Troy Aikman: Patriots punishment should exceed Saints bounty punishment

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Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has weighed in on Deflategate and he thinks that the Patriots should be in for a harsh punishment from the NFL.

Aikman made an appearance on Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket on Thursday and said he believed that it is “obvious” quarterback Tom Brady was involved in deflating the footballs. He also referenced Commissioner Roger Goodell’s punishment of the Saints for running a bounty program that rewarded players for hurting opponents when explaining why he believed the Patriots needed more than the “slap on the wrist” Aikman feels they got for videotaping their opponents’ sideline in 2007.

“This whole comment by Roger Goodell based on the Saints when Sean Payton got suspended for the year, and he says ‘ignorance is no excuse,’ that’s going to come back to haunt him again,” Aikman said, via the Dallas Morning News. “That haunted him during the whole Ray Rice situation with he, himself, and now it’s going to haunt Roger Goodell in terms of what the punishment is for the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick. If ignorance is no excuse, and it wasn’t for Sean Payton. …[The Saints] did not give themselves a competitive advantage. Now twice, under Bill Belichick and possibly a third time, they’ve cheated and given themselves an advantage. To me, the punishment for the Patriots and/or Bill Belichick has to be more severe than what the punishment was for the New Orleans Saints.”

Payton was suspended for the entire 2012 season by the league as a result of their bounty findings, General Manager Mickey Loomis was suspended eight games, assistant coach Joe Vitt was suspended six games, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, the team was fined $500,000 and the Saints were stripped of second-round picks in 2012 and 2013.

205 responses to “Troy Aikman: Patriots punishment should exceed Saints bounty punishment

  1. I think part of the punishment should be the Patriots have to use balls overinflated by 2 lbs for the Superbowl.

  2. Oh please. This is nowhere near as harmful as what the Saints were doing. Aikman’s a joke.

  3. Troy Aikman has lost his mind (concussion related??).

    Bountygate and Ray Rice involved hurting or rewarding hurting.

    This is a deflated football that everyone was handling, including the refs whose job it is to check the footballs.

  4. What about overinflating like A-Rod. In cold conditions, such as lambeau field, makes the ball very hard for the defense to intercept. He also willingly admitted to tampering after the refs did their procedural checks. Since its not the patriots, no one dares say that this is cheating. this is all a complete exaggeration.

  5. Waiting for the NFL to produce evidence of how the footballs were deflated. Without any indication as to how it happened, it’s going to be difficult to come down hard with a punishment.

  6. Seriously…comparing deflated footballs to a bounty program intended to injure. Get over yourself Troy.

  7. Ask Kurt Warner and Brett Favre if the bounty system gave the Saints a competitive advantage. The bounty system created a culture in which hurting opponents was a primary goal. The money wasn’t a real incentive, but the approval of the coaches was. If Brett Favre hadn’t had his ankle destroyed on a late hit earlier in the game, he runs the ball into field goal position rather than throwing an interception. It’s ridiculous to suggest that deflating balls is a bigger deal than trying to hurt players.

  8. Hellooooo people. The nfl has not concluded their investigation yet. How about we wait to see what the facts are before we jump to conclusions. This is beyond absurd

  9. There should be consequences to each action that negatively impacts the 32 NFL teams and the league. Unfortunately, the varying degrees of consequence have really hurt Roger Goodell. All fans and viewers want is consistency – which is very clear we are not getting.

  10. So let me get this straight. Not only is deflating footballs – which every coach has pretty much agreed is an overblown deal – worse than purposely injuring opponents, but getting docked a first rounder and getting fined a total of $750,000 is a “slap on the wrist” for filming sidelines that were in plain sight anyways? Spygate was illegal, sure, and the Patriots deserved to be punished, but they didn’t do anything that helped them gain a huge advantage.

  11. I’m no Patriots fan, but at some point Aikman needs to be called on some of the stupid things he says. The golden boy is not the defining voice of the league.

  12. for the first time in a long time, I agree with Troy..

    this is their “second”(caught) offense…

    all these football gurus on PFT comment board say its not a big deal…but players say otherwise

    integrity of the game ?

  13. Comparing under inflated footballs to paying people under the table to hurt other players?

    Aikman just doesn’t want Tommy boy to join those above him with more Super Bowl rings.

  14. as a cowboys fan, I have to call Bs here. This is not worthy of a year-long ban, and you have to call out the possible motivation of Aikman not liking that the Patriots are besting their “dynasty standing”.

  15. multiple offenses for different violations PLUS multiple warnings for this latest violation. Add that all up and the NFL’s image is in question once again if they don’t come down hard on the Patriots. Troy is 100% correct.

  16. Anyone that thinks there is going to be any substantive for Goddell’s boy Kraft is delusional. Not saying there should ar should not be, but Kraft is one of the “chosen” rich guys and they never get the short end of the stick. Never. Slap on the wrist and a warning not to cheat a 4th time or else…

  17. The issue with the Saints involved deliberately targetting specific palyers with the intent to injure them or perhaps even end their careers. That is a whole lot more serious than a couple of pounds of air one way or the other in a ball. It sounds like Craig is short a few pounds of air in the cranium for thinking the issue of the ball is worse.

  18. Ridiculous comments from Troy Aikman. Also, what are the 3 instances he is talking about? One too many hits to the head.

  19. That’s like saying the punishment for stealing should be the same as manslaughter.

    The Patriots should be punished for any wrongdoing but under-inflating a football is completely different than deliberately trying to injure someone (potentially ending a career and causing long-term effects) and being rewarded for it.

  20. Not only did they pay to injure but they lied about it and tried to cover it up.

    But yes a football with less air in it than it should have is the same.

