Narrow goal posts at the Pro Bowl look a little goofy

With the Pro Bowl about to kick off, PFT is coming to you live from University of Phoenix Stadium, and our first reaction to surveying the scene is this: The narrower goal posts look a little goofy.

One of the NFL’s many experiments with different rules at this year’s Pro Bowl is the narrowing of the goal posts from 18 feet across to 14 feet across, which the league hopes will make field goals and extra points more difficult, and therefore more interesting for the fans. On first glance, those posts look strange.

Two people who don’t like it are the two Pro Bowl kickers, Adam Vinatieri of the Colts and Cody Parkey of the Eagles.

Other people might enjoy that,” Vinatieri said. ”For me, I’m a traditionalist. Don’t change it unless it needs to be changed. The league has never been more successful. The fan base has never been greater. But the deciding powers are way above me.”

Added Parkey, “I don’t prefer it but it is what it is,. It’s going to be way harder. It’s the kind of situation where there are so many good kickers in the league that I guess made it look easy. They’ve got to find other ways to make it harder. No matter what it is, we’ll accept the challenge.”

There has been talk in the NFL of moving extra points farther back to make them more difficult, and there was an experiment with that last preseason. This year, perhaps the Pro Bowl experiment will be the first step toward making field goals and extra points harder by making the goal posts narrower. Even if the sight of those narrower posts takes some getting used to.

61 responses to “Narrow goal posts at the Pro Bowl look a little goofy

  1. Goodell is trying to tamper with field goals and extra points because they’re too “boring” but absolutely ruined the kickoff return, which used to be the most exciting play in football and a way to seize momentum back after giving up a score. Now it’s a miracle if the returner makes it out to the 20 sandwiched in between long commercial breaks.

  2. Yeah, make it harder to get a field goal in a meaningless game…and keep having it out in Hawaii where really no one can go anyway. This is better how?

  3. Baseball is always worried about tradition, that’s why it’s rules change slowly and not often. The NFL is getting to the point of farce with it’s increasingly insanely complicated rules that are now constantly changing year to year, sometimes actually during the season. They need to knock this off.

  4. The NFL could probably have a hot dog eating contest and that would get better viewership. I forgot it was even on…especially after such a deflating week.

  5. The fan base has never been greater.


    Hmm.. I seriously doubt that. Between Goodell horrendous job as commish and the officials embarrassing performance I lose more and more interest every week. I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s just not as exciting when you have Roger messing things up all week and on Sunday’s the rules are different for every game.

  6. Here’s how the NFL makes the Pro Bowl at least a little bit interesting:
    1. Hold it in various NFL cities, rotating like the Super Bowl.
    2. Go back to NFC vs AFC, and the winner is the “home team” for the next Super Bowl..(coin toss, etc).
    3. Have it two weeks AFTER the Super Bowl so the best players will actually play. Announce Hall of Fame winners at halftime.

  7. NFL damaged the Pro Bowl with the elimination of the skills competition, players quit trying and the NFL can’t figure out what to do to rectify it. I don’t blame them, it’s a dead concept that has virtually no meaning any more at this point. I don’t care about the Pro Bowl anymore. Thanks, NFL.

  8. Goofier than a sting operation against a HOF QB and HOF coach that compromised the AFC Championship game?

  9. And to canadians having the goalposts at the back of the end zone looks goofy, that’s how things that are different typically look in sports at first.

  10. If a narrow goalpost falls at the pro bowl and nobody is watching it, does it make a sound?

  11. Get rid of the Pro Bowl.

    AFC vs NFC Championship games.

    Winners advance to the Superbowl

    Losers play in Runner Up Bowl in place of the
    Pro Bowl Game.

  12. Why have a game anyway. The NFL and the NFL should do away with their awful all-star games and just have some kind of fan friendly convention.

  13. If they want to make kicking field goals/extra points harder, keep them the same width and put a crossbar on top forcing them to kick it inside the “box”. The shorter kicks like extra points become harder and the 50+ yard bombs are unaffected. No more controversy when the ball sails straight over an upright either.

  14. Whoever takes over after Goodell will be guaranteed to be the most popular commissioner in history. Just undo everything Goodell did and he’ll be a fan fave.

  15. 2 min warning after all quarters?? lol.. Guess they need more commercial break.. This game is funnier than watching Dumb&Dumber..Total comedy

  16. The narrow fgs are weird but what ever. The worst change is no blitzing. That’s just dumb. What are the lbs supposed to do have a tea party? Lbs have to be on the field but really are only there for run support. In a game where no one runs. Godell is an idiot!!!!

