Bears add Dowell Loggains, Glenn Pires


Dowell Loggains has traded one underachieving pupil for another.

The former Browns quarterbacks coach has been hired for the same position in Chicago, which means that Loggains will shift from Johnny Football to Jay(ke) Cutler.

Loggains previously served as offensive coordinator and, before that, quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator in Tennessee. He spent eight years with the Titans.

Glenn Pires also arrives as linebackers coach, after seven years in that same position with the Falcons.

The Bears announced both moves on Friday night as the latest two additions to John Fox’s staff.

29 responses to “Bears add Dowell Loggains, Glenn Pires

  1. I am glad I don’t have to work with Cutler. He is officially dead to me. I gave him the benefit of doubt up until this year. Go away, Jay.

  2. Loggains is a huge advocate for what a “healthy Jake Locker” would be like. Don’t be surprised if the Bears sign the QB in March as the likely back-up but also with the understanding he can compete with Cutler’s replacement for the starting job during training camp.

  3. All I can say is its going to be interesting seeing John Fox on the sideline at soldier field. I have to say Im getting excited. 1 more year of Cutler unless he really shows up next year and gets his act together, otherwise he’ll be gone if not sooner.
    Hire Urlacher as an assistant to the linebackers to get him acclimated to coaching and repair the relationship. Restore the passion!

  4. To all the meathead Bears fans bashing Cutler – please, PLEASE tell me who you would rather have?? Who is available? Someone in this upcoming draft?? A five star QB you keep hidden in your basement?
    Jay is not ‘elite’. Probably never will be. I get it.
    But, he IS a serviceable QB who WILL be the starter for this coming year. Pace (and Fox?) will find his replacement later. For now, I would rather the focus be on defense.
    Unless, of course, you release the guy in the basement…

  5. To all the Cutler hater who are clamoring for his release….you’re all insane. Who out there is better? Also why in the world would they want to pay two bad quarterbacks. Makes no sense at all. Also, baffles me how nobody realizes that poor playcalling and atrocious defense lead to 75% of the problem. Wake up Chicago!

  6. I have been a Teddy B fan for 3 years since his Louisville days. I just never thought my Vikes would have a chance to get him, that being said, when the Bears acquired Cutler from Denver, I was upset. He is actually a good QB… Not Top 5, but I would take him over all but maybe 8-9 guys…
    Much like the Vikings in 2013, we held a lead in 5 games with 2:00 min remaining. The D, was the main prob. Last year in chi town , their D was the biggest Prob! If Cutler were in AZ. They may have gone deep in the playoffs

  7. Jay is not the problem. Playing from behind before halftime and a “defense” that yield’d 27.9 points a game and abandoning the run game for predictable screen passes and slant routes. Did you you know Andrew Luck had 4 less turnovers than Jay? In fact luck is on pace for a Cutler career as he is the same in career int %, fumble %, t.d %, yards, comp % as Cutler through his 1st 3 years. Check it. While Cutler played less than desirable for half the games, he did show marked improvement in completion %, t.d’s, yards. He’s our guy.

  8. There are so many idiots saying that Cutler is our only opion.. Umm ever heard of Jimmy Clausen who had a hell of a game against the best defense in the NFL. The only reason we lost to the lions is because of the many drops.. OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE

  9. Yes cutler is the best qb in the history of the bears but that is meaningless. He is not a winner. He makes stupid decisions with the football constantly. Constantly. His mechanics are bad. His accuracy is above average. His arm strength is elite.

    I made enough excuses for the guy.

    No, the defense couldn’t stop anybody. But it wasn’t because of the defense that the offense didn’t score points in the first half of games.

    They weren’t losing 42-38. They were getting killed. The games were over in the first half. It was the offense that couldn’t get out of its own way. They weren’t competitive in the first half.

    When does the qb get the blame?

    If the name on his jersey was Sanchez or McCoy or Smith he’d be gone already but people have fallen in love with his arm strength and look past his many coach killing flaws to deflect blame to EVERYONE else but him.

    It doesn’t matter if there is nobody better. He’s not the guy.

  10. I am still holding out hope the Bears can find a trade partner before or during the draft. That is the only way Cutler isn’t in a Bears uniform this season. It’s obvious he’s not happy in Chicago.

  11. Good luck with Loggains, whatever you do DON’T leave him in charge of the whiteboard with all your cunning draft moves on it.

    And if you’re shopping for a QB confiscate his cell phone.

  12. As a Browns fan, we would gladly trade Manziel for Cutler. For you guys it would be a win-win, Loggains and Manziel are bff’s AND Manziel has promised to take his job more seriously, again.

  13. If I have to read one more comment about Brian Urlacher on the coaching staff, I might implode

  14. “Some stupid Bears fans would take Manziel over Cutler.”

    Nobody says that but you.

  15. I love the Cutler lovers. I’ve never seen so many fans think of an interception machine as a future HOFer . I’ll never understand how you Cutlerites view him as a great legendary QB, destined for a bust at Halas Hall. Please enlighten me how a man who does nothing but enhance the opponents stats is one of the greatest QBS to walk the NFL world. Please enlighten us sane bears fans.

  16. Re Pires – I hope he’s good. The Bears LB play since Urlacher left has been a joke. I realize that other than a promising Christian Jones there hasn’t been much good young talent brought into that unit – compounded by Lance Briggs completely checking out last year – but they need to do serious work on upgrading the play at that position.

    As for the other guy… kinda smacks of pandering to Cutler, which I thought the new regime wasn’t doing anymore. OTOH if he can actually get Cutler to perform, it could be worth it. I’m always a little nervous seeing my team bring in guys from organizations like the Browns and Titans, but there are enough coaches on this new staff with winning pedigrees to overcome that, I think.

  17. First of all the, Bears have one of the biggest arms in the league if not the biggest. Trestman had zero control over his team and Cutler just rolled with it like every other 52 guys on the roster. This seasons issues were mainly defensive. Just because you’re not a Bears fan and it is very easy for you to hate Cutler, DOES NOT mean the Bears have Tom Brady or Peyton Manning waiting on the sideline to jump in. It’s easy for you non-Bears fans (Cutler Haters) to talk negatively about him, but if you were a Bears fan think about this……Who the hell else is there available?

    Now shut up!

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