Marshawn Lynch “embarrassed to work for” the NFL over fines


Marshawn Lynch rarely has anything to say to the media, but he had something interesting to say on Twitter.

Lynch, who has been fined many times and has been threatened with more fines over issues ranging from crotch-grabbing touchdown celebrations to the color shoes he wears to his refusal to participate in mandatory media activities, took to Twitter to protest NFL fines. But Lynch wasn’t complaining about his own fine. Instead, Lynch said that he’s “embarrassed” to work for the NFL after it fined a teammate for celebrating with him after a touchdown on Sunday against the Packers.


Lynch is apparently referring to the NFL fining Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews $11,025 for celebrating with Lynch. The NFL reportedly thought that Matthews grabbed his crotch, which is why he was fined, although it wasn’t clear from replays that he had actually done that.

Lynch may have more to say about this when he’s surrounded by microphones during Super Bowl week. More likely, he won’t.

265 responses to “Marshawn Lynch “embarrassed to work for” the NFL over fines

  1. In their defense, they were busy working overtime with Brady & Belichick on a way to defer any/all responsibility for cheating while not looking like the WWE to give this the close examination it would have required to notice the difference.

  2. If he feels that strongly he should resign…but I doubt he is embarrassed to that extent.

  3. Everyone gives lynch such a hard time about not talking to the media. Remember, freedom of speech also means we as Americans have the right not to say anything.

  4. Hey, Marshawn! It’s really simple, buddy. If you don’t want your teammates to get fined, stop grabbing your crotch!

  5. This is an emotional game. They should be able to celebrate after TDs! Who cares if the other team gets upset, they are paid to stop him. Goodell has deflated all the fun out of the NFL!

  6. So quit working for the NFL, Marshawn. You can always get a job at the Scrubby-Doo car wash.

    Of course, the first time you wouldn’t wear the uniform they gave you or publicly complained about management, they’d fire you.

    It might do you good to see how most people live.

    You are doing the only thing in this world that God qualified you to do and do well. Be grateful for the opportunity to make millions.

  7. And I am embarrassed by the league as well. With habitual and chronic cheats in Robert Kraft, Bill Belichik, and Tom Brady ruining the integrity of the game, Goodell wants to focus on stalking and hounding on lynch.

    Goodell is embarrassing himself and tarnishing the very image he is charged with protecting.
    The league has become a joke because of his favoritism rules to accommodate the criminal enterprises called the Steelers and Patriots.

  8. This guy will earn minimum wage outside of the NFL & as Rocky told Clubber Lang, it ain’t so bad.

  9. Marshawn Lynch is an embarrassment. You are a grown man. Stop grabbing your crotch like a 13 year old punk. And learn the english language.

  10. Mr. Lynch should use his SB platform to rail against Goodell and the rest of the NFL front office clowns. They would be powerless to stop him and the stories would be much more interesting than football psi.

  11. Maybe this arrogant idiot should seek work elsewhere where his idiotic fool would’nt have to be embarrassed to come to work!
    Prime example of a winner on the field and a loser in life! Must be exhausting being So Miserable!

  12. Hey moron. Quit grabbing your nuts when you score tds and you won’t get fined. Plus, little kids watch those games. It is not funny.

  13. Dude…

    I just drove by a Foot Locker with a help wanted sign. Why don’t you quit your “embarrasing” job, and work there ??

    Oh… STILL can’t grab your crotch in public, or you will get fired.

    Congrats to Marshawn Lynch….he just managed to make 200 Million Hard working Americans want to punch him in the face.

    I beg the NFL to drop the stupid media accessibility rules…. Why would anybody want to speak to this Neanderthal ??????

  14. If he wants to only say one word over and over again tot he media I am fine with that. His right in a free society.

    If he wants to grab his balls every time he scores a TD I am OK with that too, but I am also OK with his employer fining him for that action.

  15. Lynch- you are the embarrassment. It’s a shame the talent you have is wasted on such a childish fool. Like the others have been saying- why don’t you just take your millions and retire? The average American who gets up and goes to work every day and scratches to get by does not want to hear your constant whining and claims of persecution. Get lost.

  16. he should go away and not be heard from again until he figures it out, bout as bright as a box of rocks

  17. If they hand-slap Brady while continuing to hammer Lynch with fines, then I would question the motivations of the NFL.

  18. Funny that a bunch of tough guy internet commenters are so sure that his only other options for making money are working at McDonalds or a car wash, despite the fact that he went to UC-Berkeley and is nationally famous.

  19. Obviously he does make a lot of money to play a game. Sure he can act like a petulant child. But the NFL also operates like a monopoly. (right…the CFL…good one). He has a right to be upset. If any of us were unhappy with our employer, we could seek out another job. What professional football options does he have?

  20. I’m embarrassed for you too, Marshawn! The league that covers up murders, rapes, and assaults for their “chosen” players, that throws other players and coaches under the bus over simple statements, that destroys a player for smoking pot (without considering that some of those pot-smoking players don’t want to get hooked on oxy for pain relief, and are simply choosing the far lesser of two evils), and that BLATANTLY tells certain officials to make whatever bad call is necessary to influence the outcome of a game.

    For any player who truly loves playing football, they should all be embarrassed about what has evolved into a scripted game…and anyone who doesn’t follow the script gets fined. Doesn’t Gooddell or the portion of the new regime owners who are on board with this “entertainment” sham know that they’re losing fans in droves over the blatant display of orchestrating outcomes this year? That’s why ratings were lower than expected for their “marquee games” last weekend. Yeah, that’s a real head-scratcher.

    Lynch is a great player, but has never been a favorite of mine (didn’t feel much one way or the other for him). However, now all I want to do is root for him every time he disobeys his “massah” by not just playing his heart out but also refusing to give insipid sound bites to idiot reporters who ask assinine questions about a game that had a pre-determined outcome all along. Go Marshawn!!! You’ve got more than enough money to live a mighty fine life in the city of Oakland as a retired NFL player.

