Marshawn Lynch shows up at media day to avoid fines

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A year ago at Super Bowl media day, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch played peek-a-boo with reporters, using a side entrance to make a late arrival and an early getaway.

This year, the NFL put him on a podium for a tougher escape, probably as the league’s reminder they set the rules.

Lynch showed up and did his part. Our guy Curtis Crabtree was in the best position to hear this nothing, as Lynch gave the same answer to all the early questions.

I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” he said repeatedly.

Lynch left after less than five minutes, making the appropriate gesture of whatever it is he’s trying to prove.

It really doesn’t have to be that hard. Lynch was able to make a promotional video for candy, but he can’t talk to the people who want to hear from him on other matters.

173 responses to “Marshawn Lynch shows up at media day to avoid fines

  1. He should agree to give a full one-hour interview to any reporter who can tackle him in the open field.

  2. I bet you if a fan crossed his path and he didn’t have somewhere he had to be he’d give the fan(s) more than 5 minutes of the same one-liner… There’s a difference between making a video and answering questions for people you just don’t trust not to misrepresent you.

  3. This guy acts like a child.

    And the media seems to think it’s cute.

    it’s immature, ridiculous, and pathetic.

    Grow up Marshawn. You’re one knee injury away from being long forgotten this time a year from now.

    People wonder why the NFL has a bad image? Maybe CHILDISH athletes making millions isn’t helping.

  4. Lynch is right. He shouldn’t have to talk to the media if he doesn’t want. I would respect the media more if they just ignored him and honored his wishes but the will never happen.

  5. Maybe when the media stops making things up for money there will be no need for people like Marshawn to push the edge.

    I think a lot of other athletes are seeing that there are ways to push back at the media with in the rules.

  6. What a jerk! If he were pathologically shy and didn’t like attention fine, but he’s an NFL star. Thousands of guys grow up dreaming of playing in a Super Bowl, let alone 2 in a row, and experiencing Super Bowl week to the fullest, and you can’t spend time answering questions, instead you have to be rude to people who just want to do their job. I really hope he does retire at the end of the season so we can rid ourselves of this melodramatic fool. If I wanted drama I’d watch Real Housewives or something, not football.

  7. Sounded and looked like a fool. Glad he can run the football other than that I’m guessing he would be doing that act through a window at a drive thru.

  8. I love how the media cries about stuff like this. He’s an athlete so don’t get mad when he doesn’t corporate with your attempts to make an easy living off his blood, sweat and tears.

    Harrison’s comments on the media during Hard Knocks were spot on.

  9. “It really doesn’t have to be that hard.”

    It’s not hard for anyone but you reporters. His fans know what they need to know. He runs hard, plays hard, and hates talking to you reporters.

    If you want to compare what you do to promo videos for candy then be my guest. But, seriously, candy videos are more important to society.


  10. Lynch is paid to play football, he plays football well. Lynch is also paid by Skittles, he makes funny Skittles ads. Yours, and your employers behaviour in regards to the Patriots this past week im positive is one of the reasons Lynch treats your kind like he does.

    Too bad for Lynch, that like him, The Pats are all bout dat action…….boss

  11. I was laughing like crazy. Best presser ever. If the NFL fines him for this, I will think long about whether or not I want to continue giving them my money.

  12. There’s a difference between answering questions during a promotional video, sitting at a table with a jar of skittles, and answering questions from reporters who ask idiotic questions and shove microphones in his face.

  13. This guy is acting like a child. Part of his job and responsability as a NFL player is to speak to the media. For the ridiculous salary he is making they arent asking much. If you and I dont do our jobs to the best of our ability atleast I know …..I will be fired….Hes what todays youth is looking at ….some guy with a bandana draped over his face …so much for setting the example for todays youth………

  14. trollhammer20 says:
    Jan 27, 2015 2:33 PM
    He should agree to give a full one-hour interview to any reporter who can tackle him in the open field.

    1 0

    This is the best thing I’ve read all day. Could not agree more, and I would pay to watch it. The thought of Peter King getting stiff armed by Beast Mode gives me an unnatural smile….

  15. This jerk needs to grow up – this is fine for a 12 year old – but he is supposedly a PROFESSIONAL. It is about time he get it through his thick skull that he is supposed to conduct himself with the highest professionalism, not like some Neanderthal 12 year old.

