Kurt Warner says he now wonders if Pats gained unfair edge in Super Bowl XXXVI

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The Patriots 20-17 victory over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI was the first of three titles for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick in New England.

Adam Vinatieri’s 48-yard game-winning field goal denied Kurt Warner and the Rams a second Super Bowl title in three seasons.

On the heels of Deflategate and Spygate, Warner said Tuesday that he now has at least a little shred of doubt as to whether the Patriots win to cap the 2001-02 season was all on the up-and up.

In an interview with Dave Mahler of Sports Radio 950 KJR at Super Bowl XLIX Media Day on Tuesday, Warner said he now has to wonder whether the Patriots may have used an unfair edge to their advantage to earn that first Super Bowl.

“I don’t want to believe that there was anything outside of his team beat our team,” Warner said in regards to his reaction to Deflategate. “That’s what I want to believe. Yeah, there’s a sliver of a doubt because I think, as a human, you can’t help it. To know that if you were a part of that process at that time, was there any advantage they gained in any game, not just our Super Bowl game, but maybe a game before that to get to the Super Bowl? I mean, all those things enter your mind.

“It’s not because I’m bitter. It’s not because I say they cheated, because I have no idea, but it adds a sliver of doubt that I think is unfair to everybody. It’s unfair to them and their legacy. It’s unfair to me and my legacy because I don’t want to have to wonder, well did they beat me fair and square or was there something extra? And that’s the unfortunate part that I don’t think you’ll ever get over because you know something was done outside the rules. I don’t know how it helped them. I don’t know if it gave them an advantage on one play – that turned into an interception or a touchdown – or it gave them no advantage. I don’t know.

“I don’t want to talk about it. I want to know that I got beat fair and square. That’s the spirit of fair competition. That’s what I believe every time I step between the lines is that I’ve got to beat that guy across from me. And if I’m better, I will do that. If I’m not, I won’t. But now when you add other things to the mix, now all it does is give you a little bit of a doubt. That’s what I’m saying. It’s unfair I don’t look at it that way because I try to fight against it because we’re never going to know, but it’s unfortunate that I even have to consider it.”

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  1. Pshhhh. The supposed best offense in the league was held to 3 points until midway through the 4th quarter. Funny how bitter Warner and Faulk remain though 13 years later. You’d think they’d cool it just a little. Such sour grapes.

  2. Huh that’s so weird because I saw the very same Kurt Warner shake Tom Brady’s hand and ask him questions at media day today.
    Guess what subject Kurt never brought up??
    Guess Kurt Warner suffered some ball deflation today and Tom Brady is to blame.

    Hey Kurt, you hate us ’cause you ain’t us.

  3. If you didn’t throw that pick six because you were so afraid Vrabel was gonna crush you, maybe you wouldn’t have had to worry about any slivers of doubt. Or maybe if the ‘Greatest Show On Turf’ had managed to score more than 3 pts in the first 3+ quarters. Everyone’s got an excuse.

  4. Just go to your church every week and ask God. He’ll tell you, Kurt. In the mean time, if you don’t want to talk about it, don’t. Stop trying to get things both ways.

  5. I don’t want to talk about it, but here’s 500 words about it…

    let it go – you threw pics and were running for your life…

    you should blame your defense on that last drive –

  6. considering the pats been to like 84 superbowls and 112 afc championship games since your 2001 matchup Kurt i think its logical to say they beat you fair and square. they are just good, consider that a possibility?

  7. Good lord does it ever end with these bitter jerks who can’t accept losing?? The Patriots were physical as hell that game and shocked the greatest show on turf by playing that way. I’ve lost a lot of respect for a lot of sore losers this week.

  8. That’s a fair point. I believe they’re not doing anything egregious as compared to what other teams do but you do have to at least consider the possibility that something is/was fishy about it all.

  9. considering Vinatieri had to make that clutch 48 yard attempt, the ball if anything was over-inflated rather than under

  10. I was there. You guys came out as arrogant, overconfident INDIVIDUALS, each member being announced separately. The Patriots came out as a TEAM and didn’t announce their defensive starters. The Superdome was packed with noisy Pats fans; your mild mannered St. Louis couples sat there quietly. I had the pats plus 14, the under and over on pats RB 63 yards. Won all three and paid for my super bowl trip. Defense wins championships so I’m a little nervous about this upcoming game. You and your greatest show on turf got hit in the mouth and never recovered.

  11. doubt they cheated… they didn’t have any fans back then anyway… the wagon got full once they won the SB

  12. Kurt Warner is a man of integrity so don’t bash him. I think everyone in America wonders the same thing. Too bad Goodell burned all the evidence and now nobody knows.

  13. It’s amazing how every time something is said about the patriots that Faulk, Warner, and any current or retired raven decides they must have been cheating because they won….

    It’s never the players fault….

  14. Oh my lord! Has anyone in the history of the NFL ever actually lost a game to the Patriots because they are simply the better team with the better coach?

    This is so far past absurd that you can’t even see absurd in the rear view mirror.

