Another theory for deflating footballs

If, as reported this week by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the NFL had become aware of concerns regarding deflated Patriots footballs and had planned to inspect the footballs at halftime of the AFC title game regardless of anything noticed during the first half and if, as the NFL announced on Friday, it has hired an “investigatory firm with sophisticated forensic expertise to assist in reviewing electronic and video information,” it’s reasonable to assume that hidden cameras were monitoring the team’s ball attendants during the first two quarters of the contest against the Colts.

But there’s a chance the cameras won’t detect anything that would suggest the affirmative insertion of a needle or paperclip or anything else into the valve of 11 of 12 footballs.  It’s possible, as explained by Dr. Allen Sanderson, a research scientist at the University of Utah.

Sanderson told Tom Pelissero of USA Today that accelerated deflation will occur naturally if the balls are inflated while at a higher temperature.

“What everyone’s looking for is somebody to have physically altered the ball by letting air out,” Sanderson said.  “We think this is naturally occurring. . . .

“The NFL rules are very much ambiguous really because they’re not specifying a temperature.  They’re just specifying a pressure, and temperature makes all the difference in the world about how you make that measurement.  Us science geeks picked up on it.”

It would be far more difficult to blame deflation on a rogue employee if it’s determined that the footballs routinely were pumped up in a warm room at the team’s facility.  The question then becomes whether the Patriots have internal surveillance cameras that would show whether someone took a bag of balls and a hand pump into the sauna on Sunday afternoon.

Regardless, it’s a theory that the NFL should be exploring if it ultimately finds no evidence that the ball attendants were physically letting air out of the balls on the sidelines during the game.

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  1. If The Patriots had just said on Monday, yes, the ball boy let a little air out because of the rain, he shouldn’t have, we’re sorry, it didn’t make any difference in the game, would we be past all this? It’s the “I don’t know” mentality and coverup that infuriates people.

  2. I presume he’s referring to perhaps a 72+ degree locker room temp and then the balls go outside to a 51 degree outside stadium. What’s not said is how much of a loss there might be.
    The rule says 12.5-13.5psi when presented. Sports Science did a bit on what happens when a ball is in 10degree temps for an hour; there’s significant pressure loss. How does the league work physics into the check? If the team gives the refs balls that are at 12.5 and we go outside for Ice Bowl II, you know the pressure will go down. If, say, there is a 2lb+ pressure drop, you’d have to overinflate the ball just so it drops to within legal limits.
    That’s not to say inflating the ball to 13.5psi for a day game in 80+ degree temps with the sun beating down on the ball.

  3. But the Colts footballs were in the same weather and they were still inflated to the proper PSI… The refs had the balls together for 2 hours prior to kickoff, then when tested teams footballs were still legal, the other werent close… #cheaters

  4. Did you forget that this was first noticed in an earlier game?
    This was not the first time.

    Also, what are the chances that the balls for the Colts were inflated at a different temp?


  5. Ain’t nothing going to happen
    New England found a loophole and used it

    next year rules on game balls might change but for now they just used rules to their advantage and there is nothing wrong with that

  6. Great theory, but it would have also effecte the Colts footballs. Pats are cheaters. Its a fact. Move on.

  7. So it took a scientist to remind you of sixth grade science. I am not a huge Pats fan by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems that this was a stretch of a story to begin with, totally looking for something sinister that never was.

  8. You can expect to NEVER hear this on any major news/sports outlet! Just like the dozens of former and current players saying this is a “non issue.” Must like the league’s 1st family, the Rooney’s not having a problem with this. Or the Mara’s.

    The mass media will continue to push the agenda. Shock jocks will eat it up. Then the average Joe will fall right into the trap.

  9. Bottom line is that after 2 quarters of play, one team had 11 footballs out of compliance and the other team didn’t. Nature isn’t selective enough to decide to entrap the Patriots and leave the Colts alone. Someone eithet physically altered the balls, or put them in temperatures which would do the same. Either way, it’s cheating.

  10. Tom Brady didn’t lie. Until we have all the information from the NFL, we should just get back to the game…the great game we all love. Let’s wait until the investigation is complete.

  11. I like that theory except it would assume that the balls were emptied and refilled soon before handing them off to be measured, otherwise they would have started losing pressure. Brady wouldn’t like that. Not sure if it’s plausible, but I could see the Patriots doing that. That’s more their style than a straight up lie. If true, there won’t be a smoking gun and the evidence has since cooled down. Asking where they inflate the balls makes sense.

  12. If The Patriots had just said on Monday, yes, the ball boy let a little air out because of the rain, he shouldn’t have, we’re sorry, it didn’t make any difference in the game, would we be past all this? It’s the “I don’t know” mentality and coverup that infuriates people.


    Why? If thats’s not true. That is no different than lying. Damn…you haters are idiots.

  13. Why doesn’t everybody let this play out with the facts and not all this speculation? People who hated the Patriots before still hate them now and will hate them after. Patriot fans welcome and embrace your hate.

  14. arpy911 says:
    Jan 23, 2015 11:53 PM
    If The Patriots had just said on Monday, yes, the ball boy let a little air out because of the rain, he shouldn’t have, we’re sorry, it didn’t make any difference in the game, would we be past all this? It’s the “I don’t know” mentality and coverup that infuriates people.


    You are assuming they are covering up. They didn’t during spygate. They just admitted it as they thought they were skirting a rule. They cheated, but they didn’t lie about it. I don’t think BB and Brady would be out representing themselves as innocent if they had a chance to get caught, they are too smart for that.

  15. No, this theory should’ve been explored first, before you bloodhounds in the media returned your verdict with zero evidence to the public.

  16. Let me help you miss informed children out. If the Pats inflate their balls at the bare minimum (12.5) and ANY air leaks it will be under the requirements. “But how were the Colts balls legal then?” Ever think they like their balls completely filled (Aaron Rodgers) or somewhere near 13.5 psi, so if the psi was affected like New England’s, there’s would still being the legal 12.5-13.5 range. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good witch hunt.

  17. ar1888 says:
    Jan 23, 2015 11:58 PM
    Great theory, but it would have also effecte the Colts footballs. Pats are cheaters. Its a fact. Move on.


    Not at all. Colts inflate their own 12, not the Patriots.

  18. Just like if tax preparer uses something in a poorly written section of the tax code and uses it to get you a bigger refund, you going to turn it down?

  19. Although 2 psi doesn’t sound like much , their was already a study about temperature affecting the balls and they said it would need to be an 80 degree temperature difference to cause such an affect and when it was brought back into the warm environment ( Halftime inside refs locker room) it would have inflated back to normal almost immediately if it had been filled in a warm environment.

    MY issue with this , is how blatantly obvious it is that someone deflated the balls and the disregard for common place rules. Here are my questions;

    1- Why weren’t the other teams balls psi off at all, not even a single psi?
    2- Was their ever an 80 degree or close temp change that could cause this?
    3- Does anyone think it is a coincidence that the kickers ball didn’t deflate? How could all the balls except one be randomly under-inflated?
    4- If this was purely by accident how could all the balls have the exact same psi off?
    5- If Brady cant tell the difference why did he specifically mention he likes 12.5 psi balls, how would he even know that if he couldn’t tell the difference?
    6- Why was the league looking into this issue before hand based on suspicion and when they did look into it they immediately found under-inflated footballs?
    7- Does anyone believe Brady doesn’t have a preference of pressure in footballs?
    8- Does anyone believe a BB ran team would have a rogue employee who would deflate balls to a consistent level without running it by the qb and or coach first?

    It goes on and on, its painfully obvious they tampered with the footballs,I bet it had been happening for a while. I honestly dont really care except for the blatant arrogant disregard and challenge of peoples common sense.

  20. It is hard to keep up with the ever evolving facts and theories proposed by those that have been trying to crucify two of NFL’s all-time greatest coaches and players. The latest we are told is that there was a league approved sting in place that involved the Colts, which means all of the Colts denials about what they knew and when that new it it were lies. The league is also going to great lengths to prosecute any potential violation but did virtually nothing to implement internal controls to prevent the risk of such a violation (even when they believed there might be a risk). Now, the league is leaking theories that would explain how the balls could have been in compliance with the regs when checked but lose pressure without ant proactive deflation. In short, this may have been an institutional cluster-you-know-what for the ages and not what the hysteria claimed it to be.

  21. Does anyone know where the Colts inflated their footballs? Does anyone know where the Pats inflated theirs? None of us in the public know these facts. But why should we wait until the facts come out? Let’s do a few riots before we have the facts. And then when we get the facts we can just ignore them and do a few more riots.

  22. Ever think that maybe the Colts balls were not effected as much because they were not filled with air heated well above room temperature? Some people just can’t read. Grey area..kiss the rings.

  23. I like how an alternate theory article gets posted at 11:46pm eastern, 8:46 pacific when a majority of people aren’t checking Twitter anymore for the evening.

    You aren’t going to hear the stories of people who support the Patriots, Brady, Belichick. The media only wants to report people who are outraged and can add more fuel and hatred to the fire. Once that fire has burned out, they have nothing else to talk about.

    I heard one or two interviews with former players who believed Brady but do you think that was reported here? Nope. Better for business to report on people who are outraged and angry. My respect for the media in general has hit an all time low.

  24. So you crucified Belichick then brady then threw out the notion that the league does not want to suspend brady , called him a cheat among other things and NOW you throw this plausible theory out here ?

  25. Compressors heat air while they are compressing it. So, if somebody has a knowledge of the rules, and of science, they would completely deflate the balls and fill them with warm 90 to 100 degree compressed air to 12.5 psi just before the refs check them. As compared to the balls the Colts were using, measured with room temp air in them, the Pats balls would have a lot more loss of pressure as they cooled to the outside temperature. And it would be within the rules.