  16. It’s a different gang of cheaters but does anybody remember the snow clearing incident on the field goal? That was New England also. The Patriot Way has been around for a long time. But back then people were not so anal and it was not so big a deal. What does that say about us now?

  17. These teams and athletes make a ton of money in large part due to the public. Players wouldn’t have the contracts they have if it were not for TV and other media revenues. Yet they think it is cool/funny or they are making some type of social statement by not answering questions. Give me a break. I hope the Hawks win the game, but grow up #24. If the public/media has questions for you, put your hour in, go to your meetings for the team and then relax knowing you work less than 80% of the general public but will make more over the life of your NFL contracts than at least 60% of the American public. I have no sympathy for this dude at all. Get over yourself already.

  18. Doesn’t that constitute breach of contract? (I’m only asking, not criticising.)

  19. Talking to the media is promoting the game. Promoting the game increases league revenues. When league revenues increase, player salaries increase.

    Simple concept Marshawn. You can’t fix stupid.

  20. If Marshawn wants to do this answer performance over and over he has every right to do it, but why do people think it is so funny and clever???

    Belichick gives answers, usually non answer answers/not answers you are looking for, but he gives answers. And you all destroy him for it. But when Marshawn does it, you laugh and say its cuz he doesnt trust the media. Belichick doesnt trust the media either. But at least he has enough respect to answer the question, rather than just repeat the same phrase over and over and over and over again

  21. Awe, the poor media’s feelings are hurt because Lynch won’t talk to them. Then to further his disdain for the media and the NFL front office, he does “interviews” for Skittles and Progressive just to give a proverbial crotch grab and a big middle finger. I love it. Haters gonna hate, but I don’t blame him at all for not feeding the animals so they can twist and spin his words for headlines.

  22. Who cares if this guy has nothing to say, on the rare instance he has spoken, he doesn’t exactly sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer, by any means.

  23. Belichick says “we are moving on to Cincinnati” over and over, and people praise him for sticking it to the media. Lynch does it and he’s a jerk?? Either hold everyone to the same standard, or whats the point?

  24. I’m against this, this isnt cool. Yes, the media is ridiculous, but if your employer tells you to talk to someone and pays you generously to do so you do it, with a smile on your face.

  25. @redskinfan1126:

    So it’s okay for the media to repeatedly ask him questions because they “just want to do their jobs”, but it’s not okay for Lynch to just want to do his job?

    He signed a contract to PLAY FOOTBALL, not to pander to the media circus that follows players around. His job is to hold onto the ball and run with it, not to do anything else. If he wanted to talk to people for a living, I’m sure he’d be in another profession.

    Football is about football; anything else should be up to the player.

  26. He isn’t smart enough to know he is one hit away from being done in the NFL and that his talent will fade sooner than later, I hope no media outlets employ him when this happens.

  27. Just imagine if one of the Patriots gave an interview like that?!

    Oh the HUMANITY! Interview-Gate!!

  28. How can this crotch grabbing, self-absorbed head case be kept from being a side show and not detract from the biggest single sporting event in the world???

    I’m sick of the act… it’s tired and old.

  29. I am so tired of hearing he shouldn’t have to talk. It IS IN THE NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT. He does have to talk. Don’t blame the league, blame the agreement. He should get fined. He is NOT doing all of his job. He act like a spoiled child. My three year old acts better to people in public than this guy. A disgrace.

  30. He has a legal obligation via the NFL contract he signed and his union dues to participate. He’s consistent in his justification for being a putz. Grow up. If you’re worried about being “misrepresented” then make clear unmistakable statements. What he does is snub his nose at the NFL and his players union. It’s a total joke…and he’s classless to keep it up.

  31. Wait until Lynch is dependent on those same sportswriters for HOF votes.

    Lynch: So you gonna vote for me?

    Writers in Unison: We’re voters.

    Question repeated 5x, answer repeated 5x, etc., etc.

    For the record… I love Lynch’s act. I also love Sherman calling the NFL to the mat time and time again. The NFL should elect that guy President of the union already. Bye Brees.

  32. ” Just imagine if one of the Patriots gave an interview like that?!
    Oh the HUMANITY! Interview-Gate!! ”

    Have you ever seen a Belichick press conference??? that’s all the man does! says a whole lot of nothing. The only time he speaks is when there’s a cheating scandal. I suppose we ca at least count on him speaking every 5 years or so, when the next scandal breaks.

