Wilfork calls Belichick the greatest coach ever


Patriots coach Bill Belichick has been peppered with questions about whether he did anything improper in Deflategate, but Belichick is also getting strong support from his players.

Several Patriots spoke out about their respect for Belichick at Super Bowl Media Day, most notably defensive tackle Vince Wilfork, who said he feels privileged to have played his entire career for Belichick.

“He’s the best coach in the game — the best coach ever in the game,” Wilfork said. “When it’s all over I can say I was coached by the greatest.”

If the Patriots beat the Seahawks on Sunday, Belichick will join Chuck Noll as the only head coaches to win four Super Bowls, and Belichick is already the coach with the most postseason wins in NFL history. Wilfork may be biased by his own relationship with Belichick, but you can make a good case that he’s right, and that Belichick really is the best coach in the history of the game of football.

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  1. The Best Coach Ever…and that’s why he MUST be taken down by imbecilic non-stories like “deflategate”. If he is allowed to persist, the League’s Holy Grail called PARITY can never be achieved!

  2. Hmmm. I’ll take Lombardi, as would any rational person. More championships, greater lineage, and a (much) better human being. Not even a discussion, really. He won more and he won with class.

  3. The honest truth is it is hard to tell if he is a great coach or not.

    Before Brady he was terrible and the constant cheating muddies the water. Plus he makes so many boneheaded 4th down decisions that it’s hard to take the “genius” thing seriously.

  4. He’s as qualified as anyone to form that conclusion given the fact he’s played for Bill and only Bill in his career and wasn’t even a twinkle in his daddy’s eye when past greats like Lombardi were coaching.

    It’s like people who say their parents are the best in the world or that their significant other is the best man/woman in the world or whatever else they like/are associated with is the best ever/in the world.

    Pretty sad that of this PFT poll the ONLY logical answer (not sure) has the least amount of votes. I guess those saying yes or no are like Vince and have all the experience with coaches to conclude definitively either way.

  5. i HATE belichick, i’m a diehard jets fan, but i have to give it to him. hes the best ever.

  6. Belichick’s amazing, obviously. He might be the best ever. Let’s not forget, though, that Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different starting quarterbacks.

  7. Lombardi and Walsh never lost a Super Bowl. JJ may have won four or five if his owner’s ego hadn’t gotten him fired.

  8. As a Pats fan, I went with not sure. Like the other guy said, it’s not called Lombardi for nothing.

    The best coach during the salary cap era? Yes, and it’s not even close. Does that mean he could be better than Lombardi? Different eras, different times, different style of game. If (hopefully when) the Pats win this SB, that’s 4 of 6 in the span of 14 years, I’d probably put him on the same pedestal.

    It’s like a lot of things, though. The guys that are in the history books are hard to beat because of the nostalgia. The firsts they did, all that stuff. Hard to change that kind of a perception, even for me, and I didn’t really know about football until 2000.

  9. patriot fan…

    BB gets too much credit. he wasn’t a genius til he got brady. give more credit to TB12. you think BB makes alll of these questionable personnel moves if he didnt have tb12 as his qb? no


  10. Greatest coach ever. No “*” involved.

    Let’s get the facts straight. The Patriots have only been found guilty of one rule violation during the Belichick era, filming play calls from the sidelines.

    Filming play calls was not against the rules. Only the location from which they were filmed. If the guy with the camera had been 10 yards further back, in the front rows instead of the sideline, it would have been fine.

    The one time they were caught doing this, the film was turned over before it was viewed. So, no advantage was gained.

    Thanks to spin by the League, the media and fans who hate the Patriot’s, this once incident, filming from a few yards too close to the field, got transformed into a long history of cheating. It simply is not the case.

    And now, history is repeating itself. Witch hunt version 2.0 is underway.

  11. binkystevens says: “Hmmm. I’ll take Lombardi, as would any rational person. More championships, greater lineage, and a (much) better human being. Not even a discussion, really. He won more and he won with class.”
    Definately a great coach and innovator and motivator for his time, but before you call him a great human being, you should read about him. His life was football and his family came in second, all the time. Wife was an alcoholic, kids were screwed up. Not comparing him to Belichick or any other NFL coach, but you should have the complete picture before you comment. Of course, that rarely happens on this board.