  26. fearthehoody says:
    Jan 23, 2015 11:59 PM
    You can expect to NEVER hear this on any major news/sports outlet! Just like the dozens of former and current players saying this is a “non issue.” Must like the league’s 1st family, the Rooney’s not having a problem with this. Or the Mara’s.

    The mass media will continue to push the agenda. Shock jocks will eat it up. Then the average Joe will fall right into the trap.
    Until enough owners want to vote Mr. Kraft out for not being able to have control over his organization. If Mr. Kraft isn’t fuming, conducting his own investigation, and finds out what happened but can’t fire anyone then he’ll eventually be forced out. Pats fans keep laughing about the cheating with the Hoodie and Brady who laugh at the teams when they lie, but eventually heads will roll. All 32 teams have the same rules to follow. Integrity of the game is everything on the field.

  27. Also can someone demonstrate how to let exactly 2 PSI of air out in all the balls with a needle without a gauge ?

  28. If the Pats didn’t know balls were re-inflated at halftime, wouldn’t they have just deflated them again if they could clearly feel a difference as all these “experts” say they should?

  29. Why am I not surprised that this story breaks on a Friday night too late for the national newscasts to pick up.

  30. Lets see, would an equipment manager inflate a football in a sauna environ with an ambient temp of 90-120 degrees, knowing when it transferred to the outdoor temps of 50 degrees the pressure would drop significantly?


    Would it violate any known NFL rule?


    In all honesty I have no idea who took over for Brocher when he passed – but I do know that Don Brocher was 40 years of experience, so he likely had a ton of tips and tricks to pass along to assistants. And I know at the college level ballboys report to the equipment manager.

  31. So, i’m starting to buy all of the science stuff. I mean, why cheat – they were the best team by far…so knowing that, why take the chance w/ Spygate in your history- i have to accept that there’s a reason their balls were deflated more than the colts…has to be a reason other than cheating…has to…

  32. The commenters who say that the Colt’s balls didn’t change aren’t paying attention. What he is saying is that if you crank the heat in a room (or stick the ball in an oven) you can get the ball up to the right PSI for the NFL & then when you take them into the field, they will deflate. That is technically legal even if it violates the spirit of the rule. What the other guys do isn’t relevant at all. It doesn’t explain the lone regular ball though for people who want something to talk about.

  33. Generally, I hate the saying, “the cover up is worse than the crime.” Trying to CYA after you killed someone is worse than killing? But, in this case, it absolutely applies.

  34. Very simple. Give Brady, and Billy boy a polygraph test. If they pass, drop it. If they fail suspend them each for a year, and take away all of the Patriots draft picks next year.

  35. But the Colts footballs were in the same weather and they were still inflated to the proper PSI

    Just maybe…the Colts originally inflated their balls to a higher pressure at the start. The patriots inflated theirs to a LEGAL lower pressure. They would be different.

    Are you people baseball fans???

  36. This is not a new theory. Many of us have been saying this from the beginning. They really can’t be punished for manipulating the circumstances surrounding a vague requirement. If they physically let air out of the balls after certification then hammer them. If not, fix the process to prevent teams from gaming the system. Brady likes flat balls so they can pump heated air in and the pressure will lower as the air cools. Rodgers likes over-inflated balls so if they put cold air in, the balls would gain pressure as the air warmed (but that would be harder to do in GB in January.

  37. Footballs can lose pressure naturally even after a scant amount of time. Sasquatch told me so as we hiked through the Pacific Northwest towards the Stargate to take us to Atlantis.

  38. My theory is that the Patriots inflate their balls at exactly 12.5 PSI and they know that they will contract in cold temps.

    The NFL does not specify temperature and does not contemplate “shrinkage” during the game.

    That is what I would hang my hat on if I was BB or TB.

  39. Students at Pathfinder Regional Vocational Technical High School in central Massachusetts have demonstrated a football loses 2.5 pounds psi in a few short minutes when cooled from 76 F to 52 F. I’m sure the video is all over the nets by now.

    We may now officially move on.

  40. If there really was a sting in place, and Goodell went to a party thrown by Kraft the night before it, I would have to say Goodell is an even bigger jerk than I thought. A sting is absurd but he should have made an excuse and passed on the invitation if he was going to pull such a stunt.

    Goodell has set himself up as judge, jury, and executioner, while also changing the standard of proof:

    “Too often competitive violations have gone unpunished because conclusive proof of the violation was lacking,” Goodell has written. “I believe we should reconsider the standard of proof to be applied in such cases, and make it EASIER (emphasis added) for a competitive violation to be established.” Of course, Mr. Goodell didn’t hold his deposition testimony in the Ray Rice case to such a standard because that testimony was a joke.

    Is there anyone who really believes this guy has the competence and wisdom to be commissioner?

  41. I seriously doubt that officials actually took the time to measure the air pressure in each football before game time.

    I’m willing to bet they just gripped them – tossed them into the air a few times, and initialed them. It’s human nature to be a bit lazy … and I’ll be this is just a case of human nature run amok.

    The Patriots may very well have submitted the footballs to the officials under-inflated – and the refs never caught it – or bothered to check.

    Just another case of the NFL looking to cover it’s tracks after the horse has left the barn.

  42. What about the other 13 balls then Mr smarty pants(The Pats had 24 total). Hey dumb science guy this is how it works. The balls are given to the NFL before the game and the pressure is checked. Then given back to the team a little over 2 hours before game time. Normally the NFL doesn’t check the pressure at half but this time they did because it was sting. At the half 11 of the 24 were at 10.5psi and the other 13 were at or above 12.5psi. This theory holds no water unless some balls are more finicky than others. Get the process correct before you waste our time.

  43. I’ve been pushing this theory. The Pats would definitely use this method instead of risking getting caught altering the balls after referee inspection.

  44. In the debate of the ideal gas law everyone seems to be talking about ambient air temperature, when the temperature that matters is that INSIDE of the ball. So the question should be what was the temperature of the GAS that used to inflate the balls.

    The next item to question is was it AIR to inflate it, or another gas. Bicyclists know that when one uses a CO2 cartridge to inflate a tube when fixing a flat out on a ride that they will have to stop and inflate the tire again, usually with a pump this time, to get the tire back up to proper pressure. Whether the use of CO2 is legal…..?

  45. This is such an irresponsible article. Shame on you Mike Florio. Did you check the science at all? Air is an ideal gas, and therefore, the temp/pressure relationship will be determined by the well known PV=nRT. The small 30 oF change in temperature will come nowhere close to reducing the pressure 2 psig. (in addition, none of the colts balls were a problem). If this was true, the balls used in the ice bowl would have been completely flat.

    Or are you implying that they put 200 oF air into the balls at 12.5 psi for the ref test, knowing that when they cooled to ambient temps, it would be lower pressure? This would still be blatant cheating. And would involve a much bigger team conspiracy than one or two equip guys and Brady deflating the balls. Most teams dont have 200 oF air sitting around.

    The Utah scientist quoted is wrong. The real science community quickly realized that the temp change was a false narrative being used as an excuse. Very surprised to see a credible writer push this narrative.

  46. How come Indy’s balls weren’t affected and kept stable able pressure? The other thing worth noting is the outdoor game temps were in the 40s, not sub-freezing, and air inside a rubber bladder inside a thick cowhide jacket is different than gases inside a vacuum which such scientific formulas are based on.

  47. There’s a shocking lack of math in these articles for people claiming to use it to solve this problem. It’s been several years since my last physics class but let’s see if we can run through this.

    Assuming a starting pressure of 12.5psi (lowest within the regs) and ending pressure of 10.5 (2lbs/in^2 below reg).

    PV=nrT is ideal gas law
    V, n, and r are constants in this scenario so they cancel out:

    P1/T1 = P2/T2
    P1T2 = P2T1
    P1 = 12.5, P2 = 10.5
    12.5T2 = 10.5T1
    T2 = 10.5T1/12.5 = .84T1 =~5/6T1

    So there would have to be a 1/6 temperature differential IN KELVIN! 0 degrees Celsius is 273 degrees Kelvin. That means if the locker room was freezing (unrealistic but conservative for this estimation) there would have to be a temperature differential of 45.5 degrees C (1/6 of 273), or 82 degrees F!!!

    Looong story short, if all of my math is correct it is completely impossible for this pressure differential to be caused just by a temperature differential. If I made an error please point it out.

  48. As in any good investigation, start with who had the most to gain. In this case, the team who’s only chance to win was by impacting the other team’s ability to perform. Only way the Colts win is if they affected the Patriots by messing with their footballs. The evidence is clear. Apparently, only the Colts knew of the problems with the footballs and not the Patriots. That seems to be a very important fact. The evidence also shows that the Colts were able to keep the game close only in the first half by keeping the Patriots from only scoring 17 points when the Patriots footballs were tampered with. Without that disadvantage, the evidence shows that the Patriots scored 28. The ingenious part of this plan is the planting of the idea that it was the Patriots who messed with their own footballs. After all, who is the public going to believe, the Colts or the Patriots? As we have seen, no one believes the Patriots even though no evidence has been produced yet. However, perhaps the fact that the refs apparently didn’t tell the Patriots they were investigating them at half time interefered with the plot to affect their focus in the second half. It is also very interesting that the leak to the press only went to a Colts reporter. Who leaked it to them and why? Best way to cast attention away from oneself is to find a perfect patsy; couldn’t resist. However, Belichick is straight out of central casting for that role. The Patriots did not need to take any action regarding the footballs to beat the Colts. The past three games conclusively prove that point. The Patriots knew it, and the Colts did too. So who had more to gain, obviously its the Colts. Patriots did not need to do it, nor did they. Now the question is, how did they do it. This is where the forensic evidence will be key. What happened to the footballs after they left the ref’s room. Who had the access, when and for how long. Perhaps there will be video evidence to show all who came into contact with the footballs. I’m not biting the cheese in the trap that the Patriots are cheaters and will cheat whenever and wherever they can, just because. The motive from someone one the Colts side is far too strong to ignore. Follow the motive and you will find your responsible party. Good luck.