  33. If you were running a company, how tolerant would you be of an employee who was constantly breaking company rules. If it’s a good and productive employee, you WILL tolerate some that behavior. But there will come a point where you’ll have to talk with that employee, when those actions reflect negatively on the company.

  34. Loved it and I love (we, the 12’s) Lynch. He is making a point which is. Anything you say can and will be used against you by the media. He is sticking it to em and its great. The fact that Pete embraces the differences in his players is a factor in this teams success. He engages the fans when he is out and about. Lynch is a funny and fun person.

  35. It’s Marshawn’s life, he risks paying fines, and makes his own decisions yet some of you are little babies because Marshawn didn’t give you some boring cliche answer to a boring cliche question. I cannot believe how butt hurt some of you posters get because Marshwn won’t answer a question.

    He’s a great teammate, player, and gives back to the community. What more do you want from him? If your emotions hinder on Marshawn answering a question, you may need to reevaluate your life.

  36. You know what I don’t understand — Why there are so many on here who are lauding Marshawn Lynch and decrying the media? The media are actually doing their job, while Lynch wasn’t. Its in his contract to speak to the media, and the media is suppose to write stories. So, why all the criticism for those doing their job as opposed to praising the guy who wasn’t? I’ve heard people speak of the media as acting “entitled”. Well what would you call Lynch not fulling his contractual duty of speaking to the media? He may have some social anxiety, but that doesn’t mean he has to be a butt during interviews. Ricky Williams probably had worse social anxiety and he overcame his fears. As much as I dislike Lynch he seems more right in the head than Williams did to me. If you ask me, Lynch not embracing a media interview every now and then is simply adding to the stress and anxiety he’s facing. He’ll never overcome it if he doesn’t try to. Yeah, I know, “down thumb” me. 🙂

  37. I can picture Belichick watching this and thinking ‘he also gives the best interviews too’

  38. All you losers who agree with this childish behavior are just that…losers.

    You’re all probably unemployed, living on food stamps and welfare and have no clue what is required of actually having gainful employment.

    This guy just doesn’t get it and it is disgusting that the league keeps letting him get away with this crap…guess you all would rather hear about under inflated balls.

    Say what you want about the media, but they’re just asking the questions their boss wants them to ask, and are making far less than the last guy sitting on any NFL bench…but yet get vilified by all you idiots sitting at home.

  39. Unlike most people, I think these athletes who refuse to talk to the media are jerks. They are being paid millions of dollars a year – and they’ve earned it. But they would never be receiving the money they do without the media coverage and the resulting fan support.

    They don’t have to be eloquent. But at least have the decency to be civil. It’s not going to kill Lynch to answer a few questions. Virtually every other football player is able to do it without making it a big deal. The guy’s a crotch-grabbing prima donna IMO who doesn’t realize there are millions of people out there who would love to trade places with him, and would be more than willing to answer a few questions.

  40. The ironic thing about the difference between Lynch and his detractors? He’s a great football player making millions but a horrible interview; they are great interviews but horrible football players making nothing. Maybe since football fans have to pay to watch the games, interview fans should have to pay to watch the interviews.

  41. he will make a candy video because he is getting paid to do it not because he enjoys it or wants to. as to the way he and others treat the media I suggest you just ignore them and see how fast they change their attitude when you are reporting only their game stats. there are plenty of other players you can write about that are part of the game but you never hear about. get your stories from them and suddenly players like lynch will be eager to talk to the press.

  42. They need to just bust him a game.

    He’s had 100 chances. Nobody else gets to decide what part of their job they want to do.

    You don’t like the terms of your contract? Go play in the CFL.

    You’re supposedly a professional. Act like it.

  43. It is in his contract to talk to the media. If you decided to not do part of your job you would be fired. Nobody says he has to make an eloquent lengthy point just answer the questions appropriately.

  44. Its not difficult:

    Lynch had multiple articles written in Buffalo, and one when he first arrived in Seattle that were NOT true, and made allegations about his past. Lynch doesn’t trust the media now and chooses not to interact with them.

    I don’t see why it’s so difficult. Honestly… I admire Lynch for standing up for his personal beliefs. If people don’t like his non answers, then don’t read articles about this or watch him get grilled.