  12. Lombardi’s 5 National Championships in 7 years is a standard that has not yet been equaled.

    It’s not his fault that they weren’t all called Super Bowls back then.

  13. Nobody tries as hard as BB and TB. Thats why they got multiple rings and yall dont. You more worried about making a spygate or deflategate than you are worried about playing their offense. Thats where they stand out above the rest. They are learning rules and boundaries, Seattle is playing the media talk out your mouth hype game. Good luck Kim K fans. The GOAT HC and GOAT QB. That simple.

  14. Lets see how great he is when Brady retires. They said the same thing about Phil Jackson while he was winning with Jordan and Kobe. Afterwards, not so much.

  15. Yes, any Patriots player would agree. I mean how many coaches can get away with repeated cheating & still have an NFL career? Obviously, that takes a “special” talent.

  16. I’ll take it a step further… I think Tom Brady is the best QB ever. Hands down!

    Montana never lost in a Superbowl and when the game was on the line he had to drive the length of the field not get into field goal range.

    Plus Montana has 4 rings. Without an astrix.

  17. Belichick also won two SBowls as a DCoordinator. Lombardi was a legend, no doubt. But, in the pre SBowl era you didn’t have to win 3-4 postseason games to win a champinship, you only had to win one. There were 14 teams, not 32. They played 14-15 games, not 19-20. There was no cap. You could hold onto your good players. As the great Steeler teams of the 70’s did. Belichick, despite revisionist history, took a down Browns franchise, improved every year, and was a bonifide SBowl contender in his last year there when the roof fell in on that franchise. GOAT.

  18. Walsh and Lombardi never lost a superbowl, because they made it less times. Sorry the more times you make the less chance you will win it. This will be Belichick’s 9th superbowl appearance. 2 with the giants as a DC, 1 with the pats as a DC, 6 with the pats as a HC. Think about that 9 superbowls! He pretty much carried Parcells to those two superbowl wins too. Parcells didn’t win anything without him. Belichick’s still isn’t done yet. It’s a known fact that video taping signals was allowed from 01-04 when the Patriots won, so the only asterisks would be from 05 and 06 when they didn’t win? Right? Meh the haters have no logical, 2+2 = 5.

  19. He is without a doubt one of the greatest coaches of this generation. But just like players once you reach that level it’s all about preference. Is he greater than Joe Gibbs who was able to win 3 super bowls with 3 different QBs? How about Bill Walsh? Who’s offense revolutionized the game and who had numerous assistants that learned under him and became successful head coaches (George Seifert, Ray Rhodes,Dennis Green, etc)

    How about Lombardi 3 NFL championships and a Super Bowl? Chuck Noll 4 super bowls in 6 years?

    Paul Brown? John Halas?

  20. “Lets see how great he is when Brady retires. They said the same thing about Phil Jackson while he was winning with Jordan and Kobe. Afterwards, not so much.”

    There was no afterwards. Kobe is still playing and Jackson is now a team president, not a coach.

  21. Did Vince ever play with another head coach as a pro?

    His statement can also be read as Bill Belichick is the only head coach I really know.

  22. Lombardis victories were the standard back when TV’s were black and white, remote controls weren’t invented and the Bay of Pigs was the news of the day.

    Puh – Lease

  23. Vince also came from the U, not exactly the place known for doing things on the up and up. Some type of cheating has been involved in Wilforks football life since he left high school.

  24. It’s funny, you look at the voting results and you see 2:1 in favor of BB as best coach ever, but the usual low-information morons flood the responses at a 10:1 level.

  25. Since when can anyone outside of Minnesota take Chris Carter seriously?

    Top 3 most arrogant human beings on the planet

    Oh, that’s right, you can when he’s holding a pitchfork and part of the angry lynch mob.
    I see now

  26. You can’t judge a coach like this until you see what he can do with a “Non-All-World” QB and his career is over.

    Did Belichick create Brady or did Brady create Belichick?? Is Joe Gibbs one of the greatest coaches ever. He won 3 Super Bowls with 3 different QB’s. It’s not an easy question.

    Is Belichick one of the best ever? Probabaly
    Is he the most creative and controversial coaches ever? Yes.
    Great ever?? Who knows.

    It’s kind of a silly question until his career is over.

