#DeflateGate reaches the White House, which isn’t moved


One of the most amazing things about #DeflateGate is the way it has crossed the lines of sports into the national consciousness.

And it made it all the way to the White House.

Press secretary Josh Earnest cracked on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s press conference, telling reporters he didn’t necessarily buy what Brady was selling.

“The one thing I can tell you is that for years it’s been clear that there is no risk that I was going to take Tom Brady’s job as quarterback of the New England Patriots,” Earnest said, via Sean Sullivan of the Washington Post. “But I can tell you that as of today, it’s pretty clear that there’s no risk of him taking my job, either.”

Of course, Earnest is also a Chiefs fan, but the fact PSI: New England has become a national punchline should tell you that next week’s media day is going to be a special event, indeed.

89 responses to “#DeflateGate reaches the White House, which isn’t moved

  1. Everyone is jealous of the Patriots. These ridiculous conspiracy theories are the only way you pathetic little losers can beat us. LOL, wow, it’s so sad. Bill and Tom are the best at what they do. You will be forced to remember that when you go to sleep on your worthless couch tonight.

  2. Is it cheating if the Patriots filled the footballs with hot/warm air to the league minimum requirements?

  3. Glad the Obama administration is focused on important world issues like slightly deflated footballs. #Worthless

  4. This Deflategate is much much bigger than it should be. Has anyone here watched Gone Girl? The media creating a big spectacle to something, without the proper evidence to back it up.

    I am disgusted. Hopefully this madness ends soon. Unfortunately, all those who create this mad house will be continuing to report, as if their credibility wasn’t diminished at all

  5. On one hand half the current and ex-nfl says it is very, very serious and goes against the integrity of the game, cheating, angst, and so on.

    On another hand, the other half says this is a non-story, blown out of proportion, it wouldn’t be a big deal if it was another team, and so on.

    I think I am starting to lean towards the other hand……

  6. Reporter: Tom, are you a cheater?”

    Tom Brady: “I don’t believe so.”

    Maybe he’ll figure it out by the time the NFL gets around to talking to him.

  7. Whether we like it or not, The Patriots will win the Super Bowl. Over or under inflated balls won’t matter.

  8. This clown works for the only person in the country who may be a bigger megalomaniac than Belichick.

  9. I’ll save all the blind homer patriot fans some typing.
    – trolls are jealous
    – Brady and Belecheat can’t be beaten so they make stuff up
    – Tom Brady has the sweetest smile
    There you go pat fans!

  10. “This isn’t Isis.” TB.— Do your job and tell your boss to deal with Isis. How tone deaf. You’d think he’ll stay away from anything with lying considering what kind of boss he has.

  11. Pats fan here. I wish my fellow fans would stop saying this is because people are jealous. Its not. I agree this has blown up to a ridiculous degree, actually there isn’t a word for the degree to which this has blown, its reached really, truly, absurd levels, but its because the Patriots put themselves on the hot seat with Spygate, and frankly that’s their own fault. Although I also blame it on some people just needing to take the opportunity to grandstand to feed their egos, but that’s another story.

    I truly believe the offense itself is akin to a speeding ticket, and other teams won’t get this treatment, but not because of jealousy. When you have the history the Pats do, you have to go out of your way to stay above board. They were placed on permanent probation after Spygate and they should know that. So this is careless at best.

    I’m trying to keep an open mind because of the simple fact that I have a hard time believing, knowing what was at risk and what would happen if they were caught lying in front of God and everyone, that they would stand up there and do just that. I just don’t buy it, sorry. I admit I could easily be proven wrong though. And truly, if they did lie, and the NFL can prove it definitively, they’re beyond screwed and they know it. So yeah, I keep going back to that.

    I had to talk my dad out of giving up his season tickets yesterday. I’d have to talk him off the Tobin if we find out they lied about this.

  12. Revolts, mass murder, starvation, and natural disasters all over the world and the biggest topic of concern is Tom Brady letting a couple pounds of air pressure out of a football. SMH.

  13. Politicians making cracks about trust/honesty & character… Now that’s what I call IRONY….best laugh I’ve had in a while… Thanks for keeping it real!!!!

  14. So somehow the Colts player knew that the ball was deflated but the refs AND Tom Brady couldn’t figure it out? Something really smells here. I think the refs screwed this whole thing up and I think the Patriots will eventually be exonerated and millions of people will owe them an apology for jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

  15. This is the biggest over blown crap to come down the pike. They aren’t going to suspend Belichik or Brady for an infraction the league has deemed punishable with a $25,000 fine. In the end they don’t think this is a major issue. They have to act on it because Harbaugh got a hair across his ass when he got beat and out coached by Belichick.

