Report: Browns interview Kevin O’Connell for QBs coach role

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A former Patriots backup quarterback is reportedly being considered for the Browns’ quarterbacks coach position.

Kevin O’Connell, a third-round pick of New England in 2008, is meeting with Cleveland on Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported.

The 29-year-old O’Connell appeared in just two regular season games with New England, both as a reserve as a rookie. The Patriots parted ways with him before the 2009 regular season. He later had stints with the Jets, Lions, Dolphins and Chargers.

More recently, O’Connell has been a quarterbacking tutor, and he worked with Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel before the 2014 draft. Manziel comes off a disappointing rookie season, one that saw his play and preparation come under criticism. And as the 2015 offseason begins, Manziel’s development figures a top priority for Cleveland.

18 responses to “Report: Browns interview Kevin O’Connell for QBs coach role

  1. Guy played well for San Diego state. Good size and mobility. Strange how prototype size doesn’t excel whereas Russell Wilson is darn near elite, minus the first half of the NFCC game.

    Guess there really is an “it” factor

  2. For the life of me I cannot understand the thought process on this one. Do the browns want to improve on offensive side of the ball? If this guys claim is he worked with Manziel I think we’ve seen all we need to. Manziel bombed so hey let’s bring the guy in who was tutoring him. Stupid stupid stupid. No coaching experience. I can’t believe someone in that building is not more qualified than this ex qb .

  3. So perfect, and so typically Cleveland..
    Hire the guy who coached Manziel in college that developed him into the NFL BUST he is today.

    This should insure he is an NFL BUST tomorrow.

  4. Manziel’s problem is not with his arm, it is with his arm raising way too many alcoholic beverages. The kid appears to have a major drinking problem, which then leads to not doing the other things he needs to do off the field to be a good QB. Get him an AA sponsor, then worry about a QB coach.

  5. Brady retires this year, Belicheck trades for Manziel, deflates his ego and turns him into the next NE G*OAT

  6. Guess this means Johnny is going to get another shot at being a QB. Good luck kid, you’re going to need it. Embarrassed most of the time to be a Browns fan. 1st drive in Buffalo against prevent defense in garbage time he gets a TD and everyone is believing he’s the savior. 7 quarters later and he’s a bust. He’s a rookie coming out of a system where they didn’t have a playbook. Did he give a good effort in making the transition no, but I think getting embarrassed at the end of the season did him good. He knows he has to change to succeed.

  7. Johnny certainly is “going to wreck this town”

    The commitment to Johnny will just cause another front office and coaching change in another year or two.

  8. Holy Crap! KOC is a qb coach now? That’s insane! I remember him being drafted as a possible successor in NE. (Then it was Mallett, now it’s Jimmy G). Maybe he can teach better than he played, he had the physical makeup but never made it (obviously). I can’t believe he’s a coach now. This may be a good hire, but I don’t think he’ll do much for Manziel. It’s kind of funny him and Hoyer were both quarterbacks battling for a backup spot in the 09 preseason for NE. Seems not too long ago, almost 6 though.

  9. “Ok, you teach me how to act like a professional in the NFL and I’ll teach you my method for rolling a perfect $100 bill”

  10. Do people still consider Belichick a good talent evaluater? Just look at that 2008 draft of his. Mayo, Wheatley, O’Connell, Crable, Wilhite all disappointing. Sure Mayo get’s a lot of tackles, but he isn’t a playmaker by any means.

  11. If Johnny needs someone to kick him in the rear the browns don’t know it. Hire a peer, a buddy. Can’t see this guy sitting on Johnny . This guy prob needs a babysitter himself. I try to remain positive but they make it so very hard. Defilippo may be a good hire but come on what support system are you giving him. Sooner or later we have to break the inner circle and hire for quality . Not friends .

  12. MostcensoredposteronPFT says:
    Sure Mayo get’s a lot of tackles, but he isn’t a playmaker by any means.
    When you pull your head out of your butt, let us know

  13. Advise for whoever they end up hiring as QB coach…rent, do not buy. Haslam gets tired of his employees very quickly.

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