  15. I need to learn about how to do this talking from both sides of the mouth thing.
    Me to my boss: Boss, I am not complaining, I am not saying this is what it is, but I wonder if my pay commensurate with my work. I think I work very hard but the pay is a bit light. I am not saying the pay is light, I am only considering it. I hate to bring it up, but I wonder. I am not ungrateful, but I want to make sure that you are paying me justly.

  16. I’ve lost a lot of respect for a lot of sore losers this week.

    Weird, the rest of the nation has gained so much respect for the Pats.

  17. Is he saying that the Patriots taping a practice (which we KNOW did not happen- a retracted charge) helped the Patriots stop the Rams offense, or is he saying that taping of Rams DEFENSIVE SIGNALS helped the Patriots stop the Rams OFFENSE.

    If you paid attention, you see why NEITHER makes ANY SENSE at all.

  18. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it, Kurt? Who knows what types of shady things Belichick got away with before people became suspicious.

  19. Three St Louis turnovers that day turned into 17 NE points, including a pick six and a fumble as the Rams were driving on the NE side of the field. Take one of those turnovers away – just one – and St Louis likely wins that SB.

    It’s not called cheating. It’s called losing.

  20. Anyone who saw that game can remember it seemed very odd and coincidental that for 3 1/2 quarters the Patriots seemed to know exactly what play the Rams were going to run despite the new formations installed specifically for the game.

    And a few years later came the discovery of the Rams walk thru video among the Patriot’s video archives.

  21. When a team gets B-U-S-T-E-D during a dynastic Super Bowl run, and the evidence is so damning that the tapes are ordered BURNED by the NFL Commissioner — you probably were doing some low down dirty filthy stuff.

    For those who may not recall, Robert Kraft’s tone after the Spygate “fines” was one of humility, acceptance of “responsibility” and Kraft even appeared to be euphoric and relieved that the tapes and evidence was destroyed, and that the penalty from the NFL was merely something he could cut a check for. For fines like that, to Kraft, is like couch cushion money.

    Now Kraft’s tone is one of defiance and self-righteousness. It’s like, HOW DARE ANYONE QUESTION THE INTEGRITY OF BELICHICK AND COMPANY???

    Really??? Seriously???

  22. Yeah – the Patriots offense playing with a slightly softer ball made Kurt Warner throw the INT to to Ty Law

    That makes sense

    The degree of paranoia, conspiracy theories and outright jealousy of fans and players alike is both pathetic and hilarious…

    these guys can’t even accept that the Boston Herald completely retracted their “spying on the Rams walk through” story and still state it as a fact

    They had stated before that game that they were a Dynasty and they were wrong – and can’t accept it even today

  23. At the end of Brady’s career people will only talk about Brady as a player not as a great person. Kurt has both honor of being remembered as both a great player and a great person.

    (I do not know Tom Brady and I do not know if he is our is not a great person, I am merely saying people will not bring that up in conversation).

  24. It’s a shame Kurt is listening and buying in to that crap. I still have respect for him, but there was nothing advantageous the Patriots did except out play the Rams.

    Marshall still wonders how a 6th round draft pick on an underdog team beat them. Go back and watch the game Faulk.

    Kurt threw a pick 6

    The Rams reeled off 14 straight to tie it at 17.

    The defense was SOOO lazy, and let a 6th round draft pick March the team down the field in under 2 minutes with NO time outs to kick a field goal to win.

    Now WArner and Faulk can sulk together and continue to look bitter on National TV. I see it every time they compliment the Patriots.

  25. Shut up!!
    Ty Law pick 6, stupid pass.
    That was on you!!!!!!
    Now every sore loser gets to blame someone else for their own mistakes?
    I respected Kurt Warner, Aikman and others.
    No more. Their true colors of jealousy are shining through.

  26. 2001asterisk2003asterisk2004asterisk
    Jan 27, 2015, 9:08 PM EST
    Trust your instincts Kurt. Cheating since the begining.

    What rule did they break in that game I’ll wait for your answer

  27. It kinda helped that the Pats had the video of the walk-through. Oh wait, the Goodell had the tapes destroyed… the first of the cover up under his regime.

  28. It never ceases to amaze me how similar Kurt and Brenda Warner’s faces are


    They share the same barber too

  29. The story of the “walkthrough” video of the 2001 SB came about before the 2007 SB. Only after the game did the story get 1000% retracted with a front and back page apology from the fired writer.
    But you dimwits never saw that, did you?
    #timing …again.
    You want to know why Pats fans are skeptical?
    There you go!

  30. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that they were taping and spying on player walk throughs. We shall see what happens though. It would be kind of odd if Darth Hoodie, a reputed defensive mastermind is able to shut down every high caliber QB except Eli and Russell.

  31. @justcallinit

    Anyone who saw that game can remember it seemed very odd and coincidental that for 3 1/2 quarters the Patriots seemed to know exactly what play the Rams were going to run despite the new formations installed specifically for the game.

    And a few years later came the discovery of the Rams walk thru video among the Patriot’s video archives.

    You do realize that was never proven true right? It’s ok to admit you have man crush on Brady let it out

  32. wow. it amazed me how much people embrace the cheating culture ’cause of the patriots. mind blowing!