    And didn’t the coach also steal pain killers

    Yeah it’s the same.

    Anyone who thinks this is the same is a moron.

  21. Damn skippy, Troy. Trying to get the QB out of the game is not having an unfair “competitive advantage” as both teams are trying to do that every damn play. Try listening to the actual Hall of Fame QB on what it’s like being a QB, butthurt Vikings fans and keyboard warriors of all stripes.

  22. Congratulations Troy ! You are now a persona non grata in Foxboro, MA.

    Just ask Tom Jackson. I doubt he ever gets another interview with a Patriots player.

  23. Aikman is concussed – Payton was not “ignorant” of anythng.

    According to a league memo, the NFL reopened its investigation late in the 2011 season. Just before the Saints’ playoff game against the Detroit Lions, league officials alerted Saints owner Tom Benson that they had found irrefutable evidence of the Saints’ bounty program. When general manager Mickey Loomis informed Payton that the league had reopened its investigation, Payton failed to shut the alleged program down.

    On March 22, 2012, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Payton for the entire 2012 season, effective April 1. Payton became the first head coach in modern NFL history to be suspended for any reason. Goodell was particularly upset that Payton and other Saints officials had lied to him about the scheme.

    See a doctor about your head, Troy.

  24. Seriously? In what universe is this the same as offering money to hurt people? Aikman was the QB of the biggest group of crack heads the NFL has ever seen. He wasn’t acting all high and mighty back when cheating benefited him.

  25. Aikman sees his place in history going farther down each year- this is a pathetic attempt by a has been over rated QB to feel better about himself.

  26. This guy…I’d love to ask him if he ever tampered with footballs in his day but the only thing he remembers about his own career is what people tell him. His only job is the be the half retarded guy standing next to Joe Buck on Sundays.

    Troy Aikman actually makes me respect Joe Buck.

    The pats just need to take their lumps and that’s that. People need to calm down about this. It’s just the media doing their thing to get some superbowl hype. Everyone will get over this….Pete Carrol v Bill Belichick…past cheater v past cheater. GET OVER IT.

  27. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Jan 22, 2015 3:15 PM
    Oh please. This is nowhere near as harmful as what the Saints were doing. Aikman’s a joke.

    27 24

    Troy was NOT saying that it was worse than what the Saints did.

    Troy is talking about the words the commish chose to talk about incidents in the league. It doesn’t matter what the incidents are, it’s the principle that’s involved.

    Leave the facts of the Saints issue out and focus on the fact that the commish said that ignorance of the facts aren’t enough to absolve blame for the coach.

    Now, when the commish said that about the Saints situation, it didn’t just pertain to the Saints. The commish was setting a precedent with respect to future incidents that teams find themselves in, WHATEVER the facts are.

    Of course the facts will be different than what happened with the Saints. But, the commish is saying that if a coach didn’t know about it, that doesn’t matter.

    Also, the commish said it didn’t matter if it didn’t gain them a competitive advantage so he still punished the Saints.

    So, if the commish still punished a team when the coach was ignorant and it didn’t give the team a competitive advantage, then he has to in other future situations, such as this.

    Yes, what the Saints did WAS worse but that is NOT the point in what Troy said.

    Troy’s point is that the NFL and the commish can’t make things up as they go along. They need to be consistent in how they apply punishment.

    Yes, the facts of each situation will be different, but that isn’t the point here.

  28. In the frothing of mouth approach being taken by the talking heads and some media outlets, it’s becoming evident they have a personal agenda in this.

    Aikman is the prime example.

  29. Troy your an Idiot all Qb’s do this they said so themselves and all teams film other teams if we were to release bill today TRUST and Believe all these other teams would have their laire jets in the sky’s to N.E. and the same goes for Tom give me a break.. Deflated balls REALLY??

  30. Spygate….deflategate……what’s the “possibly a third time”, Troy? Don’t even say that formation thing or the Tuck Rule. I would hate to see you look that ignorant.

  31. This is snowballing needlessly. Everyone and their uncle that has an opinion. I have read so many different takes on what might have happened, that now I do not think we mere fans will ever really know. But I know if it keeps on, it is going to ruin the Super Bowl for everyone next weekend. I expect Obama to weigh in next!

    This should have been explained by the NFL people by Tuesday at the latest. Letting this become a huge black eye by not saying Exactly what happened is stupid.Talk about the league shooting itself in the foot.

  32. Obvious as in no proof. Please this is nothing compared to paying players to purposely injure opponents. Aikman should shut up while we only think he’s a moron.

  33. Its hilarious when Patriot fans try to defend this saying “Well everyone does it” as if they are 12 year olds with an exscuse to there parents.

    They cheated once again. People can say its small or it doesnt have a big effect. If that is the case, they why are they doing this and cheating.

    Lets use common sense, this was not the first time this was done. Someone doesn’t try this out for the AFC Championship game hoping this helps. Wonder if that deflation helped that ball be perfectly placed to the WR for a TD against the Ravens for them to advance to the AFC Championship.

  34. Golfer is caught cheating, they are disqualified.

    Olympic athlete cheats, they are stripped of their medal.

    NFL team cheats, they still get to play in the Super Bowl. I have a feeling Tommy boy has been cheating for a long time!

  35. Someone need to explain to Troy that there is absolutely no proof at all the pats did anything wrong. what does he think about Jimy Johnson admitting to taping other teams signals?

  36. Is Aikman on drugs? Seems like there was clear sabotage here to screw around with the Patriot’s footballs. Everyone has an ax to grind against them because they’re so jealous of the Patriot’s success. I’d investigate the Baltimore Ravens since they’re so pissed off at being owned by the Pats over the years.