    Sadly, the owners who truly loved the actual game of football are all dying, and their families are selling the teams to new owners who are all too happy to follow the Hollywood script when it comes to deciding which teams win or lose. The only way to explain why the NFL wants a team in LA so badly (a city with pure apathy towards the NFL) is because they think maybe they’ll find better scriptwriters and directors for future years of this sham when they’re more entrenched in Hollywood.

    I’ve been a die-hard NFL fan for over 25 years, and I’m plain fed up and DONE. I know many others who’ve also given up as a result of this ridiculous year.

    I’d rather watch Marshawn talk for 3 1/2 hours straight on Sundays next fall than watch the bogus product of 2014 regurgitated. Sorry, Marshawn, hate to hang you out there with the comparison, but it’s the truth. You keep giving Gooddell and crew the big finger, while more and more fans depart in droves from this so-called “game”, and we’ll see which one finally implodes. It won’t be the guy who’s keeping it real.

  21. I love how frustrated the media gets that lynch does not speak. Almost enough not to hate the Seahawks. Then their defensive backs, or coach, or fans open their mouths and remind me how easy it is to root against them.

  22. drakost says:
    Jan 23, 2015 6:20 AM
    Everyone gives lynch such a hard time about not talking to the media. Remember, freedom of speech also means we as Americans have the right not to say anything.
    You are correct. You have that right. Your employer also has a right to fire you for refusing to communicate. If I went to my workplace and refused to speak I wouldn’t last the day.

  23. Lynch should be the one who is embarrassed. I don’t want to watch a man grabbing his crotch on national TV and I’m sure most parents don’t want their kids seeing that or emulating it. He needs to grow up.

  24. And a classier team would be embarrassed to have one of its players grabbing his crotch on national TV. But this is the Seahawks we’re talking about.

  25. How anyone can defend this guy is beyond me. Don’t let his talent or the fact that he plays for your team cloud your judgement. He’s arrogant, he feels rules don’t apply to him and he’s simply wrong. Please don’t throw the freedom of speech defense out there, it’s a slap in the face to those who have fought for it. This guy signed a contact that states he must talk to the media and he doesn’t honor it. Great running back, not a great guy..

  26. A lot of wishful fans in here that would like to see Lynch quit because he’s been kicking their team’s ass. Niners fans especially. LOL

  27. drakost says:
    Jan 23, 2015 6:20 AM
    Everyone gives lynch such a hard time about not talking to the media. Remember, freedom of speech also means we as Americans have the right not to say anything.


    While that’s true in a general sense, when you sign a contract that specifically states that you talk to the media at proscribed times, freedom of speech isn’t part of the deal. That’s why they can fine him for not talking to the media, because it’s part of his contract for working for the NFL and he signed it.

    I used to have a lot of sympathy for Lynch and the media. They snowed him pretty hard a few years ago. But I’m starting to lose some of it with his almost Michael Jackson obsession with his crotch during games. That’s obviously taunting and the one he did during the NFCCG, it was obvious that he wanted to do it, but tried to keep it under the radar so as not to get fined.

  28. They fine guys for celebrating a TD yet still haven’t even reached out to Tom Brady to question him about an issue that may affect the integrity of the entire game.

    It’s impossible to make this kind of stuff up.

  29. The NFL is nothing but a joke anymore. Where’s the fun? I mean seriously, you can’t congratulate a teammate for scoring? You can’t choose the color of your shoes? You can’t choose to not speak to the media who will only twist your words into any controversial story they want?

    You’re losing me, NFL. Get your act together or I’m outta here!

  30. He can’t be all that ashamed.

    They don’t do that in the CFL or the Arena league. Go play there, clown.

  31. I’m not allowed to grab my crotch at work either. If I don’t like that I can find another job or deal with it. The difference is I wouldn’t get fined, I would get fired for doing it. Deal with it Lynch or go away.

  32. Die hard Hawk here and of course Lynch fan. I love the guy and he is the heart of this team but. I honestly wish he wouldn’t do this I really do. A long time ago I was told to make my weaknesses a strength and in this case its his phobia (or whatever you call it) of speaking to the media. He will engage fans 1 on 1 when he’s out and about and he is such an awesome guy. If he just would choose to embrace it and go with it, quit the balls (to much balls going on over this SB by the way) grabbing and he would have a lot of fans outside of the PNW. You could have a lot fun with the media and thier stupid questions. “why do you run so hard Marshawn?” Oh cause I think of the end zone as a pool of skittles. Ya know have fun like that. In the end if he wants to do what he’s doing then he has to also not complain about getting fined. This the only reason why the rumors about this being his last year in Seattle are true. The team doesn’t like it even though they need him so badly and he is a great teammate, the guys love him and we wouldn’t be in the SB without him.

  33. My boy is 13…..don’t insult 13 year olds by comparing them to Lynch. If the man wants to play with himself after a TD, then he can either pay the fine or find another job. All workplaces have rules….and his have been collectively bargained….get over it.

  34. The entire Seahawks team aside from Wilson, has kind of been NFL counter culture. The NFL probably does not like many of their antics and their overall lack of respect for the NFL and other teams. They had to tolerate it this year because Seattle won the Super Bowl, but it remains to be seen if it will go on for another year or not.

    Jim Harbaugh brought the same swagger to the 49ers, but without the wins, it didn’t last.

  35. I agree with you Marshawn…the NFL is getting embarrassing for EVERYONE. If most companies conducted business the way the NFLl does, they would be out of business because of employee rights violations, shady business practices, conflict of interests, etc. The NFL has taken all the sport and entertainment out of a once great game and turned it into a gaudy LasVegas spectacle that is rigged for the house.
    Fans who don’t believe that the “smoke and mirrors” goes on with every team in the league deserve to be duped–wake up, it’s the entertainment industry and controversy is good for box offices! Of course, I suppose there are those who belieive everything they see on the silver screen too, which is a sad commentary on the intelligence of the general population!