  33. Everyone the Pats have squarely beat the last 15 years has come out of the woodwork claiming they were robbed by cheaters. We all know who the true sore losers are based on all this pathetic behavior. If you can’t beat em, smear them.

  34. I respect Kurt as a fellow Christian but I am growing tired of this act by him and Marshall Faulk. You got beat by a team that outplayed and outcoached you. Get over it. #Crygaters

  35. After over 200 words on the subject, Warner says he “doesn’t want to talk about it”, and then he says another 100 words about it.

    Man up, loser. Either you want to talk about it or you don’t.

  36. This idea that people are somehow only bitter only when they lose to the Patriots is beyond dumb. Except for those who “lost” to the Pats, none of the other Super Bowl losers question their opponents’ potentially cheating — they have accepted their losses knowing that it was done fair and square and not because the other team cheated. The Pats don’t get that benefit of the doubt — rightfully so because they were in fact caught cheating. Yes, it’s a fact. Further, Spygate was one of the worst forms of cheating in any major sport in history. For cheaters to now come and say “you’re just jealous” or “it’s sour grapes” is really ridiculous.

  37. I wonder what his excuse is when he lost to the Steelers while playing in Arizona. It couldn’t be that he threw a pic six to James Harrison just like he did to Ty Law? No, someone must have cheated in that game, too.

  38. People are missing the point here. Everyone is blaming Kurt Warner’s INTs as the reason why Rams lost. Everyone is calling sour grapes.

    C’mon people. This is what happens when the other team videotapes your walk-thru and knows exactly your plays. Not difficult to INT a ball when you know the exact spot where the ball will be thrown.

    This was the greatest show on turf playing the SB on turf in a dome against a mediocre Patriots defense. Everyone called Belichick a defensive genius after this game when in fact he was merely a video-taping cheater.

  39. Looking back on this game it’s funny to think that Pats fans claim Teflon Tom is the greatest QB of all time… Rams had a shady D and all he could muster is two TD’s in sixty minutes. As usual Vinatieri bailed him out along with his defense…

  40. tim2200 says: Jan 27, 2015 9:09 PM

    Huh that’s so weird because I saw the very same Kurt Warner shake Tom Brady’s hand and ask him questions at media day today.
    Guess what subject Kurt never brought up??

    Because he’s not an idiot and knows the scrutiny that would happen if he of all people asked, that and he doesn’t believe about playing into it which is what is statement here essentially said.

    “I don’t want to believe that there was anything outside of his team beat our team,” Warner said in regards to his reaction to Deflategate. “That’s what I want to believe. Yeah, there’s a sliver of a doubt because I think, as a human, you can’t help it. “

  41. If not for the McGinest hold on Faulk on the opposite side of the play that negated the Tebucky Jones recovery for a TD on Warner’s fumble, that game was 24-3 early in the 4th quarter. You lost.

    Kurt – you were great, but lost that day. Get over it.

  42. Any player could say this about any game. Rules are bent and broken in sports all the time. People freak out when someone is caught, but to think those are the only times it occurs is laughable.

  43. Maybe if your receivers did not play with deflated balls going down after the catch so they wouldn’t be hit by the Patriots legion of boom you might have had a shot.

  44. I find it amazing that the same patriots fans keep responding to any and all articles about this latest incident . get a life and stop living vicariously through your football team. its just a game for christsakes.

  45. This has become such a sickening witch hunt. You’d think Kurt Warner would be better than this. Can’t he just admit that he got beat by a better team? He just comes off as a complete whiner who’s piling on. It’s a terrible look. I think the NFL Network should consider firing him.

  46. Of course there was no unfair edge when you whipped them earlier in that season. Hmmmm!

    In the regular season, the Rams won 24-17. If you had watched that game, you would have seen that the Pats were far from “whipped”.

  47. I remember when the spygate debacle happened Warner and Faulk both were outspoken about how they think the Patriots stole their signals and knew what they were doing as if they had the play. Well, since every coach that calls plays back then and now hide their mouths when calling plays it must be and had been a standard practice in the NFL. Does he seriously think the Patriots deflated balls in the Super Bowl he lost? The Rams had a great team that year but were beaten on that day by a team that was not intimidated. He might have won had the Pats not kicked that 48 yd field goal. Now we are left wondering if the Pats locker room attendant was urinating with one hand and deflating 11 footballs with the other one, for 90 seconds. No wonder we have the politicians that we have. People actually buy this bull. Amazing.

  48. Of course they cheated, and deflating balls won’t be the last time they cheat. They got caught once, and that didn’t stop them as them just got caught again.

    They won’t stop because they have zero incentive to stop. Even if you get caught and lose a 1st round pick because of it, I think most people would trade some draft picks for a super bowl title. Until the league is actually willing to take away victories and super bowl trophies there won’t be any incentive to stop cheating.

  49. Another ex-player that I totally lost respect for like Aikman. Warner wants to be a sore loser too. That’s a shame – I liked the guy until he decided to join the witch hunt.

