Carroll will tell Marshawn not to grab his crotch


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has heard the NFL’s warning that Marshawn Lynch will get a 15-yard penalty if he grabs his crotch during the Super Bowl. And Carroll says Lynch will hear from him about it.

“I haven’t talked to him about the thing that just came up from the league and the things about the game and all that yet, but that will be addressed and I expect him to have a great Super Bowl week,’’ Carroll said. “I think he’s going to have a great time doing this and playing in this game come game day.’’

While Carroll doesn’t want Lynch doing anything that will give the team a penalty, Carroll doesn’t sound too concerned about the other question facing Lynch this week: Will he answer questions from the thousands of credentialed media in attendance?

“First off, let’s not miss that he is a very unique individual and he has a way that we have embraced, that we understand Marshawn and we support him every way that we can,’’ Carroll said. “But he is a very unique guy, and he’s got his own way of looking at things, and he’s also a very private person, too. That’s why the media thing is as it is. It’s not something that he is going to express a whole lot to you. I’ve said this before, that there’s a great deal spoken in his silence as well.”

So Carroll doesn’t want Lynch drawing a 15-yard penalty for grabbing his crotch on the field. But if Lynch does nothing more than grab his crotch on Super Bowl Media Day, Carroll won’t have a problem with that.

98 responses to “Carroll will tell Marshawn not to grab his crotch

  1. Let him grab his crotch as much as he wants to,the Pats will take the 15 yard penalty for it.

  2. I fully support Lynch not talking to the press, however as a grown man should you really have to have your coach tell you not to grab your crotch?

  3. We have a team making it to the Superbowl by cheating and we are worrying about a guy adjusting himself after running? Are you for real?

    I am more offended by dudes not wearing a support device and clearly seeing the outline of their, well stuff than I am of Lynch adjusting himself after a big run.

  4. With the intelligence level of a lot of these guys the coaches would be better off carrying around big spray bottles and squirting them every time they do something wrong rather than talking to them.

  5. And there’s a headline I never expected to see. Amazing that a grown man has to be TOLD that.

  6. I would take Carroll’s biggest issue this week over Bellichick’s.

    Smooth sailing for Seattle, at least up until game time.

  7. Wait a second. The head coach of a professional football team needs to tell a grown man not to grab his crotch on world TV??

    I don’t even know what to say anymore?

  8. If Me-shawn is such a private person, then why does he do stupid things like crotch grabs to draw attention to himself…what does a crotch grab mean anyway, it’s so stupid

  9. I think the stupidest part of this is that you have to tell a grown man not to grab himself in front of the millions of women and children who are watching around the world…..idiot

  10. Amazing that a coach has to tell a grown man not to be vulgar and grab his crotch in public, but that’s America in 2015.

  11. If BeastMode scores 4 or 5 TD’s leading Seattle to a blow-out win, like all intelligent football fans anticipate, then there is just no way you can stop him from doing it everytime.

  12. …and to not punch his wife, although the NFL doesn’t care about that unless it is on video and you force them to watch it.

  13. Marshawn Lynch proves that no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class. You either have it or you don’t. Sorry Marshawn, you don’t.

  14. Tell Marshawn to just stand still in the endzone, after he scores, and deflate the football. Then hand it to the referee.

    That doesn’t seem to carry any kind of penalty.

  15. This jerk off is 28 years old! He’s almost 30 and he still needs to be told not to grab his crotch! My son is 8 and knows that behavior is inappropriate. I don’t care how well he runs a football. He is a pathetic excuse for a grown man. And coaches will tolerate it as long as he runs well. But as soon as his skills begin to decline he will be ousted from the NFL at warp speed just like every other jerk that thought they were bigger than the game.

  16. The league’s own website was selling posters of the crotch grab after the touchdown. While I understand they were in the process of taking that poster down, it does seem hypocritical of the NFL to profit from something that they penalize and fine for.

  17. pretty sad one adult has to tell another “adult” not to grab his crotch in public. seems like something you’d have to tell a crazy homeless person.

  18. seriously who has to tell someone NOT to grab their crotch on national TV….why is this convo even necessary….stay classy Seahawks!!

