Marshawn Lynch faces a possible fine, but not for not talking

Seahawks running might Marshawn Lynch might have avoided a fine yesterday by saying he was just there to avoid a fine, but his plan might have had a hitch.

Via Adam Schefter of ESPN, Lynch’s wearing a non-licensed hat could subject him to another financial penalty.

The league’s going to review it after the Super Bowl, but there’s plenty of precedent for guys taking big financial hits for promoting brands that the league’s not promoting. Brian Urlacher was docked $100,000 for wearing a hat promoting a beverage that was not the beverage which paid the league a lot more money than that for promotional exclusivity.

Lynch’s hat was to promote his personal brand, which makes the case a bit different. The league didn’t comment, and we’re guessing Lynch won’t either.

But it’s clear he doesn’t feel subject to the same rules as everyone else, and is all too happy to build a counter-culture stick-it-to-the-man image for his own financial benefit.

77 responses to “Marshawn Lynch faces a possible fine, but not for not talking

  1. I think the policy is a joke, but it is what it is.

    This guy is going to really regret all these fines when he’s broke in a couple of years.

  2. Stop stop with the Marshawn Lynch did this, did that. Who cares what this guy says or doesn’t say? Wait until he bails on his team after they lose this weekend and cries about Oakland. He’s a jerk.

  3. Hatgate!!!!!!!

    Did he wear it into the bathroom? Was he in the bathroom for roughly 90 seconds? Did he get a mental advantage by wearing an illegal hat? The integrity of the game must be maintained!

  4. I have a solution for fans who don’t like the NFL’s bullying in this regard.

    Quit buying NFL licensed merchandise, and start buying custom t-shirts and hats off of player-owned websites. You can still show team support and player support without throwing money at the shield.

  5. I get the feeling there’s a guy somewhere whose entire job is to think of ways to fine Marshawn Lynch.

  6. Not a fan, don’t dislike the guy but I am sicking of hearing about him and this petty crap. Enough with being the squeaky wheel already…

  7. As a boss, I would stick it to Lynch in the form of as many fines as humanly possible, every…single…time….

    Unless you work for yourself, there are always rules to follow.

  8. Leave him alone already… He doesn’t want to answer your mundane/repetitive questions or be subject to your constant barrage of misguided opinions. I, for one, am rooting that he hires a “Marshawn Translator”.. heck, i’d do it for free!

  9. I used to be on Lynch’s side in regards to talking to the media. I honestly thought it was an anxiety issue. Then I saw his insurance commercial and I realized that I had been duped.

    Having said that, how can he be fined for this when the policy is you can’t wear something that competes with a sponsor’s brand? It was a beast mode hat, so who is that competing against?

  10. If the media were to ask him about his FamFirst foundation, I’m sure he’d wax eloquent. As for the hat pettiness, well, I guess there will be no money made from branding unless the NFL gets its beak wet, too.

    This is starting to border on harassment.

  11. When did the NFL get this petty, that you cant fart sideways without some uptight person commenting on end. After 11p.m Sunday, this season will be over and what a relief it will be. Glad i havent tuned into any radio or tv, to hear the constant nonsense, 6:30p.m cant come soon enough. At least with electronic media, i can choose to read what i want.

  12. I heard on the NFL channel on Sirius this morning that the hat was actually made by the same company that supplies the NFL caps and that the NFL was making a cut on it. Just like the NFL to fine a guy when they are skimming profit on his actions.

  13. In reality Marshawn is giving alot of his money to different charities…..which makes him, in my eyes, a GREAT GUY and humanitarian! Goodell may be collecting it, but in the end it goes to worthy causes. I just love his defience to the NFL.

  14. Ridiculous if they fine him. Why don’t they fine Belicheck for his asinine press conferences? Why do players HAVE to attend media day but Goodell and the owners of both teams don’t?

    The decline of the NFL continues.

  15. I think the NFL should address every minute detail before turning their attention to deflategate. This is really done to draw interest in the game. Whether it be those who will support Beast Mode/Hawks or those who will hate Beast Mode/Hawks. As usual the media and major outlets like espn play the masses like pawns.

  16. The rogue companies set things like this up. They pay the fines the players get nailed with.

    Consider it coming out of a marketing budget. It’s cheap promotion, especially during the SB.

  17. How bout telling us about the practices. Or something about the upcoming game. Hell tell us about the weather! Anything bedsides Lynch and football PSI.

  18. And it comes back to the same issue: the NFLPA agreed to the dress code. The players adhere to what their reps agreed to. And now they want to whine and complain about it.

    If you don’t like the rule, don’t blame the league, blame the players.

  19. Lynch needs to figure out that he is an entertainer working for an entertainment company. He is paid to be interviewed. He is paid to promote products. Just like any movie star appearing on the Tonight Show or any pop star drinking Pepsi in a commercial. That’s what entertainers do.