  27. Voted “not sure”.
    Same as I would if the poll was about ball tampering. I wait until I have as much information as possible before passing judgement. He’s still coaching so there’s more data incoming to assess, but he’s on the short list already. I also don’t think these types of questions ever have definitive answers. As others have stated, different eras, rules, etc. Too many variables combined with too much subjectivity=endless barstool/internet debates.

  28. If they dethrone Seattle, you would have a hard time making the case he is not the greatest. Especially after the distraction of scandal accusations they have faced this last week.

    I have a feeling Seattle will destroy them though, as I don’t see how any team could overcome this amount of distraction.

  29. I’d take what Vince says with a grain of salt…h did after all play at the University of Miami

  30. Ok so we are going to date ourselves comparing Lombardi to this era. that’s like saying babe Ruth wasn’t one of or the greatest baseball players of his time because he didn’t play in the modern day era.

  31. Vince loves BB like he loved accepting money from Nevin Shapiro while playing at the U.

    Cheating is in this guys blood, of coarse he thinks BB is great.

  32. To an earlier comment about Lombardi coaching a team before the SB era and asking if he would be as good in a 32 team league.

    Lombardi took over a team that that went 1-10-1 the year before Lombardi coached them. Of the players on that abysmal team, once they came under the tutelage of Lombardi, 12 ended up in the hall of fame and Jerry Kramer should be in the hall of fame. After he left the Packers he also turned around an equally awful Redskins team in a single year and took them to the playoffs. But then he got a particularly agressive form of cancer and wasn’t able to complete the turn around in Washington.

    So whether you think Lombardi or Belichek or someone else is the greatest coach ever, the answer to your question of would Lombardi have success in a 32 team league the answer is certainly yes.

  33. To all 31 other team’s fans drinking all of that haterade:

    What’s that slob’s name trying to coach your team? Oh that’s right . . . it doesn’t matter, because there’s only one GOAT, his name is Bill Belichick, and he’s owned your team and the other for the past 15 years.

    Cheating? Lol. If you’re foolish enough to believe 31 other billionaire owners aren’t aware, complicit, or indifferent to whatever gamesmanship has been going on during that time and before, you may want to check out Disney World this weekend instead of Arizona to help you live out that fairy tale.

  34. Forget about his credentials with the Pats, being a coach who won a playoff game with the Browns in the 90s is proof that e is the best ever. That miracle ranks up with turning water to wine and walking on water.

  35. What are these things called asterisks- I look in the record books and I see no such thing

  36. yea sure…Vince taught guards how to “pull” and defensive lineman proper stances while Bill Belichick masterminds schemes and free agency.

    Its not even close.
    Greatest Of All Time Hands Down

  37. Greatest ever????????? He is a good coach but its obvious Vince has only played for BB while Brady has been the QB. Look at BB head coaching record, he head coached 6 seasons in Cleveland and New England before Brady came along, 5 out of the 6 seasons he had a losing record! Yes he is a great coach with Brady, but stats don’t lie, without Brady his record looks pretty average. Plus he got caught cheating once. Good coach, but greatest ever,Vince is smoking crack.

  38. warrensip

    Hey, you know what vince got from Bevin Shapiro? A washer and dryer! Yea get your facts straight if your gonna hate so much

  39. Kraft called him a schmuck.
    Shula called him Belicheat.

    Think everyone is sick of hearing opinions and have pretty much developed their own at this point.

  40. It’s a different group of cheaters but does anybody remember the snow clearing incident on the field goal? That was New England also. The Patriot Way has been around for a long time. But back then people were not so anal and it was not so big a deal. What does that say about us now?

  41. Lombardi’s coaching record speaks for itself:

    –5 championships in 7 years — unequaled. And lost one more when time ran out as his team was driving inside the red zone for the winning score.
    — coached the Redskins to their first winning season in 14 years with a 7-5-2 record in his one year there. Passed away from cancer before he could win another championship.
    — Giants offensive coach when they were one of the top teams in the NFL in the late 50’s
    — At St. Cecilia high school in New Jersey, coached their football team to become the top team in the nation.
    — also won a state championship at St. Cecilia in boys basketball, despite knowing so little about it that he had to go to the library to learn about it.

    Lombardi stands at the very top of NFL coaches. There have been many great coaches, but they call it the Lombardi Trophy for a reason. There is Vince, and everyone else below him. He was the greatest motivator of men the NFL has ever seen.