  19. crotch grab- fine and 15 yard penalty
    gold shoes- cant play in the game until their off
    no talking to media- 100k fine

    spygate- little measily fine to a billionaire owner, evidence destroyed
    deflate gate- play in a superbowl, no reprocussions planned ahead of time

    bounty gate- lose coach for entire year, multiple sanctions, ignorance is no issies.

    elevatorgate- cover up of highest magnitude, ignorance is acceptable in this case

    flags every other play every single week, game almost completely destroyed!

    goodell is the worst commish of all time

  20. I wonder if a coach ever had to tell Jim Brown or Barry Sanders or Walter Payton or Gale Sayers or Earl Campbell or Emmitt Smith or any other human being with a brain and a tiny bit of common sense and human decency not to grab their junk after they scored a touchdown?

    John Schneider may enjoy Lynch’s act, but I think it’s tired and lame and choreographed like a bad sit com…..

  21. “He’s also a very private person.”

    … unless he’s drawing attention to his private …

    … oh, never mind.

  22. He is a very private person, but his coach has to tell him not to crotch grab, which he knows will attract media scrutiny. For someone who is so private he seems to go out of his way to remain in the spotlight. Just sayin’.

  23. 27 years old and grabbing his crotch. If he grabbed his crotch at me I’d press sexual harassment charges.

  24. Lynch doesn’t talk to the media because he can barely spell his own name and he can’t form a coherent sentence. The endorsements he gains by being quiet far outweighs the fines by the NFL. It’s a smart business move on Lynch’s agents part by telling him to be quiet.

  25. when the seahawks steam roll the patriots and the game gets out of hand, marshawn will grab his nuts and the 15 yard penalty won’t matter…

  26. The fact that Carroll would even have to tell him is just sad.

    Sherman is a gamer. He talks trash but is well spoken and at tries to do so in a respectful manner. Regardless of whether you approve or not Sherman’s outspokenness is good for the league.

    But Lynch?

    His behavior isn’t good for anyone.

  27. You guys are funny… It is not like you don’t see it in Baseball, concerts and other public events. While I don’t get why he does it… It does seem pretty common in society. The funny part is the NFL my think it is wrong unless they are making money. Go look at Shop NFL you can buy all kinds of items with a picture of Lynch grabbing his junk. The double standard continues.

  28. Funny how everyone talks about having an interpreter while Marshawn is in the convo. But everyone is ok with Belichik’s effort at trying to explain the football situation, when clearly he thinks he’s talking to his jocks and not the rest of world. Just made him and that organization look even more guilty. I can see his team saying “That was awesome coach”, while the rest of the world is like ” Did he really just say that”.

  29. He might not like what you have to say when you have the talk. So Pete I would make sure you shake hands at the start of the meeting.

  30. Surely Pete Carroll has blown it.
    Surely the Seattle Seahawks have blown it.
    Surely the NFL has blown it.
    Surely rules must be changed.
    Surely this is an astronomical problem to anyone who enjoys the NFL.

  31. So, is the NFL admitting that the 2 point conversion against the Packers should have been from the 17 yard line OR is this a new rule for the Super Bowl??…..has to be one or the other.

  32. ggggggggggmen says:
    Jan 26, 2015 8:49 AM
    crotch grab- fine and 15 yard penalty
    gold shoes- cant play in the game until their off
    no talking to media- 100k fine
    spygate- little measily fine to a billionaire owner, evidence destroyed
    deflate gate- play in a superbowl, no reprocussions planned ahead of time

    Your summary is not quite correct.

    First, Belichick was personally fined $500,000. He doesn’t own the team.

    “Deflategate” is under investigation. You don’t even know that the Patriots did anything wrong.

    Players should not have to talk to the media. Some of them, including many on the Seahawks, might be better served by not speaking.

    As a Patriots fan, I know just about everyone is rooting against the Pats. If any other team played the Seahawks, nobody outside of the Pacific Northwest would root for them at all. Russell Wilson, however, is a class act who represents that franchise well.

  33. “If any other team played the Seahawks, nobody outside of the Pacific Northwest would root for them at all”

    Took a survey, did ya?

    Would love to see the results…unless of course you are just making an asinine statement and really have no idea who the rest of the world would be rooting for…

  34. Coach should have told him this since 2010!!
    I really want to like the Seahawks, but I can’t Zero class in that organization, and it starts with Pete Carroll.

  35. …… not to mention, Seattle stole the 12th man from Texas A & M. I wonder if the “12th man” actually realizes that outside of Seattle, no one can stand that team.