  49. People… Before you make stupid comments such as the Colts balls being in the same situation… Can you at least click on the link to the usa today article and read how this worked? God you people are so lazy and just comment before thinking. It’s a loophole the pats found and therefore can’t technically be found guilty of anything except being smarter than everyone.

  50. My doctorate is in English, not science. But I used to write science fiction fiction for a living. Let’s see: the balls the Patriots used were in one universe and those the Colts used were in another. Therefore, they would not be similarly affected by the weather. Oh, I get it now.

  51. I think the biggest issue that people have had is if this was a naturally occurring deflation of the Pats’ footballs due to the colder weather, then why didn’t the Colts’ deflate as well.

    If you go by what is being said here, then you would need to know what temperature the Colts’ footballs were when they were inflated If the Colts balls were inflated at colder temperatures, then they would not deflate at the same rate as footballs inflated at higher temperature.

    The next issue is why the Pats’ footballs that were corrected for the 2nd half, maintained the PSI over the remainder of the game. An argument could be made based on what is explained above, that the Pats’ footballs were corrected in cooler conditions, so therefore they would not deflate at the same rate as footballs inflated at a higher temperature.

    We will not know anything until we get the details when the report is released. Until then all we can do is speculate.

  52. How often does anyone have to add air in their automobile tires when winter starts??? I live in SouCal and I have to do it every year! I wondered how long till some one got around to the hot then COLD???

  53. Wow… It’s like all the stuff I’m saying about temperature and pressure shows up in the MSM a day after I say it.

    I should get into weather forecasting.

  54. Did you forget that this was first noticed in an earlier game?
    This was not the first time.

    Uh… Yeah? And your point? If you put 90F air in, the ball is going to loose about 1 PSI if it cools to 70F for an indoor game.

  55. Great theory, but it would have also effecte the Colts footballs. Pats are cheaters. Its a fact. Move on.

    Sigh. RTFA. Unless the Colts were also inflating their balls at temperatures elevated above room temperature, it would not affect their balls. They would be affected by a drop from RT to exterior temp, but not the “bonus” drop that the Pats would have gained by pumping up heated balls.

  56. Every day this goes on, the more shocked I get how stupid some people can be.

    @arpy911 – That’s false. Even if the ball boy actually did it, if they admitted to it, then people will still say the team cheated. They would say Belichick and Brady cornered the ball boy in the corner and threatened to take his lunch money if he didn’t deflate the balls.

    People hate the Patriots and this is never going to go away, even if and when the league admits it was the weather. They’ll continue to say other stupid things like…

    @ar1888 – There are quite a few reasons why the Colts balls were not the same psi as the Patriots.
    …They could have inflated to max.
    …They could have over-inflated.
    …The Patriots lead in time of possession by nearly 16 minutes. That’s extra 16 minutes of 300lb guys falling on the balls, or sitting in 40 degree rain.
    …The Patriots ran more than 20 extra plays.

    If the Patriots inflated to 12.5 and the Colts 13.5, it is not at all a surprise that by halftime, the Patriots were under 12.5 but the Colts were still in range. Do we know the Colts psi AFTER the game? Perhaps an extra 2 quarters dropped their psi below 12.5 as well.

  57. Even if they found a way for this to naturally occur, they still skirt the rules. Patriots have no respect for the integrity of the game. I love what Dungy said today about their substitution games….

  58. What happened with the other little piggy (11 of 12)?

    Was it at the bottom of being acceptable at the 12.5 was it shade under like 12.0?
    Was it at was only a little bit off of what the officials weighed it at before the game?

    All balls would be effected the same because they are all in the same elements. So what was the deal with the rogue Little Piggy?

    Did they inflate ONE ball at a different temperature? Probably not

    Why would someone need to call a Players Only meeting about how they prefer their footballs? Isn’t that something you think they would cover in Training Camp or Pre-season? Surely not before the Big Game.

  59. They cheated. The temperature of the room had nothing to do with it. Pats have fewest fumbles per play by a wide margin of any team in the league since 2010. Obviously been deflating balls since then. Time to suspend Brady and Belicheat.

  60. BTW? Try watching a football life once in a while…on this press peope are there so “NFL personnel” are allowed to be “themselves”. BB is NOT a bad person…he is just smart enough( IQ of 130) to know when people are looking to bury him… Again, doesn’t matter-haters gonna hate an even of BB and Pats win, there will never ever be joy in Mudville. 50 years from now-maybe people will enjoy, but we cannot now..

  61. Why is it so hard for people to imagine footballs inflated to 12.5 psi (NE) dropping below the limit when placed in colder temps, while footballs inflated to 13.5 psi (Indy) remaining within the 12.5-13.5 limit when placed in colder temps?

  62. Did you ever have to add air to your tires on a cold day? As the article points out pressure is related to temperature. Any team that inflated their footballs inside at 75 degrees to 12.5 psi. would be below the minimum level at game time if the out side temperature is colder. If the temperature outside at game time is 40 degrees the pressure the pressure will drop to approximately 11.5 psi. Pressure will be lower at colder temperatures.

  63. Temperature when they were inflated doesn’t matter. Temperature when they were examined absolutely does. That should be easy to determine. Ask the ref who examined the balls whether a) they were unusually warm, or b) he was standing in a sauna at the time.

  64. Examine those balls inside and out. There could be a carefully placed slow leak in the inside bladder of those balls. It could be pumped up to 12.5 pounds ….then as it slowly loses air over the course of the game, nobody is aware that the balls are slowly losing air. It’s not impossible.

  65. I guarantee that an NFL football will not lose 2 pounds of pressure in a 3 hour period, regardless of temperature. I used to coach and we had balls pumped up at room temperature (around 72 degrees as stated) and were on fields where the temperature was 20 degrees (that’s over a 50 degree drop for you mathematicians). And never in all those years did those balls lose 2 pounds of pressure during a game. This explanation is pure hogwash.

  66. The main unknown is just how far under the limit were the 11 balls? If barely under limit, then natural loss of pressure explains it and no big deal.
    As a former QB and punter, I completely understand why the 12th ball was in compliance. I haven’t heard anybody address this point yet, but I think that 12th ball was left at high pressure for the needs of the punter & the kicker. The other 11 balls were specifically set for the needs of the QB. This is normal. No big deal that the 12th ball was set to higher pressure for the kicking game.

  67. I just read the original article. Here is another part:

    Chang Kee Jung, a football fan and physics professor at The State University of New York at Stony Brook, chuckled when the theory was explained. But he agreed it’s possible – not only because of the temperature change, but other effects from the steam in the sauna.

    “If you put it in the moisture with the hot air, then what happens is that some of the air – which is moist water – it could condense and then it could even more rapidly lose pressure,” Jung said. “They may consider it not illegal, but if they actually did it, does that really pass the moral test?”

    “As a scientist, I bet I could come up with different ways of doing these things,” Jung said. “You could probably put a different gas in there. You may want to put things like helium, different gases at different expansion rates. I think about all the possibilities.”

    In other words, the NFL may not physically find out how they did it, but the balls did not lose all that pressure without help.

  68. The more I keep reading, the more I think this may be happening with many teams around the league.

    Problem for the Patriots is that their reputation precedes them…

  69. “Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your heart, it will creep,
    It starts when you’re always afraid,
    Step out a line, the man comes and takes you away”

  70. I think it’s funny that everybody wants to wait for the facts to come out before we judge! But Peterson got crucified!! I don’t hate the Patriots! I just want some consistency If and I say if, they prove any infraction then there has to be punishment. Fair play only applies when your team gets wronged!!

  71. Another possibility is that Brady pushed for the original rule change (which he did) just so he could pull this kind of stunt.

    Both teams should use the same league provided footballs which have all been inflated in the same environment.

    The idea that a QB gets to choose what pressure theirs are inflated at is ridiculous.

    All other sports use the same ball for both teams.

  72. It’s not so much so the the Pat’s cheated. I’m sure they have been doing it for years along with a lot of other teams that have been it for years as well. It’s the fact, that BB and TB and the NFL. For some reason or another? Assume that we the American People are complete Morons, and lack the simple common sense to know better! That’s truly what infuriates us all!!!!!!!

  73. Sanderson is trying to make a name for himself. The balls were checked before the game by the Refs and nothing was wrong. Did the Colts sit at midfield and fill the balls? I would presume they did it indoors also. No one with sense believes the Pats or now this “scientist”. If so, it would have happened in the hundred other games played in inclement weather this year. Perry Mason need not apply.

  74. The Pats had wet footballs they dried in a HOT DRIER before game time as they practice in wet weather all week. The football was checked by the ball boy and set at lowest edge of allowed amount (12.5psi) as Brady prefers for ref check. All good until brought outside. Extreme superheated temp loss = significant pressure loss. Colts probably didn’t need to dry them off as they practice indoors. Their footballs were perfectly dry and inflated at room temp and possibly even set at a higher (13.5psi) depending on Luck’s preference. The drop in temp from room temp to outside 50 degree wasn’t significant enough to lose much pressure.

