Report: Rams interested in trading for Nick Foles

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Last year, the Eagles made one of the most surprising moves of the offseason when they released receiver DeSean Jackson. This year, the Eagles may again make a surprising move by getting rid of starting quarterback Nick Foles.

Multiple stories have surfaced this month indicating that Eagles coach Chip Kelly is interested in moving on from Foles, especially if Kelly could replace Foles with his old Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. The latest report comes from, which says that possible suitors are beginning to emerge, and the Rams have interest in Foles.

The Rams have indicated that they would like quarterback Sam Bradford to return this year, but only at the right price. If the Rams can’t convince Bradford to take a significant pay cut from the $13 million he’s scheduled to make this year, they’ll surely release him, and then trading for Foles could make sense.

The question, however, is whether it would make sense for the Eagles. If Kelly is going to get rid of Foles, he has to be confident he can acquire someone better. Unless the Eagles are able to move up in the draft and get Mariota in three months, trading Foles feels like an odd move.

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  1. I honestly believe trading up for Mariota would be a bad move.

    The problem last year was that almost the whole offensive line was either suspended or injured for the first 12 games of the season. Instead of pointing out that he was running for his life on most plays, the media just likes to say his “play regressed significantly”.

    I really don’t think Kelly ever really accepted that his offensive line was one of the worst in the league over the first half of the league.

  2. Trade for another injured quarterbacj? They would be better served to go for Sanchez and draft for the long run. Bradford still compete s for the gig as well. However they kinda nees a homerun because they aint going to be able to keep that defense together forever

  3. But there were also stories — from two short weeks ago — claiming that Howie Roseman soured on Foles and that is what drove a wedge between him and Kelly, who wants to keep Foles.

    So which is it?

  4. I have been patiently waiting for the ” Eagles looking to trade Foles ” stories to begin since Mariota declared for the draft. I suppose this assumes the Rams front office goes temporarily insane and gives the Eagles their #1 for Foles. Then the Eagles have theirs and the Rams #1s to begin a package to move up for Mariota. I guess throw in next years #1 and, I don’t know, LeSean McCoy, and BAM, Chip gets Mariota. Hell with the secondary, need at linebacker, offensive line, pass rushing end, and maybe another quality wide receiver, we get an untested rookie quarterback, crippled running game and a mortgaged future. What, may I ask, could POSSIBLY go wrong with a plan like that ?

  5. Not sure replacing one statue with another is the right move for a team who may have three different faces on the O’Line next season….and wouldn’t Sanchez be the better marketing tool for LA?

  6. Love watching Kelly’s desperation now that he’s realized his lame college act isn’t working against pros. Time to pack it in and rejoin the cadre of former college coaches that couldn’t cut it in the NFL.

  7. I’ve been hearing that Kelly wants to trade up for Mariotta. Now I hear he may get rid of Foles. How does Kelly know that he will definitely be able to trade up to get Mariotta? Interesting, very interesting.

  8. Is the city of Philly worried about this love fest with Mariota? I would be. Kelly’s common – sense blinders are certainly on.
    Seems like Kelly wants him at any cost, and there is certainly no guarantee that he will be a good NFL QB.
    Foles is decent to good. Might want to stick with him?

  9. Glad to read Fisher is sticking w/ his guns to not develop a quality QB.

    In 20 years of coaching, his only notable QB was McNair who was offset by George running.

  10. So the Rams want to re-sign a QB that has been consistently injured since being drafted AND trade for another with a significant injury history in his limited action? Totally good idea! I think I heard Kevin Kolb was supposed to sign as well…

  11. Why must a player enter the draft, especially if it is not in there best interest ? They are just out of Collage and not under any contract, not a professional and owe no one anything. Just wait until all the dust settles then accept a position wherever they choose ? Undrafted free agents are able to accept any offer that comes along. If you do not enter the draft are you not also something like a free agent ? Just sayin …..