  50. LOL – Bill Belichick has another 10 tricks that he got away with and the rest of the NFL still isn’t aware of. If you’re not cheating, then you’re probably a loser.
    Kurt – Be careful because Mr Kraft will insist on a public apology for your comments which tarnish the greatness of Belichick and Brady.

  51. Will people stop with the taping the Rams walkthrough! The writer and newspaper retracted the lie. God will someone please know what they are talking about.

    The Patriots taped defensive signals to study at a later date not during the game which Belichek thought was ok, as long as they weren’t using that info mention during the game. My god, everyone is acting like they had a coach doing the taping, relaying the info to the OC in the booth and then they would be able to relay that to Tom Brady to get him in the right play. Seriously! Is that what most people think? God these guys must’ve been better than Nostradamus.

  52. I have no problem with what Kurt says here.

    Do I think the Patriots taped walkthroughs? Nope. But can I say without a doubt they didn’t? Based on their history and the rumors….. Of course not.

    These guys are competitors so I would think it was strange if they didn’t at least wonder. What bothers me is guys like Marshall Faulk saying that the Patriots cheated him out of a Super Bowl. That’s just as ridiculous of a statement as a Patriots fan saying “I know the Patriots didn’t tape walk-throughs/practices”, because ultimately none of us really know.

  53. Makes me wonder also when the sorry Browns dominated the Patriots when Mangini was the head coach.

    Leads me to conclusion because Mangini knew Belichicks tactics that the Pats didnt have any intel that week and the Browns crushed the Patriots or Mangini taped the Pats practice as paybacks.

  54. You know, in the 15 years that Belichick has been coaching and supposedly cheating as standard operating procedure there have been HUNDREDS of coaches, players, equipment managers, you name it, all coming and going

    MANY have landed with Patriots competitors

    So aside from Mangini, correctly pointing out in the FIRST game of the 2007 season that Belichick was not following a new 2006 rule on sideline camera placement, exactly how many of these “co-conspirators” have come forward?

    NOT A SINGLE ONE has come forward to say “I witnessed cheating”


    THAT’S the preponderance of the evidence in this and every wild conspiracy theory that Patriots haters – including the owner of this blog – just can’t accept or explain

  55. Warner must be referring to Spygate and how several former Rams attest to the suspicious circumstances in that game, such as the Patriots oddly being to pick up every single blitz, even new ones they installed just for the SB.

    DeflateGate doesn’t go back farther than 2006, when Tom Brady aggressively lobbied for a rule change that allowed teams to control the preparation handling of their own footballs, which suspiciously coincides with the Patriots fumble rates falling to unnaturally low levels.

  56. “I don’t want to talk about it”
    And yet, you did

  57. It must suck being a pats fan. Always having to defend your team from criticism brought on themselves. Don’t worry. Pats run will end soon when Hoodie loses a grip and Brady retires. Then you all can go back to being red sox fans full time.

  58. Stay classy Kurt. So now we’ve heard from Carolina and the Rams, c’mon Philly and jump on the bandwagon. I’m stunned at the blatant and PATHETIC sour frigging grapes from these whiners. Let’s face it, in the absence of definite proof, no one is going to change their opinion of the Pats. If you think they are cheaters but are found to be 100% vindicated in deflategate, you will find something else to claim, my guess is it would be something about how the nfl and Goodell fixed the investigation. Maybe it’ll be something different but it will definitely be something PATHETIC and filled with sour grapes. On the flip side, in the absence of definite proof they cheated, all Pats fans like myself will be convinced that all you haters just hate because your team can’t keep up.

  59. No Warner is throwing the deflated-balls in with Spygate and taping the walkthrough. Unfortunately no one seems to want to read the apology from the Boston Herald and the journalist John Tomase, who said that there was no tape and they were wrong.

  60. There is no doubt that Patriots cheated in that game. They taped the walk through for crying out loud. There’s way too much smoke around this organization for there not to be some fire.

    Legacy tainted.

  61. If they have cheated for so long and have created such a competitive advantage why have they lost the last two Super Bowls? I guess the Giants must be better cheaters, following the logic expressed here.

  62. What is it with all these haters? Kurt Warner, Troy Aikman, John Madden, Don Shula, Ray Lewis etc, are they so worried about the pats quarterback and coach breaking all their records?

  63. you lost by 3 freaken points, get really, good defence , wins over good offence, you , screwed up.

  64. Is anybody else getting tired of “They hate us because they ain’t us”? Look, Pats fans, two things, and I truly mean this

    1. Nobody “hates” the Pats fans. I certainly don’t. Why would I hate someone just because they are unbelievably gullible? I feel sorry for you more than anything. I just hate Belicheat and the Pats for cheating. Which brings me to

    2. “You ain’t us”. I got news for you “You ain’t them (us)” either. You aren’t a Patriot, coach, player, ballboy, or owner.

  65. So, let’s see if I have this correctly.

    After getting busted for SpyGate in 2007 the Pats win 18 games in a row. That leads me to believe that filming didn’t mean a thing.

    After playing to a 17-7 first half with ‘deflated’ footballs the Pats come back with a 28-0 second half. That leads me to believe that ‘deflated’ footballs didn’t mean a thing.