  16. Football fans have ZERO reasons to be jealous of the Patriots. They have a very good QB, but to be honest I can’t call him great, as it seems he needs some assistance to get him to the next level.

    Manning may only have one ring, but the closest thing he came to taking a shortcut was playing Rex Grossman who forgot how to walk during the Super Bowl. I would rather win one Superbowl with hard work and doing it right, than hoping to sneak by and win 2 or 3.

    I would rather people be able to look back at my career and say hey he wasn’t the best during crunch time, but his hard work did pay off even though it just once. Than have legacy like Brady were people have the right to doubt if he ever won one without assistance.

    You will ALWAYS have those Super Bowl victories, and you may even get another one in a week. You may get to hoist that Tiffany made Lombardi Trophy and call your favorite team champions, but being called Champion doesn’t mean as much, when no one can Respect the way you earned it.

  17. They had a congressional investigation into the steroids in baseball issue. The Patriots cheated to get into the super bowl. This congress is about to go down in history as the most do nothing congress in our nation’s history. Here’s their opportunity to finally earn their keep.

  18. Lol. Now Toms getting cracked on at the white house. This is bad. Brady might not want to be seen by anyone else in the NFL outside his teammates. I can just hear the jokes going around.

  19. I sure wish Peyton Manning or Joe Flacco was the QB for the AFC next weekend.

    Joe Flacco gave a 100% $200 tip to a waitress in Pittsburgh.

    He is real class, not the fake class that fool the Grubers in New England

  20. Has anyone yet confirmed that the NFL refs routinely use a pressure gauge to check the balls before each game?

    From what I read refs have never done that… They just feel them. If that’s the case they were never tampered with in the first place

    And why then were the Colts balls not under inflated? Because as we knew they were planning on challenging the balls in the first place – best they have their up to spec.

    If you can’t beat ’em, smear ’em

  21. We all love it when we catch a cheater. How many of us had some idiot fly past us on the highway…and I mean really speeding, only to see them being pulled over by the state troopers 3 miles down the road. We ALL LOVE IT WHEN A CHEATER IS CAUGHT!…..

  22. “Are the Pats becoming the laughing stock of the nation?”

    Not as long as the New York Jets, Mets, and Knicks are still around.

  23. This is so out of control it is laughable. I am anything but a Pats fan, but what the media is making out of this is beyond belief.

    Brunell, Bettis, Aikman et al- angry jealous ex players. To me, what they said was absurd.

    You would think that the Pats tried to kidnap Luck on his way to the stadium.

    What a world we live in!

  24. j0esixpack says:
    Jan 23, 2015 9:07 PM
    Has anyone yet confirmed that the NFL refs routinely use a pressure gauge to check the balls before each game?

    That is like a person who gets a few DUIs gets out on work release and isn’t allowed to drink. They may sneak a few beers in anyway. They may not get checked on a regular basis, but if you do it, it is STILL against the rules.

    The time they DO get checked you better be sure that there gauge reads what is expected… or you look like and probably ARE a moron.

    No one needs to Smear the Patriots, they have been doing a good enough job themselves.

  25. The White House is calling some else a liar…LOL! If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!

  26. Really Jeverd? You think And Aikman is jealous? I can’t stand him but how many rings does he have? Cmon. That’s ridiculous.

    They cheated. Again. It may be a media circus but it’s their own fault.

  27. joesixpack: Has anyone yet confirmed that the NFL refs routinely use a pressure gauge to check the balls before each game?

    Well, the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin published this:

    “According to an NFL source with direct knowledge of the situation, referee Walt Anderson inspected all 24 of the Patriots’ footballs with a pressure gauge supplied by the league, as well as all 24 footballs from the Colts. All 48 footballs were found to be inflated within the allowable range of 12.5-13.5 pounds per square inch.”

  28. Patswin-the pats and company are very good at what they do best…Cheating! Everyone also knows that the NFL are just going to smack their hands and fine them with the boys will be boys philosophy. They got away with it before to get to a Super Bowl so why not try it again. The coach should be fined and barred from the NFL as he is responsible for the entire team. They should also be barred from playoff competition like they do at the college level. Maybe then they will learn to play by the rules.

