Two more candidates for Eagles job didn’t interview


The list of folks still in the running for the vacant personnel executive position in Philly could be a lot shorter than the list of men either who said “no thanks” or whose teams said “no touchy.”

Per a league source, the list of men who have declined interviews for the job includes Packers director of college scouting Brian Gutenkunst and Ravens director of college scouting Joe Hortiz.  Their teams either denied requests for permission or the candidates declined the opportunity.

Teams can deny permission because the job does not entail final say over the draft or the 53-man roster.

Earlier this month, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie promoted G.M. Howie Roseman to the position of executive V.P. of football operations, gave coach Chip Kelly full power over personnel, and authorized Kelly to hire his own table-setter from a player standpoint.  Kelly has not yet made a hire, and some believe the perception of a power struggle between Kelly and Roseman has caused some candidates to decide to avoid becoming essentially the buffer between the coach and the guy in charge of negotiating contracts.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported that uncertainty exists in the agent community regarding Roseman’s role.  That uncertainty will linger until Kelly’s right-hand man in hired — and possibly longer.

17 responses to “Two more candidates for Eagles job didn’t interview

  1. Philly more than any other franchise I can think of takes constant one step forward, two steps back on a year to year basis. Why would any GM candidate of any worth go there to answer to Kelly and not have final say over that roster?

  2. Chip Kelly’s up tempo offense relies heavily on wide receivers. Why would he target the Ravens director of pro scouting? They haven’t drafted a decent wide receiver in a decade.

  3. Two of the best Franchises keeping key players in the fold. Those two teams draft lights out.

  4. I think this whole “uncertainty exists in the agent community regarding Roseman’s role” is just baloney.

    Jeremy Maclin’s agent calls Howie. Are you interested in resigning Jerry.

    Let me ask Chip. Hey Chipper, you want Jerry back right?


    Ok Chipster, here’s where he’s valued at, here’s what they’re asking to open with, here’s the number I’ll try to get him at, and this is the number we can’t go above.

    Ok Howie.

    Howie calls agent back and they negotiate. Howie goes back to Chip and either says they won’t budge from this unreasonable number so it’s not gonna happen, or he says ok we’ve agreed on this, this is the number we have him at and this is the number that we’re left to work with with others.

    Good Job Howie.

    Now I’m just some jerk behind a laptop and I understand this. Why doesn’t media?

  5. Fire Roseman problem solved. It turns out to be a mistake, fire Kelly but please don’t rehire Roseman.

  6. Need anymore evidence that Chip Kelly won’t be there this time next year short of this team winning the Super Bowl and everybody in the league knows it? I warned 49er fans, and they denied, denied, denied. Now, they have Ron Jeremy running their team. Just hope the Eagles have a better plan in place this time next year, Eagle fans.

  7. Kelly has all the power, a long-term contract and most every team in the league would love to have him as their coach. Why would this be evidence that he won’t be back next year? Utterly ridiculous. He’s just getting started implementing his plan. Some good off-season coaching changes already, and he’s being patient on getting the right front office guy. The person in the organization who won’t be around next year is Roseman. And he could be gone sooner than that (which is part of Kelly’s plan as well).

  8. Like sal pal said on the radio a few days ago, agents don’t know who to contact chip or roseman. Something strange is happening in philly

  9. This is getting as comical as when Dan Snyder promoted Jim Zorn, whom he had just hired to be his OC, because nobody would take the HC job.

  10. This argument is absurd. Why in the world WOULDNT a head coach have final say over the players HE drafts to play on HIS team.?? can someone explain that? Some of these glorified scouts who want to come in and be put in charge of personnell are just nuts!

  11. I think the public is generally too hard on sports writers. These guys have to come up with content daily, and then get critiqued by the entire world. Very few, if any could run an organization in any business, including the NFL. They have no frame of reference, but their job is to report. I appreciate online content because I live 800 miles away from the team I enjoy following. Because of online content I generally get breaking news ahead of friends and family in Philly.

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