  37. Wonderful commentary! Thank you Troy Aikman for speaking up. Now we just need some other prominent QBs to speak up as well before the Pats and Greedell brush another cheating story under the rug.

  38. This has to be one of the stupidest statements to ever fall out of the mouth of a football player. Doctoring footballs so they are easier to throw is worse than trying to hurt people so severely they cannot leave the field under their own power? Really????????????

    Not having any dog in this fight, I’ve been keeping quiet about this thing. Today I read at CBS Sports that Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson talked prior to their Super Bowl openly about docotoring balls, and Johnson said he was going to do so, and Gannon didn’t – and still doesn’t – care. That’s enough for me to conclude this is a minor issue.

    Oh, and one other thing: STOP CALLING EVERY SCANDAL _____-GATE!!!!! Watergate was over 40 years ago. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. and if it was your team you would be saying the same thing Oh please.. N.E.doesn’t need your approval we are Boston Strong the hareder you hate the harder we will play.

  40. How in the world is the pressure in a football a “competitive advantage.” Pats may have broken a rule but it didn’t give them a competitive advantage. Both teams were on the field at the same time. Ball inflation is a preference and nothing more. Is grass vs turf a competitive advantage? Is dome vs outdoor a competitive advantage. If someone chooses to wear 1/2 inch spikes vs 3/4 inch spikes a competitive advantage? It’s all choice.

    The more Aikman talks the further down the path to revealing himself as an imbecile he travels.

  41. What about overinflating like A-Rod. In cold conditions, such as lambeau field, makes the ball very hard for the defense to intercept. He also willingly admitted to tampering after the refs did their procedural checks. Since its not the patriots, no one dares say that this is cheating. this is all a complete exaggeration.


    He did not admit to tampering after the refs did their procedural checks.

  42. Kind of hard to argue his point about “ignorance is no excuse.” Of course Furhur Goodell doesn’t really live by his own words as we found out with the Ray Rice case.

  43. Said the guy who Brady will pass with another Super Bowl Win!! So Tinkerbell (rumored to be) You think having a ball tweaked a little bit, as every other quarterback does, is worse than taking out a guys knee and ending his career??!! I don’t think your BOYFRIEND would like it very much if you couldn’t bend over for him because there was a Bounty on ur head, or knee as it were. Just sayin!!

  44. So it’s not a competitive advantage to make Brett Favre play on one leg because the Saints were going after his legs? Please. Ask a team if they would rather the other team played with under-inflated footballs or if the other team had a scheme that rewarded cheap shots and knocking out their stars, and the answer would be unanimous.

  45. If twitter, sports forums and sports radio was in existence in the 70s and 80s this would be nothing of relative significance. I think some perspective is in order here.

  46. You say Troys not in bradys class but guess wat fool troy never lost a Superbowl and never had to cheat to win them.has tom won anything since they were caught cheating……..15 -1 regular season and lost to the giants in the big one….lol

  47. None of this makes any difference unless there is physical evidence of the Pats deflating the balls during the game. They provided a set of balls that were within the parameters, and have no responsibility after that beyond not tampering.

    So actual tampering has to be proven, not guessed at. Otherwise, the story dies quickly.

  48. The bottom line is that it’s CHEATING! The punishment should exceed the Saints because it’s NOT the first time they’ve be caught.

  49. Trun off your fanboy for a moment and actually read what he’s saying. He’s not comparing WHAT the “crimes” we’re between what the Saints & Ray Rice did, he’s saying that the Pats have been in trouble twice before & this will be a third time and the coaching staff, like Sean Payton, cannot claim ignorance, that the coaches & players should be punished AND BECAUSE it’s their third time caught cheating for an advantage, that’s why he’s saying they deserve to be punished as severely or more severely than the Saints.
    That’s his opinion.

  50. Aikman is exactly right. It’s absolutely absurd that the price for cheating is simply paying money. They’re literally buying championship without any real punishment. Not to mention that these guys are rewarded with huge bonuses for winning the games they cheat in to more than make up for any piddly fine. The NFL needs to send a sincere message, but I’m not holding my breath considering that Goodell and Kraft are best buddies who were hanging out and drinking together the night before the conference championship game at Kraft’s party.

  51. Says the guy who is competing with Brady for multiple Super Bowl winner legacy…AND was coached by Jimmy Johnson who ultimately admitted he tried videotaping signals and didn’t find much use for it. Look in the mirror Troy AikmaCHEAT.

  52. So Bill says he knew nothing about it. Nonsense. Nothing happens around the Patriots without Bill’s approval. Bill just doesn’t think rules apply to him. Never has. Never will. Then when he’s caught, it’s the old “It didn’t give us an advantage.” Liar. He wouldn’t have ordered it otherwise.

  53. Let’s not rewrite history here, the NFL never confirmed one injury that was caused by a bounty. The fact is that over the 3 years they were supposedly intentionally trying to hurt people the Saints caused the fewest injuries to opposing players. Every player suspension was overturned TWICE. Name me one player who was forced to leave a game with injury that a saints player received money for. You cant. No victim no crime.

  54. Shill needs to be put in a Home, Troy should must be on med. the two don’t even come close.

  55. Troy, all the concussions you sustained during your career have obviously clouded your judgement… this air pressure controversy is ridiculous. Paying to purposefully injure another player is disgusting.

  56. Next thing you know the Patriots team bus will drive above the speed limit on the way to the stadium!!

  57. OK Troy. Let’s see….on one hand we have a team paying each other money to INJURE or take out another human being and on the other hand we have a guy letting air out of a football to get a better grip. Hmmmm…so in your opinion, the guy who let the air out of the ball should be punished worse than the guy who was placing bounties on people’s heads. Ummm….Nurse! Nurse! Could you please get Mr. Aikman his meds please!?