    If he doesn’t want to be an entertainer, then he’s welcome to play football somewhere else. I hear there’s a bunch of guys who get together on Saturdays at the park down the street. He can play football every week and entertain no one but himself in the process. And they might even offer him a beer for doing it.

  20. I can dig his hate for the media, but his whole act is old. This dude just stopped maturing in the 10th grade. Same guy who was sitting in a jail cell for a DUI while little kids were waiting for him to show up at a football camp.

  21. This has become a laughing stock for the sports media. And it’s in the direction of them. The dog-pile is just pathetic now because if they think for one second that “possible fine coming” is valuable information for the sport and its fans it only validates Lynch’s efforts. I can think of a number of athletes that wear their own brand logos at press conferences and there is not one peep about “possible fine coming”. Tom Brady has his TB logo, for sake of argument. This has just become a sad effort and it’s clearly prodding at a guy who doesn’t give you what you demand, not what you want and there is not even close to one question that is asked of them that the fans want to hear. It’s just trying to ask the same question 14 different times. In a row.

  22. Why do we all still support this league? I’ve been turning on it the last few years. I’m ready for them to take out kickoffs. Then I’m done with them.

  23. I am sick of the NFL.. fine him for this fine him for that inflate deflate footballs… integrity of the game…there is no integrity in the game the game sucks!!!! not enough practice time and way too much BS…… and all of this commercial self promotion and new gimmicks to make another dollar

  24. The media is so intimidated by Lynch. He’s letting everyone know how useless they are to the sport, and the fans are on board.

  25. Follow the rules clown. I hope the NFL changes the interview rules. Make him actually say something coherent. All the seahawk fans sure love to whine about this. Imagine their reactions if this were a 49er acting like a dumb child.

  26. Such a joke, Goodell needs to disappear.

    They players need to go on strike, this is getting absurd, telling them what to wear.

    Time can’t come soon enough for Roger Goodell to have something happen to him.

  27. God football is easy to hate when the games aren’t being played. WHO CARES? He wore a goddamn hat, why do we care who made it and what kind of deal they have with the NFL or if he gets fined? He’ll still play, no one will even remember in 2 weeks but now Florio and the ESPN talking heads have one more mind numbing story about nothing to fill their cycle. I’m going to go and barf on Roger Goodell just to make a point.

  28. And yet the media continues to blow these things up so he can build his personal brand and profit off of these things.

    Last night I see a Progressive insurance commercial, and they’re mocking the NFL in their add. If the media just stopped paying attention to the guy he wouldn’t get the deals and attention he does now.

    Let me put it this way, the media loves this act. It gives them something different to write about, we click on the articles, they make money. Same goes for Lynch, he does this because it benefits him. The only losers in this race are the fans who actually want him to answer questions.

    I personally don’t care, I think press conferences are boring anyway. That said, the media keeps griping about it, all the while they’re helping to enable it.

  29. Also, to anybody who says, “It’s his job, he should just do it, blah blah blah…” You sheep need to just shut up and get back in line. He’s paid his fines, he’s taken his medicine, he can do whatever the hell he wants.

    And apparently it doesn’t bug his team, who actually pays his salary, not the league. They certainly don’t pay him for his public speaking abilities.

  30. .
    the Marshawn Lynching never ends…
    no one cares BUT the media and we dont care what the media thinks.

  31. samgeyser says:
    Jan 28, 2015 12:10 PM
    Stop stop with the Marshawn Lynch did this, did that. Who cares what this guy says or doesn’t say? Wait until he bails on his team after they lose this weekend and cries about Oakland. He’s a jerk.
    How would he bail on Seattle? He’s under contract with them for next year.

    Now if Seattle lets him go…that’s another story.

  32. What a joke! You are fining a football player for grabbing his junk! Give me a break nobody cares! Fining him for not talking with the media, who cares! Now fining him for the hat he wears! Seriously the NFL needs a priority check! Pats cheat and what do they get? Oh yeah to go to the Super Bowl! I think someone needs to look a little deeper on to why the NFL focuses so much energy on petty things with the Seahawks and look at things that people really care about! At this rate it won’t be long before nobody buys or supports the NFL!
    The Seahawks fans because of players like Marshaun Lynch sales have skyrocketed. Stop fining for insignificant crap! Getting old!
    Go Hawks! Go Lynch!!! As far as I am concerned if they are going to be petty, stick it to the man!!!! Good god!

  33. An illegal hit gets you a 10-15k fine or so. illegal hat gets you 100k fine. Makes sense to me

  34. Seahawks fans are like “leave Lynch alone!! Its just a hat!!” but when Colin kaepernick wears a Miami hat its an indictment on his character

  35. this is the worst time between Conference Championships ever.
    Seriously, who cares anymore about deflategate, marshawn and the media, bla bla bla.
    We want FOOTBALL news!
    Makes me miss the Favre-coming-back-from-retirement and Tebow times.

