Kam Chancellor on Gronkowski: Just play big-on-big

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Last week, Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane dismissed Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski as just an “OK” player, but it doesn’t seem to be the prevailing opinion on the team.

Questions about facing Gronkowski were waiting for the Seahawks in Arizona on Monday and linebacker Bobby Wagner was willing to call Gronkowski a “great player.” Head coach Pete Carroll said Gronkowski has “all of the elements that you’re looking for from a big-time tight end” and that the team would utilize various approaches to slow him down on Sunday.

Strong safety Kam Chancellor will be a big part of those approaches and he said Monday that he thought his physical play would serve him well in the matchup.

“He definitely is a big, physical guy, but it’s just big-on-big. Just play big-on-big,” Chancellor said.

It won’t come down to just Chancellor, but the Seahawks defense is going to have a hard time if he isn’t able to keep Gronkowski from breaking loose when the Patriots do look his way.

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  1. “…the team would utilize various approaches to slow him down on Sunday”

    This means they’ll hold him on every play and dare the refs to call holding every time.

    That’s what I’d do.

  2. Gronk is their number one receiver. He’ll be getting doubled, and attacked all game at the line

  3. If they put chancellor on gronk, it will a major disadvantage for the Hawks…..chancellor is a liability in coverage, and in running plays, gronk will mail him and bounce him from the club

  4. Its not just gonna be Gronk vs Kam its the Pats O vs he Hawks D. Anyone that thinks Gronk is just an average player is crazy. I dont think NOONE except Crazy Lane that thinks different but he has to hype himself up somehow. Think itll be a great game either way.

  5. People watched Kam playing with broken bones in his foot early in the year think he struggles in coverage. Let me just say you haven’t watched the Seahawks play. The man is good as it gets for a safety guarding a tight end. Seattle also can use KJ Wright who is about 6’4 with ridiculous wingspan. All with Earl Thomas patrolling the seam passes.

    Pete Carroll and John Schneider built a team that eliminates those mismatches.

  6. Kam is an all pro one of the best SS in the league. In reality he should have got MVP last year not to take anything away from Smith because he did an excellent job but Kam set the tone for that game.

  7. Gronkowski will catch some passes but he won’t get loose deep and he won’t get much YAC. Whenever he touches the ball he will get hit and hit hard, not just by one guy but by several guys every single time.

    That is what shocked the Broncos and Peyton Manning last year. There was no YAC. He actually completed lots of passes and over the course of the game accumulated some yardage. But the Seahawks defense is so fast and tackles so well, no one gets away from them.

    Over the course of a game that starts to take a toll and you see a lot of alligator arms from Seahawks opponents.

  8. What’s funny about all of this is that the Seahawks are focusing in on Gronk, and Belichick will probably use him as a decoy and blocker the whole game while Brady hits Edelman and Amendola all night.

  9. I think people underestimate Gronk a bit. They forget he is fast, along with the size and hands. Then they play him …

  10. I trust Kam can put him in his place. Vernon Davis. Jimmy Graham. Mike Tolbert. Demaryius Thomas. …

    The list of people that Kam has destroyed is long.

  11. I don’t think anyone underestimates Feonknor the Pats D, but I also don’t think he’s an unstoppable force of nature. Several players are able to cover and Kam Chancellor will be looking to lay down some hits (see his best hits video – especially the TE hits on Julius Thomas and both Vernon Davis hits).

    Very excited to see the physicality and the matchups in this game.

  12. Gonna be a great matchup, but does anyone think Gronk is Jimmy Graham, Vernon Davis or Julius Thomas?

    Gronk is a different animal, they won’t shut him down like they did to those other TE’s, they can hope to slow him down but it leaves opportunities for guys like LaFell and Edelman, who are just as physical as the Seattle CB’s, to make plays.

    This is going to be a physical game at all levels on both sides of the ball, lotta fun.

  13. Seatttle has given up the 3rd most TDs to TEs in the NFL this year. Gronk is the best TE in the NFL by a million miles, Bennet bros not withstanding. You do the math.

  14. Edelman, Amendola, and LaFell will be covered by the corners while the linebackers and Chancellor will focus on the running game and Gronk. Thomas will be there to take up the slack wherever he is needed.

    Your coach was not just blowing smoke when he was talking about the Seahawks. He was telling the truth. It is going to be a tough, hard fought game for both teams. This might be one of the best Superbowl matchups ever. I remember a game way back when it was the Cowboys and Steelers in the big game. This Superbowl reminds me of that one.