  58. tedbundysson says:
    Jan 22, 2015 3:21 PM
    Anyone that thinks there is going to be any substantive for Goddell’s boy Kraft is delusional. Not saying there should ar should not be, but Kraft is one of the “chosen” rich guys and they never get the short end of the stick. Never. Slap on the wrist and a warning not to cheat a 4th time or else…

    4th time? They were punished for filming signals in a non-designated area. Now there an open investigation on ball inflation. I don’t know of any other violations.

  59. Aikman should watch a screening of North Dallas Forty and then ask himself how much of that portrayal that was true about the culture of the Cowboys under Landry. I’ll never understand why these religious guys think they should cast stones at others; it is not very Christian like. Thank god he is not announcing the game.

  60. Every team had a “bounty” program. Coaches move in an out of teams so often. This was common practice for every defense. The only reason the Saints were punished, was because of the concussion lawsuits.

  61. So intentionally trying to injury players and end their careers that’s ok but supposedly deflating a ball that it’s barely noticeable kick them out for a year? Still on that coke the Cowboys were providing in the 90’s? Oh and Goodell not using ignorance as an excuse tell that to Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Adrian Peterson. You expect me to believe the NFL investigates this like the Nuremberg Trials yet can’t get a hold of a video TMZ had? Nobody thinks this is weird at all?

  62. JNbnet says:

    You’re right my bad. They only got caught cheating a couple times. The Patriot way. Don’t get caught cheating TOO often…

  63. Love how everyone is hanging the Patriots out to dry and still no evidence that THEY are responsible for anything.

    I thought in the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. I guess this proves that is not the case.

    What is next just jail prior criminals find them guilty without a trial?

  64. The best thing about all of this is that it totally takes the focus off how bad my Colts sucked Sunday. Seriously though, cheating when it was obvious you would have never had to do it. That makes it that much more despicable and shows how much disregard there is from New England for the integrity of the game.

  65. At least the Saints seem to have learned their lesson. It’s obvious the Patriots have not. The NFl should throw the book at them to get the point across.

  66. I’m guessing Aikman still lives in America, where people are punished after they are found guilty, not before?

  67. Okay Troy… and teams you played on where so full of pillars of the community right? I mean with all the drugs and players getting arrested that team was just full of charcter right Troy, and to compare someone getting paid to try and intentionalaly hurt, mame or possibly end a career to a qb letting a few psi out of a football is just stupid. One to many hits to the head Troy?

  68. The double standards are everywhere today.

    Saying that every team having a bounty program because it was common practice is an acceptable defense for what the Saints did. Saying every QB tampers with footballs because it’s common practice isn’t an acceptable defense for what the Patriots did.

    Got it.

  69. I don’t understand the people who say we should wait for the NFL to finish their “investigation” before we judge when every NFL “investigation” under Goodell has been nothing more than a blatant cover up.

  70. Almost every single person that left a comment on here is missing the point oncccce again. Sean Peyton was not directly responsible for bounty gate. It was the defensive coach. However Goodell told Peyton that ignorance was not an excuse. That is how this is related to bill bellichek. It’s not about hurting players vs. Deflated footballs. It’s about not having control over your team and the head coach being responsible regardless. Wake up people

  71. Really Aikman? You too?

    The Chargers were fined $20,000 for using towels with a hidden adhesive substance in 2012.

    The Vikings weren’t fined at all for heating footballs earlier this year.

    You want a million dollar fine for taking a few psi’s out of a football?

  72. Find out how widespread the practice is before handing out suspensions. Half of the NFL Head Coaches might end up being suspended. There’s a reason NFL Head Coaches are saying its no big deal.

  73. Troy Aikman is clearly not the most intelligent person in the NFL media if he is suggesting that physically hurting players is the equivalent of deflating a football by a few pounds. It looks like his jealousy of Brady is coming to the surface. Also, I do not for the life of me understand two points that the NFL and media are not bringing up – one – if the supposed deflation was to benefit Brady, why did it not also benefit Luck? two – were not the referees and Luck and the Colt’s center handling the ball throughout the first half without any apparent problem with the balls? I realize conspiracy theories, especially when they involve the Patriots, make for great media hype leading up to the Superbowl. I am afraid, howerver, that in the long run this will prove to be much ado about nothing.

  74. Yeah, that makes sense. Letting a little air out of the football is totally on the same level as paying players to go out there and intentionally hurt opposing players. Good call, Aikman. I’m surprised they haven’t elected you Commissioner of the league yet

  75. Haha look at all the cheatriot fans come a running. Here is a hint. Don’t cheat if you want to be regarded as one if the best. The bounty did nothing, in fact it could have cost them a few games if people are ignoring the ball and chasing down individual players to hurt. They intentionally released air of of footballs post inspection of said footballs. No proof ? How about all of the colts balls. How about Brady saying he had no knowledge. The man is paid to be an expert on these balls. Yet he didn’t notice ? A defensive player knew how could he not? Those stating that the refs didn’t notice are irrelevant. First off the balls were in fact under inflated on purpose. Who noticed is irrelevant. Come up with your own conclusion as to why the refs didn’t know. The refs are actually saying they don’t handle the ball enough in an athletic way to determine. They pick it up, set it down. Under hand throws etc. my wish is to rule the game a forfeit. Ban belicheat for life. Ban Brady for all of next year. Fine the team the max penalty. Fire the ball boy.