  36. My job doesn’t allow me to grab my crotch in front of the public either.. but that’s part of being an employee, we play by their rules or we don’t play. Your actions are an embarrassment to the NFL.. you’re probably a top three RB in the league and you act like a thirteen year old punk.. grow up.. You could have a ton of endorsements but you’re too stupid to get it together

  37. Yea, he is a public figure on national tv. Can’t keep grabbing yourself after each score, while looking at the opponents. Making millions upon millions to run with a football. Ya can’t have it both ways. Doubt this guy will ever change his character tho. Please don’t retire lynch the game needs you, the Seahawks need you.
    Talking a little to the media isn’t so bad.
    Stop with the gestures after each score.

  38. Nobody is forcing you to play a game for millions of dollars a year, kid. If you don’t like it, there are millions of men who would love to take your place.

  39. There was a time when I respected his decision to not want to talk to media. It then morphed into him simply being a punk about it. The man makes millions, and his big beef with his employers is that they have to answer questions that fans across America will read in an article the next day. Quit if you have such an issue.

  40. I’m embarrassed that you you’re arrogant enough to make that tweet. After being arrested for hit and run, gun possession and DWI the fact that the NFL still let’s you play is an embarrassment. Stop blaming everyone else for your idiocy and grow up!!

  41. For the commenters here with the lack of reading ability, Lynch was NOT talking about his own fine, but the fine Chris Matthews received. The NFL apparently slowed the tape down to Zapruder film levels, and, frame by frame, saw that Matthews’ hand was in his crotch region when he shook Lynch’s hand after the TD.

    The silliness is that the NFL is actively LOOKING for things to fine teams for now, while trying to avoid assuming responsibility in actual criminal behavior and behavior that can affect the integrity of the game.

  42. drakost says:
    Jan 23, 2015 6:20 AM

    Everyone gives lynch such a hard time about not talking to the media. Remember, freedom of speech also means we as Americans have the right not to say anything.

    The 1st amendment doesn’t apply here. Freedom of speech applies to freedom from persecution by the government. Lynch speaking to the media is a condition of his employment. If he doesn’t like that condition he doesn’t have to take the job.

  43. “Embarassing ” is a professional athelete whose childish antics take away the benefit of the doubt from evne people close to him.

    This won’t stand..but it’s a consequence of his own actions.

  44. Amen. What Lynch does has no impact on the game at all. However, when the Patriots cheat everyone makes excuses for them and try to justify their behavior. If Lynch was fined this much for a celebration, Brady needs to be suspended for at least a year.

    We always speculated how Brady was able to make #1 receivers out of schmucks. Well when the ball is easier to catch, I guess anyone can catch it.

  45. If it’s so awful, retire. Go away. Preferably right now before the Super Bowl. Or stay and let Big Vince fine you in his own special way

  46. I am not arguing or defending Lynch’s character or attitude. He is a decent running back, but I won’t say I am a fan.

    But, if I were to do something I KNEW would get me fined (he had to know) and my teammate was fined for merely shaking his hand (and was an innocent party), I would be a little upset with the league too. It wasn’t Matthews fault Lynch made that gesture, he was merely congratulating him.

    Embarrased may have been a poor word choice here?

  47. I don’t understand why the other guy got fined for shaking his hand. I’m with Lynch, that is ridiculous. If Brady shakes Gronk’s hand, think they are getting fined? No way.

  48. Just go away and do something else. You are incapable of obeying the rules like all the other players have to do. He seems to treat this as a big joke, well it isn’t, so just retire and go quickly. We don’t want to listen to you anymore.

  49. Quit and go sign with any branch of the armed services or become a member of the actual working class. Oh…, your shenanigans aren’t put up with out here either…, I guess you can sit in a hole the wall and write disparaging remarks towards people in sports but those jobs seem to be filled. Oh well. Go visit unfortunates or sumpin, remind yourself that you are an adult. Immature boob.

  50. Deflategate is so overblown I believe history will ultimately show. I would love to hear what other QB’s that aren’t on ESPN’s payroll would have to say about this subject. Mark Brunell has some personal debts to pay off, he’s not about to kill the golden goose now.

  51. Childish of Lynch to say this. He just got fined for grabbing his crotch, so was expecting nothing to happen when he did it again during the Green Bay game. Lynch is an employee of the Seahawks who in turn in bound by league rules. It’s not different then in the real world. I can get off work tonight and do something stupid that has no impact on my work performance and still get reprimanded/fired. Grow up Lynch.

  52. He’s welcome to quit anytime he wants. He wants the paycheck without playing by there rules. Plenty of other jobs out there Marshawn.

  53. I’ve watched football my entire life. I was rooting for the Seahawks last year to win it all. This year, as been a totally different story! Never in my life have I watched a more classless, bunch of Pro-football players and classless team! I have never saw a more classless Athlete and or Athletes such Lynch and others on Seattle! He’s a Punk, along with the rest of them! If he couldn’t play a child’s game! He’d be sitting in a Jail cell somewhere right now, gold tooth display and all!! Signed: NFL fans around the Country, outside of Seattle.

  54. So Lynch faced immediate suspension if he wore gold shoes but if you cheat and deflate balls well…….we will talk about that after the Super Bowl. Lynch is one of those people who does not like fake. If he was allowed to talk the way he wants to he would but the NFL wants him to say what they want him to say.

  55. Obey the rules. That’s all you have to do. Stop assuming you’re somebody special and entitled to your own rules. The cherry on top? Shut up.


  56. Fire that idiot! Any other employee criticizing his employer in public like this would end up unemployed. Remember who signs your inflated paychecks.

  57. Stop hating. He works for them so he can complain all he wants. Like you haters have never had disagreements with your jobs. You didn’t retire so your comments show your jealousy. Lmao

  58. Face it folks – this dude is one hell of a running back…the likes of which we (as fans) haven’t seen in years…maybe decades. For the fans sake, I hope he doesn’t retire. The NFL gets rich off his amazing performances, but it’s not good enough for Roger – he’s gotta put ole Marshawn in his place every week. If Lynch walks away, the NFL loses a hall of fame running back. Who wins? No one. Who loses? Everyone.

  59. The guy fined didn’t even grab his junk. has a video grab of the scenario in question. So he’s been fined for an assumption, or what the NFL perceived to have happened.

