Raiders hire Todd Downing as quarterbacks coach

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The Raiders have a new quarterbacks coach to work with Derek Carr heading into Carr’s second NFL season.

The team has yet to make a formal announcement that they’ve hired Todd Downing to fill the role, but Downing’s agent Ken Sarnoff spilled the beans on Twitter on Thursday night.

Downing spent the 2014 season working with EJ Manuel in Buffalo and the hope would certainly be that Carr’s second year goes better than 2014 went for Manuel, who was benched early in the season in favor of Kyle Orton. Downing came to Buffalo at the same time as former Bills defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who brought Downing to Detroit when he became the Lions head coach in 2009.

Downing has never worked with Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, but he did get his first NFL job with the Vikings when incoming Raiders offensive line coach Mike Tice was the head coach in Minnesota.

19 responses to “Raiders hire Todd Downing as quarterbacks coach

  1. He finally has a good QB to work with.

    EJ Manual has to be the worst “QB” in the last 10 years easy.

  2. “The worst QB is the last 10 years easy” had a QB and passer rating than Derek Carr. Better complete %, better average per attempt.

  3. Anyone who suggests that EJ Manuel is better than Derek Carr…based solely on stats…needs to turn in all their football gear and start watching baseball.

    Not. Even. Close.

  4. I don’t know much about this hire. He seems to have been with Stafford in the years mechanics became the question so I’m a little on the fence but we’ll see.

    That said, I think he’ll have time to really build Carr due to the running game he’ll have around him.

    Murray is young, fast and physical and Musgrave, while struggling in the QB dept, has coordinated some serious running games.

    We went 3-3 over the last 6 weeks of the season. In those 6 weeks we had 610 yards rushing compared to 630 over the first 10 weeks.

    I think we’ll see the Raiders build the rest of this offense thru the line, to the RB’s and then out to TE’s and WR’s. Get everything in front of Derek solid and coach him up. Get him a legit TE and fire up this running game and watch out…Derek is the real deal.

  5. This is almost as important as getting the draft right.

    The Raiders organization has never been known for it’s development of homegrown QB talent. Carr is a very special talent that you build a franchise around. His individual coach and support is as damn near important as the head coach.

    I am not so sure that I am getting any warm fuzzy feelings on this staff. This is beginning to remind me of the Mike White Joe Bugle days.

  6. This guy has a lot to prove. Manuel has done absolutely NOTHING and he’s also a young guy, like Carr. This makes me a little nervous.

  7. This article should have mentioned the 4 years he coached Stafford which yielded one of his most productive seasons in his career,

  8. @truedirk i agree with the above poster, if youre looking at only stats (selective ones at that) to judge whos a better qb, then youre whats wrong with football fans.

    and btw, ej has a better QB rating and completion %? seriously?

    ej had a 77.7 qb rating and 58.8% completion his rookie year

    carr had a 76.6. qb rating and 58.1% completion his rookie year.

    yeah, ej’s stats are far superior his rookie year than DC’s. manuel at least had an explosive running attack that gave defenses something to think about, as can be seen by him averaging far fewer attempts per game, and as a result, probably helping his Y/A as he had better lanes to throw.

    raiders rushing attack was poor until they started latavius murray, as a result derek carr chucked the ball over 600 times, an absurd number for a rookie. with defenses keying in on the pass no wonder his Y/A is so low, and yet, because hes a smart and good QB, his TD/INT ratio is very impressive (21/12).

    you got a lot to learn about this game truedirk.

  9. Lol I love how Raider fans think Carr is such a stud. He had a couple of decent games at home towards the end of the year, and I mean decent, not good. Now all of a sudden he’s the “truth” and “legit” and so much better than all the other QB’s taken the last couple of years.

    Why? Please, tell me. I’m not saying he doesn’t have potential, but he’s shown nothing more than anyone else from the last several years, with the exception of Luck, Wilson & Griffin did in their rookie years.

    I mean, seriously, the list of QB’s who showed promise in a couple of good games as a rookie who bottomed out shortly thereafter is endless. EJ, the one everyone on here is bashing, is a prime example.

  10. I’m feeling kinda like “raiderinva”. There are lots of very good coordinators and assistants out there, and we’re reaching for inferior retreads. This job, with the Raiders sporting 70 million dollars in cap space, should be an easy sell to most anyone out there. We shouldn’t “settle” for less than the best available.

  11. JaMarcus Russell’s first full season as a starter: 15 games, 5 wins, 77.1 QB rating, 8 INTs.

    Derek Carr’s first full season as a starter: 16 games, 3 wins, 76.6 QB rating, 12 INTs.

  12. humb0lt says: Jan 23, 2015 3:11 PM

    JaMarcus Russell’s first full season as a starter: 15 games, 5 wins, 77.1 QB rating, 8 INTs.

    Derek Carr’s first full season as a starter: 16 games, 3 wins, 76.6 QB rating, 12 INTs.
    San Diego: 49 Super Bowls. 0 for 49.

  13. humbolt is the biggest raiders fan I’ve personally ever seen and I sat in the black hole when jerry rice was wearing the silver and black. Derek Carr will accomplish more in his career than Phillip Rivers, don’t believe me just watch.

  14. This coaching staff re-shuffle is staying true to the Raiders form that has netted 11 straight losing seasons.

    Unbelievable that they can continue hired coaches with a track record of mediocrity and think that results will be any different.

    “Here we go again.” As soon as they fall behind in their opener. As soon as they lose a close game. The organization (and the lame duck coaching staff) will collapse back into the only thing they know – mediocrity.

    Is it too early to start scouting the 2016 top 5 draft picks?

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