  29. As a lifelong Pats fan, I’ts been an emotional few days. Although I absolutely believe the Pats would be in this game regardless of the ball’s psi being low in any or many games, I understand the disgust…if it’s true that Brady is lying. It’s tough to explain away.
    But I’ve reached a breaking point of sympathizing with the opposition. It’s gone overboard with a conviction before any “facts” have been revealed from the league. We know next to nothing about the pre-game testing and how it relates to the halftime testing, whatever that is.
    I’ve moved on to all-out hatred of the opposition who will lie, distort, and move to convict without the facts of the case.
    At this point, I no longer care if if my team has skirted the rules.
    I did…and now I don’t. Screw you and your own pathetic teams.
    If yours’ were any good, we’d know about your own indiscretions.
    How many teams- in the history of the league- have had their footballs checked at halftime? One!
    How many have had their footballs readjusted by league officials to be compliant pre-game? Too many to count!

  30. As a Bills fan, yeah we’re still here, I believe Brady. No one is asking about Pagano and their motivations. The refs not only checked the balls 2 hours prior to kickoff, they handled many balls before the half. Not one noticed anything and probably wouldn’t have re-checked them if the talk wasn’t coming from the Colts sideline. People are so full of hate and want to see those who are successful taken down any way they can. Yeah, the Patriots have a history of skirting the rules in the past and paid a severe price but this is something the NFL should get right. I believe they will find that they are unable to determine what happened. What really bothers me is that two great teams will face off next weekend and no one, at this point even cares. That’s sad. Very sad.

  31. If you’re going with the whole, “nobody in politics is allowed to comment on sports ever because they need to spend 100% of their waking seconds talking political issues” argument you are either no fun at parties, not very bright, or both.

  32. Deflategate is a contrived bs conspiracy meant to keep the NFL in the news. Ridiculous nonissue.
    I’d almost rather be talking about some ridiculous crap Sherman spouted off.

  33. Actually the national punchline is something that probably couldn’t even be scripted on Saturday Night Live–Nation Erupts in Turmoil Regarding Controversy Over Soft Balls; NFL Schedules Exam with Proctologist.
    Who ever said this was the No Fun League?

  34. @22yearsagotoday: You also forgot to mention the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics? Why’s that? Signed: NY Islanders fans, We NHL fans just set back and laugh at the NFL! This is Comedy at its finest!! lol

  35. Tom Brady has been discussed as a future Republican politician in DC circles. He is well spoken, good looking, hard working, has a lot of experience in handling the media in press conferences and he has proven leadership qualities.
    The New England states are predominantly Democratic. The prospect of running the most popular Patriot as a Senate candidate is probably enticing.
    Tom also personally attended the State of the Union address by the President many years ago.

  36. Forgot to mention that DeflateGate was the opportunity to smear Tom and make him less desirable as a Republican Senate candidate in a New England state in x years time.

  37. Thus administration should have an RICO indictment served. One criminal activity is a lot worse than the other. And I am not talking about the Pats..

  38. so the balls were a little soft….the officials hold them on every play so if there was something immeasurably different about them it would have been pretty obvious

    This is the most pathetic ‘scandal’ i’ve ever heard of.

    you’d swear the Pats had magnetic fields implanted between the ball and receivers gloves

    can we please get back to football and forget this nonsense

  39. What?! Does NFL stand for Nancyboy Football League now? Whether Tom Brady has the balls under inflated or not, I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait till the end of the investigation. But to call that cheating is the absolute girly-girlification of what had been a great sport. This is gamesmanship at most. If you are going to call that cheating, then every single team, every single year, every single game, every single play since the very inception of American football until the very present has had multiple instances of ‘cheating’ on every single play by every single player. Gee, every time a cornerback grabs a receiver: Cheating! Every time a lineman commits holding: Cheating! Illegal pick: Oh oh, that’s cheating too! Offsides? You cheaters! Illegal block in the back, oh no, the humanity, that‘s cheating too!!

  40. belicheathater says:
    Jan 23, 2015 9:13 PM
    Anyone ever notice that the Pats never fumble. They’re numbers are off the chart since Spy Gate.

    See Wall Street Journel

    What’s a journel?

  41. And why won’t he take you’re job?? Because he’s not a good enough liar?? Brady will be your boss’s boss in about 6 years, Josh, that’s if you can last that long in politics.

  42. Obama believes all teams should finish 8 wins and 8 losses. If a team has more than 8 wins, those wins should be vacated and given to the underperformers. “We want what is fair for everyone”

  43. Seriously. All you people whining need to go stand in front of a mirror with your pouty face and say, “they deflated the footballs 2 psi!” just so you can see how stupid you sound.

  44. dtp15 says: Jan 23, 2015 7:45 PM

    Politicians calling Brady a liar? Thats rich.

    Yuppers, quite easy really, it takes one to know one on that scale. 🙂

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