Report: Raheem Morris expected to be Falcons defensive coordinator

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The Falcons are believed to be waiting for the Seahawks to finish the Super Bowl so that they can go ahead and hire Seattle defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as their next head coach, but that hasn’t stopped them from moving forward with other coaching moves.

They’ve decided on Kyle Shanahan as their next offensive coordinator and they may be moving forward with his defensive counterpart as well. Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that the Falcons have set up an interview with Redskins defensive backs coach Raheem Morris and that the expectation is that Morris will take the position.

Morris interviewed for the coordinator job in Washington as well as the one with the Giants, but both teams went in other directions with their ultimate hire. Morris has never been a coordinator at the pro level, although working under Quinn wouldn’t be quite a full coordinator role because Quinn is expected to still call the defensive plays.

Morris played for Hofstra when Quinn was an assistant and then joined him on the coaching staff at the Long Island school before both men moved on for other jobs. Morris and Shanahan were both on the same Washington staff in 2012 and 2013.

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  1. Josh, Rah was a DC briefly in Tampa before he was promoted to HC. Yes he didn’t call any plays and it was short lasting, but technically he was DC for a short period.

  2. He isn’t serious enough. I’m sorry but the meddling owner of the Falcons better wade back into this decision. Blank has to remember that awful Tampa defense that just simply quit in Morris’ final season. Promote Brian Cox before you make this kid, who hasn’t proven to be a good leader yet, his boss. Morris can’t stand up to Cox.

  3. Ehhh….. After he came to Washington as D-Backs Coach, it sure seemed that the defensive backfield got worse, not better…. Could be personnel to an extent, not just coaching, but the results on Sundays were pretty plain to see…. I’m glad the Redskins let him go.

  4. It appears most of the above commenters can’t read very well. Quinn will still call defensive plays and I think his Seahawks’ D’s have been ok. Morris will have the DC title but not the usual responsibilities.

    And coltzfan166… do you honestly think Quinn wasn’t consulted on the DC hire? You must’ve just fallen off the turnip truck.

  5. Ndamukong Suh will enjoy Morris for the multi-year Super Bowl championships ahead. All hail The Mighty Quinn & the forthcoming Regime Of Dominance. Matty Ice Hall of Famer.

  6. If there’s any positive to be taken out of this it’s that the personnel will finally fit the system, rather than having defensive tackles drop into coverage. Mike Nolan insisted on force feeding this idea

  7. Man if I were Quinn, I’d tell Alt. that I hire my own people, and to just take me off the list!! What guy wants to coach a team made up by the owner ?? Quinn, either stay in Seattle, or look for another…. on your terms.

  8. Not sure Morris can be blamed much for the secondary in DC. Just look at the “talent” he had to work with. A way past his prime Ryan Clark? EJ Biggers? Phillip Thomas? The scrub list goes on and on.

  9. Bman69
    Man if I were Quinn, I’d tell Alt. that I hire my own people, and to just take me off the list!! What guy wants to coach a team made up by the owner ?? Quinn, either stay in Seattle, or look for another…. on your terms.

    Do you honestly think Quinn didn’t tell them who he would like to have on his staff in the 2nd interview? That interview was less an interview and more of a handshake and a ok who’s on your list of coordinators we can hire before they are hired by other clubs. Interview! Come on use logic. No team is going to actually hire coordinators before a HC without said head coaches approval first

  10. Uh, Quinn is under contract with the Seahawks. The Falcons CANNOT talk to him about ANY of this. Wow!

  11. Morris had ups and downs as a head coach in Tampa. Let’s not forget the success. He took a totally talent depleted roster with 8 starting rookies, Josh Freeman as the QB, 47 year old Ronde Barber as the best defensive player and he won 10 games with them when the pundits all agreed they’d win 3.

    He was a young man, and in any job there is a learning curve. I thought he showed good character throughout his time in Tampa. He never dodged the media even when the team was going through the lowest points and faced the music like a man. I became his fan by this.

  12. Raheem Morris IS Dan Quinn’s guy. They coached together and share the same Tampa-2 defensive scheme that Seattle uses. Look for Bryan Cox to stay on staff, probably as a LB coach and Travis Jones (DL coach) and Marquand Manuel (DB coach) to come with him from Seattle.