  36. Greedell’s NFL: focused completely money and absoulutely nothing else. Of course, Greedell is nothing more the the henchman for a group of revolting owners that fully sanction anything that increases the massive amounts of money already going into their pockets. Robert Graft is of course the most prominent of these owners, but their all fault here in some way or another.

  37. If Lynch get’s fined for not promoting one of the league’s sponsors he should sue the pants off the NFL; after all the NFL is a non profit organization so if they get all uppity about this methinks they should give up their 501(c)(6) status.

  38. I love Marshawn Lynch’s sense of humor that is apparently way over the heads of the average remote wielding sports “expert”. There is no such thing as bad publicity in the Entertainment industry which professional football is, and all the media hype over inconsequential occurrences just shows how pathetically gullible the American public has become. I’m sure Marshawn’s sly smile every time he said, “I ‘m here so I won’t get fined” was because he could hear the sound of cash the register over the roar of the NFL goosesteppers.
    Somebody needs to start fining the media for it’s intrusiveness and disrespect for individual boundaries which carries over to the fans. I might not have been a Seahawk fan before, but have gained a new appreciation for this entire team who are a whole lot smarter than anyone gives them credit for!

  39. This is just about the NFL fancying itself as a media company that is marketing a sport. It cares about the sport only for it’s value as a revenue producer. After all, they have their own networks and mega-deals to provide content for. And then you have this player that doesn’t want to play media games. To the NFL, that is an outrage in the first degree. It flaunts against the image the NFL has of itself. It simply can’t tolerate that. All the other stuff isn’t as important. You know, the integrity stuff and the arbitrary and inconsistent rules, fines etc. Let them eat cake.

  40. wtfchiefs says:
    Jan 28, 2015 12:14 PM
    I get the feeling there’s a guy somewhere whose entire job is to think of ways to fine Marshawn Lynch.

    It’s no work at all for the NFL. Lynch comes up with these all by himself. It’s the way he likes to promote himself.

    I think that if the NFL truly wants Lynch to stop, they will increase the fines until they truly hurt. I guarantee that Lynch will stop.

    Right now…$10K, 20K isnothing to a man that is making $8 Million a year. Even $50K is chump change

    To put things into perspective, if a person makes $60K a year, the equivalent fine (to Lynch’s $50K fine) would be $375.

    That’s why Lynch doesn’t stop. A $50K fine is chump change to him.

  41. clssylssy says:
    Jan 28, 2015 2:56 PM

    Somebody needs to start fining the media for it’s intrusiveness and disrespect for individual boundaries which carries over to the fans. I might not have been a Seahawk fan before, but have gained a new appreciation for this entire team who are a whole lot smarter than anyone gives them credit for!

    The media contracts are what allow people like you to watch the games on TV for free. The media agrees to give the NFL $X dollars in exchange for game coverage and player interviews. If the media is not satisfied, they will not pay.

    Lynch, like Sherman, is all about himself. All he does is self-promotion. I will say that off of the field, I hear that Lynch does a lot of great work for the community. GOod on him for that.

    If Lynch wants to continue to act like a child, the NFL should continue to increase the fines until he cannot afford it. Lynch will still have the right to act lake a clown if he’s willing to part with his paycheck.

    Quite frankly, I wish that Sherman acted more like Lynch…. and kept his mouth shut.

  42. Oh dear, if you are the holder of any loan to this guy, don’t expect to get paid in the future. He’ll be broke a few years out of the NFL even if his rap sheet doesn’t catch up to him first.

  43. Any fine imposed on any professional athelete is just chump change. One solution is to suspend the player for a game or games, this way when they are suspended the player does not get paid for the game or games. Rather than then write a check for the fine, suspend and do not pay them. The suspension could be more than the fine.

  44. The NFL won’t fine Lynch for his Beast Mode hat because New Era created it. They aren’t going to fine a guy for wearing a product that is an NFL sponsor.

  45. Don’t wear Beats headphones either. Just stupid.

    And remember when Jack Del Rio wanted to wear a suit on the sideline? Nope. It has to be [insert sporting company here] clothing. Sorry, but a guy wanting to wear suit should be exempt from that b.s.

  46. he deserves a suspension with out pay next year but they will not do it. The rules were here before he came to the NFL they are not new, he is just ungrateful for everything the NFL has given him !! He think’s he is bigger than the NFL he disrespects his team and the NFL this is not his first time his shoes his hat etc.. All the other players go by these rules what makes him think he is better than all of them ?? Let’s face it he is just a running back that isn’t a big deal anymore why do you think he is not with the bills anymore if he was a QB or CB even a wide receiver they would never let him go !!

  47. Has anyone taken into consideration,this guy doesn’t care about money?He is biegn singled out for who he is,because he is not liked by the media and the watered down masses. Like he said earlier,he is preparing for a football game and that’s all that matters. He could care less about publicity and how much you fine him. Do what you do,just watch how he performs Sunday thats all that matters.

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