “perfect”…the drops for sports radio after this press conference are going to be incredible.

  36. “I didn’t alter the ball in any way” – nice use of technical language.
    Sort of like Lance Armstrong – ‘I never failed a drug test’

  37. You guys do realize that NONE of the “reports” about the balls level of inflation or ANY other information leaked about this story has been confirmed by any league sources correct? It’s all “reports” at this time.

    The level of hate and vitriol on these boards is pretty terrifying.

  38. Q: What’s worse than cheating?

    A: Lying about Cheating.

    There’s no way belicheck didn’t know about it until monday and same for brady. Ray rice was banned for telling the truth after his video came out. When it’s found out that these two guys lied on an issue that DIRECTLY IMPACTS THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME. I expect them both to be banned for life.

    Lastly belicheat said he didn’t even know the ball had to be a certain pressure. To him I’ll parrot back what he told coach harbaugh after his ineligible trick plays. READ THE RULEBOOK

  39. To all you people foaming at the mouth saying throw the book at him, he’s lying:

    Prove it.

    Seriously, you are probably right, in fact I agree that he likely orchestrated this, but how are you going to prove this?

    The only “proof” we have is a the vague word of the NFL who is caught lying more than BB and Brady combined.

    So where exactly do you think this is going?

  40. I guess we will find out the truth of the Patriots win the Super Bowl and give the equipment manager a a cubic zirconia Super Bowl ring facsimile rather than a genuine Super Bowl ring.

  41. What did everyone expect him to say!?!?! Of course, he did it, and of course, he is going to say he knows nothing about it, or anyone involved.

    It is all the NE balls, and NONE of the Colts Footballs! Of course he did it!!

    I’m a 18 year season ticket holder, and feel that I’ve been cheated!! NFL – make it right!!

    This has the potential of big legal implications, maybe class action suits. It is wrong that they can cheat and get away with it.

  42. “Oh you’re talking about that weird looking ball with laces and points on both ends? I didn’t know what those were called.”

    – Tom Brady

  43. Think about this:
    1) We know the Patriots must have cheated.

    2) When confronted about it, they clearly an unequivocally denied having done so. No fudging, no hedging, no “Well, given one interpretation of the ruless…” Just plain out denied it.

    3) Therefore we KNOW they are liars because we already knew they were cheaters!!

    Case closed!!!!!!

  44. Clearly the balls were intentionally deflated…the Colts had complained about this specific issue in an earlier game this season…I hope these three; Bellichick, McDaniels and Brady, do not let the ball boys take the hit. Did the league notify the Patriots on the earlier charge?

  45. This is comical. I’m not really a Pats fan, I felt like the NFL covertly swept spygate under the rug by destroying tapes etc so that it made it seem even more fishy. But this is beyond ridiculous. Brady looks like he’s trying to keep from laughing because it is so ridiculous. Maybe we should ask Eric Mangini if the Patriots make a habit of deflating footballs. Its amazing as what the media chooses to grab on to and run with.

  46. I BELIEVE BRADY! He admits that he likes the ball a certain way… no harm in that because so do Rodgers, Peyton Manning, etc.

    Plus the league cant even prove he did it himself. So tired of the witch hunt and I’m not even a Pats fan.

  47. Why does he doctor the balls up to his liking if he can’t even tell there not the way he chose them to be? Sounds like bs to me. What a liar.

  48. My 4 year old is more believable when she gets caught red handed His body language screams GUILTY. Time to take multiple 1st round picks away.11 of 12 footballs were altered and the two Stoogies no nothing Belicheck was believable Brady not so much .just say you told ball boys you like them deflated and own it you little CHILD…

  49. Tom Brady is a lying ,cheating punk! So is Belle-cheat.

    Suspensions, and draft picks next season are in order!

  50. Patriots fans running their mouth about the Ravens LOL.

    Patriots fans are one of the last fanbases in all of professional sports to talk about moral standards.

    And what is this, “If the Ravens can’t beat the Patriots, they whine”?