  13. Raheem will love the bars and nightlife in Atlanta..plenty of places to go out and drink w/his players…but he cannot coach.

  14. good riddance! he is an awful coach! can’t see why anybody would want him as anything,much less a DC.

  15. Morris is an awful coach. Besides his players quitting on him in Tampa, they didn’t respect him one bit. They pretty much did what they wanted to do. Glad he’s in ATL.

  16. This article reads that Morris has “never had coordinator experience at any level” without mentioning he has experience as a former head coach. Is this reporting or a commentary?

  17. bman69 says:
    Jan 25, 2015 1:21 PM
    Man if I were Quinn, I’d tell Alt. that I hire my own people, and to just take me off the list!! What guy wants to coach a team made up by the owner ?? Quinn, either stay in Seattle, or look for another…. on your terms.

    Do you honestly believe that Quinn isn’t making these hires?

  18. As a Bucs fan, I’m thrilled with this hire! I’m just wondering which bars in the Greater ATL. area where Youngry will be taking the players to drink & party on Saturday nights during the season. ANOTHER home run by Artie Blank. lol

  19. thefox61 says:
    Jan 25, 2015 1:47 PM

    Uh, Quinn is under contract with the Seahawks. The Falcons CANNOT talk to him about ANY of this. Wow!
    The only thing that they are prohibited from doing is talking contract.

  20. You all know Dan Quinn is the one that wants Raheem Morris right? He coached Morris at Hofstra in the 90’s.

  21. LOL! Oh, well, hope their HC is a strong defensive mind. Raheem is great guy, and player’s coach you might say. Which didn’t do a thing for discipline in the locker room down in Tampa.

  22. Well, Raheem Morris definitely earned a look at DC based on his performance in Washington. For example, he hired some former Bucs who were constantly suspended, helping the Bucs rate the worst pass D in the league. They went on to give Washington the worst pass D and also got suspended again. As a Bucs fan, I hope Raheem can do for the Falcons what he did for the Bucs and Washington.

  23. As a REDSKINS fan, I say you can have him. Why would the Falcons make him a D coach after seeing what he did with the REDSKINS defense. Good luck with that Falcon fans

  24. @cheapglazers:

    Raheem was NEVER coach of the year and he was HC for three full years. His top draft picks in those years: Josh Freeman, Gerald McCoy, Roy Miller, Adian Clayborn, Brian Price, Daquan Bowers. Out of all them only McCoy has worked out with the Bucs, one was not in the NFL last year (Freeman), and two more probably won’t be in the NFL this year unless as a backup/special teams player. I’m thrilled Raheem is with the Falcons.

  25. As a Redskins fan, all I can say is good riddance. Morris is a horrible coach – the DBs have gotten worse under him, and this year they were pathetic. They couldn’t cover, couldn’t tackle, and were constantly out of position to make plays.

    Another Bruce Allen hire bites the dust.

  26. Dan Quinn is the one who is the one who is making the choices, it has been widely reported that he wanted he wanted Mike Shanahan and Raheem Morris to be Coordinators when he got a HC job.

  27. vancouversportsbro says:
    Jan 25, 2015 4:34 PM

    Why are they hiring these lame duck coordinators before the coaches?

    First Kyle Shanahan, now this. Why not just let the coach choose them?

    That’s true. The Falcons are looking like the Redskins of 2008. And what if Dan Quinn changes his mind or something else unexpected happens?

  28. Dan Quinn must be planning to run the defense himself. One good thing, if they’re hiring Morris for DC, that’s one less coach Quinn will try to take from the Seahawks’ staff.

  29. Well, at least as a head coach, he had a better winning percentage against the Saints than Mike Smith and Greg Schiano combined

    Morris (vs NO) 3-3 .500
    M. Smith (vs. NO) 5-9 .357
    Schiano (vs. NO) 0-4 .000

  30. Raheem was doomed to fail in Tampa. The Glazers and Mark Dominik gave him NOTHING to work with. After Raheem was fired that’s when the league rule about spending 85% of the salary cap took effect and the Bucs have gone on free agency spending sprees every offseason but they’ve gotten worse since then from 7-9 to 4-12 and 2-14.

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