  76. But the Patriots are WINNERS. When WINNERS cheat, its a LOT worse than when LOSERS cheat. This is why the Bondses and Clemenses are strung from town square and the no name players who used steroids aren’t talked about at all.

    So, with that said, it doesn’t matter if you cheat, as long as you dont WIN. (or do well).

  77. Patriots should surrender all 2015 draft picks to the teams they defeated in 2014, in reverse order. Colts get their 1st round pick, Ravens their 2nd round pick, etc.

  78. “Intentionally trying to injure players isn’t giving yourself a competitive advantage?? On what planet??”

    And just exactly what player did the Saints intentionally injure and what proof did the NFL have of this? The word of a man who got fired and an accomplice. Spare me the garbage. The NFL has proof of what the Patriots did. Hell of a lot more proof than they had against the Saints.

  79. It was never proved that there was a bounty. Here we have proof the patriots deflated the balls. Do you think stealing signs & signals would give a player the opportunity to be in position to make a play that he otherwise might not have been perhaps injuring someone?

  80. I am a huge fan of Troy Aikman, but I disagree with Troy on this one. The punishment for deflating balls is 25k. The NFL should exact this punishment and no more. If this is not good enough, then the NFL should look at changing the punishment to something more severe for next season. Making these retroactive punishments is nonsense.

  81. For once I agree with Aikman. The Patriots have a history of bending the rules and they need to be punished severely. It has to hurt otherwise they will do something else in the future to try to gain an unfair advantage.

  82. Getting word of the Patriots’ punishment for serial cheating is going to be like a whole other Christmas.

  83. Troy Aikman is exactly right. The Patriots have cheated to give themselves an advantage and deserve a punishment more than a slap on the wrist. He even gives some levels of punishment that would make it equitable to the DEED.
    The NFL needs to NOT condone cheating! The NFL was going not allow Marshawn Lynch to play in the Superbowl if he wore gold cleats, they fined him $20K for a crotch grab in the NFC Championship game and have fined him $100K for not speaking to the media. This kind of enforcing is not consistent, not equitable and mostly not fair!

  84. Troy thinks Romo is the best QB in the league by saying if he was starting a team he would choose Romo over every other QB. Now he thinks deflated balls are worse than rewarding players for hurting others as in Bountygate. I think Troy was hit way to many times. Unless players from the Colts or other teams start hurting people and using the deflated balls as a reason that set them off then there is NO WAY it’s worse than hurting guys on the field. Anybody remember Greg Blanchard, former Bears DC who was giving out bullets for great plays on defense, That is worse than balls with less air in them. While yes it is against the rules and the Pats should be penalized, there is no possible way they a worse punishment. Please Troy, take a overseas job so we don’t have to hear from you again with your stupid opinions and your obvious bias for the Cowboys.

  85. Troy now we have the proof that all those sacks you took in your 1st two seasons with the Cowboys is starting to show now..LOL

  86. Amazing how many of these posts completely ignore the integrity, or lack thereof, repeatedly demonstrated by the Patriots.

    They’re trying to cheat the game. HOW MANY OTHER WAYS DO THEY DO THIS, AND JUST HAVEN’T BEEN CAUGHT?

    The punishment should be harsh.

  87. This is for all the people who are blaming the refs for not noticing the difference themselves. I think the thing most don’t realize is that when the refs are handling the ball, they aren’t normally squeezing it. Try and watch the motion of the refs getting the ball back from a player or the sideline and placing it down to be ready for the next play. I think it’s a different story when you look at NBA refs. They are normally shown dribbling the ball, so it would be easier for them to see a difference than it would for the NFL refs. Placing any type of blame on the NFL refs for not noticing themselves is comical.

  88. So we have a team that cheated to get to the Superbowl and a team that was gifted a win to get to the Superbowl. Is anyone going to watch this stinker of a contest between d-bag teams?

  89. Some of you need to take a course on reading comprehension, not once did Aikman compared the similarities between bounty gate and deflate gate; what he did mentioned was the inability of both franchises to adhere to the rules, as simple as that.

    Rules are put in place and should be followed period!

  90. man is reading comprehension that hard for most of you?

    he is not directly relating Bounties as an act to injure to ball PSI as an act to gain an advantage or Smoking Pot to get high…

    he is comparing violating NFL rules as an act to gain an advantage is cheating, if found guilty of voilating those rules then “ignorance is no excuse” is considered a “standard” by which Roger Goodell has had to stand by now. the same with Ray Rice, it isn’t about domestic violence it is about “ignorance is no excuse”.

    if you are the head of your team, who is responsible for overseeing all activities then “ignorance is no excuse” as per Roger Goodell. in the Patriots case, this would(if found guilty of violating the rules) be the 2nd instance of a confirmed rule violation(3rd unconfirmed) and the punishment should be on par if not exceed what Roger Goodell has established as his guideline for “ignorance is no excuse”.

    quit trying to create false equivalences with this “ball PSI is not comparable to bounties”, it is the guilty/punishment aspect that Aikman is comparing.

  91. As a Patriots fan I am very disappointed that Brady may (not proven yet) altered the ball below the acceptable level. However for someone to be a cheater they have to knowingly beak the rules and I don’t believe he did. The only things tha has been reported is that there were balls that were deflated as much as 2 PSI which means that one or all of those balls could be that deflated. It also means that one ball couldn’t have been that deflated and the rest by .1 or .2 PSI deflated. Let’s wait and see what the report is.

    Deflated or not I find it hard to believe we can dismiss a career as great as Brady’s and say that his and the teams success is a result of cheating.

  92. No matter what the results are of the investigation, and how anyone feels about what happen…. there is no comparison between letting air out of footballs and offering money for injuring opposing players. Those two are light years apart.