  45. he won’t have anything to say postgame either, after he gets shut down ..Seagulls have zero other weapons to worry about, so it shouldn’t be too hard for the Pats’ top-10 D to contain this clown

  46. You folks having a hard time with Lynch not talking to the media are likely the same ones who have a problem with Sherman talking to the media. You’ll only be happy when everybody talks just the right amount and says only what you deem is the right thing. It’s ridiculous the narrow scope of standards some people place on these guys. I’m fairly certain that it is centered around what team you root for and really has nothing to do with what is actually said/not said.

  47. If anyone has an excuse to not talk to the media this week it’s Brady and Belichick…but even they did it. So if they can do it, then Lynch can too. It is in his contract after all. With that said, I still find it funny whenever a player or coach sticks it to the media.

  48. koenig61 says:
    Jan 27, 2015 2:47 PM
    Belichick says “we are moving on to Cincinnati” over and over, and people praise him for sticking it to the media. Lynch does it and he’s a jerk?? Either hold everyone to the same standard, or whats the point?

    Yes but when they ask him a question about Cincinnati he answered the question. That’s the difference.

  49. LOL Pats fans worrying about the NFL image????

    Wow. How rich is that????

    His contract said he had to do an interview. He did an interview.

    He puts $m of his own money towards his foundation to help inner city kids.

    Brady demanded a $100k car to participate in a charitable event.

    But he’s the image to which we should all aspire.

  50. eagles3333 said:

    “I am so tired of hearing he shouldn’t have to talk. It IS IN THE NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT. He does have to talk. Don’t blame the league, blame the agreement. He should get fined. He is NOT doing all of his job. He act like a spoiled child. My three year old acts better to people in public than this guy. A disgrace.”


    You’re right – it is in the negotiated agreement. Players are required to provide interviews to the media following every game, and especially on Media Day during Super Bowl week.

    Here’s the problem you fail to realize: If you were asked basically the same questions by the same people every single week during the season, it’d be equally annoying and tiring for you. And really, if your team put on a bad performance, would you really want to talk to anyone right away?

    I don’t fault Lynch for his antics at all. I bet many players share his feelings about interviews.

  51. pats fan here–ya gotta luv what he said…why? he found a way to stick it to the NFL while fulfilling his ‘obligation’ to appear. he’ll prolly be fined just the same, ‘cuz the ‘shield’ is the worst sort of control freak…it seeks to control everything they deem ‘proper’, from capricious rules on behavior to contractual product placement. everything i thought america was against. i think the NFL must be living in the 50’s still…

  52. Idiot.
    And for every one of you defending him as some kind of victim of the NFL’s unfair policies… Why is it hard for you to grasp the fact that fulfilling all those responsibilities required of you at your job, even those you don’t enjoy, is what qualifies you to receive a full paycheck?
    If it’s an anxiety issue, there are strategies to deal. More than a few people with anxiety issues have learned to speak in front of much tougher crowds.

  53. I think the Patriots need to be investigated into why Marshawn Lynch will not talk to the media.

    Obviously, the Patriots are doing something illegal.


  54. The fact that people are actually passionately upset about this is hilarious. I guess some people need somewhere to direct their aggression outside of their own lives. “He’s not speaking to the media”, “He’s an idiot”, “He’ll be bankrupt soon”. That’s funny. And I am not a fan of the guy.

  55. Do not let the Media fool you for one second, they love that Marshawn does this. Its another story they can write about. I love how the media gets up on arms about this but we know the media has a lot of people like Bayless and Pete Prisco that are idiots. The NFL has no shortage of prima donna’s that will talk so ask them questions.

  56. Lynch- what a jerk, he should talk to the media, it’s in his contract, force him, fine him, waaaah

    Sherman- someone shut him up, he talks too much, why do they keep interviewing this guy, waaaaah

    Hypocritical much??

    I would, however, pay to see a Lynch and Belichick tag team press conference just to witness the cranial implosions it would cause

  57. I can’t tell if Marshawn Lynch is this generation’s John Riggins (whacked out, but endearing), or simply a West Coast Chris Johnson (more ego than whacked).

  58. Another Arrogant Seattle player that is too stupid too understand how he makes his money.

    Marshawn, you make your money because the league is tremendously marketed and players promote their sport.

    What you did today showed how immature, stupid and low-class you are.