  17. @bucsorbust, the game is being played at the University of Phoenix stadium…you know…the same stadium as the Super Bowl this year….in Glendale…Arizona….clod.

  18. The whole ‘Team Irving vs Team Carter’ garbage only further made the meaningless Pro Bowl even more irrelevant.

  19. I like the narrow goal posts to encourage going for it.

    I don’t like that combined with a 35yd XP. Awkward that a 28 YD FG is worth more. I know there were some 19yd FGs too but they were more rare.

  20. The answer is simple. Don’t narrow the posts. Raise them up. Raise the crossbar up to 15 feet instead of 10.

    Think of how many 50+ yard FGs just barely clear that crossbar. If it’s raised up to 15 feet, you will reduce the range of most kickers.

    The problem isn’t the accuracy. It’s the range. The game was never intended that you could score points from the 40 yard line (57 yard FG).

  21. No matter what you do, people are going to complain it’s wacky. No matter what, it’s going to take some getting used to…

    There is one solution that leaves FGs as-is, as many of us prefer… one that has a direct and exclusive affect on PATs… and one that still allows a botched PAT to be turned into a 2-point conversion…

    Dual posts.

    Just install the skinny posts @ 14 feet as an addition to the current ones.

  22. Keep it simple NFL, just make the goal posts in a big circle with paper across it. If the ball goes through the hole and paper, it’s a Field Goal or PAT.

    You keep screwing with the game for no reason.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  23. The Pro Bowl is, by far, the WORST all-star game in professional sports.

    No one wants to play.
    No one wants to get injured.
    No one has enough time to learn any kind of offense/defense.

    A complete waste of time.

    The whole thing should be replaced by a skills competition, fastest 40/100 yd dash, weight lifting, passing accuracy, obstacle course, etc. Like the old “Superstars” competition of the 70s/80s.

    That, I would love to watch.

  24. Loving the goalpost change, anything to put less emphasis on the kicker, now the second most important player on the team after QB.
    My idea, keep the uprights at 14.5 or raise the crossbar higher, and put the XPs and 2 pt conv at 10 yard line, anything to make comebacks less likely to occur.

  25. Loving the goalpost change, anything to put less emphasis on the kicker, now the second most important player on the team after QB.
    My idea, keep the uprights at 14.5 or raise the crossbar higher, and put the XPs and 2 pt conv at 10 yard line, anything to make comebacks less likely to occur. yup

  26. Oh oh another scandal in New England. The patriots have a narrow set of goal posts on there practice field behind Gillette stadium . They have had them since they built new stadium . They have an unfair advantage #goalpostgate2016

  27. I really wish people would stop watching this stupid, meaningless, no-one-cares football game. That way the ratings will plummet and it will go away for good.

  28. Fan base is up because of the ubiquitous nature of fantasy football, not football interest itself. The greatest invention to increase viewership has been the fantasy game. People now watch blowouts because of their players, whereas before the game would be flipped off when the outcome was decided.
    The problem is that Goodell’s tampering will seem like the reason for increased ratings, and unfortunate he and the NFL will continue to do so because they won’t connect the dots.
    Fewer flags and simpler penalty rules are what the NFL needs, not more idiotic rules for which a flag gets thrown every third play.

  29. give teams 3 points for crossing the 15 yard-line, 4 more for scoring a TD

    and get rid of place kicking. never liked games hinging on fake fb players

  30. Make teams go for their conversion (either kick or run/pass) from the hash mark where the team scored. If running back scores along the left sideline, the conversion has to be attempted from the left hash, just as if it were a run to the 1, the next scrimmage play would be on that hash.

    Also, put a cross bar higher up on the goal post too, make it like a “goal box” that the kicker has to put it through.

  31. hows about a break mid way thru the game for a poopsie ?
    Did really like the idea about cross bars top and bottom
    ( a box ) something to think about…

  32. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. That’s what I do. But it doesn’t bother me they still have it. Can’t understand why people are mad that they play this game, it makes no sense to be mad about it. Just don’t watch.

  33. Belichick had a good idea. Count a touchdown as 7 points and forget the extra point. If a team wants an extra point they have to run a play. If successful, it’s 8 points.
    Move the kickoff back to the 30 yard line so the return is a part of the game. If player safety is the reason for doing kickoffs like now, simply put the ball on the 20 yard line after a touchdown. That way, the NFL rosters could shrink because you don’t need extra players for special teams.
    I’d keep the goalposts as they are now, but if a field goal is made from 50 yards or beyond it would count for 4 points.

  34. What about 18 ft field goals on each side of the end zone. That’d be a little tricky, huh? A fg from the 2 would have to be curved in or snapped back 10-15 yards just to have a chance.

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