  93. I agree 22.

    What ELSE have they done that we don’t even know about. If they have been “caught twice” with Spygate and Deflategate, what else have they done?

  94. I don’t get all of the excuses for cheating. Accountability and fairness are apparently bad words, or at most empty platitudes. Do whatever it takes seems to be the message.

  95. I think everybody knows that the ball deflation had no effect on the outcome of the game. The Colts couldn’t tackle Blount, and the whole offense (including Luck) played poorly. The problem is the intent. The possibility that a team may have knowing tampered with the pressure of footballs to deflate them below allowable limits after referee approval is troubling.

  96. erod22, you are right they were trying to cheat and should be punished, BUT there is no way they should be punished more than the Saints for Bountygate. They were trying to injure people and getting rewarded for it. I don’t think people commenting here are saying they shouldn’t be, if they are they’re stupid, but they are saying t’s not worse than hurting people on purpose.

  97. The hysteria over this is insane. GET A GRIP PEOPLE

    Aikman just disqualified himself as any kind of objective analyst. It’s a pity really, I was a big Aikman fan forever. NO MORE.

    In all this finger pointing, no one has claimed that the underinflation of 1 pound gives an overwhelming competitive advantage to the quarterback./b>

    Throwing a lighter football is not the same as paying out bounties to defensive players to maim their opponents.

    All these “experts” condemning this are sadists that would invoke the death penalty for jaywalking.

    It doesn’t matter if its BB or Brady, it could be any team or quarterback in the league. this is overkill

  98. Only in the mind of a Fox employee is going out and purposely trying to injure opponents the same as air pressure in a football. Troy Aikman was an overrated QB with a soft head who should be committed due to his already apparent brain damage, regardless of his thoughts on this, which just add to his history of idiocy.

  99. Oh come on, you couldn’t find a photo of Troy Aikman taken this century?

    I mean, he’s such a recluse, hardly ever on television.

  100. 87
    good post, many are explaining it away as saying it didnt affect the outcome…..BUT, if you have larceny in your heart, and have cheated in the past, its pretty obvious that past cheating has gotten them wins. If they dont steal the walk thru of the Rams, they dont win that game, plain and simple.

  101. People better get a grip, Aikman is 100% correct. First off, Aikman is NOT saying deflating the ball is as serious as setting a bounty. Anyone trying to say he did is grasping at straws to defend the Pats.
    Second, Aikman’s point that Goodell has little choice but to make the punishment more severe that what the Saints received is very valid, his reasoning is beyond question. Goodell’s use of ignorance is no excuse doesn’t give Belichick , Brady , the GM or even the OC a pass IF he wishes to suspend them. Since it is the second time caught, it also gives Goodell plenty of reasoning to go above the loss of 2 second round draft choices .
    We are talking about integrity, period. IF the Pats were guilty of bounties, the punishment would be very severe, but just because this isn’t harming a player doesn’t mean the Pats didn’t cross over a line, a SECOND time. A second offense deserves a far more severe punishment.

  102. Surrender their 1st rd pick of the 2015 draft to the Colts and disqualify them from the 2015 postseason…if they are found guilty.

  103. Having footballs a few pounds lighter doesn’t affect the health or career of a player, but Williams’ actions did. Completely different scenario. Much as I like Aikman, he sounds like an idiot on this one.

  104. The problem for Aikman is that there was actual *evidence* of what the Saints were doing. However, what evidence exists to prove that any member of the Patriots deflated any ball? Typically, you need evidence, unless we’re going back to the cave man era.

  105. I have to agree with Tracy, I mean Troy on this one, all team quarterbacks tamper with the footballs in some form or fashion to get an advantage. It the fact that Belicheat got caught. The competition committee will probably change the process by having the league office supervise the game footballs by eliminating the accepted 12 practice football the quarterbacks been using during the week, and force teams to play with 12 footballs with a ID, that only the game refs know, coming straight out of the box. The football game will suddenly become unpredictable, because each quarterback will NOT been able to practice or tamper the footballs to meet their criteria.

  106. I love how some are saying that he’s foolish for saying that this has to be treated like Bountygate since it is not as bad as that, which it is not. What he said was because this would be the second or third time they would have been caught. Here are his words, “Now twice, under Bill Belichick and possibly a third time, they’ve cheated and given themselves an advantage.” He’s saying because they are repeat offenders they have to be punished harder. Similar to how they increase punishments on guys for “illegal hits.”

  107. So this will not be popular…

    I hear what Aikman is saying.

    1. Goodell has gone on record saying that “ignorance is not an excuse” so many times now that he cannot back out of it.

    2. The Saints bounties were bad, but they did not result in a competitive advantage. They were encouraging/rewarding the players to hit hard and attack an opponent’s weakest link: head for a guy that recently had a concussion, legs for a guy with a recent hip injury, etc.

    3. This is CHEATING! The balls had to pass a test 2 hours before the game, but they were clearly doctored after the test. The balls were 2 psi low (16% below the minimum allowed) and this cannot be explained by temperature or “Gronking” them. 11 out of 12 is not a coincidence.

    4. The ONLY person that would care or benefit from this deflated ball thing is Tom Brady. Heck, even Belichick said so.

    5. NOTHING happens around the Patriots without Belichick’s knowledge; and even if it did, refer to point number 1.

    What Aikman is saying is that if you make an example out of one team (Saints), then you have to use those same rules/punishments for all teams.

    Belichick should be suspended for at least a year, much like Sean Payton was.

    The Patriots should lose multiple draft picks, much like the Saints were.