    Yeah, I know….it’s the principle that counts. Integrity means everything.

    Except when we talk about PEDs, bonuses for causing injuries, piping loudspeaker crowd noise into your stadium when the visitors are on offense, tanking games to get the QB of your choice, setting up sting operations while other contending teams get beaten (Detroit and San Diego might have a bone to pick with Goodell).

    Ahhhhh. Integrity! Someone’s full of it.

  66. We have had to listen insufferable Pats fans arrogantly telling other football fans concerned about their cheating that we are just all jealous of their winning while our teams are losing. I could care less about the Superbowl, but I will be sure to tune into the end of it when the Pats are hanging their heads due to another SB loss. I can’t wait to see the smug look on Robert Kraft’s face turned upside down into a scowl. I can’t wait to read the whining accusations by childish Pat fans against officials for bad calls that went against the Pats. I especially can’t wait to see Richard Sherman console Tom Brady with a big ‘ Are U still mad, bro?’

  67. Why is it that every time someone says something about cheating, Pats fans get soooo defensive. Maybe in the back ok your mind you think your team did cheat. If I was a Pats fan, I would care less about what other people think. I would be like, my team has 3 SB and a long string of winning seasons, cheating or not. But this is beside the point. Warner is just saying what anyone else in his position would be thinking. You Pats fans need to stop taking things so personal.

  68. Since many of you Patriots homers seem completely unaware of some of the reasons the Greatest Show on Turf-era Rams feel like they might have gotten hosed in that Super Bowl, here’s one example.

    Then-STL OC Mike Martz devised 3-4 brand spanking new mis-direction plays specifically for that game that had never been seen before. The Patriots, according to Marshall Faulk and other Rams, knew exactly what was coming on them. These were difference-making plays.

    People don’t hate the Patriots because we “aint ’em.” The resentment is grounded in the fact the Patriots don’t compete like men with honor.

  69. The indignation of all these Patriot fanboys is quite a hoot. Warner is being candid with his comments instead of regurgitating cliches. He was beaten in that SuperBowl when SpyGate was running on all cylinders. Several years later, Patsies are back in the big game and again they are caught in an NFL sting, manipulating the rules. Any reasonable man would feel cheated, or at least it would be understandable if he has that thought cross his mind. Grow up boys, your idols are now and forevermore tainted as potential frauds.

    The NFL is a game of inches. A simple advantage here or there can make a difference between 9-7 mediocrity and 12-4 dominance. A play that goes one way or another here or there can determine home field advantage. The Pats transgressions do not turn a 3-13 team into a SuperBowl contender. Bill and Tom are great at what they do. Even more reason to find this behavior so objectionable. Don Shula, Tom Landry, Chuck Noll, Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh are forever remembered as geniuses who made major contributions to the game. Bellichik will be remembered as the NFL equivalent of A-Rod.

  70. We all know the Pats taped that walkthrough before the Super Bowl. Belichick’s own video guy, Steve Scarneccia, was busted red-handed doing that exact same thing for McDaniels in Denver, resulting in the 2nd SpyGate fine handed down by the NFL to Belichick-connected parties. When asked why he did it, Scarneccia said he figured McDaniels would want him to – because that’s what the Pats and their ilk do. You Pats fans complaining that the Rams loss was due to their turnovers are disgusting – your team knew all their plays before they ran them. Of course you got some turnovers.

  71. Wow, now I have read it all. Ridiculous that Warner piled on here. Just another example of dismissing a clearly talented QB over what? A few soft balls? No one can even quantify the supposed advantage this would give a team. There’s not data to back up the theory that this would be a measurable advantage in the game. Further, please stop acting like the NFL is some squeeky clean organization except for those dastardly Patriots. It’s not the boyscouts. This is hardly the worst alleged scandal to hit the NFL.

  72. If the Pats really knew all the Rams plays before the game, why was it only a 3 point game? Shouldn’t they destroyed them? I mean, why cheat and then let it come down to the wire? Give me a break.


  74. Next thing you know, King George will whine from the grave. The original “Patriots” must have cheated too, right? Yes I’m watching sons of liberty and loving my home even more. Bring it on world.

  75. His comments weren’t directed at his winning or losing one game, but rather that every team every game every outcome with the Pats since Bellichek/Brady will forever have a small raincloud over it. True enough. Proof or not the damage has been done. 10 years from now we’ll still be talking about it.

  76. Funny how no one in New England realizes just how shady their team is. I could not support a team like that. They had enough talent to be perennial contenders for years. However that was not enough. Everyone outside of New England knows that they have not won a single Superbowl without a little help off the field.

  77. I love all you idiots who believe that the Patriots filmed the Ram’s practices and walk throughs.

    It doesn’t matter to you that the Boston Herald ran a retraction saying that fired-Patriots employee Matt Walsh fed John “Fat Boy” Tomase a flat-out lie, which Tomase didn’t even bother to verify.

    The paper that REPORTED this story ADMITTED it was a LIE, but 8 years later, you people still believe it.

  78. This whole thing reminds me of Lance Armstrong. Someone who built a career by cheating a lying and making himself a hero built on those lies.

