Romo is pressing Jerry to re-sign DeMarco and Dez


Tony Romo wants Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray to remain in Dallas. Jerry Jones knows that.

Romo made sure Jones knows the importance of re-signing the Cowboys’ top wide receiver and top running back. Romo told KESN-FM that he’s been talking to Jones “pretty consistently” about re-signing both.

“I think everybody understands how great these guys are and how lucky we are to have them,” Romo said, via the Dallas Morning News. “Any time you get talented guys where you can put more than two on one side of the ball, you get three, four, if you’re lucky enough to ever get five, it’s one of those things where if you can put a group like that together you can make a run and be very difficult for teams to deal with for years. I think that’s what you’re trying to build ultimately is to have sustained success. We have an opportunity to have that.”

Romo didn’t say anything about taking a pay cut to help the Cowboys fit both Bryant and Murray under the salary cap, but one of the things that will help create some cap space is if Romo restructures his contract, as he’s expected to do. Jones is still hoping he can build a Super Bowl team with Romo at the helm, and so Jones would be willing to push some of Romo’s cap hit to future years if that helps the Cowboys win now.

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  1. Yeah Romo put your money where your mouth is. Will be interesting to see just if/how his contract is restructured.

  2. They can only fit so many mega contracts under the cap. Romo and Tyron Smith got paid, so I can’t see two more offensive players breaking the bank.

  3. The Reigning Executive of the Year will find a way to sign both players, you can count on that.
    Tony is Jerry’s Golden Boy and he will make sure his franchise QB is happy.
    More reason to fear the Star. #DC4L #WinLoseOrTie

  4. If the Cowboys were smart they would let Demarco Murray leave and spend the money on defense. Murray had over 400 carries this season and we’ve seen the Jamal Anderson, Larry Johnsons, etc of the past. Let someone else overpay for Demarco Murray and get 1 more good season out of him. Behind that offensive line they can plug someone in who doesn’t fumble as much and may not be quite as good & explosive but still very solid.

  5. Romo: Boss, you gotta sign both Dez and Murray. We need ’em.
    Jones: Fine. Just give me back around 10-15 million of what I gave you.
    Romo: With that o-line we can get similar production in the running game from somebody else.

  6. Salary cap is why the NFL is so watered down, Dallas built this team ready for a Super Bowl run right through the draft, only to possibly lose Murray to free agency.

  7. Time to put his money where his mouth is.

    Take a pay cut if he wants them back so badly. Big qb contracts are ruining teams

  8. Demarco got used up last year. History tells us a RB that totes a load like he just did does not ever bounce back to that status. Dez is a no brainer pay the man but I think letting Demarco walk and getting Melvin Gordon would be a good option.

  9. Romo will restructure. He will restructure, to a ten year contract. /the Breakdown:
    2015-2019…16 mil per year
    2020…………20 mill per year
    2021-2025…125 mill per year, guaranteed only
    if on active roster on day of first game.
    Total contract value: $725 mill
    Highest paid player in history of league.

  10. Why would they let De Marco go, great RB, Yeah the offensive line is good, but it doesnt mean that putting any Tom, Dick or Harry behind that line will produce consistent results. The guys behind Murray wont last the full season, and also to the QB its like a comfort zone knowing who is running the rock.

  11. Without DeMarco, Romo and Jerry know they’ll be back at 8 & 8. That’s what that team has been since 1997, 50% wins and 50% losses. DeMarco takes the heat off of Romo so he doesn’t make those mistakes that insure a 8 – 8 season.

  12. There are too many C.J. Anderson-types out there (and the Cowboys may already one or two on their roster) to pay Murray big money, when 1). they could use that money to help fix other areas and 2). their offensive line could help any number of backs gain 1,300 meaningful yards.

    I think Murray had an elite year. I don’t he’s an elite player.

    Just my opinion……….I could be wrong.

  13. I think, like in 2007, this was the year for the boys to get it done and they fell short. Unfortunately Jones is going to have to make a few tough decisions and the team’s talent will suffer for it. They should be a playoff team again next year but I dont see them as a realistic SB threat. In the NFL you better strike when the iron’s hot….just ask the niners.

  14. Romo is right. The Cowboys could roll the dice and try to replace Dez or DeMarco via the draft or free agency but the key is finding players that fit.

    They have players who might be 1st string on some of the lower 16 teams, 2nd string on the top 28 and fighting for roster spots on the top 4. They have more potential than talent than talent or size key but they have learned to play as a unit. This team has character.

  15. This just in, breaking news:

    It’s not just Romo, it’s a league wide issue, quarterbacks across the NFL will be pressing to get their best weapons re signed for next year. What else is Romo supposed to say honestly? Why wouldn’t a quarterback press to keep guys that make their job easier?

  16. WR is the most plentiful position every draft. There are plenty of good WRs playing in the NFL who were drafted in rounds 3-7 and also some good ones that didn’t even get drafted. Dez can be replaced. Murray is a special RB, but with that OLine, the Cowboys don’t need a special RB. There are also good RBs that were drafted after the first round. It all comes down to good scouting. Look at the Seahawks and Patriots rosters and see how they acquired their guys. Teams that scout and draft well every year, stay on top, regardless of picking later in each round. If you don’t scout well, you have to open up your wallet, and with the salary cap, that will only get you so far. There is no salary cap on scouts.