    Does Lynch need to do what he did (does) while scoring a TD? No. However, all those getting riled up, or saying kids are watching, and it needs to stop, will you do the same to MLB since batters adjust their junk after every other pitch?

  60. I’m embarrassed to watch him play the game. He acts like a child.

    Grow up dude, you make millions and throw rich person tantrums.

  61. wow, so many nfl blowhard commenters on this site nowadays. why is everyone hating on this man? he’s not the man if he doesn’t “put his money where his mouth is” and quit? give me a break, marshawn is the realest dude in the nfl. he works hard, plays harder and keeps about himself. when he gets down about getting fined, or WHEN HIS TEAMMATES get fined, he’s a punk?? no, everyone needs to lighten up.

    [grabs crotch, drops mic]

  62. NBC write,”… referring to the NFL fining Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews $11,025 for celebrating with Lynch. The NFL reportedly thought that Matthews grabbed his crotch, which is why he was fined, although it wasn’t clear from replays that he had actually done that.”
    So the nfl fines on suspicion as well ?

  63. So let me get this straight….Lynch, by rule of the NFL, has to speak to media and abide by the NFL rules…when he doesn’t the fans are OK with it. The Patriots do something out of the ordinary and all of a sudden all he** breaks loose. BTW…nothing has been proven that the Patriots did anything wrong and the NFL is having a hard time finding evidence to prove that they did. In all honesty…I believe the Refs did not do their job properly and the Pats got away with one…sort of like Rodgers does with his “overinflated” balls.

  64. And great players of yesteryear are embarrassed that one of the current faces of the sport is a guy who runs around grabbing his junkage on national TV.

  65. When will people realize that the media sometimes hears one thing and then conveys another thing. he has a right not to speak to media, especially when they twist words into what they want to so that it can deemed media worthy.

  66. Seriously??????? One day, MAYBE, Lynch will actually brow up . I am , however, not betting that will happen anytime soon. IF he is really so embarrassed , QUIT. Walk away from your million dollar contract , the attention , and the worship you receive for being a pro athlete that acts like a juvenile delinquent .

    Like that will ever happen, you will hang on until they throw you out , screaming and scratching for the attention all the way. Skittle boy, go change your diaper already and be quiet . If you can’t man up, shut up

  67. I am a Pats fan but I have to admire Lynch’s stand. The No Fun League has somehow morphed into a government. At least he has the guts to stand up, however that does not mean I like some of the things he does. The reporters are also a problem, words get twisted, things left out.

  68. Then don’t work for them. Key word is work. It’s still a job, and in everyone else’s job you follow the rules of your employer, or you get a lot worse than a miniscule fine. Shut up and follow the rules like everyone else does, or quit. Time to grow up Marshawn. Loser.

  69. How much you want to bet that Lynch will be bankrupt within 3 years of leaving the League.

  70. Lynch is right about the fines in general. But that doesn’t change the fact that his crotch grab is classless and tasteless. Thanks for teaching my 10-12 year old students that…because they imitate everything athletes do. Last year it was the chest pounding, and soon it will be this. Also, I’m sure my 11 year old daughter really needed to be exposed to that…on national broadcast television at 5:30 p.m.

  71. I am embarrassed to live in a society where men make millions of dollars per year to run around and play with a small leather ball (of varying inflated psi.)

    But hey, it beats watching what else is on TV.

  72. odd they would fine him for “crotch grabbing” , when in 1993 superbowl , they had the poster boy for crotch grabbing as their 1/2 time show – michael jackson. ..

  73. If you are all so offended by Lynch then take your own advice – don’t watch him play or read articles about him. Leave the man stuff to the men. Go watch your Michael Jackson videos.

  74. Looks like some people forgot to read the article. Particularly, the parts that say “Lynch wasn’t complaining about his own fine” or “I feel embarrassed to work for a particular organization that fined a teammate of mine for shaking my hand after a touchdown”.

  75. I love how so many are telling him to quit because he’s complaining. As if we don’t complain about our 9-5 but still collect our paychecks.

  76. LOL

    The first thing wrong with this story is Twitter.

    Who in their right mind would post emails and your name on internet sites like Facebook?

    I also feel the media is in our pants printing our personal emails on news stories, while the websites make billions in defamation exposures of our privacy.

    If I was to fault Lynch, I fault him for posting on Twitter [or any other wretched site like it].

  77. One of the biggest mysteries in the world is how this idiot got into such a prestigious university like Cal Berkeley

    I’m sure he qualified academically, right?

  78. To all of you commenters who are suggesting he should quit. He’s trying to point out that there is not equal justice in the NFL. On one day a player gets fined for celebrating after scoring or wearing the wrong color shoes and the next day it seems like its just fine to break a rule that actually effects the outcome of a game. Its hypocritical. Ray Rice is a great example. why was his suspension so complicated? He beat his wife on camera but the NFL is gonna let it slide. They should have clearly defined rules for fines and suspensions. It shouldn’t be at the whim of Goodell who is a self proclaimed Pats fan and best friends with Robert Kraft. It should be all in writing. On field rules have defined penalties when broken, why don’t off field violations?

  79. Next time he scores in the end zone instead of grabbing his crotch he should try scratching his butt to see if he gets fined

  80. The NFL should be embarrassed for his after game comments. I see he has no problem opening his mouth now. Without the NFL, this guy would be stocking grocery shelves.

  81. Hope he’s got a good financial advisor and he’s saving his pennies. His skill set post-NFL suggests he doesn’t have perspective enough to be terribly successful at much else. He’s just lucky the narrow skill set he has is rewarded in this world. Others are not so fortunate.

  82. Lynch is awesome, He is going to rip apart the Patriots. After the season he is coming home to Oakland where he will compete yet for another Superbowl with The Raiders.. Yes I said it, The Raiders will be Super Bowl contenders next season. Nobody in AFC WEST will be able to touch them. Manning is old, Chiefs will ever win with Smith and Chargers are well Chargers..All those teams are on the way DOWN where as Oakland is on the way up

  83. 1 on the wonderlic. He could not flip burgers, stock grocery shelves, etc. Can’t even form sentences which is why he hates media appearances. Short bus all the way.