  75. Steve Beans….they were all checked right before the game, so, no. It couldn’t happen the way you say. they cheated. they do that. It’s a pattern with them.

  76. Has anyone noticed that this story has gotten a few guys in Indy off the hot seat, two of who should have been worrying if their jobs were at risk?

    GM Ryan Grigson and Coach Pagano don’t seem to be answering any questions about an alleged rape by one of their players, the failure of Trent Richardson trade, their fourth straight blowout by the Patriots, and a general lack of talent around Andrew Luck (the QB they got by tanking a season NBA style). Both went silent after the organization was caught telling some fibs about their involvement in Deflategate. Nor is anyone talking about Jim Irsay’s integrity issues. They also have their old head coach lobbying publicly against the Patriots use of legal substitutions while saying such tactics justify cheating by the Patriots’ opponents.

  77. If the weather ( temp ) caused 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots had to be too low, explain why it didn’t happen to the Colts balls ?


    Duh! You think that the Colts let the Pats inflate their balls??? Read the article and learn some science.

    Haters gonna hate!

  78. >> If it were naturally occurring, why, then, did it only “naturally occur” to the Patriots’ footballs?

    Possibilities include:
    a) The Colts balls were stored outside for a period of time, for instance in the team bus or on the sideline or in unheated storage, before being filled or topped up indoors.

    b) The Colts balls were filled up/topped up outside, for instance after practice, before being measured indoors.

    c) The Colts balls were tested 15 or more minutes after the Patriots balls were tested, and thus had a chance to return to their initial temperature.

    The videos people are making showing footballs losing 2+ PSI at temperature shifts between 73 and ~40 degrees are showing that the PSI drops happen pretty rapidly (5 minutes or so).

    So really it wouldn’t take more than 5-15 minutes difference in the testing times to have a major impact. It’ll actually break the laws of physics if the Colts balls tested at 13 PSI indoors at 73 degrees, 13 PSI outdoors at 40-50 degrees, and either 40-50 degrees outdoors or 73 degrees indoors after the game.

    But if they were (for instance) just tested inside after being there for a 15 minutes or so, then tested after the game inside after being there for 15 minutes or so, the Colts balls should be legal both times.

    If the Patriots balls were tested inside at 12.5, then outside at half time, they SHOULD be around 10.5 or so at that point. If they are filled with more cold air at that point to 12.5, and then tested again after the game fairly soon after being brought indoors, they should still test at 12.5 – and after a while longer test a bit higher as the temps normalize.

    If after some discussion the Colts balls were tested then – well, you’d have just what was reported.

    Not from theoretical physics, but people actually running tests on the actual balls. This really does seem to be well within tolerances of where the balls ought to be.

    I’m not saying “The Patriots didn’t do anything!!” or “They’re guilty!!” – but just pointing out that, without math, just watching the videos of people chilling footballs, it would be wise to reserve judgement until the investigation is complete. There are some pretty plausible scenarios where it could turn out either way, frankly.

  79. My theory is that they arrived with 2 sets of footballs. Set 1 were the 12 that had 12.5 lbs psi that got tested by the refs. Set 2 were set at Tom Brady’s preferred pressure of 10.5 lbs psi.
    Someone had responsibility for switching the balls that got tested with the other balls. It might be as simple as switching an identical bag of 12 balls.
    I doubt that you have a ball boy or equipment manager out the back of the changeroom taking a little air out of every ball while all of the players are getting ready.
    My guess is that the equipment manager did precisely as instructed and he is set for a very big pay day for his silence to be rewarded.

  80. Finally, an explanation that makes perfect sense.
    The game balls are delivered to the teams several days before the game in order to allow teams to prepare the balls to the liking of the QB. The preparation would obviously take place INSIDE of the team facility ( why would anyone scrub down footballs outside when there is a perfectly good and warm equipment room?) After preparation, the home team balls sit inside until game day when they are turned over to the for inspection. Assuming the Ref inspects the balls properly, they will INflate or Deflate as necessary. The balls are than delivered to the ball boys outside where they sit until game time.
    Common sense tell us that balls kept inside that are than left outside would deflate by operation of SCIENCE.

  81. You Pats fans sound even more pathetic now, I didn’t think it was possible.


  82. This is the part people aren’t thinking about. If the Colts balls were pumped up in the cold on the bus to 13.5 or higher, while the Patriots balls were pumped up in a much warmer environment to 12.5, then the balls would have a different reaction to the game time temperature. From what I understand the Patriots used their same balls for the second half but the NFL pumped them up after inspecting them. Those balls then were outside for awhile before being pumped back up so they wouldn’t respond as poorly to the cold as they did before. This very well could be a naturally occurring event and the reason why the NFL can’t find any hard evidence. The reason to point out that Brady’s numbers were better in the second half with properly inflated balls is to show that there is no need for the Patriots to cheat and if they did, it was one of the worst executions of trying to cheat. It just doesn’t make sense for Brady to try and cheat if he can handle the ball well when it’s properly inflated.

  83. Ok one more time. Legal is between 12.5 and 13 5 psi. So legally the Pats can supply the balls to the refs at 12.5 right? The bottom of the legal limit. Now let’s suppose the Colts supply their balls at 13.5. Well, if the Pats drop even .1 psi the are under the limit. However, if the colts drop the same psi they are still legal. I haven’t seen anything that says both teams have to supply the balls at the same or max psi or even what they were measured at pre game.

    We need to wait for the facts to come out. Jeez

  84. Also the drop of 2 full psi has never been confirmed so everyone hanging their hats on that need to back up. The article for that has been taken down. Again, facts are needed. Crazy the way people jump to conclusions.

  85. Also, the 2 PSI figure was a rounded up number. The actual PSI figures were probably 1.5 and above. I don’t think we have the actual numbers for each ball in question.

  86. With no realized advantage here to the offending team, the investigation into deflated footballs is an exercise in futility. And it’s getting in the way of the Super Bowl.
    Besides, why shouldn’t quarterbacks have some choice in the air pressure they prefer? Race car drivers have a choice in tire pressure — and some prefer to race on dirt tracks with as little as four pounds in the inside tires.

  87. This is called in physics “the ideal gas LAW”. Note the word LAW.

    The ideal gas law is about absolutely pressure not guage pressure. Hear me out. A ball at 12.5 psi Guage pressure is actually 12.5 plus the 14.7 atmospheric pressure. Absolute pressure is 27.2.

    If the air inside the ball is 72 when measured 12.5 psi then a 30 degree temp drop would decrease absolute pressure by 1.4 psi. Thus the guage pressure would read 11.1 psi.

  88. If the Colts knew an investigation was happening, don’t you think they would be sure to inflate their balls to the very top of the scale?

    Also, if the Pats inflate their balls in a sauna, and they pass muster before the game but lose more pressure because of the larger temperature drop, is that cheating or genius?

    Look at all the big brains on this football string! What a frickin’ joke.

  89. There’s a shocking lack of math in these articles for people claiming to use it to solve this problem. It’s been several years since my last physics class but let’s see if we can run through this.

    Assuming a starting pressure of 12.5psi (lowest within the regs) and ending pressure of 10.5 (2lbs/in^2 below reg).

    PV=nrT is ideal gas law
    V, n, and r are constants in this scenario so they cancel out:

    P1/T1 = P2/T2
    P1T2 = P2T1
    P1 = 12.5, P2 = 10.5
    12.5T2 = 10.5T1
    T2 = 10.5T1/12.5 = .84T1 =~5/6T1

    So there would have to be a 1/6 temperature differential IN KELVIN! 0 degrees Celsius is 273 degrees Kelvin. That means if the locker room was freezing (unrealistic but conservative for this estimation) there would have to be a temperature differential of 45.5 degrees C (1/6 of 273), or 82 degrees F!!!

    Looong story short, if all of my math is correct it is completely impossible for this pressure differential to be caused just by a temperature differential. If I made an error please point it out.
    What school did you go to? You are using kelvin and it did not occur to you even once to use account for standard atm?
    Leave it to people who do this for a leaving. Ask questions and stop typing stuff like this and people will read it, go on with it and will never be wiser.
    I am afraid of the world now, I had no idea there was this level of ignorance. I have to be careful in my assumptions. Edit your own math and account for standard atm and you will be see the light. You are at least close, you are intelligent, but forgot to convert pressure.

  90. Why didn’t it affect the Colts balls? Maybe the air inside them was colder when the initial pressure was checked. Thus no decrease due to colder outside temperatures.

    why didn’t it affect the 12 backup balls? I don’t know maybe they weren’t filled to 12.5 exactly. Maybe the ball boy figured since they wouldn’t get used anyway he just used them as is.

    It doesn’t matter. The ideal gas law is a fact of science
    It’s not up to you to “buy it” or not. That’s like saying you don’t “buy ” gravity.

  91. >> My theory is that they arrived with 2 sets of footballs. Set 1 were the 12 that had 12.5 lbs psi that got tested by the refs. Set 2 were set at Tom Brady’s preferred pressure of 10.5 lbs psi.

    They actually mark the balls as they test them with an initial depending on which ref team is testing them, just FYI.

  92. Also many armchair scientists are not adjusting for guage pressure vs. Absolute. Guage pressure measures the pressure above atmospheric. Ie 12.5 psi is really 27.2 psi absolute pressure.

    A 72 to 45 temp difference is roughly a 5% decrease in absolute pressure. Note absolute not guage. So the new guage pressure is not 95% of 12.5. It’s 95% of 27.2 less the 14.7 atmos. Pressure. Or 11.1 psi. So no superheated air needed. Call off the lynch mob.