    Also, since we have also heard a hundred times that the “Exempt/Commissioner’s Permission List” is not punishment and is used when people are accused of something until those accusations are cleared up, it makes perfect sense to immediately place Tom Brady on this list, much like Adrian Peterson and Josh McNary.

  108. Saying this doesn’t Impact anything is a joke.

    Colts caught them mid season so this wasn’t new.

    Soft ball is easier to catch and harder to fumble. Guess how many fumbles the Pats RBs had… ZERO ALL YEAR.

    Could have lost a few games if they hadn’t cheated. May not have had home field. May not have beat the Ravens.

    In fact may be behind Shadys turn around.

    Should be hammered.

  109. Anyone else kinda laugh at this?. First off, intentionally hurting players for money will out due any form of cheating you meatball. Second this is nothing new. Quarterbacks under inflate or overinflate balls to there preference I.e Rodgers had the balls to admit it. And yes the pats had flat balls that’s why the colts couldn’t tackle them you moron. The refs checked them and replaced at halftime and hmm still no difference. For someone who played the game you seem to know nothing about it

  110. So, let me get this straight. Aikman thinks that Brady, Belichick, Kraft and company should get a penatly more severe for letting a little air out of the balls a player than Payton and company did for Bounty Gate (where injuring players was the point but I still thought the penalty was way too severe)? That makes a ton of sense considering that a person that physically harms another person only gets 6 games (by the leagues new policy although Dumbdell only saw fit to originally give Rice, who readily admitted what he did, only a 2 game suspension). Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Aikman just showing his ignorance again.

  111. Its not on the same level as the bounty deal. They can replay the game and the Pats will still win.

  112. Jerry Rice said the same thing Troy did. Repeat offenders shouldn’t get another chance. Harsh punishment needed or Goodell and the NFL lose (even more) credibility.

  113. Bottom line is if the Patriots had the balls at the proper level and once the balls made it past the refs inspection they reduced the air so the could perform better. Better than the oppositions balls, then they should be reprimanded equally as the Saints.

  114. One concussion too many, Troy, if you think hurting footballs players, maybe ending their careers, is worse than messing with equipment.

    What’s the penalty for wearing gold cleats or wearing non-nfl gear in a game? Life imprisonment? Sacrificing your first born?

    Where is all this imbecilic stuff coming from?

    Serena Williams saying her Dolphins would never to anything?Seriously? Is she aware that Shula was head of the competition committee during his undefeated season and he grilled every ref who called a penalty on his team every week, making the ref defend his call. Check the record book. In the last half of the season no team had fewer penalties called on them than the Dolphins.

    I don’t care. A good team can overcome a minor disadvantage. I’m just tired of the piling on witch hunt.

  115. The thing that Troy and most of you have forgotten is that the stiff penalties for bountygate were because the Saints lied and/or hid information. They would have been penalized, sure, but if they would have cooperated, it wouldn’t have been as bad.

  116. Aikman won 3 SuperBowls. Currently, Brady has 3 SuperBowl wins. I wonder why Aikman would throw dirt on Brady’s career. It’s a mystery to me.

  117. The bounty thing is worse as it involves physically hurting opponents but he is right that the Pats cheated two or three times now. They need to be made an example of. Draft picks and a year long suspension for Bill and Tom.

  118. I remember when Hershel Walker started wearing those Breath Right nose strips to get more air during games. The extra air he was able to take in inflated his lungs 20% more than other running backs. Let’s cancel all his accomplishments!!! CHEATER!!

    Seriously, stop it with this stupidity already.

  119. Says the guy whose coach admitted to Spygate practices on his way to 2 rings (the 3rd was under Switzer).

  120. Fortunately in this country we abide by the rule of innocent until PROVEN (where is the NHL “proof”) guilty. Most of the Patriots haters and the media abide by, when it comes to the Patriots, guilty until proven innocent. This is football. This is a sport. You should save your vitriol for some of the horrendous things that are actually going on in the real world right now. I doubt that women and children that are being massacred on a daily basis could give a damn about whether a football was deflated by 1-2 lbs. psi.

  121. So I’ve been reading a few articles on this at best defamation controversy that has hit the Patriots and Tom Brady. A few thoughts have creeped into my head and I must ask.
    One article claimed that this would explain how Tom Brady turned the season around in week 4 vs KC. So I went out and looked at TB12 interception stat for this season.

    9. Two against KC and 7 more after that. You mean to tell me that in 373 attempts you were picked off 9 times and only 1 team noticed? No other team/player who picked off TB this year has said anything or made any claims or has agreed with the colts. So the one team that has been annihilated twice was and is the only team to notice?

    where are the reports from November? Why are the Ravens now going public about it. Why only the colts? Why did he need to do this in a stadium?

    If the Ravens knew about this and the league didn’t act on it or placed extra scrutiny or made the refs check the balls more periodically that leads me to believe that

    The colts are lying. The Ravens are lying and this is a sad desperate attempt at tarnishing a reputation/super bowl run.

    Yeah spygate happened. But if you get caught cheating and then proceed to suck then obviously it was something you needed. But if you get caught and still continue to terrorize the league. Get accused of running up the score and just A-bombing each and every team then you “cheating” had no affect on you and shouldn’t even be considered as cheating.

  122. This is sad, what they did was worse then Bounty gate? How could letting some air out of a football be worse then putting prices on players heads if your players could hurt them and knock them out of the game.
    To think they are even remotely the same shows the stupidity of these athletes. While I do not agree with what was done, I am also realistic enough to know other players do this. They need to doc New England draft choices because inflated ball, deflated ball, they would have won anyways, they outplayed the Colts in all aspects of the game.

  123. I actually agree with Aikman on something, while the bounty was bad, it doesn’t give a team an edge one way or another.