  17. If Jerry signs them both, it will put them in Cap Hell for the next several years.They don’t have much cap space to start with. Throw $20m at these two guys and you are $10-$15m over the cap. Stretch it out over the years and down the rabbit hole you go. If the plan is to make one more run at a Lombardi and to Hell with the consequences, then go for it Jerry!

  18. restorativejusticeprogram says:

    Dez yes, DeMarco no.

    Unless you are the Colts, picking up a good RB behind that line should be no trouble.

    Emmitt had an even more dominant line and Murray beat his single season record. Jerry will sign both of them, all this speculation is almost laughable.

  19. The cowboys (no horse in that race) have a huge opportunity here. Their O-line can make any reasonable talent look great. Let demarco go, and get a good not great guy so he won’t break the bank; kinda like what the sea chickens do with D-linemen/secondary.

  20. He should restructure his contract to where it looks like he is taking less but really getting paid more like Brady. But then again since he isn’t Brady none of the sports networks would praise him like they do Brady.

  21. You guys who think RB is plug and play on dallas have some short term memories. They had a great OL in 07 and tried replacing barber based on plug and play theory and Felix jones blew up in their face. This giants fan prays that you don’t resign enmitt smith light.

  22. Restructure Room, sign Dez, let DeMarco walk, sign AP to team friendly contract. Draft all defense and maybe a tight end or RB. Live in cap hell for another 10 years… #Jerry’sWorld

  23. craigkintexas says:
    Jan 24, 2015 11:35 AM
    Without DeMarco, Romo and Jerry know they’ll be back at 8 & 8. That’s what that team has been since 1997, 50% wins and 50% losses. DeMarco takes the heat off of Romo so he doesn’t make those mistakes that insure a 8 – 8 season.

    12-4 is 50%. I would hate to see your checking account with those math skills.

    Jump jimmy, how to romo blow it in the playoffs this year? Your a fool

  24. Romo has 1 more career playoff win than Tebow despite 8 more years as starter! He stinks and I feel sorry for Cowboy fans being stuck with an affirmative action loser for 10 years.

  25. Demarco is a very good back but I’d rather see us give the ball to Randle and spend the money on defense.

  26. If Murray was younger and with ZERO injury history I would try to sign him…but he just had a career year and his first injury free year so to expect the same is risky for a 29 year old RB…roll with Randle/Dunbar and draft an RB from anywhere from 4th to 7th round as the position is deep in 2015 and the Dallas oline is really good.

    Then sign Dez for whatever as he helps to keep safties out the box for said Murray replacement RB. Easy Peasy.

  27. Maybe Dez and Demarco would prefer to play with a QB who actually wins in the playoffs ???

  28. Murray is not just another good running back. He is great and is motivated to be a Cowboy. Why take a chance hoping to save a few bucks with someone who may or may not be as good or fit into the chemistry of the team. Keep these guys and make a run at a SuperBowl. Money looks different when you have the trophy and rings!

  29. Link to the article where Romo said deflategate is overhyped because it involves the Patriots.

  30. Regardless if both players are back next season, the Cowboys will never smell playoff again. There will be another team that will win the east division. But Jerry wants to sign AP instead bc he knows AP is a ton better than Murray.

  31. They need to cut Brandon Carr. The dude is an average cornerback and he counts for more against their salary cap than any other player on the team. He’s easily replaceable through the draft.

  32. Their current cap # is rather prohibitive to getting both re-signed. In fact it’s pretty much impossible.

    If it were me I’d let Demarco walk…..RB’s have proven not to be worth their 2nd deal after their rookie contract. Dallas should be able to find a serviceable replacement in the draft to pair with Joseph Randle. That line can turn any mid tier RB into a pro bowler.

  33. no matter, Eagles own the division, and Johnny Football will be ? Cowturd QB in 2016

  34. @myfriendbobsmyknob the eagles own the division? Even if that was true it really doesn’t matter cause they have yet to own a Lombardi. And 700levelvet if Dallas is mediocre what does that make Philly? 12 combined Lombardis in the NFC east and not a single one is contributed by Philly. Hahaha even Washington has 3. Philly is such a joke as are their fans. Hell Trent Dilfer has more rings than the whole eagle organization so why are eagle fans even talking trash? I understand y’all are all hyped up over Chip Kelly and his joke of an offense but lets see how things turn out in the next few years when he throws away 2 years of high draft picks for one player who’s just as sorry as him. Again I say PHILLY IS A JOKE and more of an NFC east laughingstock than RG3.

  35. I’m surprised boys fans don’t recall the last DMurray was hurt. Randle had spelled DM with a few flashes of good runs, so all figured we don’t miss a beat and he could take over as full time back. Result was bad and we lost and weren’t same team without DMurray. Anybody with me here?

    I do agree we simply cannot majorly overpay though as Dline needs more firepower.

  36. Dez is a good receiver. Good not great. He also has an attitude problem and will cost the team some penalty’s next year as the NFL will most likely crack down on what refs are and are not calling. I mean Beasley put up better numbers than Dez (minus TD’s).
    Murray again a good running back with a fumbling problem. That O-Line will make any good RB look great.
    As a Dallas fan. I would say let them both walk. Bring in another good (cheaper) receiver and a young good RB (there are plenty).
    Spend the money where it is needed, DEFENSE. We are stuck with Romo for a couple more years so there isn’t much to say about that.

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