  42. Not sure for the fact before Brady he was so so. Brady in Bill’s system as made him look very good, again when Brady hurt not great.

  43. I’m not here to debate whetehr or not BB is the greatest of all time, but the statement from players always confused me. Shouldn’t the statement from a player be “_______is the greatest coach I”VE ever PLAYED for? I mean unless you’ve played for Lombardi, Landry, Shula, Noll, Halas, Brown etc, how can you possibly state Belichick is the greatest of all time.? He may be the greatest you’ve played for, but you’re not qualified to judge him against others.

  44. Don Schula had 2 losing seaons out of 33 years coaching. Bilicheat had 2 losing seasons his first two seasons of being a nfl hc. So pats fans he may be the 2nd but defintely not the first and he didn’t chear

  45. George Halas.
    324 wins.
    .671 winning percentage.
    8 Championships.

    Halas is the father of the NFL and the greatest coach of all time.

  46. Yes the guy was handing out money and Vince just needed a washer.

    A $50,000 lump sum payment during Wilfork’s junior season. Shapiro said the payment was made to secure Wilfork’s commitment to Shapiro’s sports agency, Axcess Sports, which he co-owned with then-NFL agent and current UFL commissioner Michael Huyghue. Wilfork eventually signed with Axcess Sports and his first NFL contract was negotiated by Huyghue.

    • Multiple cash gifts totaling in the thousands of dollars.

    • Three bounty payments totaling $1,250. A bounty of $500 was paid for a sack and unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by Wilfork in a 41-16 win over Florida on Sept. 7, 2002. A second bounty of $250 was paid for a sack by Wilfork in a 38-33 win over Florida on Sept. 6, 2003. A third bounty of $500 was paid for a fumble recovery by Wilfork in a 22-14 win over Florida State on Oct. 11, 2003.

    • Multiple trips to nightclubs where Shapiro paid for VIP access and drinks.

    • Multiple fishing and leisure trips on the booster’s $1.6 million yacht.

    • Multiple meals at Miami-area restaurants.

    • Lodging, food and drinks at Shapiro’s $2.7 million Miami Beach home.

    • A washer and dryer worth approximately $1,500, which was picked up at the home of Shapiro’s mother by Wilfork, Santonio Thomas and one of Shapiro’s employees.

  47. I voted note sure.

    Lombardi, Shula, and Paul Brown are at least worthy of mention, IMO.

  48. Public opinion “greatest ever” polls should actually be called “greatest ever that I remember”. Similar polls from “experts” can help as a determinant to whether that expert gets to hold on to his expert status.

  49. Dollars to (Jelly) Donuts, Belichick will have Happy Vince doing a few extra laps for this slip of the tongue. BB is a regular guy trying to get his team ready to play on Sunday. That is all.

  50. raymondtx says:
    Jan 27, 2015 2:04 PM
    Lets see how great he is when Brady retires. They said the same thing about Phil Jackson while he was winning with Jordan and Kobe. Afterwards, not so much.
    Umm that’s where you’re wrong.

    Both seasons in which Michael Jordan retired Jackson coached the Bulls to 55-37 and 47-35 records respectively and made it to the Con. Semifinals.

    Not to mention that Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan never won a championship until Jackson started coaching them.

    The Shaq and Kobe Lakers in 1998 before Phil joined placed 4 Lakers in the all star game: Shaq, Kobe, Eddie Jones, and Nick Van excel. Yet the Lakers couldn’t win championships until Phil joined. Kobe has never won a title without Phil. Shaq won one without Phil but he had to join Dwyane Wade in his prime and play for Pat Riley another all time great NBA coach.

    Belichick more than proved himself the season Tom Brady got injured in the first game of the 2008 season and Belichick was still able to lead the Pats to an 11-5 record with Matt Cassell starting.

    Lastly please name me any hall of fame calibar coach in football or basketball that has been able to win multiple championships without hall of fame players. Great coaches take great players and win championships. Good coaches take great players to the playoffs.

  51. Wilfork already looks like he ate Max Unger & the game hasn’t even started yet.

  52. It’s silly like declaring the greatest QB ever.
    Guys like Otto Graham and Paul Brown might not even get mentioned but everybody currently active will be.