  93. For that theory to work, the footballs would have to be inflated in the warm temperature very shortly before the referees tested them. This doesn’t make sense, because Brady checks them long before they are officially tested. The Pats would also have to gauge how much air would come out in a certain amount of time if they tried that trick. Also, the refs would have likely noticed that the footballs were extra warm if they were recently inflated in a very warm place.

  94. Maybe the pats should cold air would have lowered guage pressure. But the nfl didn’t seem to.

    As for the “why wouldn’t it have affected other cold games?” Maybe it did. No one took a pressure reading of their balls mid game so you don’t know it didn’t. Or maybe teams were smart enough to get a psi reading with the balls at game temp. Not indoor temp.

    A 2psi decrease isn’t very noticeable.

  95. Look at us sheep. Look at what the media sinks its teeth into and runs with in between the time from The division title games and the Superbowl. They have drummed up this witch hunt and I just smh. Any other team besides the great Pats organization = non story. What a bunch of sore losers and bags of wind on this one.
    Go Pats.

  96. Hey dumb dumbs the colts footballs weren’t tested so the theory of their footballs would’ve been affected too goes out the window. Being a pats fan it sickens me to see the possible cover up unfolding and it further begs the question. Why ?! Why ?! Why ?! Why?! Idiots

  97. The important thing is what pressure were the balls at halftime? If they were 11 psi that’s explainable by some fairly simple science and a starting measuring temperature in the low 70s. Ie room temp. No sauna needed. If they were below that then it’s a different story.
    There are few things in science called LAWS. Ie it’s not a theory but a LAW. The ideal gas law is one of them. So it’s not up to you to buy it or not.

  98. Sauna really? I can’t wait for Brady to sue all the irresponsible media members that assume him guilty. Why sue, you have ruined his character with no proof. The NFL has never confirmed any of these crazy allegations. When are you going to shift attention to the spy gate cheating Browns or the cheating Aaron Rodgers?

  99. I hope this scientist isnt tryin cure diseases cuz hes an idiot it was 50 degrees that day hes a pats fan heres the thing if you are not a pats fan than you are totally sick of this crap THEY CHEAT THATS THE END OF YOUR STORY PATS YOU CHEAT NOT JUST THE BALLS A LOT OF LITTLE WAYS NFLS BUSHLEAGUE TEAM brady is just like a rod same mold LIARS

  100. This is simple!! Why are people doing anything else?
    I know I must be in the twilight zone. Assuming room temp of 72F. My home room is 80F now so it is within the realm of plausibility to even use higher temp in this calculation:

    Find T2=275.5K!
    Which is 0.5C=32.9F
    If I use 78F, T2=39F
    If you use T1=88
    T2 =48F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The NFL can employ satellite, hire all the detectives from TV, bring aliens, even Dr. Bishop from Fringe. They will not find any human being letting air out!. They are wasting money, resources.
    Face it, the Patriots are too smart to be caught this way. Belichick and Brady will not put themselves out there like that. That was the game changer for me. How many teams have Rocket Scientist as one of their coaches?

  101. Colts balls were not pumped to the sAme starting point is what can make the difference
    Especially if the colts balls were slightly over 13.5
    And the patriots were initially at 12.5

    No one ever said they started at the same point

  102. Interesting thought…obvious that the weather has to account for something but who knows how much…those who make comments about the Colts balls not being under inflated are still assuming 11 of the Patriots balls were 2lbs of pressure under inflated…..but in the NFL’s official report they did not mention that at all…if the balls….wonder why that # was leaked…probably because it was the right amt to make this controversial and we could generate all this internet traffic…reporters don’t care about delivering news its about delivering info and mis-info and way to generate $$$$….the know how you people think and what they want to hear and exploit it….now if you hate the Pats which you rightfully can do there is no explanation that will prevent you form saying have a confirmatory bias…but if your foolish enough to trust what you read and many of you don’t get past the headlines or even read the whole story let alone fact check…your just a sheep following the herd.

  103. Kent Spottswood, GREAT video.

    To the haters, go to YouTube and search “Patriots Football Pressure Test”.

    It may not answer all the questions, but it does show that it is very possible for the weather to have made the changes.

    I have been a math guy, and have done all the theoretical calculations that many here have done, but now I have to wonder if something like the ball itself does not affect the calculations. Unlike a steel pressure cylinder, the ball also contracts and expands.

  104. …And what happens if all of this becomes “proven” that there is no other explanation other than both sets of balls were filled up in different settings, and that Brady happens to prefer the lowest end of the legal limit..?

    The balls cooled, deflated naturally… The colts still within legal limits because of the initial filling conditions and the buffer due to Luck’s preference at a higher psi, and Brady’s hopelessly becoming underinflated because he wants them at the lowest end of the limit in the first place…

    Are y’all going to apologize for going Duke-Lacrosse Style on Brady, already knowing he had nothing to do with Spygate or whatever..?

    Or just continue to pat each other on the back for “knowing”, just “knowing” he cheated because they’re a bunch of cheating cheaters and line-steppers and money-making supermodel dating Movado wearing golden boys.

    No one’s guaranteeing the end result is exoneration, but I am saying that this controversy has been pursued totally from a guilty-first perspective that deserves some mea culpa in the end from each organization that is currently congratulating themselves over the explosion of eyeballs and clicks and cash by continuing to keep the fever pitch ‘inflated’.

  105. So, the problem is that the NFL set up a sting and got nothing from it, no smoking gun. But the “story” had already been leaked/written. But the NFL now has a PR problem because the blew the lid off and nothing was inside. If they had evidence we would have seen it by now. But waiting until the Title game to run your sting was incredibly stupid. Nothing can be discussed now without effecting the superbore.

  106. > Also can someone demonstrate how to let exactly 2 PSI of air out in all the balls with a needle without a gauge ?

    one mississippi, two mississippi, etc. all it takes is practice. learn that a 3 count bleeds what you need, and you are good…

    A simple ring on a mans finger that had a small needle attached that pointed toward his palm would allow him to bleed down balls in front of a million people and cameras and no one could notice. It would merely look like his ring was over the valve.

  107. Let’s wait to see what the investigation report says. Everything so far is speculation. Even mort’s report that 11 balls were 2 lbs light has been called into question by other reporters.

    I find if funny that Jerry Rice calls out the Pats and says they need to have an asterisk if they win. Maybe you young whippersnappers don’t recall, but Jerry’s team has quite the history. First, his owner was thrown out of the league after he attempted to cover up corruption of a public official in Louisiana, so I don’t want to hear how his front office was full of upstanding citizens. Second, he played with Bill “I did more roids- and I am proud of it- than anyone in NFL history” Romanski. Third, Bill Walsh used to cut off the coaches’ box communications at candlestick in the first quarter. While his first 20 plays were scripted, the other team scrambled to communicate adjustments on the fly.
    So Jerry, I know you don’t like when other franchises enter the conversation as the greatest ever, but move on. You were a great player, but obviously one that has a short memory.

  108. I am a Yankees fan. Clemens, Giambi, Arod (and other Yankees players) CHEATED. They are a disgrace to the purity of the game. I didn’t cheat, some players for a team I root for cheated. This doesn’t make me a bad person, dumb, or anything else. A sports team located close to an area I just happened to grow up around had some players that did something wrong, that’s it.

    Pats fans need to take the same approach. Their team cheated. They are not bad fans, or bad people, but a team they root for cheated (In 2007), and all signs point to them as having cheated now.

  109. “No one’s guaranteeing the end result is exoneration, but I am saying that this controversy has been pursued totally from a guilty-first perspective that deserves some mea culpa in the end from each organization that is currently congratulating themselves over the explosion of eyeballs and clicks and cash by continuing to keep the fever pitch ‘inflated’.”

    There would have to be substantial evidence to back up that they did not wrong, especially since this was complained about in previous games.

    Once you are identified as a proven cheater, it is tough to get away from this stigma. They brought this upon themselves.

    Pats fan who think “everyone is out to get us” need to get off their self created thrones. How many SB’s have you won lately? Look at the other great teams in sports, take the Spurs for example. How many times do people accuse them of cheating?

  110. Belichick really is a genius. Forget about football, if the world was able to get a two week warning that the zombie apocalypse would be unleashed on us I would want him to plan our defense. The whole world is playing checkers while he’s playing chess. A genius I tell ya.

  111. I read a story where a former Chicago Bears ball boy said they would bring the balls to the refs before the game and they wouldn’t use pressure gauges, they would just “squeeze them and turn them over in their hands.” Has anyone thought the NFL may be in a jam here because their own officials didn’t follow proper protocol?

  112. If one more idiot asks “Why weren’t the Colts balls under the limit, too? Was the weather different on their side of the field???”, I’m gonna SNAP.

    Listen, idiots, to what we know are the FACTS:

    The Patriots submitted 24 balls to the officials, the Colts submitted 12

    All 36 balls tested to the league minimum

    The Patriots balls tested at the lowest end of the range (12.5), the Colts tested at the highest end (13.5) …..(note that the Colts intended to report the Patriots for under-inflated balls due to a supposed previous incident in November, so they had every reason to make damn sure their balls would remain above league minimums)

    The Patriots gave the officials 12 first half balls, and kept 12 second half balls INDOORS, as in out-of-the-weather.

    The difference between indoor temps (70 degrees) and outdoor temps (50) will (not “can”) cause a drop in the air pressure inside those balls.

    Now, pay special attention here, Colts fans and haters: The never said that the Colts balls that started out at 13.5 PSI were STILL AT 13.5 when tested at the end of the first half!!!!! What they DID say was that the Colts balls MET THE MINIMUM STANDARD OF 12.5 PSI!!!!!

