NFL offered photo of Marshawn’s crotch grab for sale


While the NFL was fining Marshawn Lynch $20,000 for grabbing his crotch in the NFC Championship Game, the NFL was also asking fans to pay $149.95 for a collection of Seahawks photos that included a picture of that same grab of that same crotch.

The league has now admitted it screwed up by offering that photo for sale and says it will not be sold.

“Any play that results in a fine may not be used commercially,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN.

This isn’t the first time the NFL has tried to profit off photos of plays for which players were fined. In 2010 the league also sold pictures of a James Harrison hit on Mohamed Massaquoi and a Brandon Meriweather hit on Todd Heap, even though Harrison and Meriweather had been fined for those very hits.

It’s hypocritical, obviously, of the NFL to do that. Maybe Lynch will have something to say about the NFL’s hypocrisy at Super Bowl Media Day. But probably not.

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  1. the only thing that roger goodell can do right seems to be collecting his annual salary of 44 million dollars

    the sooner the owners fire him, the sooner we can truly start working on the integrity of the league

  2. The NFL aired an ad this weekend saying that if you buy jerseys from an unlicensed vendor you may be supporting criminal activity. Then Michael Irvin showed a $230 Dez Bryant jersey.

    Does anyone think before doing anything there any more??? $$$$$$$

  3. Why is the NFL so concerned about this? Michael Jackson grabbed his crotch for years and no one said a damn thing about it and he was a role model for the planet not just the U.S

  4. In a sport where you are wearing a $400 helmet to protect your head, but graze your thumb on the helmet & its “roughing – blow to the head” the nfl might as well not sell ANY highlight films. Apparently there’s a penalty on every play.

  5. People pay $150 for a few pictures they can see for free on the Internet? People will by damned near anything.

  6. I quit smoking, I quit facebook. I can quit the nfl. It’s a corporate joke. Do they even care about how bad a game is to watch anymore?

  7. Typical NFL. Let the cheats cheat without consequence. Threaten to bar a guy from playing because the color of his cleats. Let guys domestically abuse their partners with no punishment(until the public is up in arms)

    That’s the Goodell era for ya!

  8. At this point you know what? Play your little game NFL, I have better things to do next Sunday. šŸ™

  9. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Jan 26, 2015 10:11 AM

    I call BS, they look to squeeze every buck out of fans. Hypocrisy in this league has reached an all time high.

    You are wrong on one thing… they have not reached an all time high. They can and will go a lot higher.

    The ref will announce…”this holding penalty is brought to you by Dannon, the official yogurt of the nfl.” And just wait until they start fining players for the minor penalties… $2500 for offsides, $5000 for pass interference. Don’t laugh, they aren’t far off.

  10. The money grab league. Thats why Goodell gets 30 million dollar bonus. Dude is a straight money grab puppet. Fan experience is never taken in consideration. Neither is safety. They cause drama like deflategate beause it drew more interest to the NFL and they will profit an extra 4 million come Super Bowl time. Micromanagement on a crazy level. Money is of importance, me and you and the players are not.

  11. How is it that the NFL with all it’s resources and power keep screwing everything up? As a Seahawks fan I’m going to devour all the coverage this week while I get ready for an epic party this weekend with friends and family this Sunday. But if my team wasn’t in it I’d still watch but be a little turned off by the league. You have obvious rule benders with the pats. And the Seahawks have a way of rubbing other fans the wrong way. But us hawk fans love the way they act. When it’s your team it’s fun to watch these guys with their brash attitude and fast and physical play. To bad for everyone else were having a blast I guess.

  12. .
    that isnt a crotch grab, his fingers are fully extended…

    the witch hunt really needs to cease.
    there are more important things going on like
    BALLGHAZI!!! what did hillary know?

  13. “The league has now admitted it screwed up…”

    Why does this remind me of that loser who spent so much time in the bar he lost his job and his family, crashed his car drunk, etc., but only says “I guess I screwed up” when he misplaces his phone?

    One of the few bright minds left in the NFL hierarchy has this phrase ready to be copied and pasted on numerous press releases, if only the league could pull its collective head out.

  14. They also use hits that they fine players for in their promos too. They have been using Kam Chancellor taking out Vernon Davis with a sweet hit down near the goal line for a while now.