    Belichick is a great coach, but this isn’t the worlds fattest man contest where we can just roll out scales and settle the matter.

  53. The funniest thing to me is if you changed the question to Is Bill Belichick the cheatingest coach of all time the numbers would be about the same.

    With more than 55% of people saying he’s the best ever and 50% of the people saying he’s a cheater there must be some people that think he’s the best ever and the biggest cheater. I would love to hear from those people.

  54. Make all the jokes you want. It doesn’t tarnish anything just because you want to make it personal.

    He is the best, especially considering this is all during the salary cap era. It took him forever to get Cleveland on the right track because of unstable ownership, growing pains (including relating to the media), and of course QB inadequacies.

    Now, he has a top notch owner in a stable franchise, a QB who buys in and knows what he’s doing, and the personal experience needed.

  55. Huge Pats fan here.

    If you think Bill Belichick is a cheater, a liar or a bad person you are either a moron or a bitter resentful person. It’s just that simple.

    I love Belichick and obviously I want him to be the best ever. I think it is still debatable. Would I take any other coach? Probably not, because I believe the values that he built the team on: teamwork, preparation, intelligence, resiliency, intensity, passion and dedication are great values to build a program on. Plus he rejects the shiney, glossy, make everything pretty and sound nice culture that Most Americans have been brainwashed to follow. The guys is just a straight, no nonsense football coach. Doesn’t try to impress anyone. I love that about him and I think most New Englanders love that about him, though I’m not sure it speaks to rest of country as well.

    Also to the ABSOLUTE IDIOT who brought up the snow plow incident: That was in 1983, I think BB was still an assistant for Colts at that time.

  56. Best CHEATER ever……………Little Bill will steal your wife; steal your signals and under inflate your balls…….That’s Little Bills legacy ********************

  57. Everyone wants to say montana and Walsh got 4 and montana never lost or gad an *.

    How many one and dones did montana have?

    Bill Walsh used to practice the first 15 plays of the game and those were the first 15 plays they would do no matter what the opponent showed them. Then they would knock out the opponents communications. That’s not cheating? That doesn’t deserve an *?

  58. For those that say Bill Walsh is the greatest due to the fact that he won 3 and lost 0 SBs, he won 2 of those against the Bengals… Enough said.

  59. Vince Wilfork, the ony college star ever to take money and gifts while in school. That must be why the Pats drafted him. If they passed, maybe he wouldn’t even be in the league. SMH.

  60. For Bill to be the best ever, you would think he would have read the part of the rule book about proper inflation of the football.

    Or was it just the Pat’s footballs that were effected by the cold? Or was the greatest coach ever flummoxed by a rogue ball boy?!



  61. Tuck rule + Spygate = In the conversation of greatest coach.

    What staples has Bill put on the game that other coaches have copied? Not much…

    Put your best players on special teams -86

    Cut your best players when they deserve money – 86

    Pick a whole bunch of unwanted college players – 86

    Cheat, get caught and cheat some more – 86

    The sign of a great coach is when other teams do what you do…nobody copies BB.

  62. Why do people consider him the best ever? He’s lost as many SB’s as he’s won, he never revolutionized/reinvented the way the game is played, he’s shady as can be.

    Walsh is the best, and I’m not a 9er’s fan.

  63. The guy for whom the trophy is named won *how many* NFL championships before he won the first two Super Bowls?

    Bill Walsh won *how many* Super Bowls?

    Chuck Noll won *how many* Super Bowls?

    Between them, these men were involved in *how many* cheating scandals?

    The fact that answer “yes” is currently ahead in the polls suggests that as a culture we have complete and total amnesia.

  64. With the exception of Brady, Belichick has had to get to the Big Game with different players. This is now his third appearance in a Super Bowl with a different cast. And in fact you can argue the cast changed over the course of the first 3 championships much more significantly than it did with most other dynasties.

    The second argument for Belichick is the era in which he’s coaching. There are more teams than ever and the rules favor parity. He’s also the only coach to have ever gone 18-0 in a season and faced far stiffer competition along the way than the Fins faced in their 17-0 season. Belichick has also coached against some real greats, most notably Peyton Manning. I can only imagine what Manning’s career postseason stat line might look like if Bill Belichick were not coaching.