    The Patriots are the same way! Tom Brady and Bill Cheater have built this legacy of greatness that has most likely been built on a huge, smelly mound of lies!!

  79. It must suck not being a Pats fan…especially the ones that their on team is so sorry all they have to do is gossip like a little girl…..I am not a Pats fan …pull up your panties and go home, what idiots..

  80. When Brady fumbled the ball in the game prior to the suoerbowl, the refs cheated calling tuck rule. NE never should have been in that game to start, should have been Raiders. Since it was shortly after 911 and NE has a name like patriot, NFL wanted that win. A true patriot would play fair- NE has an asterisk after every superbowl. They are the king of cheaters. They should not have won the Ravens game this year- why was Revis not called for pass interference when he talked a receiver in the end zone on forth down making them kick a field goal which is 4 points less- the difference in the game. If there is cheating going on NE is always involved/ coincidence- I think not.

  81. If the Patriots knew all the Rams’ plays (even though that’s not even what a walkthrough is), then why didn’t they intercept EVERY pass since they supposedly “knew the exact spot on the field where the ball was getting thrown.”?

    Let me guess: “they didn’t want it to be too obvious”.

    Haha, the Pats are in people’s heads.

  82. Now that you mention it Kurt, I did see the Patriots ball boy take 22 balls into the port-a-potty with him for about 90 seconds, just before the game…..

  83. Pats cheated!

    Remember the play when the LB cuts off Faulk, not like he figured out the play, he knew the play!

    Doesn’t take Captain Obvious to figure out that one!

  84. There were a number of bad calls in that game and they all went against the Rams.

    One of the most blatant was on that last drive, when a Pats player was clearly down before going out of bounds, he wasn’t even close, but they ruled he made it out and the Pats got the clock stoppage they desperately needed.

    One play that probably wouldn’t have made a difference but was as stark as could be was when the Pats kicked the winning FG.

    There were 7 seconds on the clock and it took all 7 seconds for a 48 yard FG.

  85. I mean like what did they do Warner ? Spit on the ball or something? some kind of magic no one could see? You just got your ass beat, get over it! You sound like a 1st grader who just lost at checkers 😡

  86. Hey Curtis cover some football. It’s dead get over it you call yourself a journalist? Your a week and a half late!!!

  87. @cguy7
    “Looking back on this game it’s funny to think that Pats fans claim Teflon Tom is the greatest QB of all time… Rams had a shady D and all he could muster is two TD’s in sixty minutes. As usual Vinatieri bailed him out along with his defense…”

    The Rams Defense was 7th in Points Fielded that year and 3rd for Yards Allowed.

    I don’t think the Rams had a very “shady D” if it were in the top 10.

    The Pats outplayed the Rams..

    The only thing sad about these events is that the Pats are being singled out. It is naive to think that NO other team is cheating. Every team is doing something to gain an advantage.

  88. Maybe the Rams cheated?

    Its the same thing Warner is saying….this nonsense is out of control

  89. It’s a shame everyone will forever link Pats to cheating. Pats fans are all by themselves with tainted accomplishments. I blame the media for making it worse than it really is.

  90. Of course the writer retracted his statement after the evidence that proved him right was DESTROYED IN A COVERUP. Too bad we can’t watch any video’s of that super bowl or the entire Patriots season since it’s common practice to burn all the tapes….wait, it isn’t? Then why was this particular tape burned and nothing else?

  91. Tom Brady know he cheated. No way the temperature and weather condition played a factor in “Deflate Gate.” How come it didn’t do anything to the Colts balls? They played on the same field and dealing with the same weather condition? Brady said he didn’t notice any difference in the balls he used so he has been cheating all these times.

  92. Kurt, you hate us because you ain’t us. Man up and admit you got beat by the better team. As they sing in the movie Frozen, let it go. The rest of you haters can stick it where the sun don’t shine. GO PATS!

  93. “It’s not because I say they cheated, because I have no idea, but it adds a sliver of doubt that I think is unfair to everybody. It’s unfair to them and their legacy.”

    Then why bring it up Kurt? You obviously think they did, stop waffling. You guys lost FAIR and square, move on.

  94. New England’s defense sold out every play of that game, Sorry Kurt, you guys got spanked – your offense couldn’t handle the punishment doled out Bruschi, McGuinnest & Co. Every play ended in a crippling hit. that’s not cheating, that’s losing in a street fight!

  95. Kurt has been sitting on the sidelines too long. Understandably lonely as no one wants to talk to him, so this was his chance. I guess Kurt hasn’t taken the time to read any of the facts. During the games he played in, he also was playing with under-inflated balls anytime there was cold temperature. It has to be, natural laws don’t just work on some footballs. It is so sad that so many people have been quick to jump to the conclusion that some kind of tampering takes place. The reality is that every football in every cold weather game loses PSI, it is simple science. And if you measured it immediately at halftime, you would see it below the range unless it was originally overinflated or inflated at high end of range. Dozens of respected scientists have now performed this analysis and while there are differences in their views on the exact PSI drop (most have been in the range of 1 to 2 PSI given a 25-30 degree temp differential) and equation assumptions, there is no difference in the basic premise that a change in temperature reduces PSI. The one excepted “scientist” is Bill Nye, who was either misquoted or doesn’t understand entry level Physics. Separate from equation crunchers, HeadSmart Labs of Pittsburgh actually took the time to run a simulated experiment using conditions involved at the game showing a 1.9 PSI drop. Simple science, no foul play required.