  15. All this complaining and whining about the NFL and Goodell. It seems that is all people do nowadays is bitch and complain. If it bothers you so much, stop paying it any attention and move on to something else. Just quit your whining.

  16. Maybe it’s just me, but Goodell is starting to remind me of the warden in Shawshank Redemption.

  17. Most of the owners would sell their mothers – Bob Irsay’s disowned him – maybe it’s time to change the name to MFL ~ monetize football league

  18. that’s about as blatant bravado as you can have, lol…I can’t say I’m surprised but damn

  19. Just like the Sherminator said, Roger “conflict of interest” Goodell and his merry band of hypocritical league doofuses sure love the doublespeak…

    NFL cracks down on head injuries, yet wants short weeks for extra (crappy) Thursday night games and an 18 game schedule…

    NFL cracks down on alcohol even with huge beer sponsor contracts…

    NFL fumbled the ball while TMZ picked it up and ran with it regarding Ray Rice then has the gall to procure those horrible NO More adverts…

    I look foward to more straight talk from Sherman this week. He’s the true bullhorn of the NFL and a darn good player too.

  20. What happens to companies that care more about making money than its product and costumers?

    I have made an effort to spend as little money as possible on the NFL the last few years. It is becoming a joke of a league, But i still watch it every Sunday…

  21. What a complete and total disgrace. My appetite for this crap is waning. His actions “ruin the integrity and honor of the game” but selling pics of this behavior is ok, until its a news story with negative reaction. Oh well, there goes the money for a new set of kneepads for Goodell.

  22. Dear Roger:
    In the essence of our time (which I know you hold most valuable), please begin just telling us when the NFL DOESN’T screw up.

    It will take an immense burden off your staff, freeing them up to, well, screw up better and more often.

  23. Any person with an internet connection and a Kinko’s, Staples, or other office supplies store nearby could do this entire thing himself for less than $20, frame included. I’m all for people spending their own money as they see fit, but if you’re shelling out $150 for a collection of photos for the sake of “authenticity,” you’re a sucker.

  24. NFL is trying to make money from selling his photos, while they fined him for that. If I’m Lynch I would sue the league until they go broke, especially Roger.

  25. This was another wily trap by Roger Goodell in hopes that someone associated with the Seahawks might buy one, and he could fine the team $10 million and a first round draft pick for encouraging Lynch to illegally celebrate TDs. Masterful.

  26. The sole purpose of “leaking” these stories is to sell more merchandise. The NFL has one priority only: increase revenue every year. It will stop at nothing to achieve that feat.

  27. Do people actually think Goodell handles low level marketing stuff like which photos to sell? I don’t know if some people understand how businesses work. CEOs have bigger things to do than this. This was some entry level guy whose middle manager signed off on it.

  28. In the NFL…its all about the money……as they do not care what they sell to make a profit nor about the product they put on the field. Sooner or later, every NFL game will be broadcast on Espn networks because of more profit and when they do, then a lot of NFL fans will quit watching the game because of ridiculous costs and corporate greed. The NFL is certainly not immune here. It is hypocritical to fine Marshawn Lynch for a violation and sell photos of that violation. There is no integrity in the NFL at present with Roger Goodell at the helm of the business. Fans are not stupid and they can see the writing on the wall and maybe Mark Cuban was right is that the NFL will become a victim of its own success.

  29. Didn’t Michael Jackson grab his crotch while performing at the Super Bowl? He was famous (or infamous) for that, and the NFL booked him for halftime anyway.

  30. boblablah18 says:
    Jan 26, 2015 10:27 AM

    All this complaining and whining about the NFL and Goodell. It seems that is all people do nowadays is bitch and complain. If it bothers you so much, stop paying it any attention and move on to something else. Just quit your whining.


    This is how you know a product is engrained in the American culture. People complain but they can’t stop. Most are addicted and the NFL loves it.

  31. Removing it is such a hollow gesture on the league’s part. They’ve shown the “HMD” replays on NFL Network ad nauseum.

  32. I love Lynch.

    Goodell and his cronies are a joke…hopefully something so bad happens so that they get fired or just removed.

    If that’s what it takes, let it happen.

  33. Dear Commissioner Goodell:

    So if I understand you correctly, the crotch grab is more of an abomination to the game than deflategate and spygate.


