NFL announces partnership with YouTube

The NFL is embracing online video.

The league, which has been slow and cautious about allowing its content to appear online and has often ordered highlight clips removed for copyright violations, has now decided that it makes more sense to use online video to reach as wide an audience as possible. As a result, the NFL and YouTube announced a partnership today that will result in an NFL YouTube channel that makes videos directly viewable on Google searches.

Realistically, it’s all but impossible for organizations like the NFL to prevent all of their copyrighted material from being posted online. So it makes more sense to form a partnership with the biggest provider of online video in the world than to keep futilely fighting online video.

The partnership also guarantees that kickoff times and broadcast information for every NFL game will be prominently displayed in Google searches. The league’s YouTube channel has already launched, and currently features a Super Bowl preview, Pro Bowl highlights, and big plays from the 2014 season. Some day, it may expand to include the league’s enormous NFL Films video archive. That would be a treasure trove for NFL fans. This announcement has great potential.

56 responses to “NFL announces partnership with YouTube

  1. Remember that fat pig Mark cuban was talking about ? Well it’s getting more fat…. The NFL is trying to suck out as much money as possible.

  2. can’t wait to watch marshawn grab his nuts during the super bowl and get the 15 yard penalty (since the patriots will be getting destroyed and the penalty won’t matter) over and over again on youtube……………………..

  3. Some day, it may expand to include the league’s enormous NFL Films video archive.
    I would love to see this, there are many past games I’d love to re-watch, however knowing the NFL, it will probably cost an arm and a leg to view. You can pay to watch movies on Youtube, so no reason why the NFL won’t force a subscription on us. Anything to line the pockets of the “Need Funds League”

  4. Dear NFL! Please post original game broadcasts of every NFL game in history. No sense in letting them mothball in a warehouse somewhere. It would be the ultimate archive/resource.

    Pretty please!

  5. Could the agreement be more overdue???

    Then again, the league was pretty slow on off the field issues.

    Can they now try to get “DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket” to everyone and not just limit to “eligible” people??

    We have smart phones and tablets now.

    Clearly, Jerry Jones was the final say person on this. He doesn’t know crap about this stuff because he owns a flip phone.

  6. that’s awesome

    maybe the nfl can now see the many videos of school science programs checking psi in room temperature balls and then the same balls at the temp from the pats game time.

    as well now roger can finally see the ray rice video

    roger could also watch the clip of minnesota heating balls on the sideline

    roger could also see the interview where aaron rogers says he tries to get over inflated balls into the game

    and most importantly roger can spend his days watching vids, after he gets fired for yet another fiasco DeflateHate!! while sitting with his annual salary of 44 million dollars to mismanage just about everything that has come across his desk

  7. Welcome to the party NFL! I work in broadcast in the Fed. Govt. they fought putting content up on YouTube as well, then wisely decided that it was a good idea. That was SEVEN YEARS AGO!!! You know you are a truly pathetic org when you are seven years later to the game than the federal freaking govt. What a disgrace!!! Of course, its also par for the course with this crew of clowns.

  8. Finally. Other leagues like the NBA have YouTube channels that are updated all the time. They make it great for the fans. Hopefully the NFL can follow.

  9. More people are cutting the cord, and getting content from the web instead of cable and satellite providers. It’s good that the NFL is trying to position itself to match the needs of how people view content.

  10. I wonder if they will post the video of the Pats ball boy switching bags of balls on his way from the Officials locker room to the field? Nah, it is the Patriots. None of that would be posted

  11. We have the official rental car of the nfl, the official yogurt of the nfl. now we have the official internet website (?) of the nfl. The sooner the nfl collapses in on itself the better. I just want football where a catch is a catch, a hit is a hit, and the QB’s aren’t red-shirted.

  12. Will they post the videos Belichick took of the Jets practices?
    Inquiring minds want to know…or is that TMZ? Oh wait, an agreement with them will be next.

  13. Of course the content will be available on Google BECAUSE GOOGLE OWNS YOUTUBE!!!

    Being available on Bing, Yahoo and the rest will be something worth noting!

  14. Translation: The NFL realized that it was missing out on an additional revenue stream.

  15. LOL.. They’re not going to let everyone watch their channel(s) for free.. You can’t just start uploading game footage and it will now stay up.

  16. The NFL will insist on adding 30 second ads to five second clips. If Goodell touches something, it rots.

  17. You Tube who inserts commercials within commercials? Of course the money grubbing NFL embraces them now. Oh and they single handedly ruined the music biz fwiw. Gmail and Google+ also blow.

  18. And right around the corner? The first mainstream YouTube channel that requires an actual paid subscription – mark my words.

    The NFL will not give away their product for free.

    I think they should start posting entire broadcasts of some of the biggest games throughout the years.

  19. That’s terrific, now lets see them tell us about how the league got together with a former Jet employee and along with the Colts and Ravens, colluded to set a trap for the Pats going into the SB and how we’re talking about 1-2psi in footballs that hasn’t been proven???

  20. This is just the first volley in a scheme to make ALL NFL games pay-per-view. It’s coming. No doubt about it. Hold on to your wallets. While the taxpayers keep funding these billionaires they’ll keep robbing us blind. Don’t they know that’s what politicians are for?

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