    Just like the rest of your team.

    As much as I dislike the Patriots, I am going to root for them to dismantle you guys.

  59. The fact is that his contract says “talk” to the media. It doesnt say “answer correctly” the questions addressed to you. I believe that makes it in compliance with his contract.

    If you see other interviews with Lynch, he actually does answer questions when is about other topics that he is interested in. If he doesnt want to talk football, so be it. There are plenty of other players that want to do so, so go ahead and interview them.

    At the end of the day, football fans want to see him playing football. I really doubt we tune in on Sunday’s to hear the eloquent and magnanimous speeches the players practice all week to present to us…

  60. This is what happens when u force someone to do what they dont want to. Its quite simple. Media, he does not like u. Any of u! Just be grateful hes not a full blown jerk about it cause his – im just here to avoid fine- statement could be worded in a much different way. Funny part about the whole thing is the media actually thinks he may have something interesting to say sometime thats why they keep showing up at his podium to ax questions. This just in. Even if he did have something relevant for ya hes not going to give it to ya’ll. But keep chasing the mail man like a dog does in hopes he’ll throw ya a bone

  61. Dear Media,

    Apparently Lynch doesn’t want to speak with you. Probably should move on.

    This makes Marshawn look great and you look petty.

  62. I’ve grown to like Marshawn because of all these funny interviews he does and how butthurt the media gets when they can’t get anything from him. You think they would learn their lesson but they just want to make a scene because they know they can.

  63. Props to him for trying to stick it to the media and NFL but when is the NFL going to say enough is enough? What if every player did crap like this? or 10 players? or 5 players? Eventually the NFL will lower their own legion of boom

  64. Marshawn should get a note from a Dr stating he has a personality disorder which effects his ability to speak in public. Then sue the NFL for causing emotional distress.

    Any of you trolls ever stop to think he might have a shyness disorder? It’s more common than you think.

    I think it’s great he’s opting out.

  65. Love it.

    If William is such a genius he will answer the same way once he gets peppered with questions as to what that employee was doing to a bag of balls…alone…in a restroom.

  66. I’m laughing at those who are ripping the media for expecting the players to do interviews.

    The viewership and readership of NFL Network, PFT,, ESPN and hundreds of other media outlets suggest fans want to read and hear about as many aspects of the NFL as possible.

    We’ll have the same overblown coverage the rest of the week. We’ll have a 10 hour pre-game with everybody and their brothers prediction. We’ll have a 10 hour post-game. Then we’ll all bemoan the NFL draft being pushed back.

    We’ll comb pre-draft, mid-draft and post-draft reports. We’ll comb schedules for opportunities and claims of “our team got screwed”. The pre-season will start and we’ll go through all of these things again and again.

    I’m not sure of all of Lynch’s reasons for not talking, but his income is based on playing a game and everything that goes with it. If not for all of the fans following every step of the season and off-season, that income would be a hell of a lot less.

  67. Nothing in his answers was deceptive or untrue, which is a lot better than you can say for what the Patriots can put do behind a mic. Just cause Bill and Tom say what Kraft and Goodell want them to doesn’t mean their press conferences are any better than Lynch’s joke and at least he was 100% honest.

  68. I couldn’t care two bits about Lynch or the Seahawks. And I don’t think sports journalists are all deserving of answers.

    That being said, this is an entertainment industry. You get paid handsomely to entertain. In this industry you have things called contracts, the one’s that give you the ability to make millions and be part of this entertainment industry. These contracts state you must participate, the company (NFL) states it’s a requirement.

    Now, if you don’t want to fulfill those items because you hate it so much. I can respect that, but leave the industry and find somewhere else to make your living where this is not part of the requirement of the contract you signed by the employer you chose. It seems simple to me.

  69. Is the NFL going to give everyone their $28.50 back? If not then the NFL should be satisfied with his time with the media.

  70. There is absolutely nothing a reporter could ask this man that I don’t already know or could google in 30 seconds. Get over yourself media.

  71. theNFLknowledge says: Jan 27, 2015 3:48 PM

    Marshawn should get a note from a Dr stating he has a personality disorder which effects his ability to speak in public. Then sue the NFL for causing emotional distress.