    When the Ravens beat the Patriots in the playoffs in 2009 and 2012,
    Patriots fans whined about Gronkowski not playing in 2012

    and whined about Welker not playing in 2009.

    But I thought the “greatest QB of all time” In Tom Brady played in those games?

    Don’t Patriots fans run their mouth about, “Brady is the best QB in the NFL because he does more with less”

    But the moment a Patriots player doesn’t play (Because we all know the Patriots are the only team in the NFL that deals with injuries) Patriots fans whine despite their so called greatest of all time QB playing.

    I don’t hate the Patriots because of their players. I hate them because the amount of stupid fans they have. Boston in general.

  51. Did I miss something here. Seriously. Between all the accusations. I must have missed the actual report by the NFL. 2psi would make that ball damn near flat and anyone touching those balls would have noticed it. If the report comes out,which I can’t find it, and the balls were under inflated not by 2psi but .02 psi will this go away? Will everyone apologize to the pats?

    Either way the colts lost that game because they sucked. It’s as simple as that. The pats supposed under inflated balls didn’t cause the colts offense to look like the vikings with ponder at the helm.

  52. 2002 – Reports surfaced that the Patriots were illegally filming the Super Bowl Walkthrough of the St Louis Rams. No opposing personnel are even allowed to be present for that let alone film it (or acquire footage).

    2007 – Numerous teams accused the Patriots of “stealing signals” and a videotape surfaced proving they were doing just that. Goodell assisted by helping to sweep the issue away and supposedly destroyed the tapes. This earned the moniker “Spygate”.

    2014-2015 – Questions arose about altered footballs in 3 games (1 Regular Season and 2 Postseason) despite Refs claiming they left their possession after meeting NFL requirements, but failed to when checked at halftime.

    Keep defending this Patriots fans. You are in the wrong, period.

  53. As a life long Patriots fan my thoughts are that Bill was telling the truth and that Brady is lying.

    But everything I know about the two individuals would lead me to belive that the opposite would be true in both cases.

    So at this point I have no idea who or what to belive.

    I will say this they both better hope that the league doesn’t have any hard evidence that they are lying.

  54. LMAO…what a liar.

    Enjoy those asterisk’s everytime people talk about your “legacy” Tom.

    The New England Patriots* will never be thought of or spoken of in the same breath as the true dynasty’s in NFL history.

    They will go down with the Barry Bonds of sports history…an asterisk…a “yeah but” everytime they are mentioned.

  55. Now who is the the equipment going to throw under the bus, the ball boy?

    I know, the janitor who accidentally turned the heat off in the room where the balls were being stored causing the temperature to drop 40+ degrees, which caused 11 of the 12 footballs to lose 2 psi.

    The coverup is now worse then the stupid “crime.”

  56. Weather he’s lying or not, it’s a lot easier to throw a ball boy under the bus and deny deny deny. The ball boy doesn’t have a reputation to withhold and he sure as hell doesn’t have to step up to the podium to answer questions from the media. The patriots will weasel their way out of this one as well. Think about it, he’s Tom Brady, he goes up to the ball boy or equipment guys during practice or when he’s in the facility and hints that the footballs are too hard. “Hey do you think maybe you can get these guys softer for me, make it easier to grip? I’d like to test some of them out after morning walk through. Thanks bud.” That’s all it takes. And of course some reassurance. ” The footballs yesterday were perfect. It would be nice to have them that soft during games and practice.” Then it becomes an afterthought to the point where Brady could genuinely be surprised that there is a problem with their footballs.

  57. My kids lied like this when they were 4 or 5 years old.

    “I don’t know how the juice got spilled, Dad?”

    Pathetic liars: both of them!

  58. All you trolls running your mouths, come out of the basement, borrow 40 bucks from your mommy(just call it an advance on next weeks allowance, she’ll do it), go buy 2 footballs make one the regulation weight and the other 2 psi less, put them in a bag and mix em up, then correctly tell me which is which. I’ve seen so many pros try to do this since the story broke and they can’t. 2 psi is nothing.

