Tom Benson says he feels “Great, just like a 50-year-old”


Saints owner Tom Benson told a television station that he feels great, his first comments since the unusual unfolding of him cutting some family members off.

The 87-year-old Benson told WVUE Fox 8 — which he owns along with the Saints and the NBA Pelicans — that he was heading into the office to work, as he said in yesterday’s statement.

After joking with the reporter about being “out here in this bad weather,” Benson laughed that he was feeling fine.

Great. Just like a 50-year-old. How ’bout that huh? Can’t beat that deal,” he said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I’ll put in a good day’s work, for a good day’s pay.”

Asked what he planned to do, Benson replied: “We’re getting ready for the season. It starts now, you know, the football season. We’ve still got the Pelicans and they have to go a long way, so it’s quite busy. That’s why I’m here instead of being on my boat.”

With that, his wife Gayle thanked the reporter and drove away.

Benson created a stir when he announced that he was taking away future control of his assets from his daughter and grandchildren and transferring them to his current wife. They in turn sued him, claiming he wasn’t competent to do so, in a bizarre suit that claims his Gayle Benson is manipulating him, including the claim that she’s feeding him mainly candy, ice cream soda and red wine. He in turn issued a statement saying he was perfectly capable of handling his own affairs, and that he’d fight the lawsuit.

This story has all the makings of a classic Southern novel, full of family dysfunction and big money and politics.

But if it was fiction, I’m not sure anyone would believe it.