    If the Patriots balls started at the minimum of 12.5 PSI, and the Colts balls started at the max of 13.5, and both balls lost the same 1 PSI due to the weather, the Patriots balls would now be 11.5 and under the minimum – through NO FAULT OF THE PATRIOTS – while the Colts balls would STILL be at the minimum of 12.5 PSI.

    Got it, people????? Can you follow the bouncing ball????

    The NFL needs to come clean about what exactly the Colts balls tested at halftime. If they lost the same amount of pressure as the Patriot’s balls, this is a whole lot of reputation-killing, over NOTHING!!!!

    Want more proof that it was the weather???

    The “second half” balls tested at halftime STILL WERE AT 12.5 PSI ……. why??? BECAUSE THEY WERE STILL INDOORS!!!!

    And if you were going to cheat in the first place, don’t you think you’d under-inflate the balls in the SECOND half, where time is running out if you’re trailing?????

    The second half balls tested FINE!!!!!

    This is a hell of a lot of BS that the patriots are being subjected to, prior to the most important game of the season, and it once again tarnishes the reputation of a solid organization, needlessly.

  113. This is a very plausible theory but in the end it’s still tampering.

    If the Patriots put the balls in a sauna before cold weather games knowing that because of the drastic temperature change the balls would loose a few PSI of pressure without having to actually have anyone physically take air out of the balls then they get an A for effort and ingenuity. But it’s still tampering with the footballs and it’s still against the rules.

    I am a life long Patriots fan and I just wish they had addmitted it and attempted to move on. I just find it hard to believe that Bill and/or Tom didn’t know.

  114. Here’s another theory, how about the refs aren’t telling the truth when they said they checked the balls pre-game with a pressure gauge?

  115. Fearthehoody- no let me help you out. Common sense would tell you that even if that theory was somehow true(it’s not) and the colts had there balls at the high end 13.5 …a drop of 2.0 psi which is how much the patriots were under would still result in the colts balls being too low for regulation 11.5. Either way that’s just not plausible.

  116. Can’t everyone just wait until the FACTS are established before condemning anyone? Then we can start enjoying the Super Bowl buildup.

  117. Lemme talk would ya- you’ve got a nice imagination , but you have several things wrong I don’t even know where to start. The 2nd half balls were only fine because the refs made them that way- and after being in the cold once again , this time they had remained at the same pressure. “And if you were going to cheat in the first place, don’t you think you’d under-inflate the balls in the SECOND half, where time is running out if you’re trailing?????” Uhh I’m sure their intention was to cheat the entire game. Obviously they were caught before they could do so. The funny thing is they didn’t have to do this at all because they probably would have dominated regardless. However you are confusing the balls tested at halftime with the balls that were tested after the game was over. And lastly like I’ve said before – even if the colts balls were at the high end 13.5.. If they would have supposedly dropped 2.0 ( which is how much the pats balls were under) that still would have resulted in the colts being under (11.5) either way that theory is just not plausible.

  118. The great thing about this theory is….
    That it shows a really crazy elaborate INTENT to deflate the footballs to a lower psi, and that is still CHEATING!

    It is funny how all the Pats fan will grasp at any BS theory in order justify allowing cheaters to represent them – AMAZING!

  119. There are a few ways the balls got deflated and time should tell but one that I have yet to see is the involvement of the referee. The balls were given to him and approved. He kept them in his possession until the beginning of the game where they handed them over to the ball attendants. You ask, “what would he/they gain from this”? Who knows but it’s also possible the NFL would have a bigger Super Bowl if the Patriots were in it trying to win their 4th instead of the team from Baltimore. I think they are the “colts” or something like that…. Just sayin…..

  120. To all the comments refering to 11 of the 12 balls being non compliant, you are incorrect. Whats being reported is that all twelve balls were non compliant. Eleven were off at least 2psi and the twelfth just under 2 psi off. Being that there’s no facts out there yet, it’s kinda foolish to comment or speculate about something that hasn’t been confirmed.

  121. This theory is very valid. I would however suggest that the balls were filled in a room between 70-80 degrees and using air that was the same temperature. The balls were also in the 70-80 air long enough to be that warm as well. When the ball and air inside the ball were exposed to the 40-50 temperatures it would have caused displacement.

    Additionally, the footballs by Indy were reportedly filled to 13.5 PSI. If that is the case and the Patriots filled the footballs to 12.5 PSI as reported, then the displacement difference of 1 PSI could very well lead to the Indy footballs being within the range and the Patriot footballs falling out of the range slightly. The 2 PSI difference reported by multiple sources has not been specifically identified and until it is precisely reported it is all conjecture.

    If or when the report comes out showing the exact PSI of the footballs based on the “NFL standard” of 12.5-13.5 PSI, more conclusions can be made on the exact reason of the difference.

  122. I wonder if anyone has asked Brady if he also “likes” a 10.5 psi ball… in addition to a 12.5 psi ball.

    I doubt he’s played his whole career with sub-acceptable 10.5 balls trying to get away with things. At some point he’s had to deal with regulation footballs… like his whole NFL career prior to 2006 at least.

    It also seemed pretty clear from the game that he wasn’t doing as well with the 10.5 balls as he was with the 12.5 ones he said he likes… The ones in the second half.

    After all, he did go 12-14 for 131 yards and 2 TDs in the second half. A little better than the first half if you ask me.

  123. So what it sounds like is deflategate is a non story. People think that the Patriots are habitual cheaters but they simply pumped and stored the balls in room temperature and then left them out for hours in the freezing cold and gasp they deflated a little. Thanks for wasting everyone’s time ABC, NBC, Fox, and ESPN.

  124. Intent is all that should matter, if the Patriots had the ball filled with warm air to make them deflate for Brady and thus be no longer inflated correctly how is that still not cheating. They deliberately altered footballs to not conform to the correct PSI. Cheating is cheating is cheating.

  125. Anyone in cold climates ever had their Tire Pressure System light come on when the started their car and then go off when they were driving? Ah, deflategate has happened to you. The fact is that the cold causes the pressure to decrease and as you drive the tire heats up and the pressure increases causing the light to turn off. This happened to me just last week. It was because the tire was a couple PSI low and the cold made it even lower.

    Is that what happened here? I have no idea, but I assure you it made no difference in the game and should be allowed in the rulebook. The allowable 12.5-13.5 PSI is far too specific for a needle point inflation system. Maybe 12-14 or 11-14 PSI should be the rule. It makes no sense this way.

    The NBA rules allow for a ball inflated to 7.5-8.5. That is only 60% of the NFL inflation and allows for the same variance. The NBA also relies on the ball inflation far more than the NFL. With that said the NFL variance on PSI should be a minimum of a 1.5 PSI range. It just makes simple sense.

  126. Integrity of the game. Protect the Shield. Blah blah blah. Sports is half entertainment and half religion. No one has anything credible to say on the issue. The Internet is full of fantasists and zealots.

    If it turns out the Patriots did nothing wrong (or violated no rules), we’re all going to have egg on our face. And we brought it on ourselves because we’re determined to invalidate everything ever achieved by this organization under Belichick. And we do that because we root for another team. Plain and simple.

    The NFL is awash with violations. I have been accruing a list over the years. But we’re only concerned with the Patriots because they win and appear to outfox opponents in the process. We don’t value intelligence. We want to take the chess out of football and revert back to the days of checkers.

    Maybe some of the detractors would have been more credible if they hadn’t attacked the formations the previous week. These were clearly legal and yet they were decried as cheating, and people were calling for the league to close loopholes by adding even more rules.

    Rules may be the problem. If you want a reason why the integrity of the game is questioned by a vocal minority of zealot rivals, all you have to do is look to the rules. The more rules there are that can be purposefully or inadvertently violated, the greater opportunity we give to whiners to cry out in fits of morbid suspicion and resentment. 12.5 – 13.5 psi? Really? A Fort Knox environment where QBs get timed and supervised custody with their footballs during pre-game practice? Really?

    Just by attaching -gate to end of this, the public has shown that it is treating the issue facetiously. If they’re doing anything at all, their wading in amusement at all the attention this is getting and at the collective paranoia of rival teams and their fans over the way the Pats have confounded them. The NFL hired a law firm and investigative unit, you say? LOL. All three TV newscasts led with DEFLATEGATE? LOL. The NFL is having trouble finding staff to substantiate anything and construct a common operating picture of what happened? LOL.

    If Unsolved Mysteries were still on the air, I would expect this issue to appear in its BEST OF DVD somewhere among the Alagash abductions in Maine, the death of Cindy James, the boy who sees dead people, and the guy who began predicting future events after being struck by lightning.

  127. Well this isn’t shocking.. the NFL has to find something so they don’t have to punish the Pats… I mean doesn’t matter what the truth is.. this is the NFL. They fix games and when they use their ‘special investigator’ he works for the league.. what did you think they’d find? LMAO.. NFL=JOKE

  128. Here is a theory: Nobody directed anyone to remove air from the balls. But maybe the ball attendants fell into the habit of it because there was regular talk in practice or games saying things like “Man, I love it when the ball is just a little softer” “Good squeeze on this ball” etc. Having heard these types of comments on a regular basis, the ball attendants (rightly or wrongly) took it as a “wink” and began adjusting ball pressure. They could really be out their on their own on this because if something like this is true, then Tom, et al can honestly say “I never directed or asked anybody to drop the pressure.”

  129. Americans would rather believe in an imaginary friend than science. They condemned the Pats without any proof that they did anything and now the lynch mob has spread all across the country even providing politicians a distraction while they suck this country dry. America is stupid.