  36. What’s the problem with Marshawn grabbing his crotch? He’s just showing the Pats how to properly deflate balls!

  37. Pete the cheat – “ML – don’t grab your junk after a good play”
    ML – ” duhhh I love Skittles….”

  38. Why does it even have to come down to Carroll having to tell Lynch this? Marshawn, grow the hell up and stop putting yourself before your team. Your pride is killing you !

  39. Another single person answering for the NFL fans. Where did you get this information? Did you take a poll? Or are you just speaking out of your other body orrifice? It amazes me the lengths some go to discredit other teams.

  40. There’s a great deal spoken in his silence? Ha! Wow, that’s deep, Carroll . . . really really deep. And can we assume that if we concentrate really hard during one of his crotch-grabs that the frustratingly evasive answers to our most pressing questions in life will be revealed to us? I mean, he sounds almost oracular….

  41. That’s not what PC’s statement says. Good job misinterpreting it – it allows you to write another story blaming Carroll, then another to back-pedal.

  42. I am not a fan of either team but hope the Pats beat down the sea chickens so they can go back to being the poor excuse for a football team that they are

  43. As far as I’m concerned this Lynch thing is an NFL red herring.

    If a TEAM is suspected of cheating you don’t give them a free pass to the SB. You suspend the game until its been determined if individuals on that offending team should be suspended.

    Playing the SB, and then determining Brady, and Belichick are suspended for cheating is a heckuva way to conduct an investigation, for they’ve already profited from cheating.

    You’ll never convince me that the Micro managing Belichick who examines every possible option ’til the 10th degree didn’t have knowledge of deflating the balls to Brady’s liking. And Brady is a bald faced liar. Here’s to seeing each of their careers go down in flames over this…but everyone knows the NFL is rigged.

    Question is…will the HOF voters look the other way too?

  44. Wow!!! Truly amazing… I’m starting to empathize with pats fans… Success really does bring out the haters doesn’t it!? Hawks fan since ’77 and yes, they were quite terrible for years… Now they’re just dominant and people hate them for it, with no reason… I get it pats fans,.. I get it… Funny, I went to a Raiders/seattle game back in 2000, and not one fan said anything bad about seattle seahawks… And yes, we lost that game too… Nothing was said because Hawks were an average team at best… Now…. Lmao, a guy grabs his crotch and all you “what about the children” start bashing… My kids have seen was worse at their school than this crap… Some of your kids have been at school where kids are being shot… But this guy grabs his junk and all the sudden your kids hopes and dreams are forever ruined… And who needs to grow the hell up??? Funny… My daughter and I didn’t even see the junk grab until they replayed a million times… They she started laughing and said, “dad, you should see what boys do at my school.. This is nothing”! Then we laughed and moved on — done… Get over it and enjoy football…

  45. The NFL is still a hostile environment for open gay players and yet here they can talk openly about a player doing this with his stuff.

  46. The NFL is a private organization and are beholden to no one regarding how they deal with their owners, players and coaches. Admittedly there is a lot to dislike about them, but we continue to watch because it’s the greatest show around. If you are someone who doesn’t like the way they handle their business then simply turn them off. If enough people do this (they won’t) then they would probably start kow-towing to public pressure.

    I mean seriously, what better way to bill a big game than to have a team of alleged cheaters facing a team of loud-mouths who have a cheating coach? You can’t write this stuff….

  47. I’m a straight male so I’m not looking at that area of other men.
    So I didn’t even see the crotch grab during the comeback win for the ‘Hawks.
    I didn’t know about it until the media picked it up.
    If it’s like that for the majority of fans, good job on giving it legs and making sure it stays in the spotlight NFL for something that I’m sure you would rather not have the public know about.
    What a bunch of morons. If they had just left it alone, there wouldn’t be all this discussion in the media about it at all.

  48. ‘Why does it even have to come down to Carroll having to tell Lynch this? ”
    Silly rabbits. He doesn’t except for the 15 yd penalty part. Carroll didn’t announce to the world that this is necessary–the reporter made up the question.

  49. That would be my position as well… if doing all that shananigan gives the guy a psy edge then hey, but if it hurts the team then stop it. The coach may as well say, “hey man it doesn’t bother me, but guess how many product endorsements you are passing over.”

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