  59. Anybody who’s ever touched a football knows it’s easier to throw, grip, and catch when it’s under inflated!

  60. If you “like throwing under inflated balls” and “like your balls inflated to 12.5” and handpick your balls before every game that it makes such a big deal to you that you lobby the league to let them pick your own balls.

    How in the world do you expect anyone to believe “I didn’t realize it was under inflated”

    Ignorance wasn’t an excuse for Sean Payton, it’s not for you either Tom

  61. There’s going to be some funny internet sound bites after all this ball talk. Lots of funny adjectives surrounding “balls” in that press conference.

  62. They shouldn’t be answering questions to the media.
    They need to be in front of Judge Judy, she would make them tell the truth.

  63. It’s hilarious, the same 50 trolls waiting with baited breath with their trigger finger on the mouse ready to pounce and make idiotic posts and click idiotic thumbs ups for each other.

    Sorry losers, nothing is going to happen, except you will be turning purple and smoke will come out your ears when no tampering is the finding. Click on that.

    Meanwhile, the Colts will still suck and the Luck they sucked for will be overrated, while the Pats go on to win another Super Bowl.

  64. He was behind the rule change in 2006 to let visiting teams supply footballs.SMOKING GUN he is up there blushing stuttering just own up to it CHILD. Once again they have been cheating since 2006. He was behind the nfl RULE CHANGE What a role model stands up there and lies lies lies

  65. The NFL clearly has not done its homework scientifically and established the optimum pressure, because a lot of people are telling us there’s an “advantage” to throwing a ball a little deflated.

  66. Those who don’t think that under inflated footballs make a huge difference in wet conditions are just in denial.
    Watched Mark Brunell, former pro QB for 9 years in the league state “You can spot the difference with anything over or under 0.5 oz from 13 lb immediately.
    He said “it gives you much greater advantage, pinpoint accuracy and you can throw 10-15 yards further, because you can dig in & grip so much better.
    He noted “it was clearly cheating”, because a QB (brady) knows exactly how a football feels better than anyone, that’s their job, to take care of the rock.
    Nice try Brady/Belicheat, but nobody (who has an IQ above 80) is buying your phony, “We’re as surprised as anybody, We didn’t know anything”.

    Cheat/Lie/Coverup/Repeat….the Patriots Way.

  67. How do you all know he is lying.
    What are you human lie detectors.
    The fact is the easy way would
    Be for him to say he didn’t realize what he was doing was wrong
    You people have lost you’re minds over this
    This is a minor infraction

  68. Lee Harvey Ballboy will be the fall guy and then as he is being moved to the courtroom Tom Ruby will step out of the crowd and pump a couple of rounds into him.

  69. confusing how brady could handle all the balls for an entire half and notice notice strange, yet the colt’s db holds it for five seconds and immediately notices a difference.

  70. Liar!!!!! Please explain to me that you grip the ball and don’t squeeze it so you wouldn’t know? Is grip and squeeze not the same thing? This guy is a lair and a fraud!!!

  71. What’s more funny?

    The patriots being caught cheating or the patriots being .500 in the super bowl and their fans thinking we are jealous?

    Yeah, jealous of that 18-1 choke.

  72. on Brady’s radio he laughed at the idea that the balls were not inflated properly, so coarse he was going deny he had anything to do with this. you and I might not be able to tell if a football is properly inflated, but I believe that one of the best qb’s in history can tell a big differance in football pressure. tom brady kinda reminds me of bill Clinton, you want to believe him but…..

  73. Think about it. He said he didn’t think anything was wrong with the balls until it was talked about the next morning. The under inflated balls seemed normal to him which means he has been using underinflated bowls the entire time and only now has he been caught.

  74. BS. Not reading another story on this one or watching another Patriots game moving forward. No integrity league.

    NFC is more fun to watch anyway

  75. I know you lie because your lips are moving.
    The Patriots just took a big crap on the NFL and as the Rock once said “can you smell what the Pats are cooking?”