  12. this make very little sense due to the age of the team. these guys are in there prime or heading down ward. if they’re gonna take a shot at winning now, Foles is there best chance. I cant fathom how fast the fans have put him on the back burner. with that O-line at the beginning of the year, they were lucky to be 6-2. but they’re a
    TEAM, and they used all 3 facets of the game to win. when Herremans tore his bicep and decided to play anyway didn’t help the QB that day. there’s NO WAY Foles would have been as bad as Sanchez. I guess they will give away players and picks to get Mariota and then what? Chip may get his way, but is Mariota ready to play 16 regular season games and then any playoff games? if not you’re looking at 2016 or later to turn it around.

  13. If true it is probably just Kelly setting up a draft day trade in the chance that MM is still on the board when the Rams pick.

  14. Unless Philly is willing to do a Ricky Williams style trade, I don’t see them being able to move up to the first or second position in the draft. Tampa Bay pretty much has to draft a QB and most likely Tennessee as well.

  15. Let Chip get the guy he wants. Tired od all the Fole’s fans saying, “Foles is our guy.” Yeah…right…Marcus is his guy. Reid got McNabb. “27-2” Yeah under Chip’s offense. Imagine what someone who actually ran it can do.

  16. If the Rams had a dependable QB they would be nice how nice I dont know and if I were Mariota I would want to go to a team that will use my talents and abilities. Too many Coaches try to change the QB to there style and thats where they fail. QB’s have to put in alot of work and time but making it easier for them would make all the sense in the world if you want to keep you job.

  17. What can you get for Foles ? Not a first round pick…..maybe a second or third.
    Stockpiling picks to trade down for Mariotta ?
    Risky unless Chip feels Sanchez can get it done or he feels he can plug anyone in.

  18. The Eagles will get a bunch of picks from the Rams then trot them out for the pre-game coin flip next time they play the Rams. Because that’s what classy teams do, right Jeff Fisher?

    The Rams — I thought they were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders with all the picks they got from the Redskins. You’d think that based on stupid Internet comments. Instead, they can’t support a team in St. Louis and are dumpster diving for a QB. Nice.

    That said, Eagles would be crazy to let Foles go. I don’t like Philly, but come on he’s a pretty good QB. Chipper is not that stupid.

  19. Foles for Cleveland’s 2nd #1 from Buffalo. Done, wrap it up I’ll take it. Gives Philly two #1’s to move up.

  20. It is time for the gimmick man to return the college ranks. Fans are tiring of all his showy gimmicks, like calling in his plays with the different coaches doing all the signals from the sideline. The biggest gimmick being the hurry up offense which tends to tire out the defense quicker than normal.

  21. Then are we to preSume chip would then trade an onslaught of picks to move up for mariota?

    In other news Fisher sucks. All those picks from the RG3 trade and they have finished in last place every year. Continuously drafted defense and their offense can’t put points on the board against teams in the west. Best of luck with that

  22. dfwhawkguy–Can’t cut it in the pros??? What makes you say he joins a list of college coaches that can’t cut it in the pros?? He’s 20-12 with one playoff loss in his first two years. Let’s put that up against the REAL guys who couldn’t cut it in the pros–the GREAT Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz, Bud Wilkinson, Mike Riley, and of course, Bobby Petrino was was so bad he quit before his first season was over.

  23. It would be a big mistake for the Eagles to trade Nick Foles, one of the better young QB’s in the NFL.. There is no real reason for it…almost as though the Eagles just can’t resist looking at a shiny new toy, in this case Mariota.

  24. Foles to AZ. For AZ’s first.
    Philly then uses both firsts, a second, and next years first to move up to #3 to draft Mariota after Tampa takes Winston and Tenn takes Leonard Williams.

    This move will allow AZ to get a QB they need. Philly moves up for the QB Chip wants. Jax gets extra picks after the guy they want is taken at 2. Philly gets to move ahead of Cleveland and the Jets and the Bills, who will likely be scrambling for the services of whatever journeyman or failed project someone discards.

    Too Madden-y?

  25. is a pro eagle website that pumps out whatever propaganda the eagles want out there. this is the same website that dropped the desean story. elliot shore parks is a brutal journalist who does very little investigative work. He just regurgitates the spoon fed information on his website. Take this and any other story from with a grain of salt.

