Kevin Patullo joining Jets as quarterbacks coach


Quarterback remains a trouble spot for the Jets and they appear to have settled on a position coach to help them develop an answer to their ongoing issues at the position.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean and Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times report that Kevin Patullo will be leaving his job as the Titans’ assistant wide receivers coach to join the Jets’ staff as quarterbacks coach.

Patullo spent one season with the Titans and was out of the NFL in 2013 after spending three years on the offensive staff of the Bills. Jets offensive coordinator Chan Gailey was the head coach in Buffalo for those seasons, so the choice represents a reunion with a familiar face for the man running the offense.

The Jets have Geno Smith under contract for next season, but Michael Vick is a free agent and the team is expected to add other competition at the position this offseason. Gailey and Patullo will be charged with finding the best of the available options and molding the offense into one with higher capabilities than we’ve seen in the last few seasons.

Patullo will join wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell as an offensive position coach with the Jets, who have yet to hire an offensive line or tight ends coach for Todd Bowles’s first year on their sideline.

24 responses to “Kevin Patullo joining Jets as quarterbacks coach

  1. I thought the Jets hired Jimmie Johnson the former Vikings TE coach last week for the same position …

  2. Unless they pull a miracle trade or find a hidden gem in the draft, they should focus on coaching Geno to tackle well after his pick-6’s.

  3. WR coaches always make the transition to QB coach at some point in their career. Heck even Gailey went from a DB coach to QB coach in college and eventually got jobs at QB coach in the NFL. It’s also known Gailey likes to handle the QB and the entire offense which is why he hired such a small offensive staff in Buffalo so who knows how much say Patullo really will have or how involved he will be.

    Most of the trolls on the Jets pages criticizing their hires, etc are Bills fans. Miami and New England are the only two teams in the AFC east who can see we are a team with a solid staff and a lot of potential and I respect their fans for that.

    Plus how can the Bills fans criticize a coaching staff? they hired a coach who hasn’t won in 4 years and brought his entire staff of clowns and then added some more clowns to it.

    Thanks Buffalo! – AFC East

  4. This is another example of the terrible coaching that goes on in the NFL. How can someone be qualified to coach both receivers and quarterbacks in the NFL? This really shows how little the NFL cares about player development.

  5. The only dude who save the Jets QB situation is Bill Walsh
    Sorry Jets fans Superbowl 3 was the last superbowl in JETS history

    At least you got … Jim Harbaugh … Oh wait you’re screwed

  6. sorry jets fans

    you guys have all the potential in the world (sarcasm by the way)

    but actually I like Todd Bowles

  7. After two years on the job, it’s greatly apparent that Geno just doesn’t have that Tebow/VY factor: that mental fortitude “thing” that got both Timmy and Vince those national championships. You can’t teach it. You either have it or you don’t.

  8. Most you have no clue what you are stating! I personally have been a Position Coach for a major University many years ago The staff of WR, TE, QB and RB even the Oline Coaches are all basically Asst. to the OC. The everday drills reinforce fundamentals and positional skills, but mostly the “Coaching” part is teaching the roles with the offensive scheme and playbook. I was a FB in college, but was a TE Coach. It does not matter as much as you think. The same message is handed down in all the groups. Some of the best Coaches never even played beyond High School. Coaching is a learned skill. Many of the HC and Ccordinators choose people for their Staff based on previous work regardless of the opening. The Title is what allows them to be poached from other staffs legally.

    I personally know Karl Dorrall and he is a very professional and respected man. You all are fooling yourselves if you don’t think the change will do the Jets good. Yes, Geno is not the future, but they might be able to fix him in the right system until a replacement is groomed. This is not a terrible team, nor are they playoff bound. It is a step in the right direction though.

  9. Good news Jets fans! He and Karl Dorrell, UCLA legend, are from the Bill Walsh school of knowing what they’re doing. Oh wait. Better put that VHS cassette of Super Bowl III back on, because it’s over. Again.

  10. @ncphinsfan you made my point, I realize that these coaches are solely there to help teach the schemes of the offense or defense, and that’s why I said there is a complete lack of player development in the NFL. In every other sport there are either positional coaches who actually teach the position and or a minor league system. This has really made for some bad football over the last 15 years.

  11. “Geno Smith, and Vick ….. why would anyone want THAT job???”

    Because they want to make more money than you.

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