  76. Come on Matt Parker and Trey Stone…we need an impromptu South Park special episode NOW (not next season) on the Return Of Eric Cartmantez! And his adventures in cheating with all of this epic Brady & Belicheat Ballzgate ammo to use…

    “How do I reach these keeeedzzz?!?!”

  77. Oh boy I think this going to get a little fuzzy but in the end the NFL will not be able to prove squat. The real question for the Pats is the distraction its going to create leading up to the SB. Going to have to excise even more mental toughness because it’s already a distraction during these next 2 weeks.

  78. Reminds me of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Did Tom remembered to bite his lower lip before saying that?

  79. Tom, I truly know how you feel…but small lies will turn into big lies…

    “I learned my lesson when I said “I will not be leaving Miami for the Alabama job”

    -Nick Saban

  80. You guys are all stupid saying Tom Brady’s lying about not knowing the balls are deflated. I guess the NFL can close the investigation since a bunch of patriot haters say the balls were purposely deflated even though you guys weren’t even there. How do you all know for sure he’s lying. Some person could have messed with the balls all the time without Brady knowing so Brady was used to under inflated balls. Even if Brady did tell someone to deflate them, only Brady knew. You can’t call the whole team cheaters because one person did something without the others knowing. That’s like one kid cheating in class so the whole school gets labeled as cheaters. Shut up about knowing for a fact he’s lying. The NFL may come out and say they made a mistake because the investigation isn’t over yet. You only hate the Pats because they’ve been the best team in the league ever since Tom Brady took over.

  81. We may never know who was responsible. The NFL will do nothing. They looked the other way in November, and did nothing until another team questioned the balls. As for the equipment guys, they don’t take a crap without asking someone. All 12 balls were under the limit, 11 of which were more than 2 lbs. All 12 of the Colts balls were found to be within limit. Cannot blame it on the weather. Someone did it and likely has been doing it for a long while. Whoever did it knows they were cheating, since they did it following referee inspections. I disagree from those that said it is not an advantage, because they would not knowing cheat, if they did not think it would help.

  82. He handled himself very well. Answered all the ridiculous questions. I believe he had nothing to do with this. End of discussion, overblown by the media, time to get on to the Super Bowl.

  83. The “equipment guys do a great job” is the set up line to pin this whole thing on one poor SOB in the equipment department who was doing what he was asked. Hopefully if they try to throw him under the bus he stands up for himself instead of taking the fall.

  84. Of course, Brady didn’t alter the ball.
    Some underling did it.
    Now the question is: Under whose authority did the culprit do this?
    Who gave the deflator his marching orders?

  85. The way is playing out is just the best. As incredibly smart/talented as Brady and Belichik are, their Achilles Heel is that they are just too narcissistic to realize that they are the world’s most terrible liars. And that weakness is on full display today. Please continue to speak, Tom.

  86. Tom doesn’t dwell on the past, Tom dominates the future


  87. He seems the same he usually does but of course all you negative Nancy’s are ripping the man apart like you know the man!!! Shut up and stop acting like you know the guy!! He is under the microscope because of the social media and you Patriot HATERS so go after Aaron Rodgers for cheating and all the other cheating players on drugs and Move on!!! No story here!! Keep it up there will be law suits for slander soon!!

  88. Personally, I think he and Hoodie are playing the media for laughs. All this stuff about how people like their balls shaped and handled is gonna be meme city on the internet and the fodder for weeks of SNL skits. this is GOLD

  89. I expect all of you guys that think so little of Brady and Belichick will be betting heavily on the Seahawks. Strange thing is that despite all of your bets the line is pretty much even.

  90. These comments are funny…

    “This has the potential of big legal implications, maybe class action suits. It is wrong that they can cheat and get away with it.”

    The NFL is getting exactly what they want, more coverage leading up to the Superbowl. You’re all going to watch, you’re all going to go to the games next year. For those who think this has anything to do with the legal system look up the class action lawsuit from the Jets fans that got dismissed because they didnt pay to see a football game, they paid to see a presentation of the NFL -which they classify as entertainment.