    I am 100% certain that this would work. lol

  72. whodat5150 says: Jan 27, 2015 2:54 PM

    If you were running a company, how tolerant would you be of an employee who was constantly breaking company rules. If it’s a good and productive employee, you WILL tolerate some that behavior. But there will come a point where you’ll have to talk with that employee, when those actions reflect negatively on the company.

    I completely agree! It is about time the NFL did something about Roger Goodell.

  73. I like pinkmist4 comment
    “i would, however, pay to see a Lynch and Belichick tag team press conference just to witness the cranial implosions it would cause”
    Followed by a state of the NFL address by richard sherman

  74. Lynch would be perfect on the Patriots for more than just his football ability. The secrets would remain safe with him.

  75. Would be pretty funny if the media had one of these sessions where they all ask him one question, the exact same question, over and over again. A standoff, of sorts.

  76. I don’t find this funny. As a fan of NFL and mainly my Packers, I want to know everything about the player that plays for the team. They are getting millions of dollars for a reason, if they don’t want to be a celebrity and earn the money, no one is making them do that. Obviously all the Seagulls fans accepts all the actions by their players because they too are moronic as him.

  77. Incredible how players spend their entire careers just to get to The Big Game, i.e., 6-time PB’er Darrelle Revis, who has hung his head with great humility at having this opportunity, while the self-gluttonous Marshawn Lynch can only focus on his own personal discontent for the professional league/team that pays him instead of showing some humility that getting a second, need I say “lucky” opportunity to play in The Big Game again. Geez, man, some guys just never learn.

  78. I laugh at most of these comments supporting Lynch and blasting the media.

    1. The media ask questions. Get over it. The stories the media generate is FREE PUBLICITY. Believe it or not, it’s important for the game.

    2. Us fans want good stories to read about.

    We are sick of deflate-gate and all the other stuff that is irrelevant to this game, the Super Bowl. We complain when there are no “real” stories to read, yet many here think the media is so wrong for asking him questions and trying to get stories for us, the fans (aka the customer).

    3. Marshawn isn’t doing this because he’s “shy” or doesn’t trust the media, or anything of that sort. He is doing this because it has made him a celebrity (to non-football fans) and garnered a lot of attention.

    If he didn’t want the attention, he could give generic/semi-relevant answers that still doesn’t say anything that could get “twisted” in the media, such as: “I hope to play well”, “We are prepared”, “I love my teammates”, etc. He could vary his non-responses with a tiny bit of football thrown in. The media would realize he has nothing relevant to say and would leave him alone after a couple of quick questions. They don’t want to waste their time. But now, it’s become a circus and all fans (and non-fans) want to see what he (doesn’t) say.

    If he truly didn’t want the attention, he could avoid it.

    His act is INCREASING attention upon him.

  79. He needs to realize he’s talking to the fans as well as the media.So he’s dissing his fans also.Grow up Lynch it’s not all about you!!!!!!

  80. We talkin bout questions man. Questions. Not the game. Not the game. Questions. We talkin bout questions. Questions, man. Questions.

    This is me trying to do Allen Iverson’s “practice rant” in the context of this…..nonsense. I understand it’s part of his contract. He’s fulfilling his obligation to the absolute minimum. This should be negotiated on a case by case basis and become part of the contract for the players that want to speak to the media. Maybe have a tiered bonus structure for more appearances. Why doesn’t anybody want to ask Haushka inane, arbitrary garbage? Don’t we want to know what he had for breakfast? What his dog’s name is? What he thinks of Brandon Browner’s statement? Does he always wear mismatching shoes? No, we don’t care! Everyone outside Seattle seems to not want to hear from Sherman but sure are dying to know what’s on Lynch’s mind. People talk a lot about how arrogant, brash, classless, etc. the Seahawks players (and fans) are, but the truth is there are a variety of personalities on this team. We’re O.K. with that. You should be too. Not everyone’s the same. Welcome to America!

  81. He only wants to be noticed during crotch-grabbing……and for his golden cleats….

    So glad I don’t have to cheer for that stupid piece of garbage

  82. One Side – Marshawn is an idiot and should just grow up and answer the media’s questions…

    The Other Side – This is exactly what the media deserves for sensationalizing everything and twisting words to create a story!

    Don’t you guys realize, you’re both right?

  83. to shy to talk to 50 reporters but he can grab his crotch in front several million. should be sellin crack on the corner.