  26. I’m so sick of the rumors about every college coach who turns pro drafting their college qb. It NEVER happens. Just like Doug Marrone was enamored with spending his whole draft on Ryan Nassib. Out of all the pro and college players out there I am sure Chip has many more options in his head that are better then mortgaging the Eagles future to somehow get Mariotta.

  27. n0hopeleft says:
    Jan 27, 2015 8:41 AM
    Terrible idea.

    One good year and Philly was annointing him to the HOF. Look at him now.


    I digess terribly but when I was at the Pro FB HOF this past summer there was a ton of Nick Foles stuff there lol. His 7TD game, rookie pro bowl jersey, etc.

    Again I digress terribly….

  28. Unless Mariotta can play defense or OL, he’s not going to help the Eagles. Plus I think as the draft approaches we’ll see teams downgrading him for his lack of accuracy and experience as a drop back, pocket passer. Teams are desperate for QB’s, not running backs with an arm.

  29. Why would the Rams need a quarterback? Until they move to LA there won’t be anyone in the stands or at home following them.

  30. No team that already has a half decent QB will ever give a No. 1 pick for Foles coming off a season ending injury.

    Maybe some lower picks, but not their first.

    Even the worst NFL teams understand when you have a decent QB you keep them unless the alternative is better.

    Who is totally convinced Foles is an upgrade over Bradford and will positively make the Rams better ?

  31. Maybe Kelly just wants to explore his options, and doesn’t have some grandios plan to move up for Mariota. Maybe he liked what Sanchez showed and feels good about him this season. 2 guys who want to start isn’t always a good thing and can divide the locker room. I’d be more inclined to think he’s looking at improving the o-line and sees Foles as a guy he could get the most for in trade without losing an actual starter.

  32. This doesn’t make much sense to me. Foles hasn’t proved he can stay healthy yet, and that’s been the big issue with Bradford. And let’s break down this point value, assuming the Rams would be interested in swapping first rounders for Foles. Their 10th pick is worth about 1,300 pts. The Eagles 20th pick is worth 850. So Foles is worth 450, or the 13th pick in the 2nd round? I’m not sure that he’s worth that much. And even if he is to the Rams, the Eagles will still likely have to move up a bunch of spots to get Mariota. To go from 10 to 2 is another 1,300 points. That would probably cost them this year’s 2nd and next year’s first (or next year’s first and second). That’s a lot to give up considering their secondary needs. Obviously, if Mariota falls a bit it would cost less, but it would at least cost another 2nd rounder to get to 5. And they have to plan all that ahead of time and have a variety of handshake deals in place prior to the draft. That all seems unlikely to me.

  33. Sources close to the Eagles indicate the Rams are interested in Foles…..

    Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. But, there is no way the Rams give up the 10th pick in the draft for Foles…..

  34. Chip Kelly is positive that if he can build an unstoppable arsenal of offensive talent fitting his model he won’t lose. You can sign a corner in FA (Maxwell) and keep the ball rolling on defense. His goal is not to build a devastating defense and the Colts, Saints, Packers and to some degree the Patriots have all proven this model works in the past decade to win a title. Whether Mariota is the guy or not is a fair debate. I do think that the Redskins trade for RG3 should prove that the top teams in the draft should expect LESS in a trade than that package because the risk/reward is what it is witht these guys. I could see the Eagles giving Foles and their 2nd for the Rams 1st and the Eagles giving those two picks and perhaps a 2016 2nd rounder to move up for Mariota.

  35. Why would the Bucs want Foles? He’s virtually the same thing as Mike Glennon, even down to height/weight.

    A more interesting trade partner for the Eagle would be the Titans at #2 when the Bucs take the better QB (Winston.)

    Foles would be an upgrade over Mettenberger, especially in Whizenator’s offense, and the Titans need basically every position outside of LT and TE.

  36. He’s an upgrade over Bradford by 1500 miles!!!!

    But if I’m Philly, I only make the trade if I can get Mike Glennon in a trade for a 4th or 5th round pick.

    Glennon is better than Mariota. Why? Pro style offense guys are always better than one-read offense guys!

    No one plays in a spread. Just call it what it is, a “one-read offense” or as I call it the “quarterback development killer offense.”