  91. Lol at giants fans talking about doctoring balls. Have u not read about what eli manning does? Hahaha all this hate is splendid. We wouldnt want it any other way. So as brady and belichick play for their 6th superbowl ur team is gone fishing. Love it!!!!
    Go pats

  92. Tom Brady will not like the footballs at the Super Bowl. 3 INTs, a couple of fumbles. After the game, he will say he didn’t notice anything about the balls.

  93. Just think what NE has done to the kicking balls The visiting team is trying to kick a fifty yd field goal so NE sends out a deflated football and the kick is no good ….this is a huge deal NFL integrity of the game. What bout all the games NE won by 3-7 points since 2006 asterisk next all of those games CHEATERS

  94. Didn’t look good Tom. So now you have a team associate that goes over the head coach and the franchise QB. Now that dude has stones in New England.

    The best thing Tom and Bill could do is watch one of Marshawn’s interviews and take some pointers. Take the fine.

  95. As a Patriots fan I’d like to say that Belichick seemed very believable and his explanation was plausible but Brady seemed to be lying. Several of his statements were very inconsistent and hypocritical.

    Also according to most of the players I’ve heard comment on the matter, the players are the ones who instruct the equipment managers about equipment-related issues and the coaches aren’t a part of it.

    The footballs being deflated wasn’t a big deal and didn’t effect the outcome of the game, but it’s pretty clear that Brady is lying here. I wish he would’ve owned up to his mistake during the press conference so we could move on, but he probably didn’t want to risk being suspended for the Super Bowl.

  96. I wonder how much they are going to pay the ball boy to take the rap. Somebody will have to go down and pretty will get his hair messed and his panties in a bunch no matter how much he forks up to get someone else to take the blame.

  97. Tom Brady wants to “figure out what happened”

    Sounds like something you would hear on a golf course right before “now watch this drive”

  98. Since so many people on this board seem to know EXACTLY what happened, why haven’t you gone to the NFL with your information?
    I am sure they would love to hear from you.

  99. Sounds to me like there was some clear sabotage involved. So many people have an ax to grind against the Patriots because they’re so jealous of their success. I’d start by investigating other teams, like the Ravens. Perhaps they planted a ball guy on the sidelines. I wouldn’t put that beneath them.

  100. It is obvious in this day and age Homeland Security, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS and the EPA should jointly be in charge of all game balls before, during and after all games. Clearly the NFL has no authority over game balls.

  101. Pull your heads out NE fans. So everybody on espn hates Ne that’s why everybody is calling the patriots CHEATERS and Tom B is a LIAR live with it the whole nation is commenting on this and ONLY NE fans are defending them take a deep breath and pull your over INFLATED heads out Ha. Ha. Ha ha

  102. Great, now I have to root for obnoxious Seattle to beat the Pats in the SB.

    If anyone won’t be around next season it’s BB, not Brady.

    The Pats have a history of compartmentalization, but I don’t see that happening this time around.

  103. And we are supposed to believe that ESPN’s group of assembled experts will deliver a “fair and impartial” review of Brady’s account of what happened when they each have their own axe to grind when it comes to the Patriots? This ratings bonanza “Bus” in what would otherwise be a slow sports news week, will not be stopping until ESPN has driven it straight to the bank.

  104. anyone who thinks tom brady can tell whether a ball is underinflated also thinks tiger woods can’t tell the difference between his golf ball and a 80 compression ladies ball. or a carpenter cant tell if his hammer is a few ounces lighter or heavier….

  105. Disgusting.

    These guys are just going to use plausible deniability, while the NFL does what it usually does…and that’s stand by and do nothing.

    The vultures are circling pro football, and will soon be feeding on the rotten pieces left behind.

  106. The overreaction to all of this, and the level of anger and vitriol from average everyday faraway people who really have no idea what they’re talking about, is reaching truly epic proportions.

