Ike Taylor open to switching positions, changing teams

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When the Steelers season came to an end, cornerback Ike Taylor said he was “cool” if 2014 was his final season as a player and that he wanted to remain with the team whether he was in an on-field or off-field role.

It’s been a few weeks since the Ravens bounced them out of the playoffs and Taylor’s opinion has changed. During an interview with Mike Florio on PFT Live from the Super Bowl on Wednesday, Taylor said that he was training as if he’ll be playing again in 2015 and that he’d like to play two or three more years.

Taylor also said that he’d be open to playing elsewhere in 2015. One thing that would appeal to him would be following former Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who Taylor praised during the interview, to another team.

“If Coach LeBeau’s there, yes. If the time and money is right, yes,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s play at corner when healthy in 2014 left something to be desired, which helps explain why Taylor’s also open to a move to safety if it allows him to continue his playing career. He’ll be a free agent when the new league year opens in March if he doesn’t re-sign with the Steelers before that point.

22 responses to “Ike Taylor open to switching positions, changing teams

  1. Just retire man. You’ve been pathetic since Teb-owned you. Retire on your own terms. No need to tarnish your legacy like Ed Reed and Chump Bailey.

  2. He’s terrible. I can’t remember watching a Steelers’ game in recent years where he’s not getting burned.

  3. Under rated/appreciated during his prime years. If only his “hands were not like feet”.

  4. That Tebow throw was almost trumped for infamy when Ike let Larry Fitz loose for 64 yds at the near of end of SB43. If Ben and Santonio don’t go 88 yards in the last two minutes, Ike is an all time goat.

    He’s done. Troy’s done. The Beard’s done. JHarrison is done.

    That’s part of the reason LeBeau’s gone. Changing of the guard.

  5. Just heard this guy interviewed on XM 88. He’s a horrible interview and provides so little insight. Then I hear he’s got a radio show?!? Ike, please try to find your next career in something other than football or commentary of any kind.

  6. Ike is a training demon the steelers could and should make him an offer to be a position coach or at the least a conditioning coach what with the collective bargining agreement between the teams and the players union a lot of these guys just don’t train well on there own and i believe this is a big reason why theres a good many injuries

  7. Agreed…Ike appears to be washed! Assuming you’ve been watching another career. Truth is…it’s an urban legend that he’s a shut down corner. He’s BEEN terrible forever.
    As for you folks droppin’ Polamalu on this blog! Be serious! He’s earned the right to stay as long as he can suit up. Yes, his skills are diminished…but u fair weather fans are ridic.

  8. As for you folks droppin’ Polamalu on this blog! Be serious! He’s earned the right to stay as long as he can suit up. Yes, his skills are diminished…but u fair weather fans are ridic.

    Sorry bro. Nobody earns the right to retire if and when they choose. Not even Coach LeBeau.

    Troy was a truely great player. A future hall of fame player I’m sure. But it’s time for him to retire too. This year he had zero sacks and zero interceptions. He was a liability in pass coverage. He gave up a number of big plays… And let’s face facts… He’s not going to get better next year.

    For his sake and the teams, he needs to retire. If he can’t make that decision, then sadly, the organisation has to make it for him.

    Hanging onto former great players (and coaches and schemes for that matter) is part of the reason why the Steelers defence is in the mess that it’s in now. We need to let go of the past. Sad but true.

    It’s time for the rebirth of the Steelers defence.

  9. Ike. YOU SUCK! Hang em up and try to keep what little dignity you have left. You’re not even a good db on a team that had bad db’s, What’s that tell you

  10. No longer a starting corner, but could still help a team as a nickel back or as a safety.

  11. twpguy1964, What dignity he has? Ike’s played 12 seasons and has two super bowl rings. Lighten up on Ike he deserves better!

  12. The defense has been getting younger for years and it will continue too do so. Thease guys have had a great impact on the Steeler’s success and too rag on them now is classless! Something I would X-pect from a Browns fan….but not the great ” Steeler Nation “

  13. Ike is washed up ,period.He’s slow, and the Steelers haven’t been the same since he got Tebowed for an 85 yard YD 3 yrs ago by Thomas who stiff armed him out of his cleats.Ike couldn’t cover a pot of chili, time for him to stop dreaming and retire.If he changes positions I hope he changes teams too cause he’s an ego maniac that thinks he’s tough.Always getting flagged for personal fouls, hurts the team, drops easy picks,he’s done.

  14. Jeez. Ike isn’t very smart. He is NOT any good any more and hasn’t been for a couple seasons. I feel sorry for him that he’s that clueless to think he still has it.

  15. Time to retire Ike. “Glory days” are gone. LaBeau carried you and protected you for the last 3 years no wonder you would follow him if he goes anywhere else, which at his age ……. Probably shouldn’t. Both guys, retire, enjoy the fruits this game has provided for you.

  16. funny, he’s said all along he wouldn’t play any where else and now once the steelers make it clear he’s done there his attitude changes. just retire a steeler and end on a positive note Ike.

  17. Ike could be a contributor as a nickel back but not as a starting CB. If he is willing to contribute in that capacity and at a reasonable rate of pay the Steelers should ink him for another year. If not, let him go.

    Troy probably has another couple years in him, too. But not as the player he has been for most of his career. He needs to settle back at a Safety and not try to rove all over the field like he used to be capable of doing. If he plays his position and works with Mitchell, then it’d be great to have him back for another year or two in the black and gold.

  18. All you trashing Ike’s skills must have a very short memory. Week in and week out he singled up the opponents’ top WR, and he rarely had a bad game. Easily the best cover corner ever to wear a Steelers uni. He’s earned the right to do whatever he wants.

  19. easily one of the most over rated steelers of all time….the guy cant catch….soso tacler and i’ve been watching him chase wide receivers into the endzone for 10 years…..he used to be fast but still couldnt cover on routes cant wait to have a ike taylor free team he just sux

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