  84. mancave said, “Lynch is right about the fines in general. But that doesn’t change the fact that his crotch grab is classless and tasteless. Thanks for teaching my 10-12 year old students that…because they imitate everything athletes do. Last year it was the chest pounding, and soon it will be this. Also, I’m sure my 11 year old daughter really needed to be exposed to that…on national broadcast television at 5:30 p.m.”
    If u want to get technical with it thank michael jackson. He made it popular.

  85. Whenever i do a good thing at work, like send a really good email, or finish up a report, i always grab my junk. This lets my project team and everyone else in the office know I’m excited and proud of what i accomplished. [grabbing my junk right now…]

  86. It’s unfortunate that this idiot doesn’t realize that he will be permanently unemployed in 5 years and wishing he had $100K left over from his playing days. Instead he won’t talk to the media. The media that promotes the league he plays in and enables him to makes millions of dollars.

  87. You guys sound like a bunch of owners, you know the top 1%. I think it’s ridiculous to fine a player for celebrations or apparel, it’s too much control. Let these guys express themselves, let them vent!

  88. Then leave. Nobody made you sign the contract you have to follow (which includes speaking to the media). Cant wait until this guy is out of the league and he needs media to promote his charities or what not – then I am sure he will want to speak to the media.

  89. The NFL is like parents. They have to tell their young children every move to make, and it’s for their own good. As the children grow up and begin to know the difference between right and wrong, the parents provide less structure. Most NFL players are like grown up kids. They don’t need their parents telling them every move to make. Some players are like little kids. They need to be told over and over again about proper behavior. Some kids never learn, and some of them eventually end up in prison. They just don’t seem to understand that rules are there for a reason. You don’t have to agree with the reason, but you have to follow the rules.

  90. The NFL is a joke and a total flaming mess under ole Rog.. he SHOULD have been let go but all the owner’s care about is money… not integrity.

  91. Great running back, but he’s a turd as a person. While I agree most of the celebration fines are ridiculous, grabbing your crotch is also ridiculous. Celebrations are fined too often, and yet the Packers jumping into the stands is not. I’m not against that particular celebration, but the NFL really is making this stuff up as they go along.

  92. 99% of these comments are completely missing the point. He doesn’t care about his fine. But rather that of Chris Matthews who didn’t crotch grab, and just shook Lynch’s hand. The NFL just assumed like Matthews did it too.

  93. Amazing that so many commenters obviously did not actually read the article.


  94. Can’t the other guy appeal his fine and cause the NFL to review the film? There must be some procedure for an appeal for these largely ridiculous fines.

  95. Lynch is a ego maniac. If he isn’t happy, then go find another job. The best thing he could possibly do is ask “Would you like to supersize that meal”. What an airhead.

  96. he shouldn’t have to quit. you can feel embarrassed at times, and still keep your job. i know i feel embarrassed by some of the products my company releases. but, it’s probably not wise to take cheap shots at your company on twitter. anonymously on pft, yes. but, twitter, no. lol

  97. I don’t know why everyone is so upset with marshawns crotch grab. He wasn’t grabbing his crotch so much as he was just deflating is balls to a more comfortable PSI level, the secret to success in the NFL.

  98. When will people realize that the media sometimes hears one thing and then conveys another thing. he has a right not to speak to media, especially when they twist words into what they want to so that it can deemed media worthy.
    How can that happen? Everything that these guys say is on video.

    You can look it up.

  99. No one is forcing him to work for the NFL. He chose to do it. His act is getting old. It’s a child throwing a very long temper tantrum to get attention.

  100. “he has a right not to speak to media”


    Actually, he doesn’t. When he signed that contract, he bound himself to the rules of the NFL which stipulate that you must speak to the media after games. If you don’t, then it is a fineable offense.

  101. In a year or 2 when your washed up you won’t have to worry about it anymore. in 10 years when your broke you can try to get in a lawsuit or two.

  102. embarrassed? are you embarrassed to cash the checks you get paid for the privilege to work in the NFL? i wish you’d get fired and go flip burgers at McDonalds

  103. Marshawn, I love your “Django” response to Goodell’s plantation mentality. On and off the filed you are your own man. Keep it up. The people attacking you are gutless.

  104. Seriously? Everyone saying he should quit? The dude is embarrassed, he’s not stupid. Unlike the majority of the comments on this thread. The NFL should be embarrassed for fining a guy for shaking Lynch’s hand after a touchdown.

    Your hatered for the Seahawks is clouding the common sense of at least half of the people commenting on this site.

  105. Everyone gives lynch such a hard time about not talking to the media. Remember, freedom of speech also means we as Americans have the right not to say anything.

    Part of the job description of working in the NFL is to talk to the media… so you are wrong with this statement.

  106. The excessive celebration penalties are ridged for a purpose. The NFL wants to avoid putting too much discretion of the officials in the line of fire. This shifts complaints from the on-field officials to the NFL leadership who make the rules.

    The rules are pretty clear on this. Without official discretion, the players should know the rules are pretty well set and should show some discipline.

    These penalties might be excessive themselves; but the alternatives don’t look better. We can partly blame the very silly Terrell Owens and his like for these policies. To quote Paul Brown,“Son, act like you’ve been there before”.

  107. Matthews only made 98k (I know for most of us that is a good deal of money) this year as he only played in 4 games….

    The $11k fine is applied after tax so it represents almost 20% of his annual income…

    For something he didn’t even do…..

    This league is shameful sometimes….

  108. Between the classless MEhawks and the cheating DEFLATEriots, this might be the lowest rated Superbowl in the 21st century. Does anyone really care about these teams, or this NFL season after all the controversies?