  37. Just a thought but with the spread offense taking over the college game wouldn’t you think he could find someone who can run that offense without mortgaging the future by trading for Mariota? Yes Mariota was amazing in college no argument from me but seems to me that you could find another option to run that offense.

    In my opinion they have other needs especially on defense they need to address. Yes Chip you can score points in bunches and quickly but sooner or later your D is going to have to step up and win some games.

  38. Maybe I’m the only one here who thinks that the Eagles SHOULD sell the farm to get Mariota. Think about Chip’s offense, its a spread read-option. On the times where foles or sanchez keep the ball on the option, their running lane is wide open. If Mariota was out there, he’d turn those 6 yarders into 15 yarders. Better than that, the DE would have to respect Mariotas legs and that would give LeSean more room to run.

    Yes, our secondary sucks. It’s a huge reason why we didn’t make the playoffs. But Mariota is the perfect QB for this offense. Look at the final four QBs in the playoffs this year: Rodgers, Brady, Luck, Wilson. Arguably the 4 best QBs in the league right now. A teams success is still heavily dependent on their QB. Which is why I think they need Mariota (or somebody like him).

  39. Only way to get Mariota is to trade multiple future firsts… I don’t see that happening, to be honest. I don’t think a first, second in 2015 and a first in 2016 is enough to move up that far either… Although, Mariota would like be best fit in that offense.

    Philly needs WRs though, Maclin is an injury candidate every year, and even with the emergence of Jordin Matthews there’s not a lot of weapons to throw to outside of the RBs… who aren’t getting younger. Ertz flashes on occasion, but he’s an average move TE. Celek is washed up. Riley Cooper is average. They have some work to do in the receiving core, which are usually best shored up with late first round/early second round picks.

  40. I see Philly trading up with the Jets, here is my reasoning.

    Mariota is going to drop, but not out of the top 10. The reason is because when he met good defenses in the NCAA in his career he would look lost, even Utah in his prior years. He runs a spread system where the #1 #2 and #3 wide receivers are left wide open on the play it is hardly a read and you basically throw to the wide open man and Mariota is rarely asked to fit it into a tight window. He also had a team loaded with talent in his college career Josh Huff, Colt Lyerla, Darren Carrington, Bralon Addison, De’Anthony Thomas, Devon Allen, and Byron Marshall. It was a revolving door of play makers in Oregon for the past few years.

    The Jet’s cannot afford to take another project at QB coming from a spread offense. They simply have too many holes in the secondary and offensive line (even though Aboushi looks to be a good draft pick) and I don’t see them taking a QB when they need that 1st round pick for a left tackle or wide receiver. With the cap space they have the Jets are going to be looking to be at least playoff contender they can afford to sign Foles to an extension and sign other free agents (Most likely a vet CB) and they will have a viable QB while obtaining more draft picks to fix the secondary/offensive line.

    It is just my thought, if the Eagles seriously want Mariota they cant hinge their hopes on him dropping to the Rams spot it is just highly unlikely.

  41. Mariota will be a project at best and may end up a bust – not Johnny football type, but a bust none the less.

    He does not have the arm strength or accuracy for the NFL – at least not now.

    The offense he ran never forced him into multiple reads or tight windows.

    Marcus my word.

  42. Foles to STL to swap 1st round picks. Maybe McCoy to Tenn to swap 10th for 2nd with us giving up a 2nd round pick this year or next. Just a thought.

  43. Can’t see it happening. I don’t disagree that Chip loves Marcus but Chip has never really done anything that people expect him to do. I’d prefer to keep Foles but if Chip trades him to the Rams then can it be for Janoris Jenkins? One can wish right?

  44. eagleswin says:
    Jan 27, 2015 7:02 AM
    I honestly believe trading up for Mariota would be a bad move.

    The problem last year was that almost the whole offensive line was either suspended or injured for the first 12 games of the season. Instead of pointing out that he was running for his life on most plays, the media just likes to say his “play regressed significantly”.

    I really don’t think Kelly ever really accepted that his offensive line was one of the worst in the league over the first half of the league.

    Agreed until the end. Kelly absolutely knew it. He even said they were the reason for at least two early losses.

    I don’t know if trading up is a bad idea or not. I tend to think it might be.