    Thanks so much for setting us straight.

    We now understand.


    The Blind Sheep

  34. The league should change it’s name to the National Hypocrisy League, too bad the name NHL is taken.

    The come down on Marshawn for crotch grabbing, but try to profit off the image.

    They reportedly allow the officials to allow over-inflated footballs for Aaron Rodgers (and possibly do it for him), yet create a bogus sting operation to see if the Patriots may be doing it.

    SMH on the integrity of this league.

  35. This is Greedell taking “a hit” for the league, deflecting attention away from the latest cheating scandal of his puppet master Robert Graft. Greedell has hoards of public relation people whose job is to distort the truth, dole out misinformation and discredit anyone or anything that threatens to lower the NFLs bottom line by so much as a dollar (a large portion of these people are sometimes identified as the ‘4-letter’ network, but all the networks are pockets of Graft and his ceaselessly greedy cohorts.

  36. That just means than Goodell and his cronies will not be fining the Deflatriots or Belacheat/Brady for their (balls) so they can cash in on the pictures from that game.

  37. Things I don’t need to know about on media day…

    Marshawn Lynch did _______.

    Richard Sherman said _______.

    Tom Brady wore _________.

    Bill Belichick denied ___________.

    Japanese reporters asked ________.

  38. Lynch should be banned from the Superbowl for cheating.

    Or is breaking the rules only considered cheating when someone on the Patriots does it? (especially considering having an 11.5 psi ball impacts the game about the same as Lynch grabbing himself)

  39. This is the perfect bookend of this NFL season.
    First they get the first open gay player and now it ends with all this talk of another doing this with his stuff.

  40. *****Order right now and we’ll include a copy of every fine letter Lynch received for the 2014 season, signed by Roger Goodell!!! But you must call right now!!!!

    (offer subject to change at any moment if someone catches us in this weeks hypocrisy)

  41. Goodell’s excuse: Well, you see, um, uh, we didn’t see the video of it until social media showed it.

  42. kenchun24 says:
    Jan 26, 2015 10:39 AM
    Just like the Sherminator said, Roger ā€œconflict of interestā€ Goodell and his merry band of hypocritical league doofuses sure love the doublespeakā€¦

    NFL cracks down on head injuries, yet wants short weeks for extra (crappy) Thursday night games and an 18 game scheduleā€¦

    NFL cracks down on alcohol even with huge beer sponsor contractsā€¦

    NFL fumbled the ball while TMZ picked it up and ran with it regarding Ray Rice then has the gall to procure those horrible NO More advertsā€¦

    I look foward to more straight talk from Sherman this week. Heā€™s the true bullhorn of the NFL and a darn good player too.

    Spot. On.
    Spot F’n on!

  43. Seems to me like the NFL is starting to use the media as a crutch do adopt a WWE angle.

    The super bowl is no much like wrestlemania with,
    Heel – Tom Brady, Roger Goodell, Belichick
    Face – Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Legion of Boom

    Best Heel – Richard Sherman is sort of like a Macho Man Randy Savage – incredibly popular but also despised because of various feuds with the proverbial golden children of the league.

  44. note that they said the image “would not be sold”

    well yea, because they only printed 100 of them and they all already sold out

    little late at this point; at least they admitted the screw up

  45. Wow, this is so wrong on so many levels………profiting off your fines???? The NFL is one of the most profitable organizations in the world. But this? Terrible!

  46. And that is the thing, there are way too many suckers out there that keep buying into this watered down product. And yes it has been watered down. I hope Seahawk fans have more sense than that, but that is another topic for conversation. I used to go watch Ravens and Redskins games at least 3-4 games a year, not anymore, besides it is too freaking expensive

  47. I don’t see what the big deal is about Lynch. He purposefully and publicly breaks the rules. He knows that he will get fined, but he’s doing it for publicity, so it’s worth it to him.

    It’s no big deal. Sherman gets attention by opening that huge mouth of his. Lynch gets attention by breaking dress-code rules. Same thing, different technique.

  48. They did the same thing selling Sean Taylor slobberknocker posters all the while imposing concussion protocols for the safety of the players. They talk out of both sides of their mouth and anything they say now about the “integrity of the game” rings hollow in my ears.

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