  130. If you read the rules it states: You can’t tamper with the balls AFTER they have been inspected…..this is totally circumventing the intent of the rule but adheres to the letter of the law……

    again shady…..not illegal…..


  131. The nfl hasn’t said what psi they tested at halftime. The rumor was 11 psi. Which was then quoted in the media as being 2 psi too low. But it’s not. It’s 1.5 too low. It’s 2.0 under the midpoint of allowable ie 13.0.

    1.5 psi is lost from a ball going from an internal temperature of 72 to an internal temp of 45.

    No super heated or sauna is needed. That I would regard as cheating, btw.

    If these balls were inflated inside to 12.5 with room temperature air, then 100% is explained.

  132. It’s explained if the final pressure was 11psi. There are other variables water pressure in the air, waterlogged leather, the ball would have shrunk slightly in colder air.

  133. Two points he missed:

    1) The balls are tested by the refs after being inflated. It’s a good bet the refs don’t take the balls into a sauna to make sure they are the proper pressure. So we are still at a rough estimate of 12.5 psi at around 72 degrees Farenheit.

    2) The formula referenced (pV=nRT) refers to temperature in Kelvin. For those who don’t know, Kelvin is basically Celsius with a starting point of Absolute Zero for its zero-point, which is 273.15 degrees below that for Celsius. So, in order to be 10.5 psi (roughly a 14% drop in pressure), the temperature has to drop at least 40 degrees Kelvin, which would roughly equate to at least 72 degrees Farenheit.

    I’m beginning to wonder if that “science geek” isn’t also the president of the local chapter of the Flat Earth Society.

  134. |Ok. A decidedly non-scientific test just to satisfy myself.
    The test: I inflated my kids 2 footballs to 13 pounds in my house. It was a shade over 72 degrees in my living room. I then placed them outside for 2 hours at a temperature initially of 9 degrees, finishing at 4 degrees, by my non-calibrated thermometers.
    The result: With the same gauge I used initially, the finishing pressure was just a shade over 12.5 pounds.
    The analysis: a drop of about 65 degrees in two hours results in a pressure loss of about one half pound in leather Wilson brand footballs that are about six months old.
    For the wannabe scientist blaming the weather, take your damn footballs and test them with the temperature change. Hell, put them in the freezer for two hours and see the results if you live in a warm climate.

  135. Deflated balls.
    George Costanza had this problem in the Hamptons when he was with Jerry and jumped in a cold pool. Over the years when it is below 30 I have noticed shrinkage when I return indoors from outside.
    I can say with certainty if you expose some balls to cold weather you can expect some shrinkage.

  136. You all believe it’s really that bad of an infraction? If it’s even true. You really think your teams are sitting home right now because they properly inflated their footballs? Nice.

    I think you should have at least two infractions before calling the Patriots a cheating organization or there’s some “culture of cheating,” right now you have one.

    Your witch hunt is comically embarrassing and I hope the Patriots win so all these people totally lose their minds.

  137. “it’s reasonable to assume that hidden cameras were monitoring the team’s ball attendants during the first two quarters of the contest against the Colts.”

    you guys might be missing the most ridiculous thing ive ever read on this site…. The author thinks its “reasonable” to go onto private property and set up hidden surveillance cameras???

  138. There would probably be nothing illegal about this. And it’s probably the type of thing the NFL teams have been doing forever. It’s just that everyone will make believe the Patriots were the only ones doing it – again.

    If you can’t beat them, smear them

  139. To everyone posting about the temperature difference causing the pressure change: the NFL tested all 24 balls from both the Patriots & Colts and supposedly the Colts balls were all fine and 11 or 12 of the Patriots balls were under-inflated. The only way the temperature difference could have caused the pressure change in one set of balls is if the Pats’ balls were all heated way, way up in a warmer before the game and that created additional pressure in the balls for the initial check before the game. This could have brought the pressure up to within tolerance. The question is whether it would be possible to heat the balls up enough before the game such that the difference between the Pats’ hot ball temp and the air temperature outside would cause the balls to slip out of tolerance but the Colts ball temp (assumably room temperature to start) would not have enough of a temperature differential going outside to produce as much drop. This probably only works if:

    1) The Colts’ balls start at the high end of the allowable range; and
    2) The Pats’ heated balls start at the very low end of the allowable range.

  140. Well, since most posters are just making crap up as they go depending on if they like or dislike the pats. I might as well jump in. So here we go!!!!!

    The colts did it!! Yep, the colts paid the pats ball boy to deflate the ball because everyone knows that a deflated ball is more difficult to throw. Proof you say. Oh I don’t need prove wild conjecture is good enough.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot. The colts got the idea from the Ravens. See everyone knows Brady likes his balls a certain way so messing with them is a good way to get in his head. Also if either team the. Lost they would have something to blame other than poor play.

    Again no facts just wild imagination like all the other current haters.

    This is football, a sport that was once a mans game and now has been reduced to blaming the ball, that’s right the ball, for a loss. Pathetic!!

  141. The Colts had played tattle tale with the NFL on this.

    They of course would have gone out of their way to make sure their balls were at full pressure

    The Patriots likely do what all teams do – fill the balls to the minimum pressure in a warm room on a cold rainy day – and let nature take its course.

    Numerous scientists have already shown that a ball at 12.5 PSI would drop to the 10.5 psi – and it would explain how they all perfectly were at the same pressure

  142. catquick says:
    Jan 24, 2015 4:51 AM
    Steve Beans….they were all checked right before the game, so, no. It couldn’t happen the way you say. they cheated. they do that. It’s a pattern with them.

    Your statement is wrong. The balls are checked 2.5 hours before game time by the refs and are then held in the custody of the refs until turned over to the team just before the start of the game. That means that the balls could have been tampered with during that 2.5 hour period by a person or persons unknown or at the very least that the balls would have had an extra 2.5 hours for atmospherics to deflate the balls if that hteory ia applied.

  143. So lets see if I understand…

    11 of the 12 Pats balls were all affected by this scientific fact but one decided not to be as well as ALL the Colts balls which decided also to ignore “science”.

    Got it.


  144. If the league is so worried about the balls, why don’t they supply all of the balls and have their employees keep track of them? If nothing else, both teams would be using the same balls and even if not to the correct psi, both teams would have the same advantage or disadvantage.

  145. BTW these are called “trial balloons”. Goodell is desperate to cover this up for Krap’s sake and so he doesn’t have to do his job (unless it involves gold cleats, touched junk or celebrations) so you’ll see a series of “alternative explanations” absolving Justin Beeber and his team to see if he can get the media and public to bite.

  146. The science guys aren’t very good science guys. Nor is PFT for even floating this theory. The balls were checked before the game and were fine, which kills the warm room theory. Unless they suddenly rapidly deflated “naturally” during the game.

  147. here is how they did it–they aired up the balls to about 10 psi. Then they heated them just before the refs came in to inspect them.

    They probably used an electric blanket.

    As the balls got hotter, the psi increased, up to the legal limit. The refs inspected the balls, which by this time were up to over 12 psi. The balls were then carried out to the field, and they cooled down, perhaps aided in the cooldown process by some ice or something.

    When the balls cooled, the pressure inside dropped, making them easier to handle in the cold wet weather.

    The Pats did nothing illegal. The balls were at a legal pressure when the refs inspected, and the Pats did not TAKE ANY AIR OUT OF THE BALL.

  148. Ain’t nothing going to happen
    New England found a loophole and used it


    Gotcha. So now football is based not on the skill of the players, or the play calling of the coaches, but on who can find and exploit the most loopholes in the rulebook. Lovely.

  149. Luck was throwing the same ball and he didn’t notice. The Colt equipment manger who was handed a ball to save for posterity by a player noticed “it didn’t feel right?”
    By the way I am not a Patriot fan. I can’t stand them. But I hate whiners even more.

  150. Forget the advantage it gives TB in throwing the ball and his receivers (perhaps) in catching it. Their RBs and TEs have to love a soft ball when running with one.

    What’s the chance that it’s a coincidence that the PATS led the League in fewest fumbles per attempt – and it’s not even close folks.

    They’re only the third team in the last twenty five years to have never lost a fumble at home.
    AND, they ran 150 and 200 MORE plays than the other teams did! What a coincidence!


  151. The balls are checked 2 hours before game while still indoors. A half hour outdoors will increase or reduce the pressure depending on the temp variance. Game time temp was 41.; The actual math formula (which is a complicated formula due to many variances) calculated for a ball at 12.5 lbs. pressure at a 75 degree inside temp falls to 10.9 a 45 outside temp.

    As far as the Colts balls, no one has stated what the beginning inside pressure was, so the fact that they may not have been under inflated at half time cannot have any relevance.

  152. The NFL and Roger Goodell will look stupid if they have no proof that the Patriots intentionally let air out of the balls. That is nothing new for the league or Goodell. More importantly, without proof, they more or less called out Tom Brady. Goodell should not have gone public with this until he had more facts. This doesn’t make sense.

  153. Yeah and this was the 1st cold game ever played where balls were pumped in a warm locker room and oh only the home team balls naturally deflated……..what a stretch of crock! A Culture of Cheating is what we have here folks…….stock up on ink to start printing asterisk on all meaningful wins.

  154. I’m sorry but none of this “scientific” explanation holds much water – there is a GREATER disparity in the changes in air pressure in Green Bay would have been more pronounced.

    And what of the second half where the balls were supposedly good before and after – why were the second half balls not affected by the “scientific explanation”?