  45. dfwhawkguy says:
    Jan 27, 2015 7:42 AM
    Love watching Kelly’s desperation now that he’s realized his lame college act isn’t working against pros. Time to pack it in and rejoin the cadre of former college coaches that couldn’t cut it in the NFL.
    two 10 win seasons in his first 2 yrs as an NFL head coach , and you make a statement like that ?
    sour grapes from U of Wash. fan maybe ?
    you sure aren’t up on the current state of the NFL !

  46. Youknowimright says:
    Jan 27, 2015 8:50 AM is a pro eagle website that pumps out whatever propaganda the eagles want out there. this is the same website that dropped the desean story. elliot shore parks is a brutal journalist who does very little investigative work. He just regurgitates the spoon fed information on his website. Take this and any other story from with a grain of salt.
    you are 100 % right about that.
    he sounds like a n.y. giant fan forced into covering the Eagles lolol

  47. None of the “reports” from has really proven to have any truth to them…it just allows them to get a lot of internet hits from Philly fans sick of hearing about Marcus Mariota, but we have to look anyway. 65% of fans who polled said they would want to keep Foles, so this is just a story the media keeps trotting out to try to keep reader interest up. Enough already!

  48. I think “Brittle Bradford” is a nice guy but he’s too frail to handle the beatings behind center. Jeff Fisher needs to drop him , move on and take Foles or whomever .

  49. The Eagles need to read Bill Barnwell. Trading a bunch of assets to move up and take a guy is bad strategy. They might get luck with Mariota, but chances are they will set themselves back several years (see Redskins for example).

  50. As a Cowboy fan, I’d love to see the Eagles get rid of Foles. But objectively, I’d say such a move is insane.

  51. If the Eagles trade Foles and mortgage the future for an unproven college QB they will live to regret it.This team with Foles at QB is a great draft and free agency away from being a Super Bowl contender. Foles is going to be a great QB all he needs is for the Eagles to resign Maclin and draft or sign a big wide receiver with speed to replace Cooper.

  52. If the Rams squander that haul they got from the Redskins, they would have failed to capitalize on an absolute gift.

    Foles seems like he has the skillset to be a decent QB, not sure why the Eagles are content to gamble. For them to move up to get Mariota will require a pick package that just isn’t worth it.

  53. Bradford is made of paper mache. He is making millions from doing nothing be rehabbing from year to year. The Rams need to move on from Bradford and need a franchise QB. Trading for Foles might be good for them but whom does the Eagles replace him with? The draft is a crap shoot.Mariotta is hurt and can’t throw at the combine. Rams would be the winner here if this trade comes to pass.

  54. If Chip trades Foles and trades soo many future picks for Mariota. I’ll see you back at Oregon in two years. Foles still has potential to be an elite QB and is very more well promising than Mariota. this team was almost a playoff team being lead by Mark Sanchez. All Chip has to do it take those picks draft defense and get a few players in FA . Do that and they will be a playoff team again and maybe even a Super Bowl team. No need to gamble the future away by drafting Mariota who’s a toss up.

  55. Can’t believe people are actually buying into this garbage. No WAY anyone in that organization would be dumb enough to announce wanting Mariota. That would KILL any negotiating leverage in any potential deal,not to mention drafting and STARTING a rookie QB sets you back at least two years.

  56. Eagles will not trade Foles unless and until the have a deal in place to draft Mariotta. They will keep Foles at under a million before they go in with a question mark or a stop gap….Foles would be the stop gap in that case

    Mariotta slipping some is not out of the question, I’ve seen multiple scouting reports recently questioning if his game translates to the NFL level. If he skips out on, or doesn’t do well in the pro day, combined with far from his best outing in his last game, that is how guys slip in the draft.

    I don’t think there is ANY chance he slips to 20 and the Eagles just draft him. But I do think there is a chance that he slides to the 9-11 range, which would make a trade much more possible, I’d even say likely. Although, it’s just as easy that he goes #1, and it’s never an option

  57. I don’t think Foles is any better than Sanchez. If they get enough for Foles id trade him and work on shoring up an aging O Line, Def Backfield. The window is closing, with older very good vets.

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