Brent Grimes’s wife goes off on the NFL


Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes played well in the Pro Bowl on Sunday, but he was not named the game’s Most Valuable Player. That has Grimes’s wife very unhappy.

As a result, Miko Grimes went off on an epic Twitter rant against the NFL on Monday afternoon, starting off with complaints about Grimes missing out on the Pro Bowl MVP award but then veering toward discussions of more serious issues like domestic violence and concussions.

Miko Grimes started by saying that she believes the reason Brent Grimes wasn’t named Pro Bowl MVP is that he took a day off from Pro Bowl practice to be with her while she had emergency oral surgery. Miko said Brent asked coach Jason Garrett for permission to miss the practice and that the permission was granted, but that the NFL was angry at Grimes and froze him out of the MVP award as a result.


Of course, it could just be that another Pro Bowler, J.J. Watt, also had an excellent game, and he was chosen as the defensive MVP as a result. But Miko Grimes sees something much more sinister at play. In a series of profane tweets, Miko Grimes lashed out at the NFL for what she sees as hypocrisy, and she said that she has information about violations of the league’s concussion policies.


Miko Grimes also wants fans to know that players’ contracts aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be, because players can be cut long before they earn the full value of their contracts.


And Miko Grimes is warning the NFL that if her husband isn’t treated properly, she’ll air the league’s dirty laundry.


Roger Goodell, you’ve been warned. You don’t want to get on Miko Grimes’s bad side.

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  1. How did JJ Watt have a good game? He had an INT but other than that didn’t do anything. D lineman usually don’t in the Pro Bowl.

    I think Grime’s wife is taking this a little too seriously but I have to say I agree with her.

  2. I wish the Dolphins had never signed him simply because the baggage that comes with his talent. My understanding is Atlanta fans were glad to see her go.

  3. Milo is the only reason I’m glad Brent was forced out of Atlanta. Whether she’s right or wrong, she’s an embarrassment of a person. She undermines any legitimate gripes she may have by being a hostile, shrill maniac.

    She needs to stick to her real talent. Making obscene birthday cakes.

  4. Robert Mueller has been retained to investigate the “Miko Grimes” revelations. A report of the findings will take a few months.

  5. I’m partial to say that I agree that Grimes 100 percent deserved that MVP of the pro bowl. Now I do disagree with her rants about it though. She should keep her mouth shut on it for sure. Being a Dolphins fan I don’t think he deserved it, I think he deserved it because of his stellar play on the field.
    It’s all about the face of the NFL and the image, and Watt is that guy. Grimes had a much better game especially with the rules in place.
    But part of me does like that finally someone is fighting back against the league. Dolphins were harassed big time with the RI issue and they were made an example of. I still think to this day the bullying etc goes on in EVERY locker room and that RI68 was blackballed when he is a much better OG then dozens of starters in the NFL.

  6. Athlete’s wives are fast becoming my least favorite demographic in the world …

  7. I think we may have located where all the missing air went to that was missing from the Pats footballs……………

  8. I love grimes happy he plays for my home team but if I knew about miko I wished he didn’t even sign with us. She says the stupidest things ever and is so rude to fans. I don’t understand how grimes can be with someone like her.

  9. I feel absolutely horrible that B&M Grimes will only earn $16m for working part of their contract.

    Whatever shall I do to help the Grimes family in their hour of need?

  10. The NFL keeps bullying the dolphins. Grimes clearly had the better day, tannehill is clearly better than Dalton and had a better year than Stafford, miller should have been in over Morris, but oh well, running your mouth about it only helps average players get noticed, like dick Sherman. Grimes has always been quiet and respectful and is known as one of the best athletes in the game, always has been underrated. Only cb better is revis.

  11. Lets get real here, your complaining about 16 million dollars, when there is people living under an over pass with a dime to their name, using a box for a wind break? Reality check time.

  12. Well it looks like Ted Wells has some ballots to examine after he wraps up his current project.

  13. Sorry Miko. Not for anything you tweeted about, but for having to watch the Pro-Bowl.

  14. Brent Grimes had a very good game. But anyone who says JJ Watt didn’t do anything clearly wasn’t paying much attention. Here’s the stat lines for both.

    Grimes: 3 Tackles, 5 Passes Defended, 1 Int for 0 yards

    Watt: 1 Tackle, 4 Passes Defended, 1 Int for 5 yards, 1 Fumble Recovery, 1 QB Hit

  15. Hours later she’s still going on. It’s some funny stuff really. There’s a very fundamental misunderstanding with her and NFL contracts. What his contract has to do with a Pro Bowl MVP is beyond me.

    She sounds like someone with little appreciation of how much money they are taking in right now. Can’t wait for the tweets on how unfair chapter 13 bankruptcy is.

  16. Great journalism. So FOX like. Grimes went off on a rant because the NFL decided not to pay him his bonus because he missed a workout to be with his wife, which, BTW, was approved by both the coach and the league. Now some hack reporter–see Michael David Smith–has everyone hating Grimes because hack reporter decided to twist the truth.

  17. This reminds me of a scene in Casino, where Nicky Santoro is getting harassed at the aiport after a trip. An officer is going through his luggage rather messily and Nicky’s wife his yelling at him. The officer glares at Nicky & says “don’t look at me, I’ve got to live with her”. Grimes has to saying the same thing.

  18. OMG, not getting the Pro Bowl MVP, this is a very serious problem – who knew the Pro Bowl gave out MVP awards. Don’t you have a charity or group you could be helping out. Get a life!

  19. Awesome, just awesome. Wait till somebody realizes she threatened the Furher Goodell in her last tweet. Hope Mr. Grimes has that pre-nup handy. He’s got a crazy one on his hands!

