Bortles and Jaguars’ receivers plan on an offseason of hard work

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There have been questions raised recently about the work ethic of the second quarterback chosen in last year’s NFL draft, Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel. But the first quarterback chosen in last year’s draft says he has an offseason of hard work ahead of him.

Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles knows he and his teammates need to be a whole lot better in 2015 than they were in 2014, and Bortles said today on PFT Live that he and the Jaguars’ offensive skill position players have already agreed that they’ll be getting together in California next month, at a time when players aren’t allowed to work out at team facilities, for their own player-run minicamp.

“We’ve got to have a lot of improvements. We’ve got to get out and get better this offseason. We’re going to get together and work together. I’m excited for it, I’m excited for the opportunity for the guys we have in the locker room to come together and get after it. Offensively, it comes down to execution — that’s something we’ve lacked and I was obviously a big part of it.”

Bortles said he has arranged for training this offseason that will include “A lot of working out, stretching, trying to get the body right and better, and then obviously a ton of both mental and physical quarterbacking.”

The Browns can only hope that Manziel will be doing that kind of work this offseason.

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  1. Blake looked pretty good, at times, in his rookie season – will be interesting to see how he can do if he has more talent around him. But that’s that’s the issue… no one wants to go to Jacksonville with their awful shade of blue bridge. So the only chance the Jags have is to build through the draft, which is normally not a quick fix.

  2. Blake Bortles = Blaine Gabbert 2.0

    It was a horrible rookie season, and was on pace for the most INT’s in a rookie career ever.


  3. ok….i understand the Manziel talk, BUT why bring it up here?? this is Bortles’ and the Jaguars story….hopefully when the Jaguars plan the offseason work, they get/know they’re getting Blackmon back.

  4. Comparing Bortles to Gabbert is proof you don’t understand football. They are very different QBs, starting with basic aspects like pocket presence.

  5. I told Ya the Browns should have traded up for bortles
    It hurts so bad they I was at the draft and my Cleveland Browns
    Passed on Bortles damn idiot bortles

  6. They do this every year…

    Geno Smith and EJ Manuel both had offseason workouts with their WR’s.

    Ryan Fitzpatrick does it every year.

    It doesn’t make a difference when you’re running around in your underwear and no pads, with no defenders on said WR’s.

    But hey, at least they got some coaches from teams like the Bills and Raiders! Lol.

  7. Bortles was phenomenal in the preseason and still good in his early games…but the more influence that former offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch had with Blake, the worse Blake looked as the season went on.

    Blake’s YPA in preseason was over 9.

    Blakes YPA for the first 6 quarters of the regular season was close to 9. Then it steadily trended downward. In fact his YPA in his last 6 games after the bye was a Carr-like 5.5.

    Thats not how you develop a QB in this league.

    They overstressed to him about the INT’s and were turning him into a scared rabbit to throw downfield.

    The problem is thats likely to continue with Olson as OC. That showed last year in Oakland.

    Bortles said today that his idol growing up was Favre, well I’d like to see him go back to the Favre-like QB we were seeing early on, and if you throw an INT while trying to make a downfield throw, so what? The best QB in this league are the ones that are aggressive down the field throwers. Not checkdown Charlies who play “not to lose”.

  8. @ thepftpoet….

    If Bridgewater would have had Jedd Fisch or Olson as his OC, he’d have looked like crap too.

    Likewise, had Bortles had Norv Turner as his OC last year, he’d have likely been rookie of the year.

    Coaching matters.

  9. If Johnny Football decides to take football seriously he still has a future in the league. He has a good arm, an excellent deep ball, while he still looks small he’s the same size as Steve Young (a bit slower) and he can make plays on the move. Cleveland however is just an awful place, tied with Jacksonville as the least desired place to live in the NFL. Cleveland is so depressing it leads many people to drugs and alcohol. Perhaps if JFF was to leave that cesspool he’d do better.

  10. Gabbert won one more game than Jethro as a rookie. Same passer rating on a much worse team with record setting injuries. Plus Gabbert was a year younger at the time and had no off season to prepare. Get yer facks straight.

  11. Justin Blackmon will be his #1 WR next year. The guy is a beast. He can apply for reinstatement and many in the league expect it to happen this offseason.

    Then, Bortles would have a young and potentially dangerous WR corp with Alan Robinson at the X, Blackmon at the Z, and Marqise Lee in the slot.

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