    Belichick has also won in the face of injuries. That second or third SB season, the team set a record for the number of different players used as starters. This is also a good time for me to mention the season Tom Brady was out with a knee injury. Belichick went 11-5 with a QB who had not taken a snap since high school (Cassell) and missed the playoffs on a tie-breaker. (They were even hotter than Miami and most recently defeated Miami 48-28 in Miami).

    Then you have to look at the tactics. The most famous is probably the time he decided to take a safety against the Broncos by having the center hike the ball over the QBs head and through the endzone. They stuffed Denver on a 3-and-out, got the ball back in better-than-expected field position, and Brady through a TD pass with just seconds remaining to win. Runner up is the creative use of the formation in the playoff game against Baltimore, which broke them out of the 14-0 funk and set them on a course to hang 35 on the Baltimore defense. I don’t think he had anything illegal to do with those footballs against the Colts, but I do think he’s clever for allowing his QB to have the ball inflated to the lowest legal limit knowing the weather and use would do the rest.

  65. “The sign of a great coach is when other teams do what you do…nobody copies BB.”


    I’d say the opposite is true. Freudian psychoanalysis and Jungian analytical psychology never really survived even though Freud and Jung were considered geniuses because they could not protocol-ize their genius thought processes.

  66. bleedsoe9mm says:
    Jan 27, 2015 1:53 PM
    If Bill Belicheck was born 50 years earlier it would be called the Belicheck Trophy

    If Belichick were born 50 years ago, kids these days wouldn’t even know his name. Just like they don’t know about Lombardi, Halas or Paul Brown. People only know the present. All the current coaches and players must be “the greatest ever”.

  67. I would be willing to bet if you asked Vince Willfork this question, the only one he’d know the answer to would be “D”…..

    Who is:

    A. Vince Lombardi
    B. Chuck Knoll
    C. Tom Landry
    D. Ronald McDonald

  68. dumbaseinstien says:
    Jan 27, 2015 5:27 PM
    Nothing anyone says going forward, forever, will change the fact that this guy has been the Head Coach of a team that has now been CAUGHT cheating twice.


    And the Niners got caught cheating with the salary cap and the Cowboys had a bunch of pimps and druggies on their teams in the 90’s.

    If you ever saw how many current NFL players have police records, you’d be shocked.

  69. bhinrichs9 says:
    Jan 27, 2015 1:52 PM
    Vince Lombardi coached before the Superbowl era. Was he that good? Would he have been so good in a league of 32 teams?

    Lombardi had the chance to coach in the first two Super Bowl years. He won them both. He also won the year before the Super Bowl but it wouldn’t have mattered if there was a Super Bowl that year as the AFL wasn’t close to the NFL in talent. He would have won that one too.

    And he won two other back to back Championships. That made 7 championships in only 7 years. That’s the real NFL dynasty.

    And let’s not forget the sorry team that Vince Lombardi took over. In the previous 11 seasons before he took over the Packers won 37 games just over 3 games a year on average. They won one game the year before he took over. They were a mess.

    Belicheat took over a pretty good team and he got caught cheating. Cheaters aren’t the best coaches of all time. They should be scorned. He sucks.

  70. I have a suggestion. Take a look at all the owners’ closely and tell me they are all men who are above reproach.

    Do the same with all the tv executives, coaches, players, media members, and fans while you’re at it, too.

    I’m just saying.

  71. We love big Vince; great player, great teammate, great guy, and great family man.

    One of the most underrated players in the NFL.

  72. When other coaches read the rule book, they’re looking to make sure they’re coaching within the rules. When Belichek reads the rule book, he’s looking for loopholes to exploit. He’s bent the rules, broken the rules, coaches his team in a way that any intelligent person would recognize as poor sportsmanship, and then finished it off by lying about it. People are NOT jealous of the Pats success…they’re frustrated by his underhanded tactics. I’m hoping the Seahawks just kick the snot out of the Pats.

  73. Best cheating coach of all-time!

    Definitely lied when he said he tries to stay far away from breaking a rule…he gets as close as possible without breaking (most times) the rule.

    Dude is like a lawyer as a football coach.

    He knows he couldn’t beat the Ravens straight-up, so he had to resort to confusing the refs and not letting Ravens get prepared. It’s not that BB is so much smarter than other coaches, most wouldn’t resort to these types of tactics.

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