  109. If you don’t like it, then quit, you whiny little prima donna. Don’t take their big money, then whine about how they treat you. If you’re not man enough to take the abuse, then give the 10 million back. Most of us out here have the same issues with our employer, but we don’t get 10-20 million per year to put up with it, so excuse me if I’m not sympathetic towards the immense pain and embarrassment you feel. Maybe a little drive in your Bentley will make you feel better……

  110. “I feel embarrassed to work for a particular organization that fined a teammate of mine for shaking my hand after a touchdown”

    Then quit. I’m embarrassed for the Seahawks’ fans, whose organization employs someone who routintely feels the need to make obscene gestures on the field. Really classy.

  111. Hey, Marshawn, keep spouting about your dislike for the NFL and you may get your wish, sooner than you expect. The courts are very unforgiving to the employee when it comes to being fired for bad-mouthing their employer.

  112. Lynch is a moron. Let him go out and get a job in the real world and see how he likes it. He couldn’t handle working at McDonalds or Burger King, though. He’d have to work at the Drive-In window and that means he’d have to talk on a microphone, and we all know he can’t handle that.
    It never ceases to amaze me how some professional athletes just don’t get it. They are so pampered and make so much money, they just lose any semblance of reality.

  113. Did anyone here actually READ the article? Marshawn’s not complaining about his own fine, he’s complaining about his teammate (Mathews, a min. contract player) getting fined.

    The video is around the net, Mathews was shaking Marshawn’s hand not grabbing anything. It a case of the NFL jumping the gun and fining a guy who can’t really afford it for something he didn’t do because they are in a frenzy over the battle with Marshawn. That is what Marshawn is complaining about. He’s defending his teammate over an unfairness.

  114. This is about Chris Matthews, not Lynch. That poor kid makes practice squad money, finally gets activated for a game or two, and gets a five figure fine for something he MIGHT have done? The first time he ever TOUCHED A BALL in a game this year was when he recovered that onside kick.

    No Fun League strikes again.

  115. Then he’s a hypocrite for cashing his checks. I’m sure he has advanced job skills for several other lucrative careers that wouldn’t embarrass him.

  116. Did you guys actually read why he was embarrassed? Quit making it about him.

    His teammate got fined for shaking Lynch’s hand. I know how much you people hate the Seahawks but dear God Lynch is right on this one. How about you shake your co-worker’s hand and get suspended from your job, and see how you like that.

  117. Go play in Canada then! Welcome to the real world. You think the fans and everyone else doesn’t show up to a job everyday and have to face rules??

  118. workharder99 says:
    Jan 23, 2015 10:54 AM
    Did anyone here actually READ the article? Marshawn’s not complaining about his own fine, he’s complaining about his teammate (Mathews, a min. contract player) getting fined.

    The video is around the net, Mathews was shaking Marshawn’s hand not grabbing anything. It a case of the NFL jumping the gun and fining a guy who can’t really afford it for something he didn’t do because they are in a frenzy over the battle with Marshawn. That is what Marshawn is complaining about. He’s defending his teammate over an unfairness.


    wish i could give you more then 1 thumbs up. People here just aren’t using their head on this one. The guy has never once complained about the fines he’s received. He’s taken his licks and moved on. Hell, the NFL threatened to eject him from the game if he wore the wrong color cleats and the guy didn’t say a word. People here need to grow up.

  119. Not too embarassed to cash his paychecks! Seattle fans are getting embarassed at your childish behavior!

  120. LOL…love all the “get out” “quit” and “go to Canada” posts. Didn’t know there were that many Pats fans afraid of Lynch.

  121. You are an entertainer.
    You make exponentially more money than 99% of professions.
    This is a requirement of your JOB, and movie stars do it all the time even though they dont want to either for movie premiers.

    Grow up.

  122. What wnstonchill said, 100%. Better yet he could start his own league, have no on field standards, then effortlessly build up the brand to the point that his employees (the players in his league) can get paid $20+ mil per year. Then he can spout crap about how the NFL runs itself. I don’t think modern athletes realize that others, like players who slowly built up the onfield product starting in the 20s on up through today, and also frankly some very savvy owners and administrators who’ve capitalized on the league’s popularity and brand recognition to generate insane cash flow, and by extension the opportunity for them to be paid so incredibly well, and *not* them (Marshawn Lunch and other whiners). The fact that Marshawn makes almost half a million per game, while Jim Brown made a fraction of that in an entire season, sums up the arrogance and ignorance of some (not all or even most, probably) modern athletes.

  123. he’s right…the NFL is a scurrilous league, tantamount to the government in ‘the hunger games’…but he’s a beast, one of the best running backs in history…

    …that said, i hope the odds are ever in his favor to trip over his grandmother and tear his ACL on the way to cashing his last game check.

    …hey, i’m rooted for the patriots!

  124. The Seahawks have an advantage over the Patriots for the next nine days. The Seahawks only have to answer up for two balls.

    The Patriots will be defending eleven.

  125. For everyone saying he should quit… Get a life. He said he was embarrassed. That’s it. If any of you have ever had a bad day at the office or felt you weren’t happy with your employer and voiced your opinion you quit your job. Pretty simple. That’s what i thought.


  126. The NFL has gotten soft. All you people hating on Lynch… for what reason? Why, bc he grabs his crotch after TD celebration. MJ has been grabbing his junk for years. I thought there was a freedom of speech, so are they getting on his case for not addressing the media. Please, the media are the same people who start these crazy bs stories about nothing. I respect the fact that he just wants to play football and avoid all the drama. Oh he wants to wear gold shoes. Ok, there’s a dress code and i understand that. Here’s an idea NFL, instead of worrying about lynch, why don’t you worry about the cheaters and murders that are playing.

  127. Let’s see, read the article title, post comments about Lynch not agreeing to his fine. How he should work for McDonald’s, or how he’ll be broke three years after he retires, etc.

    Or, you can read the article, that’s those words underneath the title, then for your opinion about Lynch.

    All this article is is Lynch sticking up for a teammate who was fined for not doing what the NFL said he did.

  128. This is coming from someone who used to defend Lynch…

    I agree with you Marshawn that the fines the NFL levies for something as stupid as the color of one’s shoes are silly and stupid. The NFL needs to focus their attention on other more important matters.