    Unlike BountyGate this is a Second Major Offense for these Patriots, and Brady has benefited from both of them. He needs to be punished. The Patriots are known to use cheap tactics, but cheap tactics and flat out Cheatng are very different things.

  124. I would make New England forfeit all games this year, disqualify them from the Super Bowl, Ban Brady and Belichick from HOF. Suspend the New England team for one year, also No practice for that year, No draft picks for 3 years, No playoff’s for 5 years. end of cheating in the NFL with this

  125. Aikman’s statements are illogical. If you are going to get up on your high horse you shouldn’t compare a proven case of paying players to intentional injure other players with an allegation (yet unproven) that someone (who?) deflated air from a football roughly equivalent to the weight of a dollar bill, and call for an even greater penalty.

  126. I am VERY disappointed in Troy Aikman. Until the NFL comes out with their investigation results, everything is speculation and rumor. That is not how a professional acts. A professional waits until all the facts are out before commenting. I have lost all respect for Aikman.

  127. Let’s see, Aikman thinks an underinflated football should be punished more than paying people to deliberately injure opposing players – possibly ending careers.

    Not sure where Aikman’s head is here but I’m pretty sure it’s dark in there.

  128. Cheating is cheating. To what degree is irrelevant. The fact that it is a second cheating event is relevant. I think they should be punished severely, for thumbing their nose at the rules.

  129. Nice to hear that Troy Aikman has such strong convictions on air in footballs and punishments to be assessed. Now maybe he’d like to open up about ‘the white House’ near the Cowboys facility during his time there. The rumored numerous illegal activity there. And while he’s at it his thoughts on his former teammate driving around with 400 pounds of weed. I know these things don’t reach the level of air in a football. But what the hell, while he’s in a judge and jury mood. Let’s here his thoughts.

  130. “The thing that Troy and most of you have forgotten is that the stiff penalties for bountygate were because the Saints lied and/or hid information. They would have been penalized, sure, but if they would have cooperated, it wouldn’t have been as bad.”

    So you think the ball boy deflated the balls without any input from Brady? Could you picture anyone messing with the qbs equipment without asking them first?

    And if everyone does it, doesnt that mean brady is lying when eh says he cant tell the diffrence?

    And yes, it didnt matter. Thats why its so funny they got caught cheating for nothing.

  131. I think you are as much of an idiot as Troy is. I would pay good money to see one of the Saints players going after your and Troy’s knees and I will take on a soft football. Then we will see who is smiling and who is crying. If you want to respond to me try using your brain first. There isn’t any football team in the league that are perfect angles. I like watching most all sports, but the way you and Troy think we should do away with all sports. With that said our Wife’s or girlfriends will be happy because the only thing left to do is watch chick flick’s with them. I really don’t want to go down that road yet. It sounds like a road that you and Troy want to go down. Enjoy watching a chick flick why the rest of us are watching a Super Bowl. Go Pats

  132. The SAINTS were one of the least penalized teams and defenses during the so called bounty gate years. The only evidence of the SAINTS bounty was testimony from a disgruntled ex defensive coach on his way out. The SAINTS got screwed over and the one the part of the penalty that hurt the SAINTS the most was losing the 2 2nd round draft picks. Those continue to hurt the SAINTS today.

  133. The Saints never went after a players knees and the defense never took a player out of the game. Review the game tapes you people. Stop crying because your team lost.

  134. Show me game tape of the SAINTS bounty gate years of players taking out other players! There are none. The bounty position is a fictional made up position. There are no game footages of SAINTS players taking out the other players.

  135. except the saints actions never really lived up to the allegations… That whole thing was bogus

  136. I really am totally SICK and TIRED of reading or hearing about the saints bountygate crap. It was totally over blown and totally erroneous.
    A few here have a clue about what actually happened!!
    No the did not target anyone, no penalties or suspensions or removal from any games!!! Try to have a clue what you are commenting on.
    A fired employee tried to get a job with NFL or another team.
    That was his thinking!!!
    Tags threw it all out, removed all suspensions for players
    The coaches have no union in place and have no CBA with the league.
    Yes it was harsh and wrong, never to even try to attempt to restore their draft picks. Try and find a single piece of evidence that any of the allegations had evidence to back it up!!!!
    I think Troy is attempting to set the Record strait for how big of a screwing they got!!!
    The patriots are getting what they deserve, now or earlier!!!!
    Why are Goodell and the NFL leaving hoodie out of this ????

    No I’m not a Saints fan, just a huge injustice done for no reason

  137. I live in New Orleans….Saints Fan! What we endured was awful, yet we endured and came back… It just amazing to us here in New Orleans, that Brady won the Superbowl by cheating, and he’s getting a slap on the wrist. We were crucified! Unbelievable. What an ever lovin riot!

    Also, Saints were a playoff team that year and guess where Superbowl was that year? In New Orleans. Did someone want that stopped?

  138. “Although Tagliabue strongly rebuked the Saints for wrongdoing, he found that there was no justification for such unprecedented punishments against the players — stressing that the punishments were more for pregame “talk” than any actual misconduct on the field.”

    Quote from an ESPN article explaining how Tagliabue and Goodell’s relationship has been strained since Tagliabue overturned ALL the players’ punishments. Let’s stop acting like the Saints tried to ruin people’s careers.

    I think the Saints punishments were ridiculous. And I think the Patriots punishments are ridiculous. My family has season tickets to the Saints, so you can tell where my loyalties lie.

    Two wrong punishments don’t make either one right. 2 games and a 4th rounder would have been in the neighborhood of reasonable. It seems most people just hate the Patriots and want to see them punished.

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