  20. I’ve met Miko and thought she was good people. Yeah, she’s not shy and says what’s on her mind but that just means she’s not one of those passive aggressive sheep. Wish she hadn’t taken that shot at the Dolphins tho. Things there are already tough enough.

  21. I think we may have located where all the missing air went to that was missing from the Pats footballs……………
    I’ve read some good stuff on here over the years, but I have to say that this is my favorite post on here ever.

    Well done, sir…….well done indeed.

  22. And I wondered why Brent was lobbying to play all 16 of his games on the road. Thought it was concussion syndrome…
    nope, turns out he has a very legit reason.

  23. Oh the horror!! ONLY $16,000,000.00?? How exactly has Mrs. Grimes contributed to her husband’s success? By staying classy in the stands, on birthday cakes, and now on Twitter??

  24. Say a little prayer for the Grimes family tonight.

    They have to make due on $32 million ($16 million guaranteed).

  25. I like having Brent Grimes on the team. His wife is an obnoxious and self-serving fool. One more? OK, no but she really needs to shut up and be thankful her husband is earning millions at his job that she bashes. We know she isn’t against spending his money. She is an embarrassment. I really feel bad for him if this is how she is on a daily basis.

  26. Chill out girl, Watt had an excellent game too. The MVP could have gone to either player.

    “Watt had a goal-line interception of the Detroit Lions’ quarterback, recovered a fumble charged to Stafford and had three swatted passes.” – NFL report.

    In a game where there was no blitzing.

  27. Those comments, and miko grimes, are embarrassing. And the kind of negativity she brings is only barely negated by her husbands stellar performance. That wears thin. Not a fan of her.

  28. To everyone talking smack about Miko you are judging a book by its cover. She is one of the coolest chicks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and she is one of those ride or die chicks that would do anything for Brent. He’s very lucky to have her and any one of you would be to. I didn’t watch the game but did see the INT and thought the play was outstanding. I don’t know if that warrents MVP but was pretty impressive in it self. The NFL is a shady buisiness and I’m sure she has tons of dirt on the league, maybe the league needs to quit running itself like ther’re mobsters from back in the day.

  29. @thekiller678 yea your right, a pick, fumble recovery, a sack, and 4 passes defensed(deflected) is better than an interception and otherwise average play from a cornerback. Lol hater

  30. She has a gripe…. Grimes interception and multiple break ups led to a win.

    I didn’t watch post game but I had the thought, they’ll probably give it to Watt, unfortunately…or maybe the nfl hasn’t showered Luke Keuchely with enough awards.

  31. I guess she wanted that car you get for being MVP can you say gold digger

    This guy is in some bad shape if he leaves her she will take the 16 Mil or what ever she has not spent yet

  32. I would be furious if my wife embarrassed me like this. All of her venom seems more like a pitch to get on the next real housewives, or nfl wives reality show. She has publicity stunt written all over her tacky self.

  33. It cracks me up how she thinks she can bring down a multi billion dollar organization with a tweet or whatever…. Some people are so ridiculously stupid, it’s not even funny…

  34. What a lunatic. Grimes should be embarrassed at this pathetic display.
    And yes, Yoko, or Miko, or whatever your name is, Grimes won’t make as much money as your greedy — would like because you just undermined his future prospects. Now everyone in the world knows BG comes with some serious baggage.

  35. 305phinphan says:

    To everyone talking smack about Miko you are judging a book by its cover. She is one of the coolest chicks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and she is one of those ride or die chicks that would do anything for Brent. He’s very lucky to have her and any one of you would be to.

    Sincerely, Miko Grimes

  36. Sally Struthers is going to be doing commercials for the Grimes family to raise money in their time of need…

  37. Like everyone doesnt know that NFL contracts rarely see their end before a extension or release…

    And i think the concussion issue is less on the NFL and more on the doctors… Is it NFL appointed doctors or team doctors on the sidelines running players through concussion protocol?

  38. Nothing worse than a loud mouth woman who THINKS her man was the best on the field. I’m guessing she wanted a new Escalade! She should probably shut her pie hole, if that’s eve possible, and stick to what she knows best, which is sitting on her a$$ all day and spending her hubby’s money!

  39. And this is why Twitter was invented: It’s an avenue for stupid people to instantly spout off nonsense about things they have no business talking about.

  40. As an aside, I would assume Mr. Grimes is already at least one year into his contract with Miami. As such, wouldn’t he have earned at least some portion of the contract that was not guaranteed? I would also assume, based on his Pro Bowl worthy performance this year, that he won’t be cut prior to the first game of the season, at which time the 2015 portion of his salary becomes guaranteed as a vested veteran. It would seem that Miko did not earn a degree in Accounting.

  41. Firing vulgar shots at the NFL, “leaking” locker-room / behind-closed-doors information about the Fins to the media, and picking childish fights with all kinds of people on the internet.

    I love watchin Brent do his thing, but Miko is one of the worst things to happen to the Fins in a long time, and that’s saying a lot considering all the bad things you could list.

  42. She should worry about giving the Patriots more competition, so they have to play an away playoff game.

    Brady would be much worse if he had to play an away playoff game. He would likely need a nip and “tuck” in order to win, especially now that he can’t secretly cheat with throwing an illegal ball.

  43. She may be right – but could have approached it differently. This just turns most people off when she could have had them on her side.

    She should be thrilled to start with that a little guy from little school in Shippensburg, PA had the opportunity to play with the big-boys. Maybe THAT would have been a good start to get people on your side instead of biting the hand that feeds…in lobsters&steaks…to go with her diamonds and Mercedes.

    Cry me a river!

  44. Brett, that thingy cant be worth all this? Unbelievable the entitlement mentality of some people. Who the hell is she? WOW!!!

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