    That being said, as stupid as they may be, they are the rules. Follow them, or stop playing for the NFL. It’s pretty simple.

  129. Amazing how many jocks there are on here. Your all knowing words, about Lynch and any other amazes me! When you have to deal with a Corporate master’s that are full of hypocrites you might get tired of stuff too! I am waiting for the Movie Industry to sue the Jocks for their imitation of their characters, like Superman. Then it will get fun listening to the NFL’s excuses for their conduct.

  130. Wait, the media twists what players say and do on the field to try to create controversies they can make money off of? As a Patriots fan I find this shocking.

  131. Wow there is a lot of butt hurt in these comments. A lot of ” won’t somebody please think of the children” which is laughable. If you watch tv for five minutes you see worse then what lunch does. Or watch a baseball game and you will see the same thing 200 times but whatever everyone loves to get on their high horse.

  132. They have a union, lodge a complaint. If the league is being improperly harsh, take it to a mediator.
    Yes people, these guys are highly paid professionals, but they should also be treated as such. The issue about ‘celebrating’ after a score was to stop things like a predesigned ritual of a bunch of players doing something like getting in a circle and shaking their booties or something… which makes sense. But spontaneous acts of congratulations should be okay… it’s not rubbing their score in the faces of the other team or fans.
    Let’s all grow up here people.

  133. People! This story is about a fine on Chris Matthews for grabbing HIS crotch. He clearly did not. Lynch and Matthews shook hands after the TD (and after Lynch did his crotch grab). They have the story/video over at Field Gulls. This fine will be appealed and overturned. Plain as day.

  134. Spare me flag waving and freedom of speech bulloney. Our employers make certain rules that we are aware and if we break them we get punished by said employers. Has jack to do with freedom of speech. Adolecent behavior by this goon gets old and gets him nowhere.

  135. Lynch is quite possibly the single dumbest human ever created. Lynch gets told he will be fined if he does X. Then he does X and gets fined. Okay so far I don’t have a problem with anything. Next Lynch complains about the fine for X. Now I have a problem. They warned him extensively. Does he not get the NFL is not required to be fair or just at all. They can ban him for life tomorrow if they want. He is the teenager locked in a struggle with his parents and they hold ALL of the cards. What a moron.

  136. Marshawn, you should feel PRIVILEGED having the job you have. Millions of people would trade places with you. How about acting professional and respectable instead of an ass clown on the interviews all the time.

  137. He should be.

    They keep fining him for virtually nothing. They were going to suspend him for wearing gold cleats (!) But yet they won’t do anything to Brady or the Patriots for cheating (again).

  138. ecniner says:
    Jan 23, 2015 6:08 AM
    Follow the rules like everyone else then. You are not above it.

    Rules? Fair play? With the deflated balls (sham) “investigation” going on? You really want to go there?

  139. Our world has become a place where the many who know nothing seems as important as those who are the experts. Everyone is an expert now. See all of the above as evidence

  140. If he would have just deflated his balls first, then this would be a non-issue. No fine, No punishment, Just ask Tom Brady.

    You can cheat, You can drop F bombs on Live Television (again ask Tom Brady), just don’t grab your package.

  141. I’d like to thank the disturbingly large number of “commenters” on here who have so clearly demonstrated what is wrong with this country:

    1) Jumping to conclusions based on a previous and biased opinion of a subject;

    2) Utter lack of reading comprehension (or just plain lazy);

    3) An astounding amount of hypocrisy;

    4) Inability to connect their own actions to the perceived bad actions of another: To wit, all the comments about why Lynch should quit his high-paying job even though those “fans” are the ones paying his salary.

    If you think Lynch should quit because his employer “embarrasses” him perhaps YOU should stop watching a game that so clearly upsets your fragile feelings! In any event, thanks for the laughs.

  142. It’s crazy how sensitive you football fans are, getting your feelings hurt because someone grabs themselves during a game. It’s really not that big of a deal, maybe you should find a more sensitive sport for yourselves to watch…

  143. truprof says:
    Jan 23, 2015 11:35 AM
    Not too embarassed to cash his paychecks! Seattle fans are getting embarassed at your childish behavior!


    As a longtime Seattle fan, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t speak for Seattle fans. Please see the report that fans launched a petition on Marshawn’s behalf to allow him to not speak to the media, if he so chooses.

    That aside – isn’t this what everyone should hope for from their team? Sticking up for their teammates? Acting as one unit? I think it’s commendable that he has chosen to speak against an obvious wrong call. He doesn’t complain about the fines against him. He may appeal them (be real, you would too), but he pays his fines when they are warranted.
    He gets lit up on these boards for not speaking up. Now he’s getting lit up for actually saying something. Make up your minds. In the meantime, let Shawn do Shawn.

  144. Well guess what Marshawn, you can always quit… I cant stand that whole team. Im not a Patriots fan but I am for this game GO PATS !!!

  145. Way too go NFL putting more attention on his junk, fine him and move on doesnt have to be put out there so we all can have our good or bad comments about it. How be deglamorizing the bad stuff and put show the good.

  146. What a misleading headline. Did you guys not read his tweet? He isn’t talking about HIS fine, he is talking about how Lockette was fined for shaking his hand after. Good god people…

  147. The majority of commenters aren’t listening to what he said. Comment on your own thoughts about his crotch grab somewhere else. This post and his tweet were about his teammate being fined for a “crotchgrab” that no one can seem to prove even happened. And that is an issue worth being concerned about.

  148. I’m embarrassed to be a fan of the NFL. The problem is that I’m addicted to football and I just can’t stop watching.

  149. On another note, Lynch is the man. The way he ran against the Packers was amazing. I was going for the packers all game, but the last 5 minutes, I can tell he wanted it bad. That dude turned into a Beast!

  150. Its crazy that he would get suspended for wearing gold cleats but the patriots played with footballs that gave them a competitive edge and nothing will happen to them. Protect that shield Roger.

  151. Of all stars in the NFL, this is the one that so clearly has no other skill that would earn him a paycheck. If you’re embarrassed, retire after the Super Bowl. See how long your money lasts.