    What has not been explained is how we know the footballs were at room temperature to begin with? It would seem that the balls had to arrive prior to the game – and if there is such a pressure disparity AS A GIVEN due to temperature changes, why were the balls filled at room temperature and not outside? It would seem odd that knowing the disparity that you’d not control for it by just having the balls outside adjusting to playing temperature and remove that entirely from the discussion!

  155. No doubt the Pats fans are salivating over the slim chance that their team of choice didn’t cheat.


    A. They’ve done this before
    B. Other teams brought this situation to the league’s attention earlier in the season.
    C. The Patriots have a history of cheating including:
    1. Spygate
    2. Sidelinegate
    3. Substitutiongate

    But Goodell loves the Patriots so absolutely nothing will happen.

  156. In 2006 Brady,Manning and a couple of other Q.B.’s worked out the current rules on what you can do to doctor or customize footballs to suit each Q.B. Brady is very familiar with the rules and actually helped set up the current system that lends itself to CHEATING. This is a big deal because :
    #1. This is the instrument of the game and it has been altered by 15 % +.
    #2. It is the Patriots
    #3.This was discovered to occur in a championship game to get to the Super Bowl.
    #4. Tom Brady
    #5. Belichick
    #6. Reports that it was going on prior to the A.F.C. Championship Game.
    Attempts to minimize ,obfuscate,deflect blame or come up with some weird scientific explanation seem rather desperate.In conclusion : Yes,New England ,this really is serious and you appear guilty,very guilty. This violation will haunt the Patriots for at least a generation.

  157. There are a variety of ways that the balls could have been set up to automatically “deflate.”

    -Partially fill them with Hydrogen. Its far far more likely to leak out than air.

    – Partially fill them with a volatile organic compound that condenses at ~10 psi and ~ 60 degrees F.

  158. “If you cheat on the practice field, you’ll cheat in the game. If you cheat in the game, you’ll cheat the rest of your life. I’ll not have it.” — Vince Lombardi

  159. Is there a way here to have a comment on a posting go to a position under that posting? Disqus does it.

    A reasoned response takes a while to compose, and on a long (spontaneously combative) thread like this it is really hard to find the original, to make sure you haven’t misrepresented his (or her?) thoughts.

    However, I do get it. Nothing matters here to most folks but blowing your own… horn.

  160. The colts balls could have been inflated cold, and tested shortly after being brought in. Guess what this scenario would cause no pressure change in those when tested outside during half time. We do not know the condition of the balls, where they were prior to testing, and other variables. Were the air pressure gauges calibrated? Is there a standard deviation =/- 1 psi.

    So those of you who want to argue with science? The world is flat, and the center of the universe.

    Get a grip people!

  161. There is no doubt kids NO ONE removes air from those footballs unless directed to do so by Brady. This has been going on for years because they are above the rules…. The ball boy responsible will either be set up for life or will crack under questioning….. Tom will set him up nicely if he can stick to the lie….. He knows that as he’s been promised that…. NO DOUBT!!

  162. Has anyone done more to damage the NFL brand than Roger Goodell? No company invites its employees and co-owners to air disputes publicly because they can’t compete. No company lets a weak brand publicly attack a strong brand. No family business lets the biggest fool in the family (Jim Irsay) try to hurt the guy who helped it grow (BobKraft). Our government looks at leaks as being worse than actual misconduct.

    Everyone hates a hypocrite. Has there ever been a more hypocritical franchise than the Colts that quit a city by sneaking out at midnight; that tanked a season to get Luck; that lobbied for rule changes to give their offense an advantage because their then 1st pick in the draft quarterback was getting beat in big games; that piped in noise to its stadium for a competitive advantage; and, that initiated the latest NFL public relations nightmare because the were beat bad by the Patriots on the field of play?

    Sure the masses hate the Patriots because they win but sooner or later common sense will prevail.

  163. slight correction: the footballs would not have to have been INFLATED in the sauna, they merely would have had to have been KEPT in the sauna long enough for all of the air inside them to get wicked hot. This takes awhile, since leather poorly conducts heat.

    The 15 min before inspection, take them out of the sauna. The leather surface cools rapidly, but (again since leather conducts heat poorly) the air inside the ball would STILL be very warm even after 15 minutes.

    Passes inspection with 12,5 psi because the air is 100 degrees F. Over the next two hours, outside, the air within the football cools to 50 degrees and the pressure drops 2 psi.

    Colts don’t use a sauna, pressure doesn’t drop.

    By the way, LOTS of people in football have mentioned saunas as a way to condition/ break in footballs.

  164. Colts footballs were fine. Chea tri ots manipulated the balls. Discipline them and let’s move on. Of course when ur the commissioner of the league and ur going to pregame parties at the house of the accused, things gets hairy. Furher Goodell should be smarter than that.

  165. Roger Goodell makes over $40 million per year. No one respects him. He has hurt the NFL brand. He has marred the NFL’s annual extravaganza, the Super Bowl, through massive incompetence. The real powerful owners (Rooney, Mara, and Jones) will see that Goodell is replaced sooner rather than later. I don’t see Goodell overseeing Super Bowl 50.

  166. Sure…. Typical guilty cheaters when caught they try and deflect to others….. Colts played fair and pats cheated….. No matter what you can’t get by that….. Those are the facts cheaters….. Those are just the facts

  167. Actually, the pump itself heats the air because of the compression. It’ll also heat up the pump and the hose.

    Something most anyone who’se ever used a bicycle pump to inflate a bike tire (about the same volume as a single football) would know.

  168. There’s no rule against releasing a hoard of fire ants on the opposing sideline either. Just because something is “not in the rule book”, doesn’t mean that it’s ethical. Whether the Pats were cheating, stretching the rules, or using unethical means to gain a competitive advantage, it all just stinks. Belichek is not a genius…he’s a slimy, underhanded cheat.

  169. Occam’s Razor Theory should be applied: the simplest answer is most often the correct answer.

    Who benefited? The QB. Simplest answer…he is responsible (cheater)! Suspend him for Super bowl + entire 2015 Season + apply Maximum Fine allowed.

    Anything less just makes cheating an acceptable option for every player, coach & team personnel in the NFL. Goodell will send the message that the reward of getting to the playoffs & Super Bowl is worth the risk.

  170. This used to be called gamesmanship but with ego’s involved these days by sore losers it no longer applies for some. I am sure most teams know of these little tricks but look the other way so they can do there little tricks. Honor among thieves so to speak.

  171. Tiger lilac let’s also add to your list of facts that the colts who could not be competitive in the AFC east demanded to be moved out of the division.

    Oh and they also overinflated their balls do in cold weather they would be 12.5 psi

  172. This would be much more likely if all the footballs were underinflated. That means 12 out of 12. That means the opponent’s footballs too.

    Considering the fact that didn’t happen, this is not a likely explanation. The likely explanation is that a team known for bending/breaking the rules just got caught doing so once again.

  173. As I said immediately after deflate gate was raised. The questions is, and always has been, WHEN (including the temp/humidity at that time) is the required pressure standard to be met.

  174. The Patriot pundits are sinking in quicksand, grasping at anything they can in a feeble attempt to pull their spirits out of the sucking sludge of embarrassment & humiliation…hidden beneath the surface level indignation, meant to hide their subconscious knowledge that they are ultimately wrong supporting someone who so willfully chose to betray so many, including those who have always supported him most. Brady has let you all down, because no matter what happens in the game…no one, absolutely no one will give your team credit for a success. They might make the money, they might wear the ring, but the annals of history will never forget the truth. There is no running or hiding from that.

  175. People are stupid. You have to use absolute pressure not guage. A 30f drop means a 1.5 psi drop from 12.5 to 11. Fact. Not guesswork. Not 80 degrees or 60.

    Colts balls subjected to the same thing why didn’t they go down too? They may have been colder while pressure tested.

    Why didn’t the pats balls go down in the second half after being refilled? Because the air used to inflate them was cold air.

  176. Only warm air loses pressure as it cools. Cold air doesnt. Refill the pats balls with cold air of course it won’t resume losing pressure.

    The air temp in pats balls to start with could have been 72 and it would explain the pressure drop of 1.5 psi exactly. 72 is not a sauna it’s room tempetature. Colts balls were colder sitting in the belly of a bus instead of a warm locker room. Colder air in ball means less pressure drop as it hits outdoor temp as its already almost outside temp.

  177. To the idiot who did his own experiment. Put water on the balls. It was raining. Leather is a good insulator which is why you didn’t see a pressure drop or much of one. That’s why coats are made of it. Now get the leather wet and it’ll rapidly lose pressure and temperature inside.

    The ideal gas law isn’t just “some science” it’s a law of physics.

  178. Your livelihood depends on the whim of the football coach. You are being played without substantive recourse and that must demean and hurt you. Ha ha ha…

  179. Monday when I first read the story Jay Glazer wrote he said that Colts had said the balls were not inflated to spec in the Nov. game .Now my question is did the Colts call the NFL or not?If not why? So why was it also said that the Ravens told the Colts that the balls were not inflated to specs when it was the kicking balls not the other balls. Maybe its just me thinking that maybe all Patriot bashers should also question why would the Colts coach not say something after that Nov. game. If not why that is the question.

  180. “The rule says 12.5-13.5psi when presented”

    If that was the case why bother testing them at half time?

    If the patritos knew inflating the balls with hot air would deflate the ball so much, its on them for skirting the rules.You cant keep claiming ignorance.

  181. For full disclosure I am a Patriots fan. I am also a fan of science and logic.

    If the NFL wants constant pressure in all weather they should require the balls be filled with nitrogen which is far less likely to expand/contract during temp changes. They could also specify in game testing and adjustments..

    Bottom line, it is unlikely the Patriots broke any rules.

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