  84. “It doesn’t have to be that hard”? It isn’t, for him. It only for the media who are expecting to get soundbites out of him that are worthless anyway.

    What great insights do players provide in these interviews? “The more physical team will win.” “We’ve got to go out there and stop their offense.” You know those answers already.

    Lynch just says the same few words, I imagine its rather easy for him. This is similar to the “It doesn’t have to be this hard for Dan Snyder” argument. Its not hard for him either. He just goes about his business and the name stays the same. There is no fight from his end, or Marshawn’s.

  85. I do get laugh out of it, but people who say he’s doing it because of some sort of personal discomfort with the media, or because he’s making a personal statement… well, wake up. He has no problem smiling at the cameras, or flashing smiles at friends while giving his answer. He has no problem profiting off his love of Skittles – point is, the guy is just doing this to be difficult. Not for any noble cause. As an aside, I imagine that if the NFL didn’t have this rule in place, a lot of players would dodge the media, and the media would find it more difficult to provide fans with the close connection to the game that we obviously crave.

  86. @dasmol: “If it’s in the contract he signed, where’s the disconnect?”

    Lynch isn’t not breaking the rules or his contract at all – he’s following them, to the letter. He’s doing what he sees as the bare minimum to comply with the letter of those rules. It’s the spirit of those rules that Lynch is making a mockery of. If the NFL does nothing about it, that tells me they either can’t punish him for something like that without opening a new can of worms, or they’ve just decided he’s not worth the bother.

  87. So because he grabbed his crotch, he should be a drug dealer?? Wow…social media and comment sections allow way too many stupid people to voice their opinion.

    I blame myself for scrolling down..

  88. Maybe if the media weren’t nearly all sensationalists with zero integrity he would feel better about talking to them.

    He has nothing to gain by playing ball with reporters. I agree with him. Do the bare minimum to avoid a fine and keep ESPN from running a story on his personal life or wildly speculate what his words “meant” about chemistry in the locker room.

  89. It’s real simple. If they let Marshawn Lynch not talk, then athletes people really want to hear can also back out. What if Tom Brady decides not to talk for whatever reason after a huge Patriots game? What if he never wants to talk?? He won’t have to cause they bended the rule for this guy.

    No one has put more attention/spotlight on Lynch than Marshawn himself. If he just showed up and gave quick answers as obligated, there would be no drama and media would probably not bother much with him because he’d be a boring interview.

  90. Does anybody really want to hear what he has to say, I know I don’t ! I would rather they let him stay out of it.

  91. Every summer Lynch helps the poor kids in Oakland where he grew up. I don’t care if he never talks to the media again.

    Leave him alone………..he’s one of the good ones!

  92. There are very few players in Pro Football that I truly hate. Most of them play for the Seahawks.

    Sherman and Lynch need to grow up and realize that they’re being paid more in one season than most of their fans will see in their lifetimes; oh, and all along it’s to play a GAME.

    Lynch will fade into irrelevancy next season when he’s playing in Oakland. He should enjoy the media while they care.

  93. brady2gronktd says:
    Jan 27, 2015 2:38 PM

    “Lynch is paid to play football, he plays football well.”

    One of the things Lynch is paid to do is talk to the media. It’s significant because he has claimed a social anxiety defense, but he has no problem with his supposed social anxiety on so many other occasions.

    You just like it because he’s even ruder to the media than Bill is.

  94. The basic issue here is that the things that are important to the league are different than the things that are important to Marshawn Lynch. And try as they might, coercing him to change his priorities is never going to work.

    Yes he’s getting paid handsomely to play a game. No, this does not mean that he has to kowtow to a bunch of suits who care only about TV ratings. Even if it’s those ratings that allow him to get paid in the first place. Democracy can be messy sometimes.

  95. What if Tom Brady decides not to talk for whatever reason after a huge Patriots game? What if he never wants to talk?? He won’t have to cause they bended the rule for this guy.

    I’m a Giants fan. If every man on the roster did the Marshawn act with the media, it would not affect my interest in the team one bit.

    I watch them play and I want them to win. If they don’t want to sit down with Mike Florio to talk about their offseason plans, then don’t. I probably wouldn’t read it anyway.

    The only team news I care about is what the Giants front office is doing, hopefully putting a winner on the field. Or injury talk during the season so I know when a guy is coming back. Don’t need to know what Eli ate for breakfast.