  152. You people just amaze me. He’s an excellent running back. He does that well. I understand his struggles with a bunch of microphones being stuck in his face, knowing his words are going to be taken out of context. That’s one issue, and a separate one from the crotch grab.

    If him grabbing his crotch (a fairly routine maneuver for any guy who wears proper safety equipment on the field) offends you, take a few deep breaths, have another glass of chardonnay, and wipe the running mascara off your face.

    The Patriots actually modified game balls that could actually affect the outcome of the game. That offends me. You can disagree with that if you want, but you’ll be wrong.

  153. As a fellow person that has a speech impediment (stuttering)I understand why Lynch is frustrated,however Rules are rules and he knew this going into it! To his defense though he has done the interviews even if it’s 1 word answers!

  154. Do you people only read headlines? He is talking about Chris Matthews being fined for shaking his hand. Wow. The intelligence on this site is astounding.

  155. Anyone who’d shake the hand of some idiot who just grabbed his crotch is too dumb to be trusted with money anyway.
    And I’m sure Burger King is hiring Marshawn if you want to have it your way.

  156. can’t understand the super importance of talking to the media, which always takes thing out of context. take to the owners they claim to have all of the answers.

  157. I heard that Marshawn Lynch was only fined $2,000.00.That is a joke.Small fines mean nothing to football players,who are disrespectful and play dirty.He should be made to sit out of the Super Bowl.Maybe that would get his attention.He is a high paid professional athlete.Act like one,or don’t be allowed to play.I blame the NFL for lack punishment.

  158. LOL. Some of these comments are hilarious.


    Why? Because he has the nerve to question the actions of his ’employer’? He isn’t the first to take issue with the league and their actions under this comissioner. The problem is that too many players are silent and just happy to cash checks. I don’t care for the crotch-grabbing, but in the big scheme of things, nobody dies as a result. No animals are harmed, wives beaten, or competitive advantage gained.

    And if he wants to speak out against the commish, more power to him. I don’t care if you can’t grab your crotch at work or speak out against your employer. Lynch doesn’t work where you work. Go sit in your cubicle and take whatever crap they throw at you. He plays a collision sport at a high-collision position. One of the downsides, is a short career. One of the upsides, is the freedom to express discontent with the very league that mays his job possible.

    Instead of crying about stupid stuff like media avoidance and crotch-grabbing, roll up your sleeves, slick your hair back, march into your boss’s office and demand that raise.

  159. Didn’t realize this was a Seattle fanboy sausage party. Obviously it hurts your tender feelings when a player on your team is spoken of without the same unconditional love you have for him.

  160. Wow, a bunch of sheep on this board. “Quit then.” “Go find a better job.” “Be a slave to your master…” “Don’t question authority.” “Shut up and play, you have no other purpose in life other than to please the NFL ownership…”

    Really? Is this how America works now? That sucks.

    It’s funny, but I bet Marshawn could go out there on SBS and cheat like crazy and the NFL wouldn’t do a damn thing. But wear a different color pair of shoes? Celebrate a touchdown? No effin’ way, man! That’s UN-AMERICAN.

    Honestly, I’m worried that the winning team is going to be fined for lifting the Lombardi Trophy too high when they get it. If they’re not careful, they’ll lose a couple of draft picks and won’t be able to wear their own clothes during the off season.

  161. He gets fined and suspended (or threatened with one) for shoes and gestures.

    The Patriots get slapped on the wrist for cheating. It’s a damn joke.

    Goodell needs to be fired ASAP, he’s an idiot and he’s ruining the game of football…and the greatest league in the world, that people like Ralph Wilson, Lamar Hunt, Wellington Mara, Lamar Hunt and guys of their ilk, spent their ENTIRE LIVES building.

    It’s a disgrace. He’s an embarrassment.

  162. He is embarrassed to “work” for the NFL. But apparently he will wants that money. Can’t have it both ways…and btw, you are both fined another$50K.

  163. I agree with another poster who said Marshawn got hosed by media early in his career.

    But, rather than fight them this way and come off in a negative light, I’d like to see him turn his media access obligation into something positive – he apparently does a lot of good work with his Fam 1st Family Foundation. Maybe he could plug the foundation or even have someone associated with the foundation present during some interviews.

    Also I would prefer he not grab his crotch on television when my 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter may be watching the game. It is crude and disrespectful to all people, not just Roger Goodell.

    I admire his resolve and his talent, as well as his giving back to the community, but a little more maturity would increase his impact on the community he serves 100 fold.

  164. piscataquis007 says: Jan 23, 2015 10:10 AM

    He’s not too embarrassed to collect that paycheck though right?

    Mindless Ape.


    Let me guess, you think the rules for the Pats and the rules for the rest of the league should be “separate but equal”.

  165. NFL is a joke and always will be till that greedy money grubbing clown is GONE!!

    yes Goodell he fines players over the lamest stuff then puts it in his pocket..

    HE will be the demise of the NFL. allowing team to cheat for profit.

    doods a joke, a guy doesn’t want to speak with the media he doesn’t want to speak, so many players DON’T!

    yet goodell see’s if as another way to pick pocket a player. LAME

    so sad zero integrity in this league anymore and it starts at the top

  166. yadda yadda yadda, listen to all the haders who if they had ANY sense of MORALS, INDIVIDUALISM, PERSONALITY and so on they would FELL EMBARRASSED to be a fan of this SHAM

    the NFL is FLEECING society as we speak, even those who have nothing to do with football, they don’t watch it they don’t go to games NOTHING, they too are being RIPPED off because of all the money they have to spend in commodities from corporations who spend BILLIONS sponsoring this league

    its one thing to get money from the public and spend it in an HONORABLE MANNER, that doesn’t make those who have money taken from them that have NOTHING to do with the program feel so bad cuz its being use for a good cause, but when it goes to a LOT of thieving lying BUMMS?

    shameful! the NFL needs to get itself SQUARED away and stop STEALING from players and the PUBLIC while they feed everyone lies and sham after sham doing so!

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