  107. Since nobody on the team will come forward about the obvious tampering then the whole team will have to be punished.

    The balls are picked by Brady, then the balls are tested and approved by officials, then the balls show up under-inflated (while the Colts balls all tested “good”). Brady seems to be the type who would/should notice a 15% difference in PSI from when he hand-selected the footballs, but he won’t be forthcoming about why the balls would be manipulated to his preferred low pressure.

    IMO, he looks like the kid saying he didn’t eat the cake but his face is covered in it.

  108. I get it Brady seems like he’s lying and probably is. Where the hell are the refs they touch the ball every play they check em before the game and they didn’t notice why is no one asking about the refs seems they are just as bad is this case

  109. As Brady said, “this isn’t ISIS here, no one’s dying.” Ponder that, legion of your mother’s basement. Obviously a very shallow gene pool among this bunch here.

  110. All you Pats fans claiming everyone else is “jealous,” please stop. Nobody is jealous of your cheating team. We just want them to play on a level playing field for once, and we want them to be punished for their cheating.

  111. Lots of comments here. I’m sure most posters ignore the head in the sand predictable diatribe from the NE fans. Once I see it is another blind defense of cheating (e.g.everyone does it), I can skip right over it. I wonder if those apologists realize that the only posters reading their sorry posts are other sorry NE apologists.

  112. No one said Brady altered the balls. but someone was directed by Brady to alter the balls. Brady won’t get in the Hall of Fame now. He’s a cheater.

  113. Brady was probably lying. He was nervous, turning red and shaking a little. Having said that, I don’t think what he did is a big deal. It’s like a fielder in baseball wanting his glove to feel a certain way.

  114. I’ll probably be amongst the minority here. I would just like to ask. How do refs, that touch the ball on every down, not notice the deflation? Also, D’Qwell Jackson, said that he had no idea there was a deflation of the football he caught. I don’t believe there’s complete innocence. I don’t think anyone can think there’s complete innocence, or truth, from what they say. They’ve been caught before. They probably aren’t the only team “tinkering” the rules. Just definitely the most noticed. I’ve been a Pats fan for quite a while, and, honestly I’m not going to defend them. Just like everyone else. I want to know the multiple reports. Multiple accusations. If they’re true. They should be hit hard with punishment. 15 years of a good team. Isn’t luck, but, could be infinitely questioned with this outcome.

  115. I think he did so poorly in the news conference that he was telling the truth. I mean if your going to lie you can do a better job of it than he did right?

    Here’s one thing I did not hear and it may make sense. What if the footballs came under inflated. I haven’t heard anything from Goodalls league – the one that fails to answer any question or respond to any thing lately, that the footballs were pumped to the correct pressure in the first place. What if some league moron put the wrong amount of air in them? The way the league has screwed things up this year would not surprise me one bit.

  116. This is just getting stupid. This entire “scandal” is not hard to explain.

    We know that Brady likes his footballs at 12.5 psi, which is at the low end of the allowable range. We know that footballs will lose air pressure in cold temperatures. In all likelihood, the footballs, which were inflated correctly when originally inspected, lost psi on their own over the course of the game, which dropped them below the allowed range without anyone tampering with them. And if he always prefers having his footballs at the lower end of the range, it is not likely he would notice that small a drop in air pressure, especially given that he has less feeling in his hand from the cold since he does not wear a glove on his throwing hand.

    Andrew Luck probably likes his footballs to be at a higher psi, and since they started higher in the allowable range of psi, they stayed within the limits after factoring in air pressure loss due to temperature.

    If something shady was going on, it would be blatantly obvious within 24 hours, given that there are cameras blanketing every conceivable part of the field, not to mention thousands of people in the stands. Is it really believable that a ball boy secretly managed to deflate nearly every single ball before halftime without anyone seeing him? Or that the Patriots just happened to decide to start doing this for the AFC championship game, against a team they’ve blown out every single time they have played in the Luck era, and going in with a run-heavy game plan, wherein this would have the least effect? If there were any game that the Patriots would theoretically want to risk something as stupid as this, it would have been against Baltimore the week before, where the entire game was Brady throwing and where they knew the Ravens are always their toughest AFC opponent. Yet, the Ravens have explicitly denied noticing anything wrong the football.