  15. Did someone actually say LAFELL was as physical as the Legion of Boom??? LOL

    In all seriousness I’m really excited to watch Gronk vs Kam as it truly is 2 of the best at their positions and should be a great battle

  16. too bad your “big” is 3″ & 35lbs smaller than our big.. Gronk is gonna throw that fool outta the club

  17. It’s cute listening to patriots fans who obviously have never seen the Seahawks play. Kam dominates big TEs and always has. We all heard the same drivel last year about Julius Thomas, who is the same size as Gronk and guess what? He was shell shocked and scared by halftime.

    Y’all don’t know yet but you’re about to find out

  18. Lol at seahawks fans saying pats fans have no idea how good kam is cuz we dont watch them play, and then comparing gronk to julius thomas hahahhaa. Maybe u should watch gronk play, hes nothing like jimmy graham or juliua thomas

  19. Yah they really slowed down antonio gates also. He had 3 tds. Hate tk break it to i, but gronk is better than every other te in the league and it aint even close

  20. Comparing Gronk to Vernon, Julius, or even Graham is ridiculous. Graham is a great pass catcher but he is soft, many defenses have been physical or put a corner on it and shut him down. Gronkowski is the opposite of soft he gives out hits more than he takes them, not to mention is a great tool in the run game. I am not saying Gronk is going to go off because of course Seattle is going to over-committ to stopping him, but if he has two defenders on him taking up their attention thats a win. The Patriots will hit the open man.

    This game is too close to call, it is going to be a great one. This article was much more interesting than a deflated football.

  21. It’s pretty simple… if Seattle chooses to defend Gronk with a single defender, he’ll beat them like a drum… and that includes Chancellor, who is a fantastic football player (I’d love to have him in NE). Gronk isn’t the soft basketball player type, like Graham or Thomas and he’s infinitely better than Vernon Davis. Seattle just has not seen a TE with his combo of his size, physicality and overall ability. He’s a different breed.

    I’m not gonna take anything away from Kam, he’s big, athletic and extremely physical, one of the best at his position in the entire league… but there isn’t a single defender in the league that can handle Gronk for a full game. He’s just as physical as Chancellor, but a lot bigger.

    At the end of the day, I have no doubt that Gronk will be doubled/bracketed for most of the game.

    Can’t wait for Sunday… it’s gonna be fun to watch.

  22. the seahawks have to watch out though. the patriots always have a will to win and that includes cheating.

  23. Seattle is the most arrogant team tha I have ever seen. It’s ridiculous how over matched they are against Gronk.


    Yeah, they were sure overmatched by Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham as well.

  24. I watched the Seabags play the Packers, and if they play that way in the SB they’ll get destroyed and you newby fans know it. They were totally dominated 9/10ths of the game and I know their mouthy fans are a little nervous!!

  25. swineflooo says:
    Jan 27, 2015 11:51 AM
    Yah they really slowed down antonio gates also. He had 3 tds. Hate tk break it to i, but gronk is better than every other te in the league and it aint even close

    Chancellor was banged up with his foot injury at the time. Reach more.

  26. crewchief15 says:
    Jan 27, 2015 1:43 PM
    I watched the Seabags play the Packers, and if they play that way in the SB they’ll get destroyed and you newby fans know it. They were totally dominated 9/10ths of the game and I know their mouthy fans are a little nervous!!

    Did you watch the previous 50 games? If you had, you would know that was by far the worst game they have played since Wilson got there and still won. Thinking that will happen again is comedy. But then again, Patriots fans are full of just that.

  27. Seattle won’t repeat the giveaway fiasco that we saw against Green Bay, but the Patriots don’t generally hand the ball over as they are a safe, slot/TE receiver dominant passing attack and their running backs don’t fumble because in NE if you do that you’re banished for life. If Blount and Gray can run at all, (not a guarantee, like Lynch), it will go down to the wire. They have to direct Lynch towards the middle so Wilfork can bellyflop on him, and keep Wilson in the pocket, where he is average.

  28. I love how a defense that most analysts at LEAST say is one of the best ever, again, at LEAST has some of you saying that Gronk will destroy them. Do some darn research, go look at box scores of teams with elite Tight Ends, let me know how they did vs Seattle. The ONLY one i can think of the past two years to torch seattle was Antonio Gates this season back when the Seahawks couldn’t get out of their own way and had in fighting (the percy went away and all was very good)

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