  96. Keep wondering and wasting your precious time on the Pats. You’ll have plenty of company. Enjoy your tortured existence.

  97. Kurt Warner is a very respected HOF QB. He has celebrated success and endured defeat many times in his career. When he speaks out on his concerns about the Patriots fair sportsmanship, it is because this latest scandal has reopened a long lingering wound and doubt. That doubt has also been shared by some of his old Ram teammates as well. Kurt should track down Matt Walsh who once claimed he taped the Rams SB practice for the Pats

  98. Wow, just lost all respect for Warner. This is actually worse than the current conspiracies because he’s suggesting something without any merit. If you recall, Warner and the Rams couldn’t get anything going until the final minutes in that Super Bowl. To come out and “wonder” maybe there could have been something is not only unprofessional, but also undignified. These are the types of selfish and borderline criminal thoughts he needs to keep to himself since he’s a broadcaster.

  99. Oh get another rams crying towel out. Kurt you lost so get over it. Spygate is badly mislabeled. They only video taped the sidelines from field level instead of a coaches booth which is legal and remains so to this day. Spying by definition is something done with stealth and a guy standing on the sideline for all to see is arrogance but not spying.

  100. You’re not bitter, Kurt? That’s BS. Obviously having any shred of doubt about getting your tail whipped by a superior team by saying they must have “cheated” 14 years ago because there was a mistake made about camera placement 10 years ago and now ESPN is about to face a billion dollar lawsuit for slander pretty much renders you bitter. I had some respect for you man… A very talented and overlooked QB to perform the way you did is quite impressive. All respect is now lost. You are nothing more than a troll.

  101. As more and more information becomes available it is becoming obvious that deflategate is nothing more than a witch hunt that is now being traced back to a former Jets front office guy who is bitter towards Belichick. This guy now works for the NFL and was supposedly trolling the Colts sideline during the AFC championship game. The guy’s name is Mike Kensil you can google it.
    The scientific data that has been analyzed since the beginning is backing up the Patriots that they did nothing wrong. This even caused noted astro physicist Neil De Grasse Tyson to recant his earlier comment that Belichick was wrong and he know concurs that the Patriots did nothing wrong that it was an atmospheric and temperature combination that affected the PSI of the ball. Kurt your team was outplayed and out coached by a team that wanted it more just like the Patriots were in 2008 and 2012. Stop whining you sound more and more like the dress wearing Marshall Faulk.

  102. Rams 24 – Pats 17…..Warner throws for over 400 yds and 3 TD’s on that Sunday night in Foxboro and I believe was the last loss of the season for them. I’m sure Bellichex gathered massive intel during that matchup for future use. I can’t agree more with the poster that stated that after 9-11 the US needed the Red-White-Blue Patriots to rally the the US, trouble is they had to totally SCREW the Raiders to get them there….For anyone who’s watched football for years before that game I ask you…Have you ever heard of or seen the “Tuck Rule”? Total BS….as for the game, Pats were hitting hard, and late and out of bounds…and it was clearly a blow to the head of Warner by Vrabel on the pick 6, so that should have come back…I could go on and on about the absolute hosing, but the Raiders have the biggest complaint, at least the Rams got to play in the game…

  103. Have you ever heard of or seen the “Tuck Rule”? Total BS….as for the game, Pats were hitting hard, and late and out of bounds…and it was clearly a blow to the head of Warner by Vrabel on the pick 6, so that should have come back…I could go on and on about the absolute hosing, but the Raiders have the biggest complaint, at least the Rams got to play in the game…–


    every patriots fan and real Jet fan has heard of it!
    It was called earlier that same season in a game between the Jets and Patriots. It was called in favor of the Jets Testaverdie was the QB

  104. “wow. it amazed me how much people embrace the cheating culture ’cause of the patriots. mind blowing!”

    The question is this: Why is it that during other team’s era of prosperity there were not these lasting and monumental doubts about their methods of achieving success? You have the Bears of the ’80s, the Joe Montana era of the 49ers, all of the Steeler’s superbowl wins, the Packers, the Landry era for the Cowboys.

    The reason is because of the simple fact that the Patriots have been SHOWN in the past to play fast and loose with the rules. That will put a question in the minds of most everyone except Pats fans who some how feel that their self worth is tied in to how the team is perceived.

  105. If they are cheating to gain an unfair advantage in the Superbowl, how come the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS beat them the last 2 times??

  106. dtp15 says:
    Jan 27, 2015 9:05 PM
    They Patriots beat someone, must be cheating.


    Exactly right. The Patriots have been cheating for a long, long time.

