Report: 49ers hiring Steve Logan for a job on offensive staff

New 49ers coach Jim Tomsula is hiring one of his old NFL Europe co-workers, one who will easily be a better interview.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea, the 49ers are expected to hire Steve Logan for a position on the offensive side of the ball. It’s not known whether it’s as coordinator or a position coach.

Logan was Tomsula’s offensive coordinator with the Rhein Fire in 2006.

Logan has been the head coach at East Carolina, and an offensive coordinator at Boston College. He was a running backs coach for the Buccaneers under Raheem Morris.

The 49ers kept running backs coach Tom Rathman and quarterbacks coach Geep Chryst, and they’re hiring Tony Sparano to coach tight ends, with Chris Foerster coming to coach the offensive line.

That doesn’t leave many chairs for Logan to fill.

He’s been out of coaching since leaving the Bucs after the 2011 season, and works for a radio station in Raleigh, N.C. in his spare time. (I’ve been a guest with him, occasionally talking football, and he’s quite entertaining). So at least Tomsula will have a guy with some media savvy on his staff.

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40 responses to “Report: 49ers hiring Steve Logan for a job on offensive staff

  1. This is what York gets for the way he handled harbough. Not that a change wasn’t good but I think the way it was conducted turned a lot of other coaches off. This team has so much potential and they are not getting the first choices of coach to fill the staff.

  2. So we have the radio show host, the outdated wildcat coach, and the NFL Europe head coach with one year of head coaching experience? Well it’s definitely different then Harbaugh and his staff if that’s what York and Baalke were going for.

  3. To me this feels just like when the team and coaching staff was ripped apart last time the team was decent. Mooch, TO Garcia…all replaced with garbage. Way to do it again York’s.

  4. “Logan was Tomsula’s offensive coordinator with the Rhein Fire in 2006.”

    Wow, they found someone to take the job and they didn’t even have to leave the planet to do it!

    Things are looking up for the Santa Clara tire fire known as the 49ers.

  5. You go from Jim Harbaugh to this guy from 2006 (Europe) and a boat load of clowns…….LOL!

  6. 49ers fans should be excited about this hire. You need to go ahead and move this guy up to quarterbacks coach, or even offensive coordinator. Logan could make Kaepernick look like a god. Telling ya’ll better not hate on this guy because 1) he will put you on notice and let you have it.
    2) he is a legit offensive mind.
    3) I hate the 49ers and wish we would have looked to Logan.

  7. I hope he has it in his contract to continue “The Logan Zone” love his program, his insights, honesty and the Blues

  8. Poor 49ers fans. I sincerely feel sorry for you all. Especially the ones who were hoodwinked and bamboozled into buying PSLs. 49ers don’t deserve any fans. I’m not an advocate of bandwagon hopping but you all really need to find another team to root for. The 49ers did you all dirty. It’s sad.

  9. Saddest thing about the 49ers…

    Is that this is one of the BETTER hires they have made this year.

    Steve Logan is a pretty good coach. I was wondering when he was going to decide to return to coaching.

  10. Bandwagon’ers and trolls have no idea who this guy is…precisely why you live your lives here and not on an NFL sideline.

  11. Right now this is reminding me of the dawn of the Singletary era….sure hope I’m wrong.

  12. They’re also hiring Rex Ryan’s nephew as an offensive quality control assistant. He was a ballboy for Tomsula in NFL Europe.

  13. I think to a lot of football people this was a surprising move, but not a bad hire at all.

  14. So you guys defending this desperation move think Being an OC in Europe, an HC at East Carolina, an OC at BC and a RB coach for 3 years makes you a great coach huh?

    So good that he’s been on the Radio since and NO NFL team has brought him back until now!!!

  15. Does Jed York remind anyone of Dan Snyder? Get ready for decades of misery. York will be running that team and the draft room. Can’t wait to see how long it takes Snyder to threaten the new GM on draft day to get “his” pick.Good luck 49ers fans.

  16. Steve Logan developed Jeff Blake and David Garrard at East Carolina and Matt Ryan at Boston College, all in a twelve years. How many college coaches have developed three starting quarterbacks in a twelve year span?

    Logan also developed his offensive philosophy from Bill Walsh’s offense. His teams are known for scoring a lot of points. He’s a really smart and funny guy. Maybe you guys should find out more about him before dismissing him.

  17. That’s Steve Logan.

    “Are you looking at me punk?”

    That’s right, it’s Steve Logan.

  18. Bahahahahahahaahahaaha!!!

    9ers are hiring from the Reign Fire. As a Cardinal fan I don’t know if it gets any better than this.

    Please tell me they hire from the local high school next.

    I may be 100% incorrect with assessing this team of coaches as fools.

  19. I’m going to miss him on the radio here in Raleigh. Very entertaining.

    He was best the thing on our sports talk since Bomani Jones left. – No offense Adam & Joe…

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