Tom Brady Has a Cold


As he met the Super Bowl media Wednesday morning, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appeared to be dealing with a cold, sounding congested, sniffling on occasion and wiping his nose on sleeve a couple times.

Asked about the cold, Brady indicated it was . . . well, a cold.

“Yeah, I’ve had it for four or five days,” Brady said. “My kids got sick, and then my wife’s pretty sick right now, so I brought it, unfortunately, to Phoenix. But I’ll be fine. I’ll be good.”

Asked a follow-up about how Patriots fans might be a little concerned about his health, Brady replied: “I’ll be at 100 percent. Yeah, I’ll be great. I’m not worried about it all.”

Patriots fans probably shouldn’t worry, either. And if they are, we have the perfect prescription to help pass a little time.

60 responses to “Tom Brady Has a Cold

  1. How dare the NFL force him to play while under the weather? Postpone the game. And apologize for making him worry about it.

  2. Cheating then lying then feeling sad and stressed out all taking a toll on the immune system.

  3. quick someone take him into the bathroom, shove a needle up his nose, and decrease the pressure in his sinuses!

  4. I hope Belichick’s injury report lists him as “questionable, sinus” just to give the conspiracy theorists something else to complain about.

  5. Quick, we need to have at least 2 independent doctors examine him, along with testimony from all coaches, players, and assistants involved with handing him Kleenex. Are they regulation Kleenex, or some off-brand that may be unregulated? Whose mother is making him chicken soup, and who is testing that soup for foreign substances? Is she using free-range chickens? There are a million questions that need to be answered, and we need 24/7 cable sports coverage and at least 35 PFT articles dedicated to this ongoing, critically important scandal!


  6. Drew Brees and Nyquil say this is a non-issue.

    To be safe Bill can maybe rub some Vicks on his tummy while he gives him a little monkey puppet show.

  7. I had sympathy for those angry at the Patriots. I get it, I really do.

    But now there can’t be an article about Tom Brady having a cold without people making “clever” jokes about him being deflated or calling him a cheater.

    I’m actually starting to love how much of a hate-on people have for the Patriots.

    The jealousy is HILARIOUS.

  8. he might look like a sissy, but this guy is one of the toughest SOBs to ever play the game.. recall the recent PFT story about how he played half a season with his ‘nads swollen to 3x their normal size ..ball inflation, if you will

  9. NFL already has a preponderance of evidence against the Patriots, the 11 deflated footballs, and that is all the proof needed in cases involving the integrity of the sport. Sorry Robert Graft, go peddle your nonsense to fools that will believe it. It’s now up to the Patriots to prove there was an innocent reason why that happened. Otherwise, the league should bury them.

  10. I’m really worried about this game.. even if Tom can shake the cold, I don’t know how he can possibly throw a ball in 80 degree, sunny weather if it’s inflated to the proper PSI’s not like he had any success at all in the second half vs. the Colts ..and that torn ligament in his throwing hand that he played with half of last season? ..that’s nothing compared to the challenge of another .50 PSI in the ball

  11. Does everyone else Brady’s left eye not in snyc with the other eye ? It’s way over to the corner of his eye socket while the right eye is centered.
    Does he have a glass eye ?

  12. Trying to get some sympathy out of the crowd. I feel no pity toward Tom Brady. He wants to win, he is going to win it fairly, against a superior Seahawk team, and I don’t think he can do it.

  13. I remember Michael Jordan in his prime would get colds/flu/whatever, and he’d come out and have absolutely MONSTER games. Monster games even by Michael Jordan standards.

    When Jordan would be a slump, people would volunteer to go sneeze on Jordan to help him out of it.

    One of you stat-guys come up with a stat for Tom Brady with a cold/flu/sniffles. See if it improves or degrades Brady’s game enough to move the point spread.

  14. Tom’s been staying up really late since the ball issue broke, trying to figure out how the hell he’s gonna win a game without using deflated footballs. He hasn’t thrown a fully juiced ball sincec 2007 when he got that rule changed that now allows teams to bring teir own balls.

    When the nation watches him fumble the ball all day on Sunday it will be proof that Tom Brady is no better than any other QB in the league in fact, he sucks.

    He’s been deflating his balls FOR 7 YEARS! You better believe he’s freaking out! This is going to unfold in front of the country

    Then, after NE gets KILLED they gotta board that plane and go home to face the music. There Goodell will tell them that the ball boy told them everything about they made him deflate the balls.

    If the ball boy told Goodell that he did it on his own you better believe Goodell woulda held a PC days ago! He woulda ran to the media to exonerate Brady and Beluchick.

    This is how we know the ball boy told the truth. No way Goodell is gonna tell the country whst the ball boy said until after the SB.

    If the ball had admitted to any wrongdoing the world would know his name right now! We don’t do we?

    Also, if the ball boy did deflate 11 balls in the john in. 90 seconds, he’s very practiced at deflating footballs! He’s been doing it for a long time!

    Could you deflate 11 footballs all to the exact same weight in. 90 seconds?

    Also, and this is something no one but myself has put out there. Why wasn’t the 12th ball deflated? Because that 1 was for Gostkowsi!

    Unlike a QB, an under inflated ball would be a nightmare for a kicker.


  15. ohand16 says:
    Jan 28, 2015 12:34 PM

    Remember when Big Ben played with broken toes?
    No but I remember when he wrecked his motorcycle and that woman in the restroom.

  16. johnlink00 says:
    Jan 28, 2015 11:48 AM
    I had sympathy for those angry at the Patriots. I get it, I really do.

    But now there can’t be an article about Tom Brady having a cold without people making “clever” jokes about him being deflated or calling him a cheater.

    I’m actually starting to love how much of a hate-on people have for the Patriots.

    The jealousy is HILARIOUS.
    So people poking fun at Brady because he has a cold rings of jealousy?

    I had a cold a few weeks ago. No one at work was jealous.

  17. blacknole08 says:
    Jan 28, 2015 11:51 AM
    I never understood the hatred for a guy that no one on here has met or knows personally. Some you guys are some females lol
    It’s the internet. Anonymity reigns supreme.

    Just about everyone here wouldn’t say to a players face what they type here about the player(s).

    Many would ask for an autograph or picture though.

  18. Just a ploy to ward off the Seattle rushers. LOL . Ewwwww ,he just blew snot on his jersey. Yuck.
    “I ain’t touching that gross ball, it got snot on it!”

  19. I’m on day 6 of the bug which is going around the country and today is the first day I am starting to feel the upswing. This is concerning! He’ll still be getting over it on Sunday.

  20. Surprised he doesn’t get a cold every other Sunday, with all those sweaty hand weasel analysts sticking a mic in his face. I got sick just listening to all the ex or current NFL players who had to chime in about the veracity of Brady’s integrity. And these are the folks who likely suffered a beat down by the Pats. Goes way beyond sour grapes. Most plausible explanation is these folks are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and need to juice up their ratings. That is the one thing I can believe.

  21. UPDATE: I’m on day 8 of this nasty-ness. Just walking to the end of the driveway and back elicits coughing and sweats. Brady will play but I expect him to be at 70%.

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