  107. justcallingit says:
    Jan 27, 2015 9:32 PM

    Anyone who saw that game can remember it seemed very odd and coincidental that for 3 1/2 quarters the Patriots seemed to know exactly what play the Rams were going to run despite the new formations installed specifically for the game.

    And a few years later came the discovery of the Rams walk thru video among the Patriot’s video archives.

    There never was any walkthrough video. That was disproven. Also, if you read Michael Holley’s book you’d know the Pats knew what the Rams were likely to do (pass/run) based on where Marshall Faulk lined up.

    Once that little cat was out of the bag the Rams fell into irrelevance, and so did Martz.


    After the game, without knowing, Isaac Bruce literally said “It’s like they knew what plays we were running in the endzone”

    Every year it’s something else with the Patriots, yet their fans turn a blind eye.

  109. bennettclark1985 says:
    Jan 28, 2015 2:39 PM

    After the game, without knowing, Isaac Bruce literally said “It’s like they knew what plays we were running in the endzone”

    Every year it’s something else with the Patriots, yet their fans turn a blind eye.

    wheres your proof


  111. Kurt you’re not alone. A lot of well respected people like Don Shula are wondering too. Shula wouldn’t have made those comments out of stupidity. These Patriots*, Belichick* and Brady* are the *asterisk* boys. Instead of being mentioned with Joe Montana and John Elway, Brady* will be mentioned with Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Brady is a darn good QB, but he’s a cheater.

  112. I feel sorry for Kurt. He was a highly respected HOF’r in my eyes before this comment.

    This is actually getting scary. Is America a country of unfulfilled nutjobs who will buy into any conspiracy scenario just so they can shield themselves from the truth, and possible blame? Reading most of y’alls mess on this board, apparently so.

  113. Its far easier to call someone a cheater then it is to admit your own faults and work harder to correct them. That’s America these days.

  114. Warner and Faulk are 2 grumpy old men. You were beaten on the field fair and square. The world was watching and you were completely out played by physicality your team couldn’t match. Did Ty Law know before hand you were going to throw the ball while you were getting hit and ran it back for a td. I think not. Your o line stunk, and your receivers were manhandled. The game is played on the field so once you lose stop with all the excuses. Did anyone claim the Steelers cheated in the 70’s when most of their D was on steroids?

  115. The NFL needs to release a statement:

    “Information has been leaked in drivels to the media, and we don’t control what happens to that information after that. Unfortunately it has resulted in a skewed representation of reality in the NFL. Over the past decade, there have been a number of infractions committed by the preponderance of NFL teams either in an effort to gain a competitive advantage or in an effort to offset some perceived advantage gained by the opponent presumed to be violating a rule, skirting a rule, exploiting a loophole in the rule book, or gaming the system. Without going into details, the rules violated govern coach-to-QB helmet communications, texting, player tampering, performance enhancing drugs, player motivation schemes, crowding the sidelines on kickoff returns, hiding players placed on waivers, failing to accurately report injuries, and management of the salary cap. Videotaping of defensive signals was a league-wide practice, for which the Patriots were sanctioned as the last team to carry it out following the dissemination of a memo instructing all teams to comply with the new rule. I spoke with Bill Belichick and the sense I got what that there was a functional paranoia within certain circles, a disbelief that other teams were fully in compliance or might have adapted their methods to technologically circumvent the rule. I think the sanctions and media-generated Spygate effectively served to put that suspicion to bed …

    … The investigation into under-inflated footballs is an exploratory inquiry more than anything else. We want to gain a better understanding of the loopholes and windows in the protocol to minimize if not eliminate opportunities for exploitation moving forward. This is not about punishing the Patriots organization. This is a league-wide issue. Testimony from players both current and retired suggests that is common practice to remove air from footballs after they have been approved by game officials — in many cases without knowledge of the rule and pre-game preparation procedures. Clearly this is a rule that requires greater clarification and socialization moving forward. But before that happens the rule will be revisited by the Competition Committee to determine whether the regulation range is too restrictive and whether a rule is even prudent at all or whether we’re better off making air pressure a matter of game strategy. The last thing the NFL venues need is a police state. Timed and supervised custody of footballs. Video surveillance of footballs at all times. Inflation procedures monitored and approved by trained physicists and engineers. Criminal background checks for ball boys …

    … At this time there is not sufficient evidence to indicate that the Patriots violated protocol. We have been unable to construct a representation of the process by which air pressure was lost. We have retained an investigative firm to shed more light on this issue, but without recorded pre-game measurements of said pressure by officials, we are limited in what we could conclude beyond a reaonable doubt. Our focus is on the integrity of the game, but I wonder whether our efforts to investigate whether that integrity has been violated, has done more damage to the game by casting a pall over its signature event and creating an uneven playing field for its two participants. We are minimizing the problem. But the solution moving forward involves greater socialization of the rule and better procedures. Thank you.”

  116. …and it was clearly a blow to the head of Warner by Vrabel on the pick 6, so that should have come back…I could go on and on about the absolute hosing, but the Raiders have the biggest complaint, at least the Rams got to play in the game…


    Really? I suggest you re-watch the “tuck rule play” and watch Woodson hit Brady’s helmet before he lost the ball.

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