    Occam’s razor, folks. This is not rocket science.

  117. If your going to ‘lie’ Tom, you need to do it correctly. It’s called plausable deniablity. You say something like”hey, I’m playing a huge championship game…my mind is on executing the plays and making sure we play good….I’m not thinking about football air pressure. Yes, the football felt good in my hands…was I supposed to worried that?..gimmi a break I’mplaying football!”

  118. …this is all about our joy in catching a ‘cheater’. Tell me…arnt we all a little happy when some idiot speeds past us obviously not doing the speedlimit and then we see them pulled over by the police 3 miles down the road.? Thats right..were all a little smug as we drive past the cheater seeing him get a ticket. We love it.

  119. There are at least 2 people who know what happened to the air that was in the footballs…….we just saw one of them lie, lie again and then lie more. You can bet your last dollar the other one knows he/she can own Tom Brady and if they are smart in the least, already do. You need not look any further past the ball boy who just bought themself a brand new Beemer or Corvett depending upon their taste. Tom Brady will indeed be caught because this guy will always want more and more and he knows he can get anything he wants…… These liars who believe they won’t get caught are comical…… It happens every single time……. Just a matter of time….

  120. You haters all remind of jackals and buzzards. You are all hoping beyond hope that this is all true. Doesn’t matter if there are any facts. Doesn’t matter if he’s telling the truth. Because it’s not what you want to hear or believe.
    “The Patriots suck, Belicheat is a cheat and a liar, Brady the same. I know it true because that’s what I want.” There is no other reason for many of your insane accusations. A vast majority of the media are right there with you. No facts just conjecture. All expressing opinion like fact. ” unnamed sources” are used and quoted and that becomes fact.
    Mortonson is the same guy that wrote a story when the Patriots were 2-2 and said unname sources within the locker room said they no longer wanted to play for Bill, that he had lost the teams respect. Guess what? That wasn’t true.
    Here’s what you all refuse to honestly admit or believe. Patriots win because they are the better team. They lose because the other team is the better team. There are no other reasons beyond those simple facts!

  121. Sadly this will get swept under the rug and evidence destroyed, goodell doesn’t have the balls to dish out discipline towards brady. He threaten to suspend lynch for the nfcc if he wore a different brand of cleats, fined him multiple time for not speaking to the media who be asking all them questions and hit him for 20 grand for grabbing his nuts after a TD. He hasn’t even contacted brady on the matter meaning he’s looking for someone else to put this on. The fact is brady could yell at the refs, curse in front of the cameras for viewers to hear and celebrate accessively and the league won’t do squat

  122. It’s good to be Tom Brady……while I’m at it it’s good to be Derek Jeter……

    Tom Brady and Derek Jeter were the modern day version of Clyde and Namath……

    I love my life….I really do…..but I may love theirs more…haha.

  123. There are so many unanswered questions, like:

    1) The ball is under-inflated by 2 pounds. 2 pounds under what? The max? The min? The average?

    2) Did the league check the Indy balls? Were they under inflated?

    3) Brady said “I didn’t alter the ball in any way”, which cold be completely true. Brady would have asked the ball boy to alter the pressure.

  124. To those saying that the Patriots cheated:

    At this point, you know nothing except that the refs tested balls at halftime and found 11 of 12 NE balls to be under-inflated.

    EVERYTHING ELSE is guessing.

    So we don’t know if anything was purposefully done or if it was an accident. We don’t know if anyone broke the rules or not, but that won’t stop the haters.

    Wait until the facts come out. I know that most of you don’t need facts. Your opinions serve you so well.

    Ironically, some players on the Indy team are saying it’s a non-issue.

  125. I believe that “he” didn’t alter the footballs, which “he” clearly stated that he did not. I’m just curious as to who he did have do it.

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