  96. alonestartexan:
    YOU need to grow up. You HATE football players you don’t even know?? Seriously??

  97. folkcrusader says:
    Jan 27, 2015 2:36 PM
    Maybe when the media stops making things up for money there will be no need for people like Marshawn to push the edge.

    I think a lot of other athletes are seeing that there are ways to push back at the media with in the rules.

    240 22

    I’m so tired of this… Way too many MISS the point.

    They bash the sportswriters and not the athlete.

    Newsflash, I’m NOT sticking up for the sportswriters here before any of you think that.

    WHY do you think the NFL mandates they talk to the press?

    Uh, newsflash folks. The NFL does NOT do that, mandate that the players have to talk to the press for the sportswriters.

    They do that for US, the fans… Yes, many of the sportswriters are idiots but the WHOLE point of the NFL wanting the players to speak to the press is for the fans…

    When these players respond like this to the press, it hurts those that want to hear from the player. Now, I don’t care either way. My point isn’t what I think about.

    But many fans, including many children WANT to hear from the player about what they think and feel and how they’re preparing for the game etc…

    I GET why folks put down the sportswriters… I do at times too.

    But why do we let the players off the hook when they do this?

    I have two sons who like to hear from the players they like and root for… They’re smart enough to not like players and not root for ones that don’t even care to be bothered with not saying a few words to the press for the fans…

    If the player doesn’t care about the fans then why do the fans care about him?

    Again, I don’t care about him, but some Hawks fans do care and some of them are children.

    My point is that way too many on sites like this, about any player in any pro sport give the player(s) a pass and pile on about the sportswriter.

    So, to all the “fans” on here… WHY again does the NFL want the players to speak to the press? It sure is NOT for the sportswriters themselves…

  98. This media event is about as relevant as the so called Pro Bowl. In the context of the actual game, the repeating answer made by Mr. Lynch is meaningless. Let his actions speak on the field.

  99. Lynch does’nt require a ball boy to deflate his footballs to win games.

    The media wanted a quote,you gave them a quote.

    “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

    Good for you, Marshawn.

  100. What makes me laugh is all the idiot butt kissers who actually ask this moron legitimate questions.
    If any of you in the media had half a brain, you’d let him get up there and then stay silent yourselves. Instead, you allow him to get off on this.

  101. I’m going to say this again. This SHOULD be a significant focus of the NFLPA during the next contract negotiation. Players get crucified by the media all the time because they are forced to give interviews when they have no BUSINESS speaking to the media.

    The rule is there because when Terrell Owens and other players are pushed into it, they eventually create big news stories that hurt the players. However, those stories also generate HUGE fan interest. The league knows this interest brings in HUGE revenues that in turn partially go to the players.

    Lynch gets paid the crazy salaries he expects because of that fact. He signed a contract to get that pay, and the contract made clear the expectation that part of the job is to give frequent interviews. If I didn’t like one small piece of my job and refused to do it, I wouldn’t get fined. I’d get fired.

  102. I’m sorry, just my opinion but looking at some of these comments? A bunch of men complaining about a man needing to talk to the media just doesn’t look right. Just saying…Once again? just let the man be.

  103. The only one complaining about Beast Mode’s interaction (or lack of it) with the media is the media. Time for the media to get over it already.

  104. Mr Lynch: what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  105. Whether or not he should be required to speak to the media is one issue we can debate. All of us with jobs know we have rules that we think are unnecessary or even stupid, but to keep our jobs we have to suck it up and abide by them. Why should pro athletes be any different?

    But Lynch’s method of dealing with the issue is about as childish and unprofessional as he can be. He carries himself as if he believes, “it’s all about me, the sun rises and sets on my backside, I’m the mostimportant person on Earth and therefore I can do whatever I want.” That is a repulsive attitude to have.

  106. Guy is such a DB. Can’t wait till this team does not have enough money to pay these jerks. Then they will be gone for good. Hope the patriots tear them up.

  107. The first time I guess I could understand the media making a big deal of it. But it’s old hat now and there is nothing new to report. It’s like reading an article every single week “Peyton Manning began his interview by saying hello again. Let us tell you all about it.”

  108. Marshawn Lynch isn’t the one being a jerk the media and the NFL is. If the guy doesn’t want to talk don’t make him. The media have shown